Author's Notes:

This review on Starlight's Poet's fanfiction: Lelouch of the Rebellion R-eset inspired me to write this time travel fanfic: "iamjmph01 chapter 2 . Jul 12

Thanks for taking the time to write. I find myself liking most of what I've read, so I'll keep reading.

As a small aside, i completely disagree with your views on Villetta. And don't think Leleuch should have any fondness for the woman who helped his brother turn the Black Knights against him.

Which leads me to my only other issue so far... while Leleuch holds some blame for the Black Knights becoming idiotic traitors, it's mostly on them, and Villetta whispering poison in Ohgi's ear.
I mean seriously, on the one hand you have the guy who has lead you to multiple victories and saved most of your lives on one occasion or another, killed 2 members of the Royal Family(even if one of them wasn't planned) and whom you have worked side by side with for months, on the other you have an enemy who pretty much ran the country that conquered yours, and helped keep your people poor and suppressed. And because said enemy tells you your leader has magic mind control powers that he used on you and wasn't Japanese, you ignore everything EITHER of them has done, and turn on your leader forcing him into a corner where he believes he has no chance of survival,and so to keep the one friend/love who didn't immediately turn on him safe he plays it up, and then once he survives he feels abandoned and that he has no choice but to make the world hate him so he can die and bring about peace...

Sorry for the rant i just HATE that the Black Knights are never really called to task for their betrayal. It's always Leleuch taking on the blame and absolving them of their sins in his mind..."

the only two spoilers I'll give at this juncture are that Lelouch will not forgive everyone who betrayed him in the original timeline period and that Villetta will not survive period. She will only be used as a sock puppet by Lelouch. The only reason she'll survive The Battle Of Shinjuku is because of her usefulness as said sock puppet.

Anyway some good news: Chapter 2 of Downfall Of An Empire, Rise Of A Republic is basically wrote, now I just have to convince myself to edit, spellcheck, grammer check and so on before posting on both this site and AO3 (I do all this by myself).

Date: Just After The Zero Requiem

Location: C's World

"C's World? I'm not surprised. I have nothing better to do but reflect on my mistakes as well as everything else. At least I made a better world for Nunnally, C.C. and Kallen. The world's a better place with me not in it. The gentle world for Nunnally is finnally realized. However, I wonder if those traitors will find some way to ruin it? Maybe I shouldn't of had Suzaku kill me. However what's done is done. Speaking of Suzaku, If I had the chance, I would do everything in my power to keep that turncoat bastard away from Euphie. If it wasn't for my own idocy, Euphie would still be alive. If I could go back in time, I would save her, Shirley, Shirley's father, all the civilians at Narita, Not massacre the entire Geass Order, kill Rolo as soon as humanly possible... so many things..."

"Do yo really mean that Lulu?"

Lelouch vi Britannia, the former Demon Emperor, former Emperor of the World spins around. To his shock and disbelief, stands one of his closest and dearest friends as well as the sister he killed: Shirley Fenette and Euphemia li Britannia. At the very sight of Shirley and Euphie, Lelouch falls to his knees with tears of regret and shame. With tears streaming down both girl's eyes, they rush over to Lelouch and slap him before hugging him. Both girls scream simultaneously between their heartfelt sobs, "You idiot! how could you go through the Zero Requiem?!"

Stunned, Lelouch try's to answer, but falters. With a tearful look an her face, Euphie manages to choke out, C's World wants to talk to you."

Still stunned, Lelouch try's to think as to how such a thing wold be possible, but before he can even ask, the unanswered question is answered for him by a unexpected source. "It's simple Lelouch vi Britannia, I would like to repay you for ending what your perants tried to do."

Lelouch spins around in surprise. With a shocked look on his face Lelouch comes face to face with his doppelgänger. The only difference is that 'he' is in a Ashford Academy uniform while Lelouch is in the clothes he died in. With a smirk the false Lelouch speaks in his own voice, "Lelouch, I'll cut the chase. Due to desposing of your parents, I have a debt to repay. To be frank Lelouch, you broke several people's hearts. However, I have a deal for you."

