Modo woke up in their shared bed, alone. He didn't feel Althea's warm body, cuddling into his. This was something he missed, desperately. He rolled over, facing his nightstand, and saw a little off white envelope, leaning against the lamp. He reached over with his right hand, picked up the envelope, and rolled onto his back before carefully opening it. 'Modo, my love. Its bad luck for the groom to see the bride before their wedding. I'm over at Amethyst's, so don't worry. I can't wait to be your wife. See you in a few hours, Althea.' Modo put the note back in the envelope, then said, "I can't wait to be your husband, either." He then got out of bed and went to get ready for the Big Day.

"Do you really think this is a good idea, Charley?" Vinnie asked. "You gave birth to the twins yesterday, you're supposed to be resting."

"I will be resting, Vinnie," She responded, from their bed with her children in her arms. "I'll be sitting throughout the wedding, but I am, going to be at our friend's wedding, and so will our kids."

Vinnie sat down on the left side of the bed, facing his wife and kids. And as he tickled his children's chins, he said, "Charley, you and our kids are my life. I don't know what I would do, if something was to happen to anyone of you." He gently removed his daughter from Charley, cradled her in his strong arms, looking adoringly at the miracle the Great Goddess blessed them with, then said, "You're so beautiful, just like your mother." He then kissed her, and said, "I love you, Eva."

"And what about your son, Charles?" Charley asked.

Vinnie smiled at his wife and son, then answered, "My son is going to be a Lady Killer when he gets older, just like his father."

"Vin, I don't need our son, running around with a different girl on his arm, every day of the week!" Charley said, sternly.

Vinnie shifted his daughter to his left arm, picked up his son with his right, then said, "Of course, he won't have a different girl every day. Charles is going to be a one woman man, once he finds the right woman, that is. But until then, I'll make sure he doesn't behave like me."

Charley smiled back at her husband, then he said, "To a point. My son is going to have his pick of girls, when he gets older, of course." He lifted his son to his face, rubbed his nose against his son's, then said, "Isn't that right, Charles."

Charles started laughing at his father, then scrunched up his face, and threw up. He started laughing again, once he finished.

As Vinnie held his son away from him, he said, "Oh, thanks a lot!" He handed Charles and Eva to Charley, saying, "You hold the Vomit Bandit. I'm going to take another shower."

After Vinnie closed the bathroom door, Charley started laughing hysterically.

Carbine was sitting on the couch, holding their son, Carbon. A. Few hours after Charley gave birth, she went into labor. A few hours later, Throttle announced they had a son.

Almost instantly, Vinnie wanted to make a bet as to which son would be better behaved.

Throttle left the bedroom, dressed in a tux. He took one look at his wife and son, then said, "Isn't this a sight, the fiercest General on Mars, cradling a tiny baby in her arms, and looking incredible doing it."

"Taking lessons from Vinnie, Throttle?" She asked.

Throttle sat on the couch's left arm, kissed Carbine, then said, "No, I'm not taking lessons from Vinnie." He took Carbon from Carbine, then said, "Simply stating a fact, you look completely at ease, holding our son. You feeling ok?"

"A little sore, but nothing I can't handle," she answered. "The doctor told me, there shouldn't be any playtime for about a month. Think you can hold out that long?"

"I can hold out, as long as I need, Carbine," he said. "You are worth the wait."

Carbon giggled then opened his eyes to look at his father. He let out a little chirp in excitement, reaching out to him.

"Hey, little one, what do you think you are doing?" Throttle asked, lifting his son to his face.

Carbon reached out and took Throttle's glasses from him and put them on, imitating his father.

"Nice job, son," he said. "When you were born, you took my breath away. Now, you took my sight, can daddy have his specs back?"

Carbon curled up in Throttle's arms, and fell asleep.

"Carbine, what's he doing? Sort of a Blind Mouse here," Throttle said.

Carbine gently removed Throttle's glasses from their son and handed them to her husband.

"Thanks, babe," he said, putting them back on his face. "Much better." He looked down at his sleeping son, then said, "I still can't believe, you and I made something so handsomely cute."

"Hey! My mother said I was a cute baby!" Carbine sternly said.

Throttle sat next to her on the couch, leaned forward, then said, "You were, and you are even more beautiful now." He passionately kissed her, with no sign of stopping.

Carbine kissed him back, and even took charge.

Throttle stopped kissing her for a second, then asked, "Thought you said no playtime for a month?"

