Obey, I don't know the meaning of the word!

Summary- Harry has always been different then what the wizarding world wanted her to be. Never the delicate obedient young lady they wanted the only daughter of the Potter family to be like. Never the compliant little golden girl they thought she should be. Why would she be so, after finally defeating the mad man that had been after he all her life? Obey, screw that, she didn't know the meaning of the word. But now the world has gone to hell, and the dead are waking up hungry, how will this effect Harry's wish for freedom? What will happen to her, alongside the woman she had long since called a sister? Will she be forced to learn to obey? Or will she be able to keep her freedom? Female Harry in a Harry Potter Walking dead Crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or the walking dead nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter Prolog

Harry didn't know rather to curse or laugh at the absurdity of it all. Hell, she wanted to do both as well as start firing some deadly curses while she was at it, both magical as well as verbal. Maybe then she would be able express exactly the way she was feeling. While gaining the satisfaction of several rather painful spells hitting certain people while she was at it.

Though even as she felt this way, and as she did her best to repress the urge to show them exactly what she thought about they had said. Harry figured she really should be used to it by know, and honestly should have long expected something like this to happen. After all the Wizarding world and their reactions had long since gotten predictable to her.

As Harry knew she was not one for confirming into what others thought she should be like; having long since learned that it would never word. And because of this knew that she would never be one for it anyway.

Not now, not in her past despite how hard her so-called family and tired, and never in her future either; not if she could help it. And this was in spite of everyone who tried to make her do otherwise.

But when you're a female, six feet tall, having fought all your life and looked like you fought all your life on top of that. Not to mention when you really take after you own father in regard to height and muscular structure, opposed to her much smaller and daintier mother, it made it hard to confirm into what others thought you should be.

And it was not helped in the least bit with the fact that she had regularly called either the amazon or wonder women by your friends. Both for the way she looked, and because of the rather vicious temper she had. Something she seemed to have in common with all the females that had been in her family. So no, Harry wouldn't ever really fit into the mold the others seemed to think that she should.

Especially when it was what the wizarding world thought she should now be like. As now that she had dealt with the threat for them, while they had been all burying their collective heads in the sands. They now thought that they could all order her to do what they wanted; order her to be what they wanted her to be like.

Which was, as they worded it, becoming a proper woman. That now that she had done her duty when it came to Voldemort it was time for her to becoming the Lady of the Potter how that she was supposed to be. The one they felt she should be like for that matter. That she honestly should already be like given the fact she was the last of the Potters; along with several other families most of them had no idea about.

Which as Harry had quickly found out meant, that they wanted her to become the lady of her family's house. By that they meant they wanted her to marry someone of their choosing, or at the very least someone they approved of.

Let that someone take control over her family political power, as well as all the money that her family had. While she simply bore a heir and a spare to her family line, while all the while listening to every command that her husband may give her.

Basically, they wanted her to give up everything that she had worked for, everything her friends and family had died for, and become everything she hated in society. What they tried to demand of her was to change everything that made her, her, and become something close to the princess in the tower.

To Hell with that, she had fought too hard and too long to simply stop and become like that. There was no way she was ever going to change herself in such a way that she started simply obeying them whenever they gave her and order. And worst yet, become nothing more than an arm piece and a child barer for someone who didn't even have her respect. Never, at least never of her own free will.

And even if she did want kids, it wasn't certainly now that she wanted kids at that was for sure. She had just turned seventeen for crying out loud. She felt she was much too young for children; even if intelligently she knew that there were a lot of woman who had children at her current age. Her mother being only two years older than she currently was when she had had Harry in the first place.

It was just that Harry had so much she wanted to do before then. Before she even thought about settling down and starting a family of any sort. So really when it came to doing what the Ministry wanted her to Harry's only reply had to be. No way obey screw that, she didn't know the meaning of the word. And no wizarding world, or anyone else for that matter, was going to force her to do otherwise. Not as long as she could help it and had fight left in her they weren't.

Harry would honestly like to see them try to force it, as every 'proper' wizard they had attempted to set her up with so far, and that she had reluctantly gone along with until now as it was her so-called best friend's mother who had been doing the setting up, had been utterly terrified of her in one way or another.

Be it because she was six foot in height and therefor taller than a lot of the 'men' she had been set up with. Or the fact she had notable muscles in her arms and legs, more so than the majority of any of the wizarding world did anyway; be they male or female.

Not to mention, making it just that much worse in the eyes of those she 'dated', she was very willing to use said muscles on them if need to; rather it be to protect herself or because she had been in raged to the point of needed to.

Having done so before during the war against those that attacked her, or insinuated the fact that because she was female all she was good for, in their words, was spreading her legs for them. Something they all learned not to say around her or the found out just how strong said legs could be with a swift kick; most often then not right between the legs of the wizard who had been speaking.

