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Warning: This chapter will have bullying in it. Sorry for that.

"Okay, everyone, please turn to Page 31. This will be a big test for you all. No foolishness," The teacher said.

Izuku paid attraction to the lesson. Today, he and Tomura will spend the rest of the day playing the new game that just came out. Tomura had brought it last night so he and Izuku could play it.

Despite that it was only the three of them, Izuku had managed to get along with Tomura and Kurogiri within the short time of him living at the apartment. They were both nice to him. Not caring that he didn't have a quirk like them. Izuku hope that his future new neighbors will also be friendly towards as well. But he knows not to get his hopes up too high.

"Midoriya, would you please take the papers and place them on everyone's desks?" The teacher said.

Izuku was pulled out his thoughts and back to reality. He quickly got up and took and the papers from his teacher. Placing each paper on the desks, Izuku was nervous when he got to Kacchan. The blond boy didn't seem to know that the green haired boy had moved out the neighborhood yet. Izuku wondered if Kacchan will be told that he moved out by his mom. After all, their mothers were childhood friends like them. So Mrs. Bakugo would no doubt tell Kacchan that Izuku now lives on his own. However, Izuku was afraid what will happen if Kacchan found out about this.

When he placed Kacchan's paper on his desk, the latter merely look at him and look at his paper. Izuku sigh.

Izuku will always expect his childhood friend to get angry, using his quirk, and scream his nickname at the top of his lungs. Izuku had always wondered if Kacchan's lungs were very strong when the latter always yell.

Finishing the papers, Izuku went to his desk with his own paper. Looking at the paper in front of him, the quirkless boy knew that this test will be hard. But knows that all he needs to do is study real hard in order to get a good grade.

Soon lunch came and the students went to their usual lunch places to eat. Everyone eat with their friends and talked about next year where they'll be in high school. Everyone, expect for Izuku. As usual, he was eating alone in the class room. Back when he was in preschool, he and Kacchan would always eat together. But that was a long time ago. Izuku deeply misses those days. Early days where both him and Kacchan would play together and the blond protecting Izuku from much older kids that tried to steal his lunch from him. But those days were over now. Izuku had to focused on the present. And what he has now.

After finishing his lunch, Izuku had still had enough time to check out the new books in the library. From what he heard, the new books had information on old from much older generation that many people seemed to have forgotten over the years. Izuku felt that you should always remember the past, it can you learn from making the same mistake.

However, when he got there, the books were already checked out, "Um... Can I learn who checked them out?" Izuku asked the nice libraries. She look at him with sadness in her eyes. She was the only adult in this school that was at least kind to him.

"Of course, Midoriya. But I'm afraid that those books won't be back for awhile now," She said. The libraries gave Izuku the names of the students that took all of the books. To Izuku's sadness, the books were checked out by the few students that picked on him who wasn't Kacchan. Of course, they must have known that he wanted to read the new books about older heroes. They probably had only done that to mess with him.

Thanking the kind libraries for letting him know about the names, Izuku walked back to his class. The bell had rang and the students were going back to their classes again. He really wanted to read those books. He didn't blame the libraries for checking them out for those students. It was her job. He just hated how those kids just only got those books to mess with him. They probably didn't care about the older heroes.

Throughout class, Izuku was thinking back to his apartment complex. At least, he had someone to hangout with after school today. Silently counting the time to go home, Izuku was muttering to himself again. How good was the new game anyway? Many reviews that he read on online said it was awesome. But he wanted to see it himself. While he was muttering, the whole class was looking at him. Being creeped out by the muttering of the only quirkless boy in class and in the whole school.

Sighing, the teacher stretched his arm and gently tipped Izuku on his head, "Midoriya, stop scary the other students. Please work on that muttering," He said.

Izuku blushed. He was told that he had a habit of muttering. And according to some people, it was a bit creepy, "Sorry, Sensei," Izuku apologized.

Soon school was finally over for the day. Izuku had packed everything his schoolbag. Kacchan seem to have been in a good mood today. The exploding quirk user would usually bullied him merciless. But today was different. But he wondered if Kacchan knew that he no longer live in the same neighborhood as him. Besides, Izuku had been making sure that Kacchan didn't notice that he went home on a different route.

When he saw that Kacchan had left with his two followers, Izuku went to the train station that was going to take him back to Yokohama City.