She took Carbon from her husband, gently set him on the other end of the couch, then grabbed her husband by his jacket, pulling him to her, then said, "My lower half might be out of service for a month. But the upper half still needs her Ever-Loving Husband's hands on her!"

An hour later, Throttle and Vinnie were standing by the altar, wearing matching tuxes, waiting for their respective wives.

Charley, Carbine, Amethyst, and Rosemary were Amethyst's home, making sure Althea was ready for the wedding.

Rosemary looked over her left shoulder, to the crib holding the three babies, then said, "Your kids are completely adorable. Crystal is the best granddaughter I could ever want. But there is something about holding a baby in your arms."

"I agree, your maj.." Carbine started to say, then quickly remembered, the queen hated to be called, majesty. "Rosemary."

Rosemary smiled at her, then said, "Much better. You both seem to be taking to Motherhood, quite well."

"It helps to have an attentive husband. Throttle won't let me lift a finger, when it comes to taking care of our son. He keeps telling me to relax, let my body heal."

"My guess, he wants to have another baby, as quickly as possible," Rosemary said.

"He might, especially after the way he made me feel this afternoon," Carbine said.

"Didn't our doctor tell us, no sex for a month?" Charley asked, from her chair.

"He did, but the things my husband can do with his hands, mouth, and tongue on my upper half, made my toes curl. I'm sure if you ask Vinnie, I'm quite positive, he can do the same for you."

Althea left the dressing room in her light blush colored gown, holding the front of the skirt up in her hands, so she didn't trip on the material since she didn't have her shoes on yet. "Tell me the truth, how do I look?" She asked.

"My dear daughter, the Great Goddess herself can't compare to you. You're breathtaking," Rosemary said.

"Your mother is right, Althea. You look so beautiful," Charley said.

"Leave your hair down, Modo is going to probably have a heart attack when he sees you," Carbine said.

"I hope not, I can't raise Crystal and the baby alone," Althea said.

"You're Pregnant!" Rosemary said, rising from her seat.

"Yes mother, I'm pregnant with Modo's child."

"Why didn't you say anything to me, or your father?" Rosemary asked.

"Dad would have had Modo locked up for deflowering me before we were wed, and you, dear mother, can't keep your mouth shut," Althea answered.

"I can too, keep my mouth shut, daughter! When I want to, that is." She went over to Althea, gently placed her right hand on her abdomen, feeling the slight bulge, then asked, "How far along are you?"

"About four weeks, mother. I have a good feeling, this child is going to be quite large, just like its father," Althea said.

"Have you told him, yet?" Rosemary asked.

"I was saving that, for today, mother," Althea answered. "I can't wait to see Modo's face when I tell him, he's going to be a daddy again."

"Modo is a great father," Carbine said. "Just look at how much he loves Crystal. He was born to be a father to as many little mice you can give him and he will love each one."

"I think two kids are more than enough, for now. But, who knows what the future holds? I we might decide to have another little one, or two?"

"Hey, not to interrupt out Girl-Time, but don't we have a Wedding to attend?" Amethyst said, standing up, showing off her legs through the deep slits in both sides of her dress.

"Are you planning on going home with a man tonight, Amethyst?" Charley asked, eyes the dress.

"I might, or I might have something else in mind. You'll find out tonight," she said, turning around, showing how much her dress didn't cover her tail section, as she left the room.

Carbine leaned over to Charley, then said, "With that dress, she's going to get whatever she desires."

"As long as she keeps her hands off of our men, she can do whatever she wants," Charley replied

There was a knock on the door, interrupting the conversation.

Althea went over to the door, opened it, revealing a very formally dressed male knight. "Princess, might I say, you look exquisite. Sir Maverick is one lucky man to be marrying you," he said with a bow.

"Thank you," Althea said, blushing from his compliment.

He rose, then said, "Your chariot is waiting for you, and your party to take you to the ceremony." He extended his right elbow to her, then said, "Can I have the honor of escorting the bride to her chariot?"

Althea smiled at the knight and slipped her left arm though his. They both left the room, turning down the hall towards the drive.

Another guard arrived, bowed to the queen, then asked, "Your majesty, may I escort you to your ride?"

"Certainly," she responded and slipped her arm through the knight's.

Two more knights arrived, to wheel both Carbine and Charley who were now holding their kids in their arms out of the room, to the waiting chariot.

A few minutes later, Modo arrived with Crystal on the back of Lil' Hoss at the front fo the chapel. He turned off the motor, looked at the impressive structure, and thought about what was going to occur in the next half-hour.

"Daddy, you know you want to marry mommy, don't be nervous," Crystal said, tugging on his jacket.

