By Hpfan

Hi. My names Katie, and this is my third fic. Looking at my story's list in my profile you will only find one. That is due to the removal of my other story, Rescue. If you have read Rescue, and, though I really wonder what you found interesting, and intriguing enough to keep reading, I want to apologize, for that was the probably the scariest experience of my life rereading that fic after only two months. I don't know what possessed me to write something that bad, but please don't judge my writing skills off of that, er… disturbing piece of literature. This fic has been written, rewritten, revised, rephrased, and a lot of other words starting with the prefix re. Originally, I wasn't going to publish this fic until it was finished. But, well, things change; Specifically the thought release date of OotP.

      Summary: Harry moves in with Sirius, after he clears his name, and they face many obstacles before they can have a good relationship, like their relationships with other people.


Chapter I- Birthday Madness

Harry Potter sat on his small bed inside of a small room that was in an average sized house. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to move to a spot that didn't aggravate his aching, sun burnt back. The reason for his pain could be explained from the excruciating work that he had been forced to perform by his evil relations, which, unfortunately had legal custody over him, and could force him to do 'chores', as they put it. In reality, after working as hard as the fourteen-almost fifteen- year old teenager, one could expect to earn a salary fit for an average working person trying to support a family. If you think the uncomfortable child lying on the bed was being paid for his labor, you are sadly mistaken!     

Harry looked at the clock that read 11:59 PM. He also stared at the calendar that he had made, counting down the days until he could go back to Hogwarts. The date was July 30th. He heard a load tap on his window, and wasn't surprised to see five owls outside his window. When he opened the window, he could see that each of them carried a newspaper.

He saw two school owls, one he didn't recognize, his own Hedwig, and Pig. He untied all of the post that the birds carried, and the two school owls flew away, while the unrecognizable owl, Hedwig, and Pig stayed on his desk; well, the two former stayed on the desk, while Pig flew around like the scatterbrained thing it was.

The letter from Hogwarts was normal, stating that he needed his books, but he also received another message.

Dear Mr. Potter,

    You have been chosen to be a Hogwarts Prefect. The follow people have also become Prefects: Justin Finch-Flechley, Hermione Granger, Sally-Anne Perks, and Terry Boot. Enclosed is your Prefects badge. You will be informed of your new responsibilities. Do not take advantage of your authority.

Professor McGonagall

Harry put down the letter with a smirk on his face. Maybe if he got good enough grades, he could become a head boy, like his father had. He moved on to the next letter. When he opened it, the letter looked like someone had written it on a massive sugar high!


Guess what! I've been cleared of all charges! Wormtail apparently got caught at a Death Eater attack, by the ministry. To make a long story short (You can read the full story in the copy of the Daily Prophet I enclosed.) I'm cleared! Well, the offer still stands if you want to live with me, but I've met your 'family' and I really doubt that you are that fond of them. Still you don't have to. I got tons of money from the ministry for wrongfully imprisoning me, because I would look really bad if they sent Sirius Black homeless on the streets after putting him in prison for twelve years.

They gave me a house that Remus and I are fixing up, but we shouldn't be finished for about a week. I'll pick you up when I have your room ready, but if you would rather not come, I'll understand. In the meantime, I'm staying with Moony. He's generously letting me stay with him until our new house is suitable.

Your lovable mutt,


PS. I haven't forgotten your birthday; I'll give you your present when you get over here. Maybe we'll have a party.

Harry read and re-read the letter many times, revisiting the phrase 'Our new house' many times over. He had to strain himself not shriek with joy, but he still had a painfully long week with the Dursleys. He cleared his mind of the evil thoughts, and tore open the next letters.

Ron wrote to him, but the only thing in letter was a detailed description of what the Daily Prophet stated, as did Hermione's. Both of them seemed to have eaten just as much sugar as Sirius. Ron got him a toy snitch, which was used to 'practice your reflexes for quidditch', and Hermione got him Curses and Counter-curses which Harry had wanted since first year, by Vindictus Viridan. Hagrid also wrote him a letter, but it was quite different from Ron and Hermione's letter.

