You had been taken by the Joker two days ago and Bruce had been looking for you nonstop. But he had to stop and go to a Justice League meeting, because the boys had told him that they'd keep looking while he was gone and that if they found something they'd tell him.

Bruce changed into his costume and headed for the Zeta Tubes. Now in his Batman costume he teleported to the Watchtower. The tubes announced his presence to the empty room. He makes his way to the meeting room hopping to have a quick meeting and get back to the cave to keep looking for you.

"Hello Batman!" Superman greets Batman, but Batman ignores him and sits down in his seat. Everyone can tell it's one of Batman's bad days. Batman gives Superman a nod to start the meeting. Batman has been tapping his foot on the ground getting more and more impatient by the second.

"Batman, can you stop tapping you foot?" Superman questions, everyone looks at Batman who gives him a nod.

"Bats, what's got you so anxious?" Flash questions in which Batman responds with anger in his voice,"None of your business."

"Batman, you need to pay attention to the meeting." Superman says

"I have more important things to do."

"Like what?" Black Canary asks.

"Joker." Is all he says but they could sense the anger rising. Green Arrow not sense if this anger questions,"What did he do?"

But before Batman can answer there's a call from the computer and Batman gets up quickly running running over to it accepting the call," Agent A? What's wrong?" Batman questions.

"They found Joker, the boys are going after him."

"Where is he?"

"A abandoned hospital by the water. Good luck. "

Batman quickly ends the call running back to the Zeta tubes and trying to teleport out quickly.

When he entered the cave he realized that the boys took the car so he took the motorcycle, driving as fast as he can to the hospital.

Driving into the hospital he found you but saw that the league had rescued you. He got off his motorcycle when the boys came running in when they saw you safe they visibly relaxed but still ran to you.

"'Umi! Are you okay?" Damian asks while the boys lift you arms and legs looking for any part of your body that was hurt.

Batman makes his way over to you crouching down in front of you. You act quickly rapping your arms around him pulling him close making him fall to the ground on his back.

"Are you okay?" He asks and you nod into his chest slowly falling asleep. He holds onto you before someone interrupts, "Batman, Who is this?"

"This is my wife." He says while getting up and still holding you. His boys following him, he walks to his car and says, "No, were not talking about this later." (I read that last sentence in a different fanfic, but I just felt like it fit perfectly!)