It had been a very busy day for the Stantz family.
Ray was at his shop Ray's Ocult book store, going over several list for the up-coming quarter inventory, while his wife Jenny had a photography assignment for a local New York magazine article, after finishing up hosting a sauuanse at the book store.
Even their seven year old son Andrew had a full schedule that day with school, followed by a scout meeting, in which Ray was one of the co-leaders.

It was later on that evening after the scout meeting, when Ray and Andrew met Jenny, who was cooking dinner at home.
"We're home," Ray called out.
"In the kitchen," Jenny answered back.
The two went to greeted her.
"Hi how was the meeting?" Jenny asked, as she washed some carrots.
Ray gave his wife a kiss and replied, "Very well.
Andrew here got another badge."
"I got my knot tying, and I passed my spelling test," said Andrew, showing off his scout sash and a piece of paper.
"That's wonderful honey, I'm so proud of you," said Jenny, giving her son a hug.
"We both are, Ray added, as he messed up the child's hair and added, Smells great in here."
We're having turkey burgers no buns, baked sweet potatoes and cooked carrots.
Since Andrew was diagnosed Crohn's Disease before his forth birthday, Jenny has been finding different recipes for healthy eating, along with items he would eat.
Andrew do you think you can feed Hugo the cat and set the table before you start your homework?"
"Sure thing mom," Andrew replied.
"Thanks sweetheart."
"Anything I can do?" asked Ray.
"If you can cut up the carrots," said Jenny.
"I'm on it."

The family was in the middle of getting dinner ready when the phone rang.
"I'll get it," said Ray, as he wiped his hands on a towel.
He answered the phone and said, "Hello.
This is her husband.
Yes she is, I'll get her for you.
"Call for you for Jenny," said Ray asked he handed the phone to his wife.
Jenny thank her husband and took the phone.
"Hello, she said into the speaker, Yes.
Suddenly, Jenny's face began to fall.
"Oh my god!
When?!" she nearly screamed.
Ray looked up from what he was doing, while Andrew raced into the kitchen.
"What's wrong with mom?" Andrew whispered to his father.
"I don't know son," Ray replied.
All the while, Jenny remained on the phone, even as her eyes began to water up.
Yes of course I will," she choked.
Jenny turned to Ray, and made a notion to get a piece of paper and a pen.
Ray did just that.
Handed Jenny the items and she quickly jotted something down on the paper.
"Yes, I have all the information.
Next week.
Thank you for calling me.
It's terrible.
Just terrible.
Thank you again.
By the time Jenny hung up the phone, tears were streaming down her face.
"Jenny, are you OK?" Ray asked.
"Mom, did something happen to grandma?" asked Andrew.
Three months ago, Marsha, Jenny's mother slid on a patch of ice on her walkway while getting the mail and broke her hip, which required a two week stay in the hospital.
Jenny stayed out there during that time, and when Andrew began Christmas vacation, he and Ray went out Kentuky to meet them.
In fact, Jenny and Marsha were especially touched when Andrew said he would rather have his grandma well, than presents for the holiday season.
"No honey.
Grandma is fine, but a friend of mine and her husband were killed an car accident," Jenny choked back tears.
"Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear," said Ray, as he wrapped his arms around his wife.
"It was my best friend from college Nicole."
"I remember Nicole.
She and her husband Mitch Griffen were at our wedding.
Their daughter Kylie was the flower girl.
What happened?"
Jenny wiped her eyes and did her best to tell the story.
"Nicole had gotten Mitch tickets to a concert of his favorite band for his birthday.
They were on their way to the arena, when an on-coming car that was drag-racing.
The driver of that car and Nicole were killed instantly.
Mitch was seriously injured but conscious when he was taken to the hospital.
He died shortly after he was admitted."
Jenny cried again, as Ray held her and Andrew hugged his mother.
After taking a few deep breaths into Ray's shirt, Jenny spoke again.
"The funeral is this weekend," she said.
"I'll go with you.
And don't worry about a thing, I'll take care of everything.
The airlines, the hotel," said Ray.
"Thank you," Jenny whispered before giving her husband another hug.
"I'll come to Mom," Andrew added.
"Thank you Andrew, but I don't want you missing any school," said Jenny, as she wiped her eyes.
"Did I ever meet them?"
"They visited us when you were a baby.
The family traveled a lot due to Mitch's job as a teacher.
The last I heard from Nicole, they were in Wisconson, her home state.
In fact, I was planning on us going out there for your spring break."
Jenny started to cry once more.
"Trying to think how old their daughter must be.
She was nearly 5, the last time we saw them," said Ray.
"Kylie must be about 13 now.
The poor girl.
At an age when she needs her mother the most," Jenny wept.
"I'll give Winston a call to see if he and Grace wouldn't mind taking Andrew for the weekend," said Ray.
He then went to call his good friend and former ghostbuster, explaining that there's been an emergency.
Thankfully, Winston told Ray that Andrew was more than welcome to stay at their home.
It was actually going to be Winston and Gerald that weekend anyway, as Grace was going on college tour with Christopher and Jessica and Rhonda was going to be at a weekend long slumber party for a friend's birthday.
Ray thanked Winston again.

Shortly after getting off the phone, Ray picked up a scent.
A burning smell to be exact.
With all the news of the tragedy, he and Jenny had forget all about the turkey burgers on the stove top and the baked sweet potatoes in the oven.
All the food, with the exception of the carrots had burned to a crisp.
"Well, looks like we're having Chinese take-out tonight," Ray said with a laugh, trying to lighten the situation.
Andrew and even Jenny had to laugh.
From what she been through just now, she need it.