Dear Harry,

I just got the Daily Prophet and was surprised at reading that Sirius Black was innocent. I don't know if you know this, but he's actually your godfather. He and your father where best friends at Hogwarts. I'm not sure if I should believe the story, after all the mayhem that blasted paper caused last year. It's hard to consider anything it turning out as anymore then gossip. In any case, I sent him his motorcycle back. See, the night your parents died, he showed up, and gave me his motorcycle. I took you to your relative's house on it, and was going to give it back, but he was gone after I got to his house. I've been holding on to it for him. It says in the paper he wants custody of you. If you go, I wish you good luck. He was a really nice guy when I knew him at Hogwarts, but I don't know what 12 years in Azkaban can do to a guy. I was there for a few months, and I know I would be a little over the edge if I was there for 12 years! Anyway, enjoy your birthday present.


Hagrid had gotten him a Put-Outer. Harry wasn't sure what he would do with it, but it was a nice gesture. He had done a fair share of snickering during the letter, but then, one couldn't expect Hagrid to know something he hadn't been told. The thought of the motorcycle had crossed his mind but he didn't think much of it.

Harry got into bed, and quietly played with the practice Snitch. He knew that he wouldn't sleep very much that night anyway, not only from his enthusiasm, but also because of all the thoughts going through his head. He assumed that he would probably make an impeccable patronus right now.


Harry awoke quite early the next day. It was a quiet Saturday morning, so he dressed in silence and went down stairs to eat some breakfast, and start on his accelerating chore list. He strolled downstairs, still in a happy mood from the happenings of the previous night. When he reached the kitchen he saw that his Aunt and Uncle where awake, though his cousin could most likely be found snoring heavily in his bed.

When Harry sat down at the table, his family didn't even acknowledge his arrival, so he took a piece of toast from the plate, and noticed his aunt's lips tense as he did so. He quickly ate; hating the loathing glances his relatives would occasionally shoot at him. Finally, he finished his breakfast, and decided he might as well try to lighten up the next week he was facing, so he reluctantly started a conversation.

"So, I got a letter from my godfather last night…" but was suddenly cut off by long grunt from his uncle who suddenly stood up.

"You know what boy? I've had enough! Enough of this madness! I have tolerated your- your irregularity well enough, I have, but I can't take these threats! You claim that you have some god-forsaken godfather out there? Where is he? If you have this so called murdering, wand waving lunatic that you call for every time you have a problem, go live with him, but get your narrow behind out of my house!" He said, slowly gaining anger. "I've taken all I can from you! You eat and sleep in my house, you take the food right out of my own son's mouth, and then you go around, trying to bully us into giving you stuff? I don't think so! Get out!"

Out of everything that Harry expected to come out of his uncle's mouth that was not one of them. Harry just stood in shock, but it was a bigger surprise when his uncle struck him across the face.

"Get out of here, and take all that mumbo-jumbo junk with you!" roared his uncle, taking another swing at his head. Harry ducked out of the way, barely missing his uncle's smack. He franticly dashed up the stairs and lodged himself into his room. As soon as he locked the door, he pulled out his wardrobe from his closet, (Which didn't contain much) and pressed it in into his trunk. He gathered his prize possessions, put them in the trunk, and pulled it out the door. Harry took Hedwig out of her cage, and told her to meet him outside. He put her cage under his arm and noisily sprinted down the staircase, and rushed to the door. Before he could escape the wrath of his uncle, he received a swift kick in the back.

He launched down the sidewalk, relying on adrenaline to get him to the middle of no-where. Finally, after traveling to Magnolia Crescent, with Hedwig following, he finally collapsed, panting heavily as he rested on his trunk. Harry couldn't help feeling bewildered as to what he would do. He had no place to go, or at the very least, no way to there. He had to bare only one week at the Dursley's, and he couldn't even manage to stay there 7 hours before getting kicked out.

