Kylie went on to give more detail about the dream, while Ray, Jenny and Andrew sat and listened intentivly.
"You don't think that's weird at all?" Kylie asked once she finished talking.
"Not at all," Jenny answered.
"That actually happened to me as well," Ray added.
And to me as well."
"It did?
When?" asked Kylie.
"Back during my ghostbuster days.
I had a terrible case of the flu and I kept having dreams about a good friend of mine from childhood.
Sadly though, Kimmie died of cancer and I never got the chance to say good-bye, until she came to me in a dream," said Ray.
"And she came to us in person," said Jenny, referring to the time Ray's late friend came to the bookstore telling Jenny not to hurt him.
"In fact, it was actually Kimmie's spirit that brought us together."
Ray and Jenny told Kylie the story about the dream, then of how Kimmie's spirit came to the store.
Now it was Kylie's turn to listen intenivly, as did Andrew, who had never heard the story before as well.
"That's incredible," Kylie said, when the story ended.
"That's really how you got together mom and dad?" asked Andrew.
"It sure did.
It was all thanks to my late friend Kimmie, who brought your mother and I together," Ray told Andrew.
Jenny also told Kylie about her own spiritual encounter from her childhood illness.
Even Andrew had his own story of seeing Jenny's late father in a dream, at age four, during his health issues.
"Ray, Jenny, Andrew.
I'm sorry about all the trouble I caused you.
But despite my reservations, you took me in and made me a part of your family.
I know you can't replace my parents, but I thank you for everything.
And I want nothing more than to stay with you.
That is, if you still want me to," said Kylie.
"We would love that," Jenny answered.
She, Ray, and Andrew all gave a group hug around Kylie.

Over the next few weeks, Kylie had opened her feelings and expressing her feelings again.
Plus, she told Ray and Jenny that she wanted to talk to someone about what she's been going through.
Not in a spiritual form but rather human contact.
Kylie began talking to a grief counselor at the church where the Zeddmores attend.
And just like anyone going through grief, especially losing both parents at once, some days were better than others.
One day, Kylie would be fine, and the next be full of emotions, be it anger or crying.
Thankfully, she had the Stantz, who were always there for her when she needed someone.
Kylie also faired better at school.
She did very well academically, and was as for what happened at the art event, Kylie's work took first place in the photography category as well as first place in the grade category.
Her work became very well known in the school paper, where she made several friends.
But of all the photos she had taken, the best however was actually one she didn't take, but of a picture at a Halloween event at Andrew's school, where the entire Stantz family turned into the Adams family, an inspiration from watching reruns of the TV series one evening.
They won for best family themed costumes.
All four of them dressed exactly like Gomez, Mortia, Wednesday and Pugsly, smiling big smiles.
Kylie admitted that it was the first time in a long time that she ever smiled so much.
Not because they won, but just doing something incredibly silly.
It was also the first time that she finally felt in her own skin, being with the Stantz.
And while Jenny and Ray could never replace her parents, Kylie felt deep care and love for them.
And in return, Ray, Jenny and Andrew felt the same way.
They truly became a big happy family.

The End