"I'm not nervous, Crystal. Not about marrying Althea. I'm nervous, someone is going to think, I'm not worthy of her. If that were to occur, I'm not sure what I will do," he said.

"Then I will find that mouse, and kick him, or her as hard as I can, daddy. You and mommy belong together, forever," she said.

This took Modo aback. Hearing his little girl, stating she was going to hurt another for disagreeing about him marrying the princess. However, he didn't want to raise her to think violence was perfectly alright. The war is long over, there was peace throughout Mars, and the last thing anyone needed, was anyone thinking they could hurt another for stating their opinion. "Crystal, no matter what happens, I want you not to hurt anyone. We as a Martian Community are still healing from the war. No one wants to relive the past."

"But daddy!" Crystal said.

"No buts, Crystal! No violence!" Modo said.

"Alright, daddy," Crystal sheepishly said.

Modo slipped off of the bike, lifted Crystal into an embrace, then said, "Good girl. I love you. Being a soldier, I've seen too many mice get hurt, or worse. I, nor your mother wants you going down the same path, your uncles and I did." He kissed her cheek, then said, "Time to head inside, your mother should be here soon."

Althea was looking out of the window, at the citizens, waiving at the chariot as it passed. She smiled and waved back. She was not nervous at all. She loved Modo with all her heart and soul. She started humming a song her grandmother used to sing to her when she was Crystal's age.

"What's that song you are humming, Althea?" Rosemary asked.

"Something Nana used to sing to me, when I was a little girl, mother," Althea responded and kept on humming.

Rosemary continued listening to Althea, then her memory of her own mother, singing the same song to her. "You remember my mother, singing that to you?" she asked.

"Of course, mother," Althea said. "Nana meant so much to me. I cherished my time with her."

"My mother absolutely loved, spending time with you, Althea. She would have done anything to be here today, to see her one and only granddaughter getting married."

"I know, mother. I wish Nana could have been here, she would have loved Modo and Crystal," Althea said. She started humming again and within a few minutes, Rosemary took her left hand in hers, and started humming right along with her.

Charley and Carbine caught onto the song, then while holding their children in their arms, started humming the same song.

Althea closed her eyes, leaned against the side of the chariot, then started to sing, "Today is the day, I'm going to get married. To the boy I was waiting for. Today I'm going to get married. To the boy, I'm going to marry."

The chariot arrived at the chapel and slowly stopped, right in front.

There were two lines of knights, lining the walkway, leading to the chapel. Each one was dressed in their formal uniform, with a saber attached to their belt on the right side.

The knight from earlier left the head of the procession, walked over to the right side of the chariot, opened the door, then said, "Princess, its time. Please allow me the pleasure of escorting you inside."

Althea stood up, looked at her friends and mother, then said, "Here we go, in a few minutes, I'm going to be known as Princess Althea Maverick. I've got butterflies in my stomach. Did each one of you, feel the same way?"

"No, my concern was if Vinnie was actually going to show up to our wedding, or ride off into the sunset, with another woman. But to my surprise, there he was, looking very handsome at the altar, waiting for me," Charley answered.

"If he didn't show up, we would have hunted him down. Modo and Throttle think of you as a sister, and even though they love Vinnie, they would have knocked some sense into his head, for standing you up, if they needed to," Carbine said.

"The guys would have hurt Vinnie?" Charley asked.

"Most likely not. But they would have dragged his white butt back, from wherever he was," Carbine said. "Speaking of white butts, get yours in there, Althea and marry that mouse!"

Althea smiled at her friend, then focused on the the walkway ahead of her, and said, "I'm ready, let's go."

"Very well, princess," he said. "You'll be fine, your husband is waiting for you."

They walked up the walkway and into the chapel.

A few minutes later, Modo joined Vinnie and Throttle at the altar. He looked over his brothers, then said, "Looking good, wonder what the girls are wearing?"

Vinnie's eyes wandered over the audience, until he locked onto Amethyst, and the dress she was wearing. "Modo! Bro! Who's that and what is she wearing!?" He asked, pointing to Amethyst.

"That's Crystal's aunt, Amethyst, Vin," Modo answered.

"Whoever she is, that dress should be illegal. I wonder where I can find one for Charley?" Vinnie asked, with his eyes glued to her legs.

Modo lightly tapped him on the back of his head, then said, "Charley wouldn't appreciate her husband, gawking at another woman. And she could make Charley a dress like that."

"In that case, I'm going to have to get her number. Charley's going to look hotter than the sun in that dress!" Vinnie said.