Harry sighed heavily. He knew there was only one thing to do; send a letter to Sirius, telling him he could manage to keep out of trouble for one week, and that he would need a place to stay. It struck Harry that, in law, he had to do it anyway, because Sirius was now is legal guardian. 'What a great way to start things off. I hope Sirius doesn't regret taking me in.' Harry thought gloomily.

Finally, after catching his breath, he reached into his trunk and took out a piece of parchment, ink, and a quill, and began a letter to Sirius. He finished it, and the end result was suitable.


I know that I was suppose to stay at the Dursley's for another week, but, some stuff kind of came up, so to make a long story short: I'm homeless. Do you think you could send me Professor Lupin's address so that I could take the Knight Bus? It's kind-of ironic because I'm at Magnolia Crescent. Well, I'm really sorry about this. There was a misunderstanding with the Dursleys, and they kicked me out. I'll tell you all about it when I arrive.


    Finally, he gave the letter to Hedwig, saying "Please be fast, girl!" And then settled down in the alley where he had first met Sirius. He sat down and rested his head on his trunk. He was going to be there for a while so he might as well get comfortable. He unlocked his trunk and took out Curses and Counter-curses. He had read his schoolbooks many times over the course of the summer, and was glad to have found something new to read. He had mastered the theory behind about 25 spells he had learned over the last year, from his old books, but was still unsure about casting them, as he couldn't use magic over the summer. Maybe he could use some now that he was living with Sirius.

    It had reached about noon when his stomach began growling. He took out some of the food parcels that he had got from Ron and Hermione. No longer would he have to eat stale food because of Dudley's diets that never actually worked. He would have real food, although he really wasn't so sure of Sirius's cooking skills, or his appetite for that matter. He had been eating rats all last year. Hopefully it wasn't a delicacy to him or something.

    He went back to his book and read for a while. After a bit, even reading about ways to jinx Malfoy became boring. He fooled around with the practice Snitch for fifteen-minutes, while his mind wondered over some subjects. He did a little homework, and finally, he looked at the new (cheap) watch he had bought in Hogsmeade, and it read 7:30.

    He had been sitting in that spot for almost twelve hours straight! It hadn't been the best treatment for his sore back. Dusk was looming, so he stood up, cracking his back as his did so, and wondered where his owl was at this moment. He shrunk back into the shadows of the alley, and squinted.

    He could see a silhouette of a figure approaching him. He launched to his trunk for his wand, as the stature came closer. In a very un-intimidating voice he spoke out, "Who-who are you! What do you want?" The body was closing in, only a few feet away.

    The shadow was soon identified as a man as he lit his wand. His voice was very familiar. He recognized it immediately as his godfather's. "What? You don't recognize your own godfather?" He said, but his tone betrayed him. He stepped closer into the wand light, and it lit up his face, and a hideous figure stood, very unlike Sirius, but also very familiar. It was Snape!

    Harry screamed loudly in surprise as he bolted forward, escaping the horrible nightmare. He shuddered to himself at the thought of it. His breathing slowly returned to a normal pace, as did his heartbeat. The sky was a glowing purple mass, with stars scattered throughout it. He put almost everything he had removed from his trunk back, except his wand, as he was feeling apprehensive about the whole ordeal.

    Harry yawned loudly, but refused to let himself fall asleep in an alleyway. 'I am Harry Potter, number one on Voldemort's hit list. I can't fall asleep in an alley.' The more he thought about it, the more perturbed he grew. The death eater's were probably searching for him at this moment.

    The sky was darkening by the minute, and with it grew his nerves. The night music had begun, and a heavy silence seemed to wash over the abandoned street. He could hear cars quietly honking on distant streets. The silence was taking a toll on Harry's bravery. Every cricket was the squeak of a death eater's heel. Every voice was the muffled whisper of an approaching enemy.

