Chapter 1: Announcement and interrogation.

It was early morning at the FBI headquarters in New York more exactly on the floor reserved for the team of Deputy Director Weller. It was one of those rare days that started rather calmly. Even if all the agents knew that after the calm there was often a storm the team took advantage of this lull with pleasure. Kurt was filling out paperwork. He did not particularly like that but, since he was promoted to deputy director his office was invaded. The three women were discussing Weller and Jane since the two other young ladies were hopelessly single. Reade was coming back from one of his many meetings with Dr. Sun. It had been a few months since he had looked at Jones' tape and consulted with Nas's colleague. Recently he seemed to be really better. The psychologist had told him that they could soon stop the sessions because according to her the young man was ready to face his past and the trials of life without having to go through hell as he had done about six months ago. Around ten o'clock the five friends had gathered in the open space to have a coffee and take stock of the work in court because even if they had no big business in court the criminals do not take rest. So, they chatted quietly when suddenly a colleague came to see Reade to tell him that he had a visit and that it was extremely urgent. The policeman, surprised, saw his parents arrive completely distraught. All this under the attentive and intrigued gaze of his team.

"Dad, mom what are you doing here?" the young man asked astonished.
"Darling it's horrible. Your sister was kidnapped," a woman that everyone identified as the mother of Edgar said.
"Are you sure? She may have run away. How long has she been gone? Why do you think this is an abduction? Are the police aware? Have you contacted her friends?" He asked them in one go, concerned but careful. The agent knew his sister and he was very protective with her, he loved her more than anything, but she was a very disturbed young woman. Indeed, his parents had discovered early that his little sister, Hannah, was smarter than the average, much smarter. She was brilliant in everything but one of her many favorite areas was computers. Only, even if this precocity had some benefits it prevented her from properly interact with the real world and that sometimes-caused communication problem. Edgar had never had a problem with her because they had always been very close. He loved talking with her for hours about everything and nothing. However, Hannah did not have the same relationship with her parents and had run away several times after big arguments. That's why Reade was suspicious. In general, she went to a friend's house where she was a quiet place to be quiet without any problem. She was smart enough to stay safe. Only the two parents began to sob and looked really worried that's where everyone understood that it was really serious. They were all surprised by this shattering entrance, the meeting with these strangers and the announcement of the kidnapping of this little sister whose they did not know. However, they did not need to consult each other to decide to help their teammate to clarify this story. Weller then decided as deputy director and friend to take matters into his own hands.
"Excuse me I introduce myself I am deputy director Kurt Weller. This is my team and your son's colleagues: SSA Patterson, SSA Natasha Zapata, and Jane, our consultant. From what I see that looks serious I suggest you go to my office to speak privately and calmly."
"Good morning, sir, and thank you,"
the two-arriving said with one voice.

They all went to Agent Weller's office and sat down to listen to the story of their friend's parents.

"We were at a friends' house this weekend and we only got home around seven o'clock this morning. Hannah was supposed to be on her way to school, so we put our stuff straight without worrying about her presence. About eight o'clock high school called to report that she had been absent from her mathematics class. We did not worry. Only after an hour, I had to go to her room, and I saw that it was completely ransacked. After that, we started to worry so I called all her friends and they said she had not seen her since yesterday afternoon. When we knew that we really panicked. So, we went to her room looking for a hint and there my wife found her tablet destroyed and the necklace you gave him Ed' on one of his notebooks. She would never have left without them," Reade's father finished. When Edgar heard about the necklace, he knew it was serious. Tasha, who watched his teammate from the beginning of the story, saw him decompose little by little until he lost all his colors. The young woman gently took his hand and gave him a look that was meant comfort. Although it did not appease his anxiety, feeling her best friend by his side did him a good job. He smiles weakly in turn to thank her.
"It must have happened something that is really not normal. Then if she had run away, she would have warned me," Hannah's brother said as he watched his boss turn to him.
"I see. Well, we'll all do our best to clear this up. Mr. and Mrs. Reade this may be unpleasant, but there are some questions I have to ask you," Kurt continued.
"Of course, we understand. Do what you have to do and call me Peter," he replied.
"Call me Elizabeth," the mother added.
"Okay, you said that it does not surprise you that your daughter is missing classes but why"

Seeing that his parents had collapsed, the young agent decided to take things in hand and answer the questions.
"Hannah is smarter than average, much smarter. Her precocity was detected as soon as she returned to kindergarten. She has never been comfortable at school. She is bored and can't fit in. Her teachers can't handle her, and she is too old to skip class. A few years ago, she was enrolled in an association for children and teenagers in connection with his school of the time. Hannah managed to make a small group of friends. They all get along really well and since then she's been better. Only none of them fit well in high school. In general, they dry together. She is less depressed since she made friends who understand her life, but she still has a hard time communicating and she does not feel out of place in high school."
"And about running away?"
Jane asked.
"With my husband, we all do our best to understand our daughter and interact with her, but it is very difficult. We are in conflict on almost everything and this often causes big disagreements. Hannah is emotionally struggling to cope with arguments. Either she gets angry and withdraws into herself, or she flees and runs away," Elizabeth said.
"When this is the case where does she go?"
Zapata continued.
"Usually at a friend's house or at Edgar's,"
Peter said, pointing to his son.
"Are you close to your sister? Where does this necklace story come from exactly?" The brunette asked. It was very strange for the young woman to question her best friend, especially in such a disturbing situation. She looked at him tenderly, making him understand that she was there for him. He seemed really affected by this story. Which was normal but she did not like to see him that way. Reade feeds on her partner's strength to answer questions and not collapse or go back to the city in search of her sister. He was glad she was at his side because he was not sure he could handle it alone. It was his young sister; they had always been very close, and he could not imagine losing her. He discreetly thanked Tasha and replied as if the other people in the room had not noticed their closeness, although that was the case.
"Yes, we are very close and as I said earlier if she had run away again she would have called me. We never had communication problems and we always talked a lot. In general, she comes to my house when things are not going well. We discuss and after I bring her home. In addition, if she had gone to a friend's house she would have taken business and her computers, she never goes out without. My sister and a real computer pro by the way. She often thinks of you, Patterson. For the necklace, I offered her at ten years' anniversary and since she never left him. If she left it on one of her notebooks, there is a reason. She writes a lot of things in her journals. All that goes through his head up, his experiences, her crazy ideas, scientific formulas too I think. She also notes what she feels is a tip from her psychologist. Its codes all with a system of which it alone has the secret,"
Reade retorted.
"I would have preferred you to be wrong but unfortunately, I quite agree. That it does not look like a runaway but do not worry we will do absolutely everything it takes for you to bring Hannah. Reade with Tasha you drive your parents' home, you inspect the house and you take the usual information. I will send a surveillance team and put your phone and computer under surveillance in case of ransom demand. Patterson, you rake all Hannah's internet accounts and all her electronic devices once they are brought to you. Jane and I are going to bait all our contacts to try to have information and I will launch an abduction alert. Once all this is done we all meet in high school to interview his teachers, friends of the association and other high school students,"
Weller ordered.

The four officers nodded and left the tasks requested with the anguish of not knowing what their best friend's young sister was going through.