In the back of the chapel, Althea, Rosemary, Crystal, Charley, and Carbine were waiting for the actual ceremony to start. One of the doors opened behind them, revealing a light tan furred woman with long wavy light brown hair, cascading past her shoulders. She was dressed very similarly to Amethyst with the exception, her dress was sky blue, instead of a heavy violet. "Oh, good. I made it in time. My date would be upset if I missed the wedding," she said as she entered.

Carbine looked her over, then asked, "Who's your date, and who are you?"

"I'm Ivory, my date's name is Amethyst. She's Crystal's aunt, she invited me," she answered.

Rosemary covered Crystal's ears with her hands, then asked, "You both are gay?"

Ivory smiled back at the queen, then answered, "Amethyst is Bi, or at least I think she is. I'm one-hundred percent into females, and quite proud of it."

Althea walked over to Ivory, then asked, "Does my daughter know you are dating her aunt?"

"I haven't met Crystal yet, but from what Amethyst has told me about her, she should be fine with us, being together. You and your future husband were blessed by the goddess herself, the day you both found her," Ivory said.

"Thank you, Ivory," Althea said. "Please, head in and take a seat, we are about to start,"

She started to head towards the doors, leading into the chapel, when she stopped, turned around, then said, "Sir Maverick is one lucky mouse. If you and I had met before he met you, I would have been begging for you to go out with me. You are one gorgeous mouse, Althea." She then went inside.

"I can't believe she made a pass at you, on your wedding day, daughter!" Rosemary said.

"Mother, she's quite good looking herself. If I had met her, before I met my husband, she wouldn't have to beg to go out with me. I would have went out with her willingly," Althea said.

"You're Bi too?" Carbine asked.

Althea chuckled for a second, then answered, "Only slightly, I prefer men, like my soon to be husband. But back in school, I did date a few women as well."

Rosemary let go of Crystal, then said, "You never told me?"

"There was nothing to tell, mother," Althea said.

The doors opened again, revealing the king. He was completely dressed as a king should. He even wore a gold crown on his head. "Is my daughter, ready to get married?" He asked.

Althea walked up to her father, kissed his left cheek, then answered, "More than ready, daddy."

"Then, let's get you married, my princess," he said.

Ivory found Amethyst in the large crowd, ran down the center aisle, with her high-heels, digging into the red runner, then slipped into the seat next to Amethyst, before taking her right hand in her left.

This didn't slip past Vinnie. He leaned over to Throttle, and asked, "Am I missing something, or does Amethyst seem a little too close to her, if you get my drift?"

Amethyst leaned over to Ivory, quickly kissed her, then resumed her seated position.

"Nope, you aren't missing anything, Vin. I think they are dating," Throttle said.

"Well, too bad for us men. Two guys lost their chance at dating those two blazing-hot women," Vinnie said.

The king poked his head out of the doors at the rear of the chapel, nodded to the organist, then slipped back behind the doors.

The organist started playing the Ceremony's Introduction music and the entire audience quieted down, while several knights started to line the aisle from end to end.

Althea went over to her daughter, crouched down, then said, "Its time for mommy to marry daddy. You have the earrings in your basket, go on and be an Awesome Flower-Girl, Crystal."

Crystal hugged her mother, then said, "I love you mommy!" Before she went off to stand in front of the doors, waiting for them to open.

A few seconds later, a pair of knights opened the doors, nice and wide.

Crystal started marching down the aisle, spreading red rose petals as she marched.

Modo watched as his daughter marched towards him, with a smile on her face. He couldn't help to smile back at Crystal. Not only did he love her, and would do anything she asked, but he also knew, she was laying the foundation for the very beginning of their lives together as a family.

Crystal reached the end of the aisle, then darted up the stairs to her father. She literally jumped into the air, for him to catch her.

Modo easily caught Crystal, brought her up to face him, cradling her in his right arm, then asked, "You weren't supposed to do that."

"I know, daddy, but you look so handsome and I wanted to be with you, when you saw mommy," she said.

Modo found nothing wrong with having Crystal up at the altar with him. He kissed her, then turned to wait for the rest of the procession.

Two knights entered the rear of the chapel, stood behind Carbine's and Charley's wheelchairs,, then gently pushed them towards the doors. They gently pushed them down the aisle, towards their husbands, holding their kids in their arms.

When they reached the altar, two more knights joined the other two in assisting lifting both seated ladies onto the altar.

Vinnie couldn't help himself but to make a funny face at his kids, who in turn, started to laugh at their father.