    Suddenly, a deafening roar over came his scenes, and he leaped about two feet into the air, as the noise dulled, someone's feet made contact with the ground. The first thought that shot through Harry's head was Snape, but his commonsense overthrew that thought. Finally, his curiosity overcame him, and he cautiously made his way to his feet. Once again, a shadowy figure appeared in the alleyway entrance, shielding the little light that the streetlights had provided for him. His eyes were glued to the man, as he made his way toward him. Harry noticed that the walk seemed to take a lot less time then it had in the dream, but he held the lump of fear that had developed in his throat.

    Finally the man spoke, standing very close to him. "Harry? Is that you?" came his godfather's voice, but relief wouldn't come that easy. He reached for his wand, and the man stiffened. With reflexes Harry rarely saw, he had, grasped in his still shadowed hands, a lighted wand. Harry managed to muster some courage, and pushed the mans hands to light up his face. What he saw made his stomach return. He sighed as the relieved face of Sirius was shined upon with wand light.

    "Thank god! I thought someone had kidnapped you, and done who knows what!" said Sirius. "Come on! We've got to get a move on." He grasped Harry's shoulder, and led him to the object that had made all that noise. In front of him sat a motorcycle. And not just any motorcycle, possible the biggest one he had ever seen. Sirius didn't hesitate to hoist Harry's trunk upon the back and mutter a spell. He stared at Harry with an expecting look on is face. Harry approached it warily. Finally, Sirius helped him climb upon the motorbike, and he started up the engine.

    Sirius didn't even question Harry, before making his way down the familiar street of Privet Drive. Harry wondered if Sirius was going to stop in front of the house, but they sped up, as they got closer to it. Harry could see his uncles purple face sticking out the window, but he seemed to be the only one who heard it, besides Aunt Petunia, and old Mrs. Figg, which struck him as odd, because she was hard of hearing.

    Harry's stomach lurched as Sirius made an unexpected L-turn. With four years of quidditch skills, Harry first reflex was to hold onto the closest thing to him, which happened to be Sirius. They made their way toward the house, and just when Harry (And his uncle, who's face had gone sheet white) thought he was going to crash through the brick, Sirius pulled into a pop a wheelie. And they flew up the house as if the bike was made to do things like that.

    Harry was laughing too hard at his uncle's facial expressions to be scared. Plus, he had done things like that on his broom numerous times. Finally, the duo sped off at an 85-degree angle, and began gaining altitude. Harry calmed down a lot, and just sat back to admire the view. He didn't normally go as high as he was going now.

    At last, they leveled off, and Sirius pressed a button on his handlebar that said 'Remus Residence', and a few other buttons, and before Harry realized it, the seat had extended so far that both could put their feet up, and not touch each other.

    Sirius turned himself so that he faced Harry, and pulled his feet up to his chest while pulling out his wand. He instructed Harry to follow his lead with a look, and muttered "Stickious". Harry instantly felt his butt stick to the seat. Sirius pressed another button on the dash, and the seat expanded in width. Sirius released him with "Detacherous".

Finally, after the seat had reached the size of a large bed, Sirius settled into conversation. "So, may I ask what misunderstanding could be so big that your relatives couldn't wait one more week for me to pick you up? I know this will be good." with a small hint of sarcasm, but mostly in wonder.

"Well, you know how that Dursleys, er, dislike me with a passion? Well, I kind of told them about you being my godfather, and they got scared that if they didn't treat me right, you would turn them into cockroaches or something. I er, conveniently forgot to mention that you weren't a mass murderer." He looked up at his godfather, hoping that his claim would be accepted, and not reprimanded. Sirius gave him a small grin with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"So, apparently I must have overused it a bit, because when I went down to breakfast to tell them that you sent me a letter, they took it as a threat, and my Uncle blew-up at me about threatening his family. He kicked me out, said some words, slapped me around a bit, and well, I think you can fill in the blanks." He concluded, looking up shyly.

Sirius just sighed. "Oh well. Guess you'll just have to stay at Remus' house. He only has two bedrooms though, so you'll have to take the couch, hope you don't mind." He replied.

