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The war had finally ended. There is now peace once again on Mars, Thais to the Freedom Fighters and the Army working together.

Now that the war with the Plutarkians was over, Throttle asked Carbine to marry him. She accepted and they kissed, rather deeply in front of everyone, not caring in their least who saw them.

Seeing his best bro, finally taking the step he should have made, before the war started, made Vinnie realize what was most important to him, and that was the human, standing he was standing next to. He turned to his right, dropped down onto a single knee, then asked for her hand.

Charley of course said, yes and Vinnie jumped to his feet as fast as he could, so he could sweep Charley off of her feet, and show her, how attentive of a husband he is going to be.

That left Modo, the rock and gentle giant of the group, alone. He was happy his brothers were getting married to the women they loved, but it also made him depressed, that he had no one.

A few weeks past, and the mouse population elected a new king and queen. They were kind and loving to all.

Another month past, and now, the group of former Freedom Fighters, stood behind a barrier, waiting for the procession to pass, welcoming the king and queen.

The procession starts. With a slew of guards and knights, leading the newly crowned king and queen down the street. Even though they were now considered, Royalty, they were still humbly dressed. The king wore a simple pair of slacks and a button down shirt, while the queen, wore a floor-length dress.

They waved to the crowd of mice, lining the street with large smiles on their faces.

They were followed by another group of knights, then the princess. Despite her parents having dark grey fur, she had a mutation which gave her all white fur, with long blonde hair, a pink nose, and these beautiful blue eyes.

As she walked, the toe of her shoe managed to get caught on the hem of her dress, causing her to stumble forward.

Before any of her knights could react, Modo jumped the barrier and caught the princess, taking the brunt of the fall.

After he hit the ground, he asked, "Are you alright, your majesty?"

Modo's deep voice reverberated through the princess' body, then she looked up to one of the most handsome and kindest faces she had ever seen. "I'm fine, thanks to you. Might I have your name, my knight?"

Modo looked down to the princess, and swore he was staring at the Great Goddess herself. Then he listened to her voice. It sounded so sweet to him. One he wouldn't mind hearing again and again. "Modo Maverick, and I'm not a knight, your majesty."

She reached up with her left hand, and stroked the right side of his face, as she said, "You are to me, Sir Maverick."

By now, several guards and knight had surrounded the princess and Modo. Then one of the ordered, "Let go of the princess and back away, now!"

Throttle And Vinnie jumped over the barrier to help their brother, before things escalated. While Charley and Carbine were paying particular attention to the way Modo was acting around the princess. "I wager, by the end of the week, Modo kisses her," Carbine stated.

"I'd say by the end of the night, he makes a move on her," Charley said.

"You're on sister!" Carbine said.

With the assistance of Modo, the princess was now back on her feet. She confronted the knight, who told Modo to back off, and spat, "This man, saved me from falling, where none of your men were fast enough! Therefore, he and his friends will be my Personal Knights, and not you or any of those that serve under you! Understand?!"

The Princess' rant attracted the attention of the king and queen. The king stopped the procession, and walked back to see what the commotion was, and why his daughter was at the center of it.

"Your majesty, you can't do that!" The knight stated. "This man is a Ruffian and a Rebel! He nor his friends have what it takes to be a knight, or be worthy of protecting you!"

"Is there a problem, daughter?" The king asked.

"Dad, this so-called knight of yours, has the gall to question my choice of Personal Knights!" The princess answered as she made her way back to. Modo's right side, took his right hand in hers, and said with conviction, "This is the man, I want to be my knight, not any of these guys, with the Self-Inflated Egos you picked!"

"Now, see here, you little brat!" The knight said, but before he got any further with his rant, Modo's eye glowed, and he angrily said, "You want to take that back, before I decide to do something, which will put you in the Med unit, for a very long time?"

The queen noticed the way her daughter was smiling and holding onto Modo's hand. 'My daughter is smitten with this man, and from the looks of him, he's quite smitten with her.' The queen thought. "My husband, if our daughter, wants this man and her friends to be her knights, I fully support her decision," the queen said.

All five of them, bowed to the Royal couple after the queen spoke.

"Please rise," the queen said.

The five of the rose back to their feet, and Modo resumed holding the Princess' hand.

The king watched his daughter's face light up, with each simple touch of the younger man. Then he looked to his wife and saw the excitement building up in her body. "Oh brother," he muttered, then said, "Young man, please come forward."

Modo and the princess took a few steps forward to stand in front of the king and queen, and waited for the king to continue.

"What is your and your friends names, young man?" The king asked.

"I'm Modo Maverick, my brothers are Throttle Thornboy, and Vincent VanWham. Their wives are Carbine and Charley, your majesty," Modo answered.

"Do all five of you, swear on your lives, the Princess' life and safety will be your top priority, at all times?" The king asked.

"Your majesty, I can't speak for my brothers, but I will gladly give my life for your daughter," Modo answered, as he squeezed the Princess' hand.

"My wife is my first priority, your majesty," Vinnie stated. "But I will be by my brother's side, helping him, protect your Smokin' Hot daughter!"

Vinnie's statement earned him a punch from Charley, and a Death glare from Modo. While the princess, brought her hands to her mouth to hide her laughter.

Throttle shook his head at his younger brother, who always managed to put his foot in his mouth, more times than he could count. "Your majesties, what my brother meant to say, our wives will always come first in our hearts. But, if the princess wants us to be her knights, we will stand right alongside our brother, protecting your daughter."

"That is what I wanted to hear," the king said. "Tonight, will be the Coronation Ball. Modo, you and your friends are to attend, to be knighted. Please dress appropriately. Come along, my dear."

The king and queen left, then Modo asked, "Smokin' Hot Daughter? Vinnie, you never cease to amaze me."

"You've known me for years, Modo. When have I ever not told things as I see them?" Vinnie asked, As he cinched his right arm around Charley's waist.

She elbowed him in the ribs, then said, "Never, but since you commented on another female's body, in my presence, you get to sleep, on the couch, for the rest of the week!" And walked away.

"Come on, babe, don't be like that," Vinnie said as he went to catch up to his wife.

Carbine watched as Charley walked away, followed by her Bruised-Egoed husband, then said, "Throttle, we ad better follow them, or Charley might remove Vinnie's ability to reproduce."

"As normal, you're right, Carbine," Throttle said. He kissed his wife, then took her hand in his, and followed his brother, leaving Modo and the princess alone.

"Does Vinnie always behave like that?" The princess asked.

"Unfortunately for us, yes, he does," Modo answered.

The princess laughed again, then asked, "Modo, my knight, will you save a dance for me, tonight?"

Modo smiled a little wider at her question. "If your majesty requests, I will dance the entire night, with you, alone."

This caused the princess to blush since she had never had a man, act this way around her. However, she liked the feeling, a lot. She stood on her toes, kissed his cheek, then as she stood on the heels of her shoes again, she said, "I will see you tonight, my knight." And left to join her parents. But she managed to add an extra sway in her hips, to entice the mouse.

Modo definitely noticed this, and let out a very low whistle of appreciation. "Momma, I think I'm in for a wild ride with her. But, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!" And followed after his brothers.

End of Chapter.