By this time Lelouch has regained his composure, "What sort of deal?"

I will allow you to travel back in time and alow you to take anyone of your chosing who has died in the original timeline with you to whatever time you chose. Also, I will give you knowledge of the supernatural world. What do you think that geass and C's World are the only supernatural entities in existence? Anyway in addition I will aid you even further by sending a woman by the name of Yasaka back in time. The woman is still alive, however I'll send her consciousness back to whatever time you chose. She will be given the appropriate information I view as necessary. Within reason, I'll allow you a few requests. Further more, information you personally had no knowledge of in the original timeline will be given to you. Well what I deem necessary anyway.

Lelouch smirks, "There's a catch isn't there?"

The false Lelouch smirks back, "There's always a catch. Anyway, You only have to do three things Lelouch. First kill the indavidual Known as Shin Hyuga Shaing. Third stop the Zero Requiem again and never reenact the Zero Requiem. A.K.A don't kill yourself your or commit assisted suicide. Do these three things than we have a deal Lelouch. Assuming you agree to make the deal in the first place. By the way Lelouch I'll tell you this for free. Your sister Marrybell is dead. She died the same time you did. It was on the Damocles "

Lelouch eyes widen, "No! She was one of the few members of the family I still care for! I would like to talk to her as well as Julia mel Britannia and Flora mel Britannia."

The fake Lelouch nods, "Very well then."

Minutes later, Lelouch's step mother Flora as well as his two sisters appear before him. Lelouch rushes over to greet all three of them before hugging them. After which Lelouch turns around to the Avatar of C's World, "I have made my decision. I agree to the terms of your contract."

The Avatar of C's World nods without saying a word. Before Lelouch can continue, Euphie, Julia and Marry step forward. Euphie goes first, "I won't be going with you. This is hard for me to say Lelouch, but my attachment to Suzaku will only get in your way. Plus the memories of what happened to the SAZ would plague me for the rest of my life."

Julia goes next, "I do not want to go back ether, "What that bastard V.V. did to me and my lover Orpheus Zevon was horrible. I don't want me or Orpheus to remember."

Finally Marry steps forward, "I only have a simple request. Please allow everyone in the Glinda Knights that are still alive to go back in time as well as send Toto Thompson back as well. I wish to be sent back... to correct my many mistakes... once I have Geass again, no mater what it is, allow me to have an additional one time geass that shows them everything me, Lelouch, Julia and Orpheus went through in the original timeline. Including this meeting. Actually It would be a bad idea if they remember the Zero Requiem without the proper context. So the best solution will be to use my temporary second geass to restore their memories of the original timeline as well as my original request. "

The Fake Lelouch turns to the real one, "Well what do you think?"

Lelouch stands resolute, "Grant Marry her request."

The fake Lelouch nods, "Than it shall be done. Your second geass will only work on the Glinda Knights nobody else."

Lelouch smiles, "Good. I wish to bring Shirley Fenette and Flora back with me, I would've requested Marry as well, however she did that for me. Anyway, is there anyway to bring C.C. into this as well?"

The fake Lelouch smirks, Of course Lelouch. I'll even bring her up to sped myself."

Sometime later C.C. is standing in front of the gang with a smirk on her face, "Oh you dirty boy you... You do know how to make a girl worry!"

Lelouch smirks, "Whatever you say witch. Anyway, The point in time I would like to travel back to is five hours before my 'mother' died. I would also like to be provided feasible ways to keep that sperm donor and the blonde midget from harming Nunnally."

At the words "sperm donor and the blonde midget" everyone (including Euphie and the fake Lelouch) laughs hysterically. Grinning, the fake Lelouch nods, "Very well then. By the way, I'll be sending a representative of mine to check on your progress from time to time. She's known by many names: The Caretaker of Spacetime, The Dementional Supervisor or just D.S. But to keep a low profile when she comes into contact with you. Call her Eva."

