Chapter 3 - The New Co-host - Part II

(30 minutes later)

GT and Ron were eating away at extra Nacos with Kim and Rufus watching.

"Getting extra nachos for a safety bed for spillage is like having a cheesy dessert!" GT remarked at the small tower of nachos stacked on top of one another that she created.

"Wait until you see our nacho stacking contests I do with Rufus!" Ron exclaimed.

"Yippee!" Rufus remarked after finishing off another Naco.

Kim was looking through on her pendant Kimmunicator 6.0 for GT's stories and found her profile.

"I have seen your works on the Net before." Kim said while continuing to scroll down on GT's profile.

"Have you now?" GT wondered while sipping on her soda. "I have been around for wile...just lurking around!"

"To tell you the truth, GT, I'm really hooked on the Drakgo shorts you're doing!" Kim remarked, pointing to GT's stories on the 60-chapter Drakgo short collection.

GT grinned and replied, "Are you? I hope you fell that your parts have been done just." She then said to herself.

I will not praddle on...I am in control of my sanity.

"Yes...well...only 50 or so chapters to go yet!"

Kim's mind went to the thousand-yard stare as if she got PTSD.

"Unlike Sentinel's stories..." she said with an emotionless stare.

"Wow!" Ron reacted to GT's progress on the Drakgo shorts, "Keep on goin'!"

"Don't you fret, Ron! You'll be in there more!" GT exclaimed, "I have a mission to complete after all!"

Rufus then pointed with his paw at the condition of his wife.

GT then looked at Kim and she asked, "Are you okay?"

Kim's eyes then began to twitch and shouted loudly, "Sentinel...that idiotic old fart!"

"KP, please...we're in a restaurant here! Now's not the time to be 'reminiscing' about him!" Ron replied, trying to calm down his wife.

Turning to GT, he added "Whatever you do, don't mention about Sentinel or his stories around KP, especially THAT story that begins with the letter H. She still has some pretty bad memories about it."

"Me k-k-kissing Eric on the lips...s-s-s-s-lapping Ron and s-s-s-s-s-starving him on a m-m-m-m-mountain...a-a-a-a-a-abusive parents..." Kim stammered hard on the particulars of 'that story'.

"Sorry if I have to do this, KP..."

Ron, with quick thinking, then took some cold water and threw it on his wife's face.

Kim went back to normal, albiet with her hair wet. The twitching and stammering stopped.

"Thanks, Ron, for that save." she said normally, water dripping from her face.

"So yeah, GT, don't bring him up at this year's ceremony." Ron suggested.

"Got it, never mention that...ever!" GT replied.

Getting back to the co-host topic, she asked, "So...this co-host thing! What's it about exactly?"

"For the past couple of years, since Whitem stepped away from hosting the ceremony due to family reasons, Sharper was the one who took up the mantle and he has presented the past two ceremonies." Kim explained. "It's also stipulated in his Fannies contract that both he, me and Ron, and the other members of the Kimmunity Council signed, that he needs a co-host for each ceremony."

"Ohhh...that explains a lot!" GT replied as she finished up her Naco.

"For the 12th Fannies Ceremony..." Kim said hesitantly, taking a deep breath, "...he decided, of all things, to put the Ceremony in the mansion of his...'Queen'."

"And who, may I ask, is Sharper's Queen?" GT asked.

"Bonnie Rockwaller!" came Ron's reply. From a distance, Justin and Alexa were crying very loudly miles away at the house.

"I suppose she wasn't a gracious house." GT chuckled.

"She tried to humiliate me by exposing myself nude in front of the audience and to take the Best Writer announcing for herself." Kim added. "Thanks to the help of Wade and Ron, we exposed her darkest secret: tax evasion. She then spent a total of six months in the slammer, plus six more for house arrest!"

"And that is important because...?" GT question.

"GT, me and Ron have presented this particular award every single year since Zaratan did the first Fannies...uh...when was it, Ron?" Kim asked before getting stumped on the year.

"I believe it was...2006! Yes, 2006 was when it began!" Ron grinned, guessing the correct year.

"Aww...that was our first year dating!" Kim replied with a smile, while rubbing her hands against her husband's chest.

"Thirteen years really do fly by, don't they?" Ron said to his wife.

"And yet, our love for each other remains as strong as before!" Kim said, smiling as the two kissed each other on the lips.

"So when do I get to meet Sharper?" GT asked.

"I'm going to send him a text right now!" Kim said as she sent a text to Sharper.

"We'll tell him that we have found our co-host!"