However, Izuku saw five students at the entrance of the school yard. These students were the ones that checked out the books. He wondered what did they want. One of them saw him coming, "Aww. Look it's Baby Midoriya," He said. It was a group of four boys and one girl.

Izuku tried to ignored them. Thinking that they'll get bored of him soon. But he was wrong.

"Hey, little baby. Are you lost? The preschool is over there. Maybe your mommy is waiting for you?" The second guy said as he sucked his thumb in his mouth.

Because that he cried a lot, everyone at school had called him a baby.

"Maybe he's looking for All Might and asked him for his autograph like the baby that he is?" The third guy said wile taking in baby talk.

"Hey, guys, let's go easy on him. It's probably almost his bedtime anyway. Right, baby?" The fourth one said.

"Hey, Izuku. Did you wanted to see those?" The only girl in the group said. Soon she and the four guys pulled out the new books from the library.

Izuku knew that they trying to get under his skin. He tried to just walk away from them before things get out of hand.

But the five teens were not happy about what he was doing.

"Come on, Midoriya. Don't want to see the pictures in these books. Especially, this one about a heroine from France. Oh man, she was a hottie back then," The first guy said. He open the book to show Izuku the French heroine. But to Izuku's horror, her picture was covered in Japanese words that were told in such disrespect about her.

Izuku was breathing hard. Soon the other four showed what they did to the books. The books were ruined. The pictures were drew on. To add the insult to the injuring, the five teens were laughing the whole time while they were showing him what they did.

"Wh... why would you all do that?!" Izuku cried as tears were coming out. To do such a heinous thing to books about the heroes before All Might.

"Well, when we heard that the new books were about some old heroes, we knew that we didn't want to miss this opportunity, Izuku. After all, Katsuki has been focusing on you lately," The girl said with jealousy in her eyes.

Kacchan was the most good looking guy in the school, so the girl was known to have a crush on him. But Kacchan was more focused on being a hero than anything else.

But seeing these beautiful books had been ruined because they wanted to him to feel miserable. Their cruel laughter had mad him remember all the times where he was bullied by everyone since it was discovered that he'll never have a quirk of his own. For some reason, his hand had landed on the first guy's face. Izuku didn't mean it.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it!" Izuku said. He had no idea why he did it. But the look on that teen's face had told to run. And run he did. Izuku ran as fast as he can before the five bullies had catch up to him.

Seeing that the train station was close, Izuku was a little relief. But he knows that the five will catch up to him if he was getting to comfortable. Getting on his train once he heard that it was going to leave without him. Breathing really hard, Izuku was to call his mom and told her what he did. Izuku had never had done that to Kacchan. So, why did he do that that guy?

Getting off his train, Izuku walked to his apartment.

Izuku's apartment

Walking up to his apartment building, Izuku was still trying to get to used to the fact that he actually punched someone. Although Izuku didn't mean for it. He just couldn't believe why would anyone would be disrespect towards the older heroes. The heroes who originally cared about the lives of people, not the fame and glory that comes with it.

"Found you, you quirkless loser!"

Izuku yelped when he was pulled back to an alleyway. He look up and saw the five teens. Somehow they had managed to found him at his apartment.

"I'm sorry for punching you," Izuku said. He didn't want Tomura and Kurogiri involved with his problems.

"Too late for that! You're nobody, Izuku Midoriya!" The guy that he punched said.

Soon the four guys in the group were beating him up while the girl was standing there with a smile on her face.

"Look! The baby is crying like always," The third said.

"Back off!"

The teens turn around to see two figures were standing behind. They didn't look pleased of the sight before them. It was Tomura and Kurogiri.

"Who the hell are you?" The girl said.

"That's none of your business. But I advised you five to step away from the boy or I'm afraid that things will turn most unpleasant," Kurogiri said.

"Or what?" The second guy said.

"Or this," Tomura said, touching a dumpster nearby. It decayed in mere seconds. Scaring the five kids.

"That will be you if you don't leave here or if you tell anyone," Tomura said.

Soon the five kids ran for their lives. Izuku look to his neighbors. Getting up to them. Not knowing how will they react to see him in such a state.

"Are you alright, Izuku?" Kurogiri said, checking on the bruises on Izuku's face.

Izuku felt tears coming from his eyes as he nodded his head.

"Come on. Let's get inside. After Kurogiri fix you up, we can play the new game," Tomura said.

Izuku didn't say anything but nodded. Happy that his new neighbors had protected him.

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