morgana le fay reincarnation

in an ancient forest one women was fighting, two hundred was the current enemy force which was a mere thousandth of the original number of wizards who came to battle the dark empress Morgana le fay for this battle.

Morgana danced and pranced as she fired of hundreds of curses, hexes and barriers at the enemies before her. one hand motion gracefully entering another as two more enemy wizards fell dead, it's already been a week since the battle began and Morgana was starting to feel sick from the number of people she slaughtered. it was they who attacked her, yes, but still the slaughter of thousands of wizards who could each destroy a muggle army was tiring and a waste.

deflecting another five soul destroying curses Morgana turned towards the last twenty enemies "Avada kadabra bombarda maxiam" she shouted pulling a wizards city's worth of magic into her spell.

as the last enemy wizard fell Morgana felt pain stab throu her chest, she looked down and found a knife going throu her heart. as Morgana fell to the ground she thought about her little sister Rowena and her dream of build a school for all magical children ...looks like your going to have to carry that dream without me ha...

Lillth Gwen le fay-black was born to Gwendalin Alaya le fay and Regulus Arcturus black in 1980 at the height of sahaman. both her parents died before she reached two years old and she was then raised by the magical creatures of Avalon castle (house elves, high elves, veelas, centaurs, dragon-borns, phoenixes, giants, dragons, merpeople, vampires and a branch of grinngots) learning all there languages and societies.

at the age of five she reawakened her memories and powers as the dark (yet not evil) empress of Avalon Morgana le fay. immediately after awakening she renovated Avalon island to it's former glory and took control over both the ancient and the new wards, she then finished learning all modern magical languages and started learning the modern magics only to realize they were all weaker versions of spells she already knew thus decided to throw herself back into her old research. at the age of eight she started learning modern politics, laws, mannerisms, common sense, government, history and the like..(throu making her house elves steal..."cough"...borrow books from various book stores across the country)

at the age of nine she rebounded with her phoenix (the shadow phoenix empress Ashila) and her wand (11 3/4 inches Yedrasil wood with shadow phoenix empress (Ashila) feather core). she also found her old philosopher's stone which had the ability to slow down time and stop the holders aging.

at the age of ten she completed the studying she started two years before about the modern magical world and was not impressed in the slightest with the corruption and bigotry (especially Askabanad prison which she planned to destroy). she was also very disappointed with the average modern magicals level of power with dark-gray spells like the killing curse and torture curse being considered the peek of evil and spells like the soul destroying and endless pain curses never even being mentioned (at the end of the day she decided it was for the good of the world). there were also no barrier or blessing type spells anymore and the shapemagus spell degraded into the animagus spell along with the shapeshifter ability degrading into the metmorphmagus trait.

she was also baffled by the atter lack of alchemy and black magic with burly anyone knowing what dementors really were and only one known philosophers stone in the entire world respectively.

she would however be able to turn her eyes away from all of that with the excuse that she killed all the actually strong wizards during her final battle leaving only apprentices and the weak if not for one, one bloody thing!. that 'thing' being what most modern wizards called 'the wizarding war'. the fuckfest went as such:

lord voldemort, a man with no background what so ever (possibly even a muggle-born) managed to convince more then half of england's magical nobility to go on a crusade with him against muggle-borns and muggles. then slave brand said nobles (lillth wasn't going to call it anything else no matter what), then be considered the strongest dark lord to ever live (in morgana's time he'd be considered an average psychopath with a superiority complex) only to then be beaten by a one year old baby who he decided to murder for some reason, only then for said baby to suddenly disappear into the muggle world as more then half of the followers of his parent's murderer aren't punished in the slightest because fuck you! they were rich!. was more a testimony to the modern magical world's stupidity and the fact that not even one person questioned it openly was fucking worse!.

as lillth was rambling in one part of her mind and working on a new curse with the other she was suddenly interrupted by hooting from her room's window. as she turned towards the sound lillth saw an owl knocking on her window with a parchment in it's talons.

after letting the owl in and reading the parchment it had, lillth was conflicted. on one hand she wouldn't learn a thing from the school and on the other there was a chance that this was the school her little sister rowena in all but blood built and thus it was the only proper why to introduce herself to the new magical world as lillth le fay-black without hurting her family name.

costume fluff:

yedrasil wood: this wood is completely loyal to the original master and will not work at all for anyone else no matter what. there are only three wands in the world made out of yedrasil wood and they are: morgana/lillth's wand, rowena's wand and merlin's wand. the wood prefers defensive and support magic other offensive magic but won't care much as long as the master thinks he's doing the right thing. the wood works wonders when the core of the wand is made out of one of the high magical races (phoenix emperor, dragon king and unicorn princess).

phoenix empress/emperor: this type of phoenix has all the powers of a regular phoenix but stronger, it also posses the ability to look like a common owl or eagle. only one phoenix has ever bounded let alone shown itself to a human (ashila).it controls all phoenixes of the same type and has minor authority other over types of phoenixes when there empress/emperor isn't there. it can talk telepathically with all living things.

shapmagus: is a spell that allows the user to transform into multiple animals and magical creatures.

shapshifter: can change appearance and transform into humanoid magical creatures (high elves, veelas, house elves, goblins, merpeople and centaurs).

fact: morgana/lillth can use all magical creatures magics that she can understand the language of (high elves, goblins, snakes, giants, dragons, phoenixes, merpoeple, centaurs, veelas, dragon-borns, vampires and demons)