Tony p.o.v

Ok. Maybe. Just maybe. I'm jealous of how close Peter has gotten with Cap in the past few days. I sometimes catch them playing Mario kart together with Clint and of course Shuri. Clint and him are now Vent buddies although Clint still is curious about Peter but now he doesn't press as much, still suspicious though. Natasha and Peter have a mutual bond, still not sure how it happened I'm thinking of telling her about him.

I think it's mainly for Caps benefit them playing video games due to him being so out of date. I still feel bothered though. Me and the kid still spend time together but him being with Cap...

Friday told me he met Wanda yesterday. And now he, Wanda and Shuri have formed a Harry Potter club or something and are doing Harry Potter marathons and are now apparently introducing Wanda to star wars.

I'm kind of worried. Reason? Two words. Light sabers. I saw plans in the new personal lab for Peter I got him. There is a Shuri/Peter corner for their joint projects.

No one is allowed in there apart from me, him, Shuri, Pepper, Rhodey and Happy. But I doubt Happy will go in though. But I'm pretty sure last time I was in there I saw in their little corner light saber plans. For actual light sabers.

The fact they are introducing Wanda to Star wars kinda scares me. I honestly don't need the youngest 3 in the tower too start going all Jedi or Empire on us. Shuri and Peter were bad enough. They are classified as a chaotic good I think and they are bad enough as a duo. But Wanda is the same and if that's the case. The chaotic will reach new heights.

If we all survive this. Which is a big if. Then. I need to find suitable protection and back- up Pop tarts. Peter, Shuri and Thor love those things. Wanda is gonna have to get a bag of plums. They honestly have the weirdest taste. I haven't gotten round to talking to Steve at all. It's clear he has been trying.

Peter being the little angel has persuaded Wanda to give me another chance and we've grown closer. Despite it being such a short time.

Peter is an honest blessing I swear. But, maybe... I should keep him away from the lasers and repulsors...then again. He'd probably make his own so there is actually no way of getting around this. Tchalla says Bucky is coming back in a month if the progress keeps up. I'm glad Barf has been able to help the guy. He may have killed my parents but Peter, Rhodey and Pepper help my come to terms with that and remember that it wasn't his fault.

I haven't told Steve it was me who made Barf... He could think I wanted to harm Bucky or something. But he was pretty happy when I told him.

I didn't stick around for long though. I made sure that was all I said to him. I really don't feel ready to have a proper conversation with him yet. I'll try. But not yet.

(Ok this was short. But I just want feedback. Cause i want to pair Peter and I'm thinking of introducing him to Harley and maybe have some background Parley. Or MJ and Peter but if I do Parley if enough people ask for it or suggest in reviews then I will probably do MJxShuri. It's definitely not set in stone and the story will still focus on Peter and Tony coping with the Avengers. Spiderman will come in next chapter. :) so stay tuned thanks for reading and sorry for not updating in like forever )