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Chapter 5: This is not what I expected

Mustafu Municipality

It was an ordinary day for the citizens of Mustafu, the sun is shining, and grade schoolers are coming home from their long stressful day in schooling.

Yeah right.

Let's just ignore the fact that there is currently a building on fire a couple of blocks away, or the shadows that passed overhead is in fact a villain dressed in a cheesy black and yellow bee suit whilst carrying a sack of loot that was quickly followed by a hero with red wings.

Yep, these kids just gave zero fucks at all because why would they? This sort of stuff is happening every day if this happened to you you get used to it yourself.

So there they go giving zero attention to ever is happening because the heroes life is what they want Or at least for the majority of them. Unknown in and seen by everyone there is a shuttle set of eyes that briefly here in the middle of an alley in the set of eyes have locked themselves into a figure with blonde spikey hair and mean looking eyes, this student is Katsuki Bakugo, His quirk explosion works when his sweat from the palms of his hands secrete something similar to Nitroglycerin And using this he is able to produce explosions depending on the amount of sweat he accumulates.

He's currently leading a group of his friends and showing off his quirk as usual Annoyingly drawing attention of the wrong kind at the back of the group also lagging quite behind is Izuku Midorya who prefers to be called Luffy, For some reason or another he keeps insisting he's he would be called that despite the fact that Luffy is not even found anywhere in his name. Despite his lack of quirk, Luffy still aspires to be a hero. Does this by going to the beach AKA the area's junkyard. He goes there to train using the various junks and building up his speed and strength that way he will be able to keep up with others with powers thru hard work, even though he still doesn't know how to swim. His sweet mother, bless her soul would ask him where he gets the scrapes and bruises but she does know it's not from bullying after all he doesn't tolerate bullies, instead she knows he's doing something to keep his dream of being a hero alive through hard work even though he's not the smartest but he still tries to study, analyze and get as much information about other quirks as much as he can. After the initial taunts and jokes, he doesn't really mind others mentioning he is quirkless. Most of them just gave up since he doesn't react to any of those instead, he shows his big happy grin that even the most hardened heart doesn't have the heart to wipe it off him. Katsuki Doesn't really mention it but he takes his heart and tenacity to make him to push himself even further in his studies and extracurricular activities after all, if someone quirkless like Izuku can better himself, why can't he? He wants to be the world's number one hero and if someone like Luffy can improve himself then he himself definitely should prove himself further to be better than everyone.

In so an odd rivalry has been born much a surprise of both the students and teachers of the school.

Tell that to the students as they were walking to large the respective homes the ones remaining work is Izuku and Katsuki with the last 2 of them on their way a portal suddenly open and out of nowhere I figure in a 3 piece suit came out and grabbed the spiky blonde and immediately went back with back into the portal. It all happened so fast that any ordinary person would still be blinking in shock and by the time they realized what happened, the portal would have been closed and everything would be over.

However, is Izuku is not an ordinary kid despite of what is mother with always saying, either it was heroism or just plain stupidity, Luffy ran blindly into the portal in order to save his friend, unknowing of what would be waiting on the other side of the portal. This started a change in the wheels in fate from one possible future to something nothing has happened before or since in with it something the world will be unprepared for.

Abandoned Warehouse

All for One stood in shock that a little boy with messy green hair and symmetrical freckles in each cheek came barreling out of the portal just a second before it closed. His shock became that of amusement when he saw the small child run between him and his target. Indeed, it is quite the sight and it shows how much this hero filled society has dictated such a small boy to do the actions that would most likely have him killed and for what? Where is the standards of one learned set by a few and with what everyone says is the right thing to do? How laughable.

As funny as it was, it also colored him curious to see what is the quirk of this little boy that makes him so confident in confronting himself. Arrogance and he himself has been a victim of it once are twice in his life but he would like to see if this little boy's quirk is also worth stealing.

"Let him go!"

"Really child and what will you do about that?" All for One chuckled lightly he wonders what will this little boy show him.

"I said let him go!" The small boy demanded as you raised in as he raised his hand in defense as if that will be enough to dissuade him from getting what he wants he still interested on how this ends nonetheless.

"Quite the brave little boy, aren't you? Tell me child, what is your quirk? How can you think you could convince me to stop what I want stop getting what I want, after all you should have an amazing quirk to be so confident in stopping me?"

"I don't have a quirk." The small boy answered. This shocked AFO,

"And you think you could stop me without a quirk? How bold of you. Tell me do you want to be a hero?" "Of course, I want to be a hero! I wanna be a hero just like All Might!"

"Indeed, All Might always inspires people in whatever he does, and he is quite the thorn in my side. However, so you mean to tell me that you are quirkless?"

"Yeah so?" the child answered in the petulant way.

"Interesting, a hero without a quirk, something that I have never seen before and by the looks of it, I'd say you're the one more deserving than most of the so-called heroes that are running around these days. But I want this child's quirk. So how about I give you an offer? I'll give you a powerful quirk, in return all you have to do is to stand aside and let me do what I came to do."

