morgana le fay chapter three

today was the day that hogwarts's new term starts, lillth thought to herself as she flooed to platform 9 3/4. double checking everything she then put her wand in a wrist holster with anti-summoning, anti-disarming, anti-elements, anti-jinx, anti-stealing and notice-me-not charms.

after entering the hogwarts express lillth found an empty compartment and levitated her trunk into the top shelves with magical will alone (wandlessly and silently, she can do it causally up to unforgivable level spells with human spells and at any level with none human magic) then took out the first year charms book. expected they are teaching five years old level spells to eleven year olds, great... lillth thought to herself angrily, the modern magical world was backwards, weak and bigoted to the extreme in lillth's opinion.

lillth's thoughts were interrupted by a nock on the door to her compartment. "please open the door isn't locked" lillth said as she stood up and put her book away, when she turned towards the door however lillth was shocked as what looked like a brown haired and eyed young arthur pendragon looking slightly frightened back at her

the boy turned to leave but before he could leave the compartment door closed in front of him "please sit" the witch that was in the compartment before him said in a slightly commanding yet very happy tone, he obliged.

it turned out the boys name was neville longbottom which wasn't surprising considering gwenavire was one and that his magical core had pendragon, griffindor and longbottom family magic inside. what was surprising was that the boy seemed to have a bigger inferiority complex then arthur (imagine the arthur from the original diseny movie before becoming king) had at the same age least i know how do deal with it this time... lillth thought to herself begrudgingly.

at this point lillth just didn't know what to do with the modern magical world, on one hand she really wanted to just murder everyone and be down with it and the other that wasn't very humane and while morgana was a dark sorceress she was not evil.

after a few minutes the compartment door was opened again, this time rather rudely and by none over then the great draco malfoy himself "have you seen harry potter?" he snarled in demand "we haven't i'm afraid" lillth replied with ice in her voice, draco left.

two minutes later they were joined by two girls, the first was daphne greengrass a pure-blood and heiress to the house of greengrass and the second was tracey davis a half-blood and heiress of the house of davis. they were good company in lillth's book thou tracey was a bit of an energy boom while daphne a bit to formal , but hey no-one is perfect.

they spent most of the ride talking about how good the school is and lillth managed to sneak the knowledge of the redacto curse into the overs minds without them noticing. at some point however the topic turned towards the boy-who-lived, "isn't he amazing, i mean look at what he did, he has a pet numb" tracey squealed happily while taking out a book and reading it out loud. "it's bullshit" lillth said and burned the book "wait stop don't" tracey shouted as the book became dust. the rest of the train ride went in silence with everyone in there own thoughts.

when they arrived at hogwarts lillth was very happy to feel the magical signature of her sister in all but blood from the castle she really did take up the name of ravenclaw in the end ha... she thought to herself as they were lead to a lake by a half-gaint.

after entering a bout with neville, daphne and tracey lillth tried sensing magic from inside the lake. she found mer-magic fighting very evil and very hidden (only from humans) magic, ...i'll investigate it later... lillth decided and released the scrying spell.

when they left the bouts and walked up to hogwarts lillth started feeling hundreds of spells trying to enter the mind of every single student there. she immediately constructed her toughest mind shields, she blocked it only to then feel a telepathic message from the castle itself.

-who are you?- it asked

-morgana le fay- lillth answered

-lady rowena's mentor?- it asked and realized it was the only possible as to how someone blocked the headmasters mind-search

-yes that's me- lillth answered casually while trying to remember the arthmetic formula for creating sentient beings

there conversation continued all the way until the sorting started. at the end the castle decided to give her control of the wards and lillth promised to despatch the headmaster by the end of her fourth year.

"le fay, lillth" the deputy headmistress said as the hall froze from shock and lillth walked up to the perch and whore the hat.

-well hello there ancient one- the hat's voice into her head -hello sorting hat- was lillth's telepathic -just so were clear you're going to rowena's house yes?- the hat asked -i'd destroy you if you didn't- lillth replied cheekily -well first thing first, thank you in advance for dealing with the current headmaster, he almost destroyed the school multiple times and managed to keep it 'under raps' if you will- the hat told her it's voice full of disgust when mentioning the man in question -thank you i'll deal with him- lillth answered "good then,RAVENCLAW!"

magic level comparison; - = equal. ^ = magic units

apprentice mage- two human soldiers ^5,000+

mage- four-five human soldiers, knight ^10,000+

master mage- soldier squad (twenty soldiers), small dragon, elf soldier ^50,000+

adept mage- fithty human soldiers, young dragon, two elf soldiers, ^100,000+

grandmaster mage- one hundred human soldiers, adult dragon, elf squad ^200,000+

archmage- one thousand human soldiers, ancient dragon ^500,000+

mage king- ten thousand human soldiers ^1,000,000+

magic emperor- one hundred thousand human soldiers ^10,000,000+

sorcerer- big continent ^100,000,000+

note: morgana/lillth's mind magic isn't occelemncy and ligetimme but something much more advanced which is a combination of several mind magics of different races.

magic unit: is a measurement of how much magic someone has within there core, a levitation charm is 200 magic units.

lillth has 1,000,000 magic in her own reserves and 10,000,000,000 in morgana's reserves.