The next morning Harry woke up early. Eager to see her friends she got ready for breakfast and went down to the commons area, determined to ask one of the older students for directions to the dining hall.

As Harry entered the commons, she noticed that there were only a few other students awake. One of them was a short Asian girl who looked to be about a year older than Harry herself. Harry tentatively picked her way across the room, avoiding the furniture all around, until she stood right in front of the girl sitting on a very comfortable looking chair reading a book. Anxiously Harry cleared her throat, as she waited for the girl to look up she shifted around nervously, eager to get going.

When the girl looked up to see who was trying to get her attention, she smiled at the sight of Harry.

"Hi, I'm Cho Chang, can I help you with anything?" she asked, still smiling. Harry nodded and cleared her throat again before asking, "Um yeah, could you tell me how to get to the dining hall? I don't want to get lost."

Cho nodded and closed her book, "Of course, let me just get my book bag and I'll walk down with you." Harry sighed in relief and stepped aside so that Cho could run up to her dormitory to get her bag. When she came back down, looking slightly flustered after running, Cho and Harry made their way out of the commons and to the dining hall.

The walk was relatively quiet, Cho was thinking about her classes and Harry about how she was going to explain to her friends why she had chosen to leave out her last name during introductions. Once they entered the hall Harry thanked Cho and then rushed over to where some of her friends were already sitting.

Both Hermione and Neville were sitting at the Hufflepuff table, their heads ducked towards each other talking quietly. As Harry approached both looked up and smiled and waved her over. Harry, who had been somewhat apprehensive, let out a relieved sigh and rushed over to them.

Hermione patted the seat next to her and Harry plopped down heavily, letting her book bag slide down her arm and land on the floor.

"How are you guys?" she asked excitedly, "What are your houses like, do you like them?" Neville chuckled lightly at Harry's enthusiasm and proceeded to describe his experience in great detail, pausing only for questions that the girls asked. When he was finished, Harry and Neville turned their attention to Hermione who went on to tell about her evening.

By the time Hermione had finished most of the dining hall was beginning to fill up and Draco, after looking around briefly walked down the row separating the Hufflepuff and Slytherin tables and sat across from Harry, Neville, and Hermione at the Slytherin table.

All three greeted him with enthusiasm before they turned their attention to Harry's story. Harry hesitated at first and then began to explain why she had omitted her last name when they had all first introduced each other.

"Well," Harry began, "I didn't really think it was necessary to say my last name when we started talking, that and based on my previous experiences I figured it would probably be a good idea to leave it out in case people started interrupting us just because I happened to be Harry Potter."

"I hope that wasn't too presumptuous of me..." she added and looked at her friends. All three nodded their heads and Hermione even said, "That was probably the best way to go about it, it's not like a name matters that much right?" Neville nodded in agreement, but Draco frowned.

"I disagree," he said, "I know that in the society I grew up in, the name is everything." He looked down at his hands and continued, "A lot of the old family names carry a lot of weight, but I do understand why you chose to leave yours out of it Harry, I know what that's like."

Harry smiled and thanked Draco. It was then that all four noticed that the hall had been filled and most students were already eating breakfast. Both Harry and Hermione noted that they should probably be sitting at their respective tables, and promptly said their goodbyes to the boys before each made her way over to her own house table.

At the Ravenclaw table Harry looked around to find somebody to sit with when she saw that a space was free next to Cho. Briefly she touched Cho's shoulder and asked her if it would be acceptable if Harry could sit there. Cho smiled up at her from her seated position and pulled at Harry's arm to get her to sit down next to her. As soon as Harry sat down she introduced herself to Cho and several of the girls around them.

The end.

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