It was now the queen's turn to march down the aisle. Since the king was going to give Althea to Modo, he was going to march with the princess. The honor of marching with the queen fell upon the Lead Knight. He was an older man, dressed like all of the other knights. But he had a large red sash which ran from his right shoulder to his belt, loaded with medals, and other awards he had earned from his years of service. He slipped his left arm though the queen's. Then commanded, "Detail! Attention!"

Both lines of knights, snapped to attention, withdrawing their sabers, raising them high, and crossing the tips on their blades with the knight directly opposite. Once they had completed their task, then entire audience, rose to their feet, turning to face the rear of the chapel.

"Your majesty," the Lead Knight said.

They both slowly left the rear of the chapel, marching down the aisle.

A tear left Rosemary's right eye, which the Lead knight, attentively, wiped away with a white handkerchief he pulled out of the breast pocket of his jacket.

"Thank You, dear brother," the queen said.

"You're welcome, sister. Can't have my niece get married with her mother's makeup streaked."

They completed their journey to the altar and he assisted the queen to her spot, right next to Carbine. Then he went to greet the groom. He smiled at Crystal, then leaned forward to Modo's left ear, and whispered, "I love Althea like a daughter. You may be the prince, after you marry her, and outrank me. But if you ever treat her badly, you will answer, not to the king, but to me. I maybe old, but I can kick your tail, any day of the week. Do I make myself clear, Sir Maverick?"

Modo looked over the Lead Knight and quickly realized, his words were not a threat, but a promise. He was older, but he maintained his body, quite well. "Crystal clear, sir."

"Good boy," the Lead Knight said and returned to his position.

The king took Althea's left hand in his, then said, "Here we go, daughter. Within a few minutes, you will be married."

A squire walked over to the rear of the chapel, crossed his arms behind his back, then loudly said, "May I present, King Gerald, and Princess Althea!"

The doors opened again, revealing the king and the princess to everyone.

There were a few gasps from the audience and a few whispers of question as to the color of the bride's dress. Those concerns were instantly squashed by Carbine yelling, "Do you all think, the Princess should be wearing a white gown, considering her coloring!? Stop being petty and enjoy the wedding!"

The Lead Knight coughed into his right hand, then sternly said, "General Thornboy."

"Its my job to make sure they get married, and I'm going to do it, my way!" She stated.

Modo leaned over to Throttle, then asked, "You married her, can you get her to calm down?"

"Nope, you want Carbine to calm down, you ask her. I sleep with her, and I plan on keep sleeping her her," Throttle said.

The king and the princess reached the altar, climbed the few small steps, then they faced each other.

Gerald lifted Althea's veil, then said, "Sir Maverick, come forward.

Modo handed Crystal to Throttle, then stepped forward. He stopped to the right of the king, facing Althea.

"Sir Modo Maverick, I give you my one and only daughter. Please love her, forever," he said, gently placing Althea's hands in his.

Modo's heart was racing a mile a minute. 'She looks so beautiful. I still can't believe she is going to be my wife. What did I do to deserve her?'

The king took his spot between the two. Then started the ceremony, by saying, "We are gathered here today to bear witness to the union of Sir Modo Maverick and my daughter, Princess Althea. If everyone doesn't mind the father of bride, rambling for a few minutes, I have a few things to say. When I first met Sir Maverick, all I saw was a soldier, and a ruffian. There he was, protectively holding my daughter in his large arms, wearing jeans, biker boots, and not much else. At first, I only wanted to get him away from her, as fast as possible. But then, I saw the way they both looked at each other, and the little twinkle in their eyes. From that moment on, I watched as they got closer. There was a lightness in my daughter's step, and a little hitch in her breath, when ever someone spoke about Sir Maverick. I knew my daughter had fallen in love with him, and he had fallen in love with her. The night of my granddaughter's introduction, my daughter, your princess staked her claim in front of the world. Their first of many kisses was so intense, most of the mice in attendance toes curled. That night, Sir Maverick asked for her hand, which she said yes. Now, here we all are, witnessing two mice who love each other, and their daughter so deeply, it warms my heart. With that, let's get these two married." He looked at his daughter, then to Modo, then said, "Sir Maverick, you have become a large part of our family in such a sort amount of time. Please, honor my request, to love the princess and your daughter, for the rest of your days. Make their happiness paramount to yours, and let their love for you, shine in your heart." He turned back to Althea, then said, "My daughter, you have chosen Sir Maverick to give your heart to, unconditionally. May the love and devotion he feels for you, keep you warm, and secure, for the rest of your days." He faced the audience, then asked, "If there is anyone who objects to this marriage, let them speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Carbine scanned the audience with a scowl on her face from her wheelchair, making damn sure, Althea married Modo, and no one says a thing to stop them.