Which, sadly or not so sadly in Harry opinion, happened quite a few times after the war during these so-called 'dates' ending them before anything could really come from it. While at the same time making several different rumors about her, all negative, start circling the upper class of the wizarding world. Adding to the fear people were starting to have about her; pushing for the call to have someone 'tame' her.

Or it could be simply fact that she was much more powerful than them on a magical level and knew how to use it on levels most other witches, or wizards for that matter, ever decided to learn. Something the death eaters had been horrified in learning as it seemed she was a natural in both battle magic as well as the wide destruction spells that most Black's where rather famous for knowing.

To put it simply everything about her normally intimidated the hell out of anyone who was trying to date her, and she doubted with the fear they had of her they would ever be able to teach her, her so-called place. Or what they believed her place to be at.

At the same time, no matter how much she wanted to stand up and scream at them all to try and see how it goes for them, Harry knew that it would only get worse for her if she stayed; or if she tried to actively fight against what they were going to try to do.

She knew without a shadow of doubt in her mind that if she did stay and did try to fight them on what they wanted, she would end up being more and more tempted to lash out at those trying to control her; in a more deadly fashion than she already was doing.

Which would only get more people fearing her and only add to those who thought she should be controlled in one way or another. Not only that, but would make it so the Ministry felt that they had more of right to being her under their control; and could gain them more people agreeing with them because they feared her.

And while Harry knew she was skilled and powerful, especially for her age, she wasn't arrogant enough to think that she could take on multiple people at once; well multiple trained wizards all at once that is. All of which knew how to work as a team and would all be ready to target her; like the Auours would be.

Especially not when she considered just how many people that could be sent after her at once, and who those people may be. Meaning it could be the very people she had trained with during the war, had fought alongside of, and who all knew her fighting style better than any of the death eaters she had been against had.

No, she really couldn't be arrogant when considering that. Not when it was her own free will on the line if she was wrong about her skills. That was just something she wasn't ever willing to risk; not for something as silly as her own pride.

Knowing this and knowing that at least here she'd always be at risk for something happening that would have the wizarding world crying out for her to be brought to heel. As Harry knew her temper and her reactions when she was lashing out because of said temper. Harry decided that it'd be best for her to just leave the wizarding world, as it wasn't like she owed them anything at all.

Not when you consider everything she had given up, and done for, the wizarding world over the years. Not to mention everything she had lost when it came to helping them either.

Like her Parents, her godfather, her best friend Hermione, her adorable little godson Teddy and so much more. She had painted her hands red in the blood of the death eaters for them; and it still didn't seem to be enough for them.

But she wasn't going to let them have any more of her, not any longer, she had a right to her freedom, to decide how she wanted to live her life, and no one, was going to tell her otherwise; greater good or for the better be damned! She was utterly through with it all and had long since had enough of all their utter gall.

But before she did leave Harry knew she had some serious planning to do. As she had long since learned that be was best to try to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

And that it usually ended badly if you jumped into something without a plan; something that had taken Harry longer then she would have liked to learn. Not to mention something that had ended up being very painful for her to learn as well.

But learned it she had and now Harry knew that being under prepared or assuming things were going to well, was just asking for things to go straight to hell; at least in her life it was.

This in mind, Harry decided that for the time being she was going to act like nothing was wrong, and that she wasn't planning on doing anything. That she wasn't utterly enraged by what the Ministry was trying to do.

Starting first with going to Gringotts; after all she was going to need money for whatever she was planning. As in today's time it really was gold and money that made the world go around.

Something that may change in the future, but hadn't as of yet, so until it did Harry need some cold hard cash to get everything in to play and to get all her other plans into action. After all she had a lot she needed to do if she wanted her escape, and bid to keep her own freedom, to go as smoothly as possible. And as she walked off her magic began to slowly burn the letter that had set this whole thing off.

Lady Harry Lilian Potter-Black

It has come to the attention of the Ministry that despite the fact you are of marrying age you have decided against doing so. This isn't proper for a lady of your standing. And while you have proven to be a large help in recent times, we at the Ministry do not feel that it is right that you are going against years of tradition.

After all, Lady Potter, every person of the wizarding world had their place, and that is how we have been able to keep thing running as smoothly as we have. Because of this, we must urge that you do what is expected of a young witch in your situation and do the proper thing by marrying a wizarding gentleman of the right degree.

We at the ministry may understand that this could be difficult for you given the past you have had. But fear not, the ministry is always here to help its people and in the second page of this, we have made a list of all the wizards we feel will be appropriate for you to marry.

Expecting an invite to your upcoming marriage and hoping all things are going well.

Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge