Italics mean inner thoughts or telepathy, (Brackets mean Someone Speaking in a language other than English)

The Omnic Crisis Ended 25 Years ago, Omnics and Humans now live in a tense peace that teeters every close to the edge as new hostilities arise.

Once the Agents of Overwatch would have been there to hold the chaos at bay but after years of bad press, the revelation of Black Watch and the Destruction of it's Swiss Headquarters the Organization was disbanded and any continuation of their work was Outlawed.

Further complicating this matter is the rise in Remnants, Humans affected by or born to those who came under the effects of a genetic modification weapon from the end of the Omnic Crisis. Supposedly the work of mad scientists looking for an edge against the Omnics, the HNTR strain has infected about twenty-five percent of the global population. Of that percentage, only five percent ever gain the desired results becoming faster, stronger, hardier and in some rare cases manifest incredible superhuman abilities. As a new generation of Remnants emerge, governments the world over have created institutions focused on learning about and training these young individuals on how to better control their gifts.

Streets of New York City 21:04 EST

The rain beat a gentle rhythm on the pavement around her and the top of her hooded head as Ruby walked down the neon-lit streets. She was dressed in a red hoodie that came to just below her waist, a red-and-black skirt, black stockings, and red-soled, black leather boots. Her red-accented black hair poking out from beneath the hood, framing a petite, pale face that was deep in thought. Her silver eyes caught and contorted the neon as she continued onwards, not really looking at anything in particular.

"I shouldn't be doing this." She thought nervously to herself, only for a now-familiar voice to play across her brain, "Someone has to do something."

She couldn't remember how many times she'd watched the video now. It could have been anywhere from five to fifty. In either case, Winston's face and words were ingrained in her mind. A message of hope for the future, for change, the return of Overwatch. Her mother would have been overjoyed or at least that's what Ruby wanted to believe. Summer Rose had given her all to Overwatch. Ruby still remembered the years of traveling fondly, seeing the world, watching her mother be a hero but then everything changed

She looked up as a car motored past, catching her fully in its headlights. She was blinded for a moment. When her vision returned she found herself looking up at a defaced mural depicting the original six members of Overwatch, now covered in graffiti in languages both Human and Omnic.

"Look, the people decided they were better off without us. They even called us criminals!"

The world had lost faith in Overwatch. Especially with the revelations about Blackwatch but had the world changed for the better after they had been shut down? Images of chaos, the world over, flashed across her mind's eye. Riots in London, Omnic attacks on Russia, terrorist attacks the world over, kids like her disappearing from their homes.

One painful memory stuck out amongst the rest. A personal tragedy that had torn her life apart. Her mother had never stopped wanting to do the right thing. She'd refused to give up the good fight but without Overwatch behind her, there had been no one to get her back up on her feet after she fell for the last time.

Ruby blinked tears from her eyes, rainwater mixing with them as they charted a path down her cheeks.

But things seemed to be changing for the better. Overwatch was back, or so the video she'd found on her Mother's laptop had claimed. Most people on the streets seemed oblivious to it, too caught up in their own lives to notice.

"We can make a difference again! The World needs us now, more than ever!"

A shout cut through her inner dialogue, followed by the sound of something colliding with a sheet of metal. More shouts followed, Ruby's entire body vibrating with a jolt of adrenaline and fear.

"Are you with me?"

Ruby's silver eyes glimmered in the neon light. She slipped the red bandanna around her neck up around her face and pulled her hood down to nearly cover her eyes. Then she was off, tearing towards the alley where the commotion was coming from at a pace rivaling a professional sprinter.

She slid to a stop near the end of the alley-way as her left foot slammed heavily into a deep puddle, a loud splash echoing off the walls around her.

"Go check that out." A gruff voice ordered, her blood turning to ice for just a moment before kicking into an adrenaline-fueled fire. Looking around frantically, a nearby dumpster caught her eye. Quickly, quietly she darted behind the side facing her and waited as footsteps made their way towards her. She quickly slid out a small pipe from a pouch under the back of her hoodie. Ever so quietly she twisted it, the pipe extending into a slapped together, homemade staff.

She waited, listening to the footsteps getting closer. She fought to keep calm, to focus herself like her mother used to tell her when she was younger. Ruby had been born a Remnant, someone with extra-natural abilities, and right now at this moment she desperately needed them.

The footsteps faded out as the world around her seemed to slow. A soft voice broke resonating as she closed her eyes.

"You can do it, baby girl, eyes on me okay? I've got you."

The memory of her mother smiling at her and the comforting sound of her voice sparked something deep inside. Her eyes opened, and she felt the rush of her powers take over.

The goon finally turned the corner, revealing a rather plain-looking man. He wore red sunglasses, a black suit with red accents and a red tie. In his left hand an oversized pistol, with glowing red energy chambers along the side which hissed against the rain. He turned and spotted her, his pistol whirling round to meet her.

He opened his mouth to shout a warning. Ruby struck, moving too quickly for his eyes to follow.

She smacked him in the bottom of the jaw cracking his mouth shut with her "bo-staff. She spun, the air seeming to funnel around her as she kicked him in the temple. The man crumbled to the ground but Ruby managed to catch him before he fully impacted the pavement. With little effort she set him down, removing the gun from his grasp. After looking at it for several moments, she tossed it as quietly as she could into the open dumpster.

Jumping away from the man's unconscious form she darted down the alleyway. The expanse shortened considerably as she sped down it, her feet never touching the ground, her powers shooting her forward like a rocket.

Rounding the corner she found several men and women in similar dress to the person she'd taken down surrounding a tall, thin man. He was dressed in a green business suit. He had gray scruffy hair and small opaque glasses covering his eyes. Clutched in his hand was an ornate cane with a strange clockwork contraption on the handle.

"Alright, hand it over pal and we can go our separate ways." a suave male voice said off to one side. She turned slowly, thankful that so far none of the thugs or the man who was speaking had noticed her. The man in green, however, seemed to be staring right at her. His eyebrow rising ever so slightly.

Standing off to the left, leaning against a wall, looking almost bored was a tall pale man with vibrant orangish-red hair that covered his eyes from this angle. He was dressed in a long white coat with three golden buttons, a black shirt beneath, black gloves that reached up past the wrists, a grey neckerchief, black pants, and brown shoes, one of which was tapping impatiently on the ground. In one hand he held a lit cigar, in the other, a long red-and-black cane spun lazily. Completing the look was the distinct red and black bowler cap perched atop his head.

Ruby scanned the alley and managed to spot another figure, bathed in shadow, kneeling atop the flat roof of the building directly behind the man in green. So far, Ruby felt like she'd gone unseen by everyone by the man in green. Pressing herself to the wall she began to creep her way forward.

She gauged the situation. Not counting the man with the bowler cap and the person in the shadows there had to be ten goons surrounding the man in green. She'd been able to take down one of them, but ten armed individuals, she wasn't so sure.

The man in green reached into his back pocket and held out his wallet, his face impassive.

"Oh, I don't want your money!" the leader said with a laugh, "No, no, I want that."

He pointed at the cane in the man's hand, "So just hand that over Oz, and we'll all go our separate ways."

"That will not be happening." The other man stated, his voice so soft that Ruby could barely hear it, but there was an undercurrent of authority there that set her slightly at ease.

"Tch, tch, I really did want to keep this friendly," the leader stated, with a sigh, "but looks like the Boss will get what they want the hard way."

As the last word left his lips, the goons lifted their guns, pointing them at "Oz's" head. Ruby stepped forward, not looking where she placed her feet and froze as she loudly stepped on a used soda can.

"It's about time you got back." the leader stated, taking a deep pull from his cigar as he turned to look at her, "Did you find what made tha-."

He froze his visible eye, an iridescent green burrowing into her. His goons froze as well, turning to look at her, guns lowering ever so slightly.

The man looked her up and down for a few seconds, before gesturing two fingers at her, "Take care of this."

Two of his goons detached from the mob, stalking their way towards her, one with his gun pointed at her the other with his arm outstretched to grab her.

Feeling that surge of adrenaline kick in once again, she darted forward. Weaving past the first goon to crack the gunman's hand viciously across the knuckles with her staff, she then kicked backward at the unarmed goon catching him viciously in the chest. Both goons recoiled, the first dropping his gun as his knuckles already began to bruise. The other fought to get air back into his lungs. She twirled around, her staff catching the gasping goon in the side of the head while her boot cracked into the other guy's side sending him careening.

The first goon crumpled to the ground dazed, while the other managed to keep his feet before she surged forward like a rocket. He was thrown backward, colliding with the wall across from her with a meaty smack. He fell to the ground moaning slightly but he didn't get back up.

Ruby rounded on the others, the adrenaline coursing through her body, a mixture of fear and excitement making the world seem to slow and speed up at random intervals.

The man with the bowler cap stared at her with an almost impressed expression, "Well, didn't expect to find a Remnant tonight. New plan folks, grab her."

Ruby's eyes widened slightly as all but two of the remaining goons rushed her. Several set their guns aside, pulling out small batons which extended, sparking with electrical energy.

Ruby ducked the first wild swing, catching the attacker's legs with a swift strike from her staff. He went down with a cry of pain as his ankle gave out. She caught another in the arm with a wide swing, her superior speed and reflexes leaving her just a step ahead of her attackers. However, this didn't make her untouchable, she swiftly discovered. Focusing on the two women in front of her, she failed to notice the man she'd hamstrung lunge with his baton catching her in the calf.

Electricity fried through her entire body. A scream pierced the air as she collapsed to her knees, sparking pain locking her muscles down. The other five goons surrounded her, and she felt panic grab her.

"I'm going to be taken. I'm never going to see my family again. I shouldn't have done this!" she screamed at herself only for a softer, motherly voice to enter her mind once more, "You've got this baby girl."

She felt a surge of energy rush through her entire body, not tied to the searing pain leaching from the back of her calf.

She erupted into a flurry of movement.

Darting out of the ring they'd formed around her, she bounced off a wall and using the momentum to shoulder check one of the goons to the ground. She repeated this again and again, the world around her blurring as she transformed herself into a living ping ball. She finally ground to a halt as the last member crumbled to the ground, aiming a kick at the man who had electrocuted her. The kick sent his eyes rolling as he slumped to the ground senseless. She picked up her staff and turned to look at their leader.

"You were worth every cent, truly you were." the man snarked. He shook his head in disappointment, staring down at their slumped forms. He pulled his cigar from his mouth, dropped it to the ground, and crushed the still-smoking end with the butt of his cane as he walked towards her.

"Well Red, I think we can all say that this has been an eventful evening." the man snarked, smirking at her, "And as much as I'd like to see you continue you're little pinball routine, play times over."

He lifted the cane and she watched in shock as a gun barrel emerged from the bottom and fired out a small capsule that burst into a blinding flash several feet before her. Dazed she stumbled backward, unable to fend off the crushing kick to the gut that followed. Pushed back even further she felt the man grab the scarf that she was using to cover most of her face and using the combined momentum tore it free. Frantically she swatted upwards with the staff, still blinking away black dots.

Her vision came back just in time to see him easily parry the wild blow. His arm pulled back and socked her in the right eye. She winced in pain, falling backward onto her back, her staff nearly clattering out of her hand. She looked up as the cane came down towards her head. She raised her staff to parry the blow, but to her dismay, the amount of damage her staff has sustained along with the strength behind this man's blow cracked it in half.

"Sorry Red really should have minded your own business." the man remarked, raising his cane once more, "Heroes never prosper."

He smirked at his own joke and brought the cane down once more, only for a thinner black cane of metal to interrupt his swing.


Ruby looked up and over, spotting "Oz" standing there. His glasses were now lowered revealing brown eyes, stern as they stared down her assailant.

The leader seemed shocked and turned back to his remaining men, both of whom were slumped against the opposing wall.

"I'll be cutting in now if you don't mind," Oz stated, pressing the other man's weapon backward, forcing him several steps back.

"The surprises continue." the man snarked.

"Believe me Mr. Torchwick, the surprises will keep coming unless you back down," Oz stated, bearing down on his opponent.

Torchwick's eyes narrowed slightly, "See, I believe you."

The bottom of his cane opened up once more, it fired once, a cloud of smoke following.

Ruby got herself into a crouching position, searching the smoke for any hint of either of them.

The smoke plumed out momentarily. "Oz" leaped out, his glasses pushed up to cover his eyes once more.

"Stay back," he commanded, his voice authoritative but oddly comforting, though he didn't spare a glance at her.

He waited for the smoke to clear slightly, striking out almost as fast as she did to deflect an incoming shot that burned like a fresh flare as it stuck to the wall to their right.

A hook fired out of the cloud of smoke, aimed to catch Oz in the head, who instead grabbed hold of it and pulled. Torchwick stumbled out of cover, shooting him a dark look.

Oz darted forward, holding his cane like a fencing foil, striking repeatedly at Torchwicks torso. The other man managed to block several strikes but for every one he blocked another penetrated his defense.

After one particularly fierce strike caused his arm to fall limp at his side, Torchwick's face contorted in rage and he struck out with blind fury. Oz dodged aside, causing the other man to stumble past him.

Oz struck at that moment. He hooked his cane around Torchwick's neck, and with both hands pulled backward with all his might. To Ruby's surprise, the slight man managed to lift the other off the ground and toss him with incredible force over his back. Torchwick flew a good ten feet before his back slammed into the wall of the building he'd formally had Oz cornered.

Torchwick pushed himself up and glared at his opponent as he stalked forward.

"This has been fun, it really has," Torchwick quipped, through gritted teeth, "But it's time we said our goodbyes."

Ruby started, "We?"

Oz stopped, his eyes narrowing pensively. The figure Ruby had previously spotted, forgotten in the heat of the moment, jumped from the roof landing behind Oz. The only thing Ruby could spot clearly was their long mane of pink-and-brown hair.

The figure lunged at Oz, who pivoted, cracking his cane against the figure's head with incredible speed but to Ruby's surprise, they shattered into a flurry of glass-like shards.

Oz spun around, Ruby's eyes following his movement and her stomach sank as she saw Torchwick, whomever he was, was gone.

Oz seemed to give the alley a cursory glance before turning to look at her. She froze, the realization of everything suddenly bearing down on her shoulders.

"He can see my face!" Ruby thought in a panic as he approached. She pulled her hood lower over her face, as she scrambled for the tattered remains of her scarf, "I should have been more careful! What if he is just as bad as that Torchwick guy! What if he works with the police! What if he's Atlas! I don't want to have to go to Atlas! I could get in so much trouble!"

"Are you alright?" the man asked, his voice calm and soft, an outstretched hand filling her vision. Her brain's frantic rambling cut to a halt as she tentatively looked upward.

He looked younger up close, but he had a presence about him that made him seem a decade or more older. His brown eyes were friendly, with just the hint of something else hidden behind them.

Ruby didn't say anything, though she did cautiously take his hand. He looked at her quizzically and seemed to speak out loud without meaning to, "You have silver eyes."

Ruby started slightly, even as he helped her to her feet and stepped back several feet. He nodded to himself and then held up the remnants of the scarf she had been searching for.

"Don't worry, miss, you're secret's safe with me." Oz stated, his eyes flashing with green energy for a moment, "Believe me."

"Y-you're a Remnant?" Rub asked in shock, even as she cautiously grabbed the scarf.

Oz merely nodded, the sound of police sirens cutting whatever conversation had been about to begin short.

Ruby froze, looking around fearfully, as the red-and-blue lights of a police car lit up one end of the alleyway.

"You did a very brave thing today miss," Oz stated, turning around almost as if he was trying to block her from view of the oncoming cop car, "But I think it is past time you left."

Ruby didn't need any more prompting. Digging deep to grasp what energy she had left and darted away, feelings of shock and pride carrying her as she fled.

Ruby reached home twenty minutes later, though it had felt like hours as her brain replayed what she had gone through over and over again.

This hadn't been her first night out helping people. She'd stopped purse-snatchers, car robbers, the occasional mugger, but this-this was the first night things had gone that poorly.

"But, someone had to do it." Ruby thought to herself as she quietly climbed the stairs up to her apartment, "Did I though? That 'Oz' guy ended up saving me, so maybe I never needed to get involved in the first place."

"Too late now," she muttered with a wince, as the growing bruise around her eye pulsed. She looked up and froze. The door to her apartment was already open and standing in the doorway was her elder sister, Yang.

Long blonde hair draped over her shoulders in a hasty ponytail. She was dressed in a slightly oversized grey jacket over an orange tank top and grey-brown cargo pants. She had her arms crossed across her chest and she was giving her younger sister a slightly worried but pretty harsh glare with her deep lilac-colored eyes.

"We need to talk," Yang said, which made Ruby fold in on herself just a little bit.

Several minutes later she was sitting at the kitchen table with an icepack fighting off the swelling on her eye, while Yang was standing by the stove grumbling to herself.

"You can't keep doing this." Yang finally stated, placing a grilled cheese and some hash browns down in front of Ruby. She sat down across from her with her own plate of food, though unlike Ruby who immediately dug in, Yang just stared at her sister.

Ruby looked up from her food, "I-I need to Yang, people need help."

"No, no you don't need to." Yang stated, pointing a finger at her, "You want to."

"Well...yeah why wouldn't I want to help people?" Ruby asked, shooting her sister a questioning look, "Winston said…"

"Ruby!" Yang yelled, cutting off her sister who flinched back a little, "Enough about Winston! His message wasn't meant for you, for me, for anyone in this apartment. You're a kid."

"So! I have powers!" Ruby fired back, her whole body vibrating briefly, "Mom always told us to do our best to help people, just like she did and I-."

"You're going to get yourself severely hurt or killed!" Yang shouted, standing up from her chair, "Can you imagine what that would do to dad?! What it would do to me?"

At that moment her sister's own powers ignited, her hair catching fire as her eyes flashed red. She stood there fuming, her whole body tense.

Ruby sat there stunned, as angry tears began to stream down her face, "I just want to do the right thing! I want to make her proud!"

Yang's anger faded in a rush, as she stared down at her dejectedly, "Ruby…"

Without another word, Yang walked around the table and drew her younger sister into a tight hug.

"I miss her." Ruby stated, tears streaming down her face, "I keep hearing her tell me to keep moving forward, to keep going like she did when I was learning my powers. I just want to make her proud."

"I miss her too. You don't need to come home with bloody lips and black eyes to make her proud." Yang stated, running her fingers comfortingly through Ruby's hair, "You're already a wonderful, kind person sis, and she loved you for that."

"I know." Ruby said, leaning in to rest her head on Yang's shoulder, "I-I just want to help."

"I know, I get it, I do." Yang stated with a sigh, "But you need to promise me, for Dad's sake, yours and mine that you won't go out and play 'vigilante' anymore."

Ruby looked deeply into her sister's lilac eyes, filled with love and worry, "Okay, I-I promise."

She hated herself the minute the words left her lips. She knew she was lying, Winston's words filling her brain once more, "Are you with me?"

The Tower, Chicago, 23:43 CST

Oz exited the Bullhead as it came to a stop atop a tall building that soared amongst the Chicago skyline, neon holo-signs flashing in the near midnight darkness. He made his way down off the landing pad, and into the glass hallway that led further into the facility he called home.

