I'm not sure technically if I did this right and if I messed up the S.H.I.E.L.D and Accords thing then sorry. I made it this way too fit the story. I'm trying to adapt it slightly but I'll probably re-edit. In this S.H.I.E.L.D is perfectly fine and Civil War did happen. I'm not a 100% sure if.Im going to put Bucky in this but I'll definitely mention him. I hope I explained it all right and if not, please review.



Peter woke up to hear his phone ringing. It was Happy. He shuffled of his bed and pulled his hair out of his face and accepted the call.

Peter mumbles, "Hey Happy."

Happy says loudly, "Hey Kid. Did you honestly just wake up or something you sound like someone died!"

Peter groans, "Yes. Yes I did just wake up. Could you be a little less loud."

Happy raises an eyebrow and says quieter, "Kid. Tony said he wants to introduce you to some people staying at the tower."

Peter, "Ummm. Okay? Oh can you also tell Tony that I've got a new idea for a suit upgrade. I'm gonna bring the suit if that's ok."

Happy shrugs, "Yeah sure kid. I'll just tell Tony and if you can get yourself ready to be picked up in about an hour that would be great. "

Peter groans.

Happy says, "You teenagers... Now hurry up I don't have all day you know."

Peter says sarcastically, "Yh... Nice talking to you too Happy."

He hangs up and flips out of bed and gets ready...

One car journey later...

Peter jumps out of the car with Happy and walks up to Stark Industries/ Avengers Tower. He splits off from Happy who tells him that Tony was in the living room on the Avenger floor or in the lab.

Peter goes up the elevator with his bag containing his suit. He steps out of the elevator and absentmindedly starts calling, "Mr. Stark! Happy just dropped me off. I've got some ideas for the new upgrades." He opens the door to the Living room and continues, "I was thinking if we put an actual AC and maybe an advanced combat mode or something cause Instant kill is umm how do I put it..." he stops abruptly and sees Captain America, Black Widow, Scarlett Witch and Falcon staring at him oddly. He narrows his eyes at Cap which shocked the others. He then saw that Uncle Rhodes was there and softened his gaze.

Natasha puts down her book and says, "If you don't mind us asking. Who are you? Are you Starks Kid or something."

Peter shakes his head and lifts his gaze of Cap. He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see Tony standing next to him.

Tony says, "Great. We're all here." he turns to Peter, "Pete. You can go wait in the lab and get started. I'll catch you up later."

Once Peter had left the room Cap stood up, "Who was that Tony?"

Tony sighs, "That's Peter."

Nat says slowly looking up from her book, "Why is he here and how come he's like in highschool."

Clint just walked in and says, "Tony. I just saw a kid walk past. Is that normal?"

Tony says, "This is sorta straying off topic but Peter is my personal intern. "

Cap sits back down.

Tony continues, "So here's our situation. T'challa is fine to rule his country and everything and if we ever need any aid. We can turn to him. Scott was it? Is under house arrest for a couple more months but has still been in touch with his old associates and is allowed to keep the suit. Nat is now official undercover as a S.H.I.E.L.D operative as a part time job. She can't always stay here. Due to the rest of you guys being fugitives still. You have been subjected to stay here. As long as you don't go around smashing buildings then you should be fine. As for hero stuff. Me, Vision, Rhodes and Nat are all accounted for in the Accords. But, they aren't planning on making you sign them either. If you are needed you'll be called. But as a last resort in a sense... It's the governments idea of minimising the damage. It's the best I could get you. Until then, you can train and now live at the tower."

Everyone nods.

Steve speaks up, "Thx Tony it means a lot."

Tony shrugs, "Don't start pulling that sappy crap on me already Rodgers, I'm tired enough as it is."

Clint lets out a silent 'lol'

Sam speaks up in realisation, "Wait. What about that Spidery fellow. He's a jerk...but I kinda want to know what'll happen to him?"

Tony tenses noticeably, "He's accounted for. His life goes on as normal. I've made sure of that."

Nat says, "How do we know S.H.I.E.L.D won't be after him?"

Tony sighs, "I don't know... Ross may get him to sign the accords and...I just can't let that happen."

Clint says, "When we going to meet him?"

Tony sighs, "When he's ready to meet you."

Steve notices Tony's pained expression, "Why would he not want to meet us."

Tony says slowly, "Look its complicated. It's not like he doesn't like you or anything or like a hateful grudge...I'm just trying to protect him..."

Clint says sharply, "Why would he need protecting."

Tony says tiredly, "Not you guys necessarily. It's the attention he'll get from knowing you or being around you. How do you think the government will take it? They see the masked 'vigilante' that swings around New York and pops up in other places in America showed up in Berlin to fight the avengers. That's already given him a target painted on his back. If being seen with you guys and getting all chummy...not as if I'm saying to not be nice to him."

Steve looks taken aback, "We didn't know you cared so much about him."

Tony sighs, "Well I do."

Steve says, "Well, what's gonna happen to Bucky."

Tony sighs, "He's at Wakanda and is under surveillance and they are working on his 'condition' the government want to keep an eye on him and his progress so they and us will get reports on his development. Okay."

Steve opens his mouth to answer but Tony cuts him off, "Great. You guys can get reacquainted with the tower and get your rooms all roomy or just lounge about in here doing who knows what. I have to go get back to Pete."

With that, Tony turned around and left the room.

Wanda says in surprise, "That spider-guy must really be special if Stark feels so strongly for him."

Everyone nods slowly.

Clint says, "Did no one else notice how that kid we saw earlier who is probably 17 or something eyed Cap. It's like he's met him before. Also the way he was talking about the upgrades and stuff. He must be hella smart."

Nat nods, "Yh.. There's something about him that seems...sorta familiar."

Sam says, "Well while you all think. I'm going to check out my room."

Rhodes speaks up, "Yh I'm going to go too. Just remember that Tony may be willing to forgive what's happened... Others won't. Won't see you guys for a while. So stay out of trouble. Also, what the kid means to Tony has nothing to do with you guys. Just leave it at that."

Once Rhodes had left the room. Clint says slowly, " We are going to spy on the kid anyway right?"

Cap says, "He seems to know us. We should find out how."