Harry Potter was born on July 31st to parents Lily and James Potter and godfathers Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. One might wonder why Peter Pettigrew, a former friend and member of the Mauraders, was not included on this list, however once it was discovered that Peter was loyal to Voldemort ,one would probably understand the dislike or even hatred of the rat.

Unfortunately that didn't stop Voldemort from breaking into the Potter home and killing James and Lily before turning on Harry and attempting to kill her as well.

Most people considered the name Harry odd for a girl, but her parents were said to be a little eccentric and that made her feel closer to them, so she didn't mind.

Harry Potter was a girl of eight with wavy black hair that just passed her shoulders and beautiful green eyes that were hidden by a pair of black frames.

She lived with her aunt, uncle and cousin in a house on Privet Drive in Surrey. Everything around her was considered to be normal including her family. Harry on the other hand, was something special; Harry was a witch, and an unusually bright one at that, not that she knew.

You see, her aunt decided on Harry's third birthday, after she had performed another bought of accidental magic, that telling Harry about her powers wouldn't help any.

Aunt Petunia as Harry called her, was not a very nice lady to most people. She liked to gossip and clean; that was about it. However, Harry had always considered herself lucky to be under Petunia's care because without her, she would have never learned how to cook or clean or garden, which were some of Harry's favorite things to do.

Harry learned at a very young age to stay away from her cousin Dudley because he was not a very nice boy. Dudley was an exceedingly pudgy young fellow and had a very bad disposition towards Harry because Aunt Petunia spent a lot of time teaching Harry how to cook and clean as well as how to read so that Harry might be able to read the labels on the cleaning supplies.

Currently it was summer and Harry could be seen outside watering the garden early in the morning before the sun got too hot. Harry enjoyed these quiet times because that was when she could think about all of the things she wanted to do for the day.

Because it was summer, Harry didn't have to go to school. However, this did not stop her from wanting to learn more. In fact, she would regularly go to the library to pick out books to read and educational videos to watch.

Her aunt often encouraged her to do this because it would keep Harry occupied for long periods of time and it gave Petunia a chance to take care of Dudley who required far more attention than Harry.

Today Harry was planning on going to the library as usual when something unusual happened that caused her to stray from her intended destination: Two of Dudley's friends were bullying a young boy of only six on the playground. Determined to do something about it, Harry marched towards them and shouted at them to let the boy go. Fortunately, they listened to her; unfortunately, that meant that they were now interested in bullying her instead. Realizing what was about to happen, Harry fervently wished she was at the library when something extraordinary happened.