"Welcome back Sir," Glynda stated with her usual professionalism. She was a tall woman with pale skin, light blonde hair, and bright green eyes. She was dressed in a white pleated shirt and a black button-up pencil skirt.

"How did the mission in New York City go?"

"Unexpectedly," Oz stated, as they fell into step beside each other. They continued down the hallway, reaching an elevator that opened after Ozpin pressed his hand against a panel to it's left.

They stood in silence for several moments as the elevator made its way downward. The doors opened, revealing a circular room lit by dull blue light with glassy black walls. Several tables stood around the room, covered in flashing computer equipment, a black coffee table held a small tablet and a set of mugs, while further along the right-hand wall another set of doors sat closed with another hand-print lock. In the center of the room was a large black desk that appeared to be made of the same material as the walls.

He sat down in the high backed grey chair that sat behind the desk, taking off his glasses and setting them in the center of the featureless plastic desk. There was a chiming sound like that of a clock and the whole table lit up with green light as numerous holographic projections grew to cover the walls.

Glynda gestured with her hand, a tablet floating towards her awaiting hand, as she drew a digital pen from her pocket and waited.

"Roman Torchwick evaded me," Oz stated, gesturing as a video of his fight with Roman from his perspective appeared across several of the screens, while Roman's mugshot appeared on a few others.

"Police reports claim that the agents he used to corner you with might have some connection with one of the Gangs from Brooklyn," Glynda stated.

"Something to look into, though he had another accomplice." Oz pointed out, gesturing to the brief blur of brown and pink movement, "I failed to get a good look at whomever they were."

"Roman's been spotted dealing with a number of black-listed individuals, rogue Overwatch Agents, Mafia, Deadlock." Glynda stated, "I'll have one of our Field Agents follow up on it."

"Good." Oz stated, "Any sighting of the individual who might have hired him?"

"Still unknown, though our Western friend believes they might have connections to Talon," Glynda informed.

"Troubling, so we are still in the dark when it comes to Torchwick's motivations." Oz grumbled, "No matter, tonight was not a total loss."

The young girl dressed in red with piercing silver eyes appeared on screen, showing her capable if sloppy fighting style and her unique abilities.

"This girl came to my assistance, she clearly has the attributes we are looking for," Oz stated, "And I believe I know who she might be."

Another image appeared on screen as Oz flicked his fingers across his keyboard. An older woman with similar hair color and vibrant silver eyes, in fact, the resemblance of the two women was almost uncanny.

The image was from a news site and the tagline read, "Summer Rose, vaunted hero of Overwatch, has died."

"Ruby Rose," Oz stated, turning to look at Glynda, "Who has taken after her mother in more than looks it would seem."

"He won't like getting her involved in all of this," Glynda said pointedly.

"She's already involved, she's the child of a deceased former Overwatch agent and a Remnant." Oz stated, "There is a target painted on her back that she can't even see yet. I would rather she learns how to use her abilities in a safe place than continue to risk her discovery and her life on the streets of New York City."

"I'll make sure someone keeps an eye on her," Glynda stated.

"Please, now how did the strike on Vishkar go," Oz asked, turning to look at his assistant.

"Crow, Lotus, and Valkyrie pulled off the mission with resounding success, though there were some unexpected consequences," Glynda informed.

"Show me," Oz stated, turning to the screens as they once more sprung to life.

Next time, the Raid on Vishkar, and the arrival of another of Team RWBY. I hope you liked how I did Ruby's fighting style since she can't realistically own a massive war scythe in Overwatch canon…at least not yet. And don't worry Overwatch characters will be making an appearance in a big way soon.

Now you might be asking, didn't I just post an RWBY/Overwatch story, but it was set in Remnant, why yes, yes I did! I'm trying out a little experiment, to see which story I end up liking more since I'd been jumping back and forth with setting Overwatch characters in the RWBYverse and vice versa, but hey now you get two stories for the price of one! Which you know is nothing anyway, but hey, Hope you enjoy it, I'll be back with the second chapter as quickly as I can.