However, the rear doors burst open, revealing the mouse who once dated Althea. "I object to this union, your majesty!" He shouted.

Carbine's tail shot out straight from her body, and ground her teeth together, then not-so-politely asked, "On what grounds!?"

"Sir Maverick is not of noble blood! He's not worthy of being married to the princess. Any child that came from this union, would be considered a bastard, and not be able to ascend to the throne. Simply look over this man. He is a soldier who couldn't make it in the Army. He fought with the Freedom Fighters instead. That man up there, is a rebel! He could never lead the kingdom, if required. Is that what you all want? A False king, leading you? I think not!"

The queen spat, "Sir Modo Maverick loves the princess and their daughter, more than you ever loved her, Peter! Actually, I caught you cheating on my daughter while you two were supposed to be exclusive! Why should I, or my husband believe anything you say now?"

"I admit, I was a jerk back then," he said. "But, I'm still a better man than this Half-Mouse will ever be!"

Both Amethyst and Ivory rose from their seats, walked right up the aisle to the mouse, then Amethyst roared, "Modo is the best thing that ever happened to my niece! To hear you, berate him, makes me want to slug you!"

"You? Hurt me? The only thing you could do is make my nights much less lonely," he said. "You are quite good looking, care to have a Three-Way with me and the princess?"

Ivory tapped him on the right shoulder, and when he turned, she let her right fist fly, right into his muzzle. "You couldn't handle being with a single female, much less two. And the only mouse this beautiful woman is going to sleep with is me! I love her, and she's mine! Jerk!"

"You love me, Ivory?" Amethyst asked.

Ivory went over to Amethyst, stroked the left side of her face, as she said, "Yes, I do, Amethyst. I've been in love with you, before we started dating."

Amethyst really didn't know how to respond to Ivory's declaration. What she did know, is she felt real good, as Ivory touched her. On impulse, Amethyst pulled Ivory to her, then said, right before their lips touched, "I'm in love with you too."

Rosemary covered Crystal's eyes, making sure she didn't see the two females, kissing each other, rather deeply. Not that she found anything wrong with them expressing their emotions. She was more worried how Crystal would handle it.

Peter wiped some blood away with his left sleeve, then said, "This kingdom is going to hell. Two lesbians kissing out in public, so disgusting."

"Please excuse us, me and my brothers are going to escort this guy out," Modo said and walked off the altar, followed by Vinnie and Throttle.

A few seconds later, Modo lifted Peter by his jacket to his face, then very angrily said, "You have exactly thirty seconds to leave!"

"Or what? You'll beat me up? This is exactly what I was talking about! You and your friends resort to violence, when confronted!"

"No, I'm not going to resort to violence. But I have no issues, showing you to the curb! You piece of trash!" Modo said, right before he picked him up the rest of the way and carried him out of the chapel.

"Please excuse the groom and his groomsmen, we'll be right back," Vinnie said and followed Modo along with Throttle.

Modo put Peter down, stepped back, then said, "Are you going to embarrass yourself further?"

He took a swing at Modo and missed.

Modo was about to retaliate, but heard, "Let me take care of the trash, uncle Modo."

Modo turned in the direction of the voice, and saw his nephew, Rimfire. He had grown into a very handsome man over the years. But what caught is his interest was the red-headed female on his arm.

Rimfire separated himself from his apparent date, walked confidently up to Peter, then said, "I'm not about to let my uncle dirty his hands with the likes of you! But I have no issues beating you into a bloody mess that no one will recognize, when I'm done!" Rimfire balled up his left hand, and let it fly. Hit fist connected with the Peter's face, breaking his snout. He was now bleeding profusely and obviously in severe pain. Rimfire was about to strike again, but heard, "Rimfire! That's enough!"

"But uncle, this ass insulted our family, on your wedding day, no less! Why shouldn't he pay?" Rimfire asked.

"Rimfire! He's been beaten. There is nothing more you can do to him, let's go back inside. I still have to get married, then you can tell me who is this lady you are dating," Modo said as he dropped his left arm over his nephew's shoulders.

A few minutes later, after Modo apologized for delaying the ceremony. The King said, "Sir Maverick, Princess Althea, please face each other and take the other's hands.

Modo and Althea turned and faced each other, took each other's hands, as instructed, and looked into the other's eyes.

