The Legacy

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Epilogue – My Legacy to her.


Leo might have been a turtle to start with in his relationship with Karena but trust Leo to move ninja quick when he needed to and time was of a necessity.

I didn't have to worry about Rama being alone now. I guess my biggest worry for her now was if she somehow got pegged to be the future jonin. I gave a shake of my head as I considered that idea, nah it would never happen. Rama was too much like me she wouldn't be suited for such a role. Now Leo's kid had to be a shoe in for such a task, poor kid.

Only bad thing I could think of, of Leo having a child of his own was that Splinter's parents curse wouldn't be a curse but a blessing. I mean, a kid just like Leo, wasn't a curse. For Leo to be cursed he'd have to end up with a kid who acted like Raphael. Now that would be the ultimate curse for our perfect leader.

I leaned in Rama's bedroom doorway looking at her huddled form under the blankets, saw Baka's eyes glowing as he watched me, his loud purr signifying that he knew I was there.

Rama was going have family with her no matter what else happened in the future, she wouldn't have to be alone either in battle or in just day- to – day life itself. She would have the strength, comfort and support of family members.

Those things were the most important things to have in her life, and it was something I had a hand in arranging for her, they would be the cornerstones, the foundation of her legacy.

She would also have the legacy of ninjitsu, the pride, honour, strength and courage that came from that heritage, as well, would be hers. All that being ninja meant to be able to deal in absolutes and to see not in shades of black or white but in those of grey; to know that even in the contrast of opposites many things remained the same, just smaller bits of a larger picture. All of that and so much more was what a ninja truly was and over the years she would come to learn and accept what being ninja truly meant.

I hoped, I prayed that she would hold to the things she had inherited from me, her wonderful sense of humour, her mischief making ways, and hopefully an ability to be optimistic and not grow bitter and sour from the difficulties she had to face. I knew a sense of humour could see her through many of the difficult trials that waited for her, but those same trials would help shape and mould her into a better person.

It was only a start of a legacy, the only inheritance I could give her, but it would grow as she did so that by the time she had truly earned and accepted it, it would be a part of who she was. It would be truly worthy of her.

It might not be a great inheritance, it wasn't full of grandness or worldly wealth, but I think in many ways it would be rich in character, just as she was. Besides that, her legacy was full of meaning and depth, and it would be useful to her throughout her life.

I smiled, hopefully one day, in time somewhere in the distant future, she too might pass the same sort of legacy on to her children, that is if and when she had children of her own.

Of course if such a day was ever to come she would add her own items to the legacy to make it unique for her and her own children, but that was possibly a long time to come yet.

I sighed contentedly, for I knew my own fears could be laid to rest, it really would be okay now. I turned and shut the bedroom door softly shut behind me.

The End.

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