"Cool. Look, I'm really sorry about this whole mess. If I knew my uncle was going to react like that, I wouldn't have even said anything." Said Harry with a reassured tone.

"It's alright. I was going to surprise you with the house, but I guess two sets of hands are better then one." Harry kept his face straight, not wanting to stretch it, regardless of the screaming protests from his back. One part of his brain; the lazy side, kept shrieking 'No more work!' and another part; the logical, and compassionate side, would scream back at it, 'It's the least you can do! The man went out of his way to come collect you from an alley. You can at least do a bit of work.'

The conversation remained light the whole way back, because of the lack of events that had occurred during Harry's summer thus far. He spoke of Sirius's trial, and the events leading up to it. As it turned out, Sirius and Lupin had had a little too much celebration butterbeer, the previous night, while he was writing the letter.

Harry had to snicker at the thought of caffeine high Professor Lupin. The thought brought something else to his mind. "Do you think Professor Lupin will let me stay? I mean, I don't want to be in the way." He said in a uncomfortable voice.

Sirius just waved his hand in a manner that displayed that it was fine. "How could he refuse his best friends son, plus his favorite ex-pupil?"  Harry settled down so that his head was rested against the seat, and his legs were arched. He had a headache and his eyelids were weighed down by a strong fatigue. It was only the thought that by rolling over, he would be plunging to his death that kept him from falling into a fitful slumber.

For the rest of the trip, Harry merely amused himself by viewing the stars that had emerged from the deep blanket of ebony that shadowed over the earth. He mentally connected the dots to form shapes of things that bore no resemblance to anything that could be classified recognizable. Finally, he felt the bike slowly descending toward the ground.

Quickly, the engine roared, with a deafening burst of sound that came dangerously close to deafening the entire continent. The enchantments that had kept the individuals in the vicinity of the large cycle from hearing, dropped rapidly. The area was wooded region, which might have stretched for acres without people aware of the occupants. An undersized lodge inhabited the small opening in the wood. Had a muggle wandered into the area, they would have double taked, and hurried to the nearest eye doctor, or possibly a psychiatrist.

The residence was clearly magical; support beams that didn't seem sturdy enough to hold up a blanket, let alone a house held the upper-stories. Despite the design, it reminded Harry of the Burrow, with a warm atmosphere that clearly was alien to having large motorbikes that flew, pull up to it. The intrusion the bike had made was quite evident, because a lone figure approached looking haggard, and fatigued, but not at all surprised by his guests.

"Sirius, why do I get the feeling that you purposely do that just to wake me up?" asked an irritable Remus Lupin.

Sirius merely shrugged. "I couldn't keep the enchantments up while I was turning it off; it'll ruin my bike!"

"Hi, Harry. I assume that you're staying?" said Lupin, ignoring his friend. Harry looked at his late father's friend, who at the moment, looked as though the full moon was waxing toward full by the second. He hated the thought of being bothersome to this man who undoubtedly needed sleep badly. Sirius clearly wasn't even fazed by his friends state. He was more or less comfortable around the werewolf from his years of friendship.  

"Er, I hope that it's not to much trouble. I didn't really have anywhere else to go." Harry said in his uncomfortable voice that had resurfaced.

"It's no trouble. Just try to keep your godfather from insanity, if that's possible." He replied with a wink. Sirius scowled. Lupin opened the door to his house, and Harry walked toward his trunk, before Sirius unattached his luggage from the seat, and levitated it toward the door. Harry followed after him, and Remus closed the door.

The first floor included a living room, and kitchen, along with a bathroom. Harry was informed that the second floor was only the two rooms that Sirius and Remus were residing in. Harry settled down on the couch before they had even finished the tour, and fell asleep almost before taking his shoes off. Fatigue overwhelmed him before he had a chance to change into nightwear. It had been a very long day, and the last thought that coursed through his mind before sleep overtook him was the consideration of nightmares, and how horrible that situation would be.

End chapter I- Birthday Madness