Suddenly a beautiful but humourless girl appears before the gang. Wordlessly she gives a stiff but firm nod. The Fake Lelouch laughs,"Oh lighten up D.S. Don't mind her, she isn't really fond of humans. Anyway, any other requests?"

Lelouch shakes his head. "No."

The fake Lelouch smirks, Let the games begin."

Date: August 10th, 2017

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Area 11 (Former Nation Of Japan)

The day has finally arrived. The Battle Shinjuku begins again. However this time around, the civilians have been sucessfully evacuated pre-battle. besides this, the events of how Lelouch fell into the truck are basically the same (just as Lelouch planned). This time around Lelouch and Suzaku never became freinds (from Suzaku's perspective). In fact the last time Lelouch seen Suzaku, was when he shouted several curses at him. That was three days after arriving in Japan along with Euphie, Claire li Britannia, Marry, Lady Flora, Julia, the Zevon twins, Olivia Zevon, Nunnally (not blind nor crippled), Anya Alstreim (Anya's little infection never happened due to her not being in the same building as Marianne), Jeremiah Gottwald, Jeremiah's sister Lilycia Gottwald, Toto Thompson, Sokkia Sherpa and later (secretly) C.C. As C's World stated, Lady Yasaka of the Yōkai Faction took her new charges in with a lot of manipulation on her part. Suzaku still killed his father and still joined the Britannian military.

Leading up to the Battle Shinjuku, Lelouch and the gang made several freinds and allies like Kallen, her brother Naoto and their parents, Rias Gremory and most of her peerage members from the original timeline. They befriended Issei Hyoudou And even (with Issei's help) saved Akeno and her mother Shuri. The gang befriended a young Monica Kruszewski after covertly returning to Britannia in 2013. Of particular note: Through Leonhardt Steiner, The gang managed to sucessfully convince Gino to come to Area 11/Japan (and are currently covertly trying to convert him to their side). Gino is presently a knighrmare pilot serving in the Tokyo Settlement garrison along side another potental recruit named Charmelle Finlay. Also Shirley returned to Lelouch's side when her family moved to Tokyo in 2014. Both met up when Shirley (re)joined Ashford Academy as a student (even regaining her position on the Student Council).

In 2016, Euphie Along with Monica (who joined the gang back in 2015), Rias, Akeno, Oldrin and Sokkia discover two Britannian soldiers named Cheryl Robinson and Cynthia Robinson after hearing sounds of a scuffle in an alleyway. What they discover is disgusting, five thugs gang raping the two girls (turns out there fellow Britannian soldiers). After dispatching the thugs (killing them) the true horror is reviled: they have been raped and beaten constantly for years. It takes months for the full truth to come out. When it does, it's more horrifing then first imagined. The girl Cheryl has been repeatedly raped by her own biological brother and father since she was only four years old while her elder full sister (by two years) Cynthia was raped since she was only seven.

The horrid 'reason'/disgusting excuse for Cheryl being raped is due to her heterochromia iridum condition. She has only one blue eye and one green eye. The pathetic downright fucking disgusting exuse for Cynthia receiving the same treatment was do to her trying to protect her younger sister. Eventually the vile filth that have been doing these horrendous acts are eventually caught, castrated and exacuted. On February 15th, 2017, the Glinda Knights are officially (re)formed by the original members after they eventually were reunite with their full memories of the original timeline restored. Monica along with Anya and the Robinson sisters join the Glinda Knights. Of note: Jeremiah Gottwald (re)joins the Purist Faction. This time though as a double agent while his sister Lilycia joined the regular military as a knightmare pilot in the Tokyo garrison.

Despite all these changes, C.C is still captured by Clovis, but this time around, it's just one month before the Battle Of Shinjuku. Also, Suzaku remains a complete and utter retard. Despite sharing some of his original timeline personality, there's at least one thing he retains before killing his father: His dislike of Lelouch. It is due to Suzaku's blatant stupidity that Lelouch now finds himself pined to the floor of the stolen truck.

With a snarl the still masked Suzaku glares down at Lelouch, "Planning to use poison gas terrorist! I can't believe a Britannian would side against his own country!"

Lelouch sneers, "What are you talking about? I accedently got caught up in this mess. If you want to blame someone, then blame Britannia for the gas you idiot! Now if you just let me explain myself-"

Suzaku growls, "Shut up you lier, you are under-"

Before Suzaku can finish the sentence, the 'poison gas' opens. This causes Suzaku to get off Lelouch and leap back. Unlike last time, Suzaku isn't Lelouch's childhood friend and has no concern for his safty (if Suzaku still recognizes Lelouch to begin with. though it is still highly possible). A minute or so later, Suzaku stares stunned that instead of poison gas; it's both a young and beautiful green-haired girl. Suzaku gasps, "But I was told it was poison gas?!"

Lelouch stands up and shrugs, "Hardly the case. You superiors lied to you. Instead standing there like drooling idiot, help me get those restraints off her." Suzaku only nods, "Fine, but you are still under arrest terrorist!"

Lelouch just shrugs his shoulders in indifference without saying a word. Several minutes later, Clovis's royal goon squad show up. Suzaku runs up to the leader and salutes, "Sir, I found this terrorist, however when I was appending him, the poison gas capsule opened and this girl-"

The leader of Clovis's Royal Guard backhands Suzaku, "Filthy monkey! It's a pitty, you had so much potential. However, I'll be lenient for your exemplarily service to Britannia. Now then 404, exacute the terrorist."

The leader of Clovis's Royal Guard then hands Suzaku a gun. Suzaku salutes his superior before taking the gun. With a hateful glare Suzaku snaps, "Die traitor!"

But before Suzaku can shoot and kill Lelouch, most of the Royal Guard are killed by the Power of Destruction. In panic, the remnants of the Royal Guard, including Suzaku scramble and attempt to look for the source of the attack. They don't even get the chance, due to Holy Lightning striking the reminents of the Royal Guard (including the leader).

In panic Suzaku hobbles over to the corpse of the Leader of the Royal Guard and snaches up his radio (in the confusion the supernatural attacks managed to damage Suzaku's helmet and singe apart of his body (but not fatally. Just wounded), "This is Private Suzaku Kururugi I found the capsule opened and a-"


Suzaku then collapses, unconscious. Unfortunately Bartley Asprius anwsers the distress call, "An Eleven found-"

On the other end of the radio Clovis la Britannia bolts up and snarls, "If she's found by these savages then I'll be disinherited! I can't be disinherited! I Clovis la Britannia order Shinjuku to be put to the sword. Destroy this entire Ghetto, LEAVE NO ONE ALIVE!"

After this Lelouch rushes over to the radio and crushes it with his foot. Several minutes later, Rias's peerage (along with Rias herself) stands beside Lelouch. Rias walks up to Lelouch and raises an eyebrow, "What now Lelouch?"

Lelouch smirks, "First have Asia heal Suzaku then make sure he doesn't become the pilot of the Lancelot. If he's to die, let him die only after I make my grand debut as Zero. The best part is that Euphie want's nothing to do with him despite the two never directly meeting."

Rias Gremory smirks, "Very well, so it begins again. As you foreseen Lelouch."

Author's Notes:

Lilycia Gottwald is a canon CG character not a OC (for those who are unfamiliar with her). She is Jeremiah's canon sister.

The alterations to the timeline will be shown in flashbacks.

I know this is a spoiler, but the chapter involving Suzaku being scapegoated (and subsequently Zero's debut) is called: Lancelot In Chains.

Next Up: Chapter 2: The Battle Of Shinjuku Remastered.

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