Modo's heart pounded in his chest, the longer he looked into Althea's eyes of blue. 'In a few minutes, she is going to be my wife! This is the best day of my life!' He thought.

Althea was having similar thoughts. 'I'm about to be married to the man I fell in love with almost at first sight! I wonder how he's going to react when I tell him I'm pregnant with his child?'

"Since the bride and groom wrote their own wedding vows, you don't have to see the Bride's father get overly emotional. Sir Maverick, please recite your vows to the princess," the king said.

"Althea, I will be forever your eternal husband. I solemnly vow to keep you in my heart and put you and Crystal. Before anything else. I'm your strength in sickness and in health. I will hold onto you with endearing love. I will willingly give my life for you, and out daughter. My love and devotion is for you, and you alone. I am honored to have your love for the rest of my days, my lovely goddess of Mars. Let us be wed, becoming the perfect couple, by the ancient words of our ancestors," Modo recited.

"Princess, Althea. Please recite your vows," the king said.

"My dearest, knight. I will forever be your loving wife. My love for you has no bounds. There will never be another man, who can compare with you. I will love you, and you alone for the rest of my days, and into the afterlife. You and our daughter, will be paramount to me. I will be your rock, you can lean on, I will be your solstice, mostly, I will be by your side, while we raise our children to be compassionate adults, who will have families of their own. Let us become, husband and wife, by the words of the ancients," Althea said.

Modo heard the word 'Children' leave Althea's mouth. He lifted. His left eyebrow, questioning her phrase.

Althea ever so slightly nodded, then gently placed his mechanical hand on her stomach.

Modo felt the slight bulge with the palm of his hand and started to cry out of happiness.

The king was as a loss as to what was occurring right in front of him. He said, "Its normal for the bride and groom to shed a tear, once the ceremony has been completed. But not now."

"Please continue, father, I will explain after," Althea said.

"Very well, daughter. Duchess Crystal Maverick, please step forward to present the earrings."

Crystal left her spot and walked across the altar to the king. She reached into the basket, withdrawing a violet box, containing the wedding earrings. She handed the box to the king, then went over to her father, standing to his left.

Modo removed his had from Althea, picked up Crystal, and placed her on his shoulders. "Better, Crystal?" He asked.

"Perfect, daddy," she responded.

Althea almost bust into laughter, seeing Modo easily lift their daughter onto his shoulders, like she belonged there. "You know, dear husband, you're going to spoil her," she said.

"Doesn't our daughter, deserve a front row seat to see her parents getting married?" He asked.

Althea couldn't help herself. She leaned forward, and kissed Modo, squarely on the lips.

"Mommy! No kissing daddy until you say I do!" Crystal said.

Althea pulled back, lifted her head to look at her daughter, then said, "Alright, no kissing daddy until the ceremony is over." She turned to her father, then asked, "Can we continue, please father?"

Gerald chuckled. Her family was providing so much entertainment for the crowd that this wedding was one that was going to be talked about for years. He took the smaller earring from the box, and said as he handed it over to Modo, "Sir Maverick, please insert this earring into her left ear, and repeat after me."

Modo took the earring from the king, slipped the gold ring through an open hole midway up her left ear, and waited for the king to continue.

"With this earring," the king said.

"With this earring," Modo repeated.

"I thee wed," the king said.

"I thee wed."

The king turned ever so slightly to his daughter, noticed her wet eyes. But before he could react, Modo already had his handkerchief in his left hand, drying her eyes.

Gerald took the larger earring from the box, set it down, then said, "Princess Althea, please insert this earring into his left ear, and repeat after me."

Althea took the earring from her father, motioned for Modo to lower himself, which he did, then she removed the middle hoop in his left ear, before placing the gold ring in the hole.

"With this earring," The king said.

"With this earring," Althea repeated.

"I thee wed," the king said.

"I thee.." as she was speaking, Modo swept her up in his arms, holding her bridal style, then said, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself. As you were saying?"

Althea lovingly stroked the left side of his face, as she said, "I thee wed." She then kissed her now husband, who returned her kiss.

Gerald threw the book he was reading over his left shoulder, and went to stand by his wife.

"You were supposed to pronounce them as husband and wife, Gerald?" Rosemary asked.

"Why bother? Everyone already knows they are married, why restate the obvious."

Modo pulled back from their first kiss as husband and wife and turned to the audience. The happy family all had large smiles on their faces as everyone applauded.

After a few minutes, Modo briskly walked back up the aisle, through the lines of knights, who had to hold their sabers very high, so they didn't touch Crystal, who was still on her father's shoulders, and out of the Chapel.

They were followed by the king and queen, then the rest of the wedding party.

Once outside, Modo lowered, Althea to the ground, then lifted Crystal from his shoulders. But he didn't put her down. Crystal was now cradled in her father's right arm, with her arms around his neck. "How far along are you, Althea?" Modo asked.

"Four weeks, Modo. I wanted it to be a surprise for you. I hope you aren't upset?" She asked.

"I'm overjoyed, Althea! Not only did you marry me, now you have given me the best gift in the world, a child!" Modo exclaimed.

"Does that mean I get to be a big sister?" Crystal asked.

"Yes you do, Crystal. In about six months, you will be holding your baby brother or sister," Modo said.

"What is all of this talk about babies?" Gerald asked.

"Mother didn't tell you?" Althea asked.

"See, I told you I could keep my mouth shut, daughter," Rosemary said.

Althea rolled her eyes at her mother, then said, "Father, I'm going to have Modo's child in about six months."

"I get to be a grandfather again! This is wonderful news! We are going to have a baby shower when you return!" Gerald said, latching his arm around his wife.

Rimfire and his date walked over to the Newlyweds, then he said, "Uncle Modo, I never thought you would be dating someone like her, much less marrying her, but I have to admit, you both look great together. Congratulations uncle!"

"Thanks, let me introduce you to my wife. Rimfire, this is Althea and my daughter, Crystal. Althea, Crystal, this is my nephew, Rimfire and his date.." Modo said.

"Oops, sorry. Uncle Modo, Aunt Althea, this beautiful woman is Lola. I have been dating her for quite awhile," Rimfire stated.

Lola walked past Rimfire directly to Crystal, then asked, "Crystal, what is there to do around here, that would be considered fun?"

"Lots!" Crystal responded, then asked, "Daddy, can you put me down, please?"

Modo gently lowered Crystal to the ground, and she grasped Lola's left hand in hers, before leading her back towards the residence.

All three watched as the young duchess led Lola around the corner, and out of sight.

"She seems very nice, Rimfire," Althea said.

"That she is, Aunt Althea. You should see her teach, she's a natural with the younger mice, they all love her, just like I do, "Rimfire said.

"You love her?" Althea asked.

"That, I do. I can't see my life without her by my side, Aunt Althea.

"I'm happy you found someone, Rimfire. You have to excuse us, we have to greet the rest of the guests," Modo said, before he went off with his wife, to meet the rest of the guests.

A few hours later, the reception was winding down. Modo and Althea were saying their so-longs to the guests.

Crystal became instant friends with Lola and got real excited to learn she was going to be her teacher next year.

Somehow, Rimfire managed to get Lola alone. They were standing over by the fountain, looking back at the happy couple, then Lola said, "They look so good together, I hope their marriage lasts forever."

Rimfire pulled at the collar of his shirt in nervousness, then said, "Lola, you mean the world to me. I love you with all of my heart."

Lola turned around to face Rimfire, saw his nervousness written all over his face, then asked, "Are you alright, Rim?"

"I will be in a minute, after you answer me," he said, lowering himself onto his right knee. He reached into his jacket, pulled out a small red box, opened it, then asked, Lola, my reason for being, will you marry me?"

Lola brought her hands to her mouth, covering her trembling lips, her tail shot out straight from her body, as she contemplated what was occurring.

From her non-answer, Rimfire thought she was going to say no. He started getting back up, his tail was dragging on the ground, and as he was about to turn around, she answered, "Yes, I will marry you, You lovable-hulk of a mouse!"

He turned in time to catch her, swung her around in his arms, and kissed her, before slipping the earring though her ear.

Althea caught a glimpse of the scene over by the fountain. She pulled on her husband's left sleeve, and once she had his attention, she said, "I think your nephew asked Lola to marry him, and by the looks of things, she said yes."

"That kid moves fast, but good for him. Lola is going to make a fine wife, just like mine," Modo said before he quickly kissed her. "Its time for us to go. Amethyst is watching Crystal while we are away, and the guys will be checking in on her from time to time. Our daughter will be very well cared for. Shall we ride off into the night?" He asked extending his elbow.

"We shall," Althea said, slipping her arm though his.

Modo whistled and Lil Hoss responded, rolling up right to their side. He gently lifted Althea, placing her side-saddled on the bike, then throwing his left leg over the tank and lowering himself down into the saddle. The two slipped their helmets onto their heads and rode off into the night, starting their lives together and husband and wife.

End of Story

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