"I don't wanna join you bad guys, heroes always beat up bad guys." said Luffy in a logic that is so certain especially for 6-year-old.

AFO merely chuckled "Are you sure? Then how come I'm getting away with what I want and you unable to stop me?"

"Because I will one day be the king of the heroes, I will surpass everyone even All Might!"

"Oh, is that right? Well then hero, prove it to me one day… but that is not today." OFA suddenly gabbed the boy by the head and squeezed making the boy helplessly scream in pain. "As promised, a quirk for getting out of the way." He the transferred the most useless quirk he had at the moment Rubber Body, while sounds quite useful on paper since it everything on the user's body, the user has to concentrate to make movements otherwise it would snap back into a rigid position like a rubber band. This doesn't include involuntary movements like the heart but everything else so difficult to move that the last owner simply gave up and was confined in a special quirks section of a private hospital. OFA was kind enough in ending the man's misery and took his quirk in exchange.

Luffy was shocked and was in great panic in the strange sensation within his body as it stiffened up and would not move even a twitch on his fingers. OFA then casually tossed him to the opposite end of the room in a force that should have shattered all of his bones. There the body remained as still as a dummy.

Katsuki could only stare in shock and terror the whole exchange. His mind was screaming to fight back, to shout, distract the villain and give Izuku the time to escape. It only got worse when the man grabbed the greenette by the head and silenced him before tossing his stiff body like a rag doll.

Now the man approached Katsuki as if nothing happened. He knows he is going to die, and he will die not as a hero but as a scared powerless little boy. And he hates it with all of his being. But what can he do? He liked to talk shit at all thee awesome things that we would do when he became a hero however, he has come to realize that it all meant nothing if he was too weak to back up his claims. And this was the end for him.

Luffy was mad.

No, he's not mad. He was furious.

All he wants to do is to be a hero. One that will surpass all others. He wants to be the Hero King. Right now, he doesn't feel like one. His whole body suddenly didn't obey him, it felt like every movement has been removed by that man, even as he tried to turn his head, something forces it to face front again. In the corner of his eyes, he can see the Villain coming closer to Katsuki and he knows whatever the Villain plans, it will not end well for the blonde. Deep within his subconscious, he sees something else…

A fist covered in blistering magma.

A half-naked chest burst in blood and gore…

A loss that never went away…

"G-ggg-ee-t…" the words barely escape from his shut lips and throat.

"Beautiful… such power… wasted on a little brat like you." AFO commented as he experimented with tiny explosions on his hands, seeing the potential of this power against All Might. He knows their clash draws near and this may be the key to finally destroy One for All. He was lost in thought long enough that his victim had come to after passing out from the extraction process and is now slowly struggling to move away.

Understandable, the process usually causes most to be paralyzed a day with the if not dying like most of the mutant types due to sudden changes in their body. So, seeing this boy conscious let alone attempt to move was quite a surprise. Such will power and determination is rare. He was almost sorry in snuffing it out… almost. But needs must and this is something he needs.

Contrary to popular belief AFO is not a cruel man… at least not needlessly cruel. He will not kill this boy, not tonight at least. Such determination to live must be savored after all.

Then again…

It is foolishness to leave loose ends like that running around and he survived long enough to know to clean up after himself.

"Such a shame for you, young man, your quirk is indeed impressive and you would be quite the hero one day, isn't that what you wanted, right? Well, I removed your quirk so that option is now impossible for you," He saw the look of disbelief terror and anger on the boy's face as he tried to summon the explosions he no longer had.

"I can see the words on your face young man, "How can this be?" "This is impossible." "My quirk can't be gone!" Well, let me tell you something my younger brother used to tell me: Quirks are bullshit! The things that many generations have dreamed to do is not only possible but falling right at our laps. And what do we do with them? We squander them like pennies and the upper classes still reaps the benefit it more than others and all this causes is chaos! And all of these so-called heroes and villains running around are just playing games. They simply waste time and their talents all to make us focus on the their battles all to have the eyes of the public never pay them a second glance, after all, why pay attention to the corrupt politician when you have to worry about the big bad villain that can destroy a city with but a flex of a finger?"

"That is why order must be made and only I can bring this world into such order. And your sacrifice will be remembered Katsuki Bakugo, you are a true hero."

The tall man then reared his hand back and Katsuki could see small pops signaling that his quirk is ready to be used to end him like a sick sort of poetic justice. His body yelling at him to move his ass or he will die.

And time seems to slow into a crawl and his life seemed to flash before his eyes, he knows he will die weak and powerless without his quirk.

Fuck that.

He is determined that he will be the strongest even without a quirk, and make his name ring across the heavens. With this fiery determination he will face this head on.

Just as the explosion was about to make contact, a small missile hit AFO causing the explosion to go off without doing more than a few scratches and minute burns.

AFO looked at what had hit him and was quite surprised to see the green haired boy, as stiff as he should be so it should have been impossible with his new rubber limbs, rubber is the least pliable in its newest state. Even moving fingers would need at least several days if not weeks to condition it to move let alone walk. As it was, it is likened to a steel bar in stiffness. He then saw the look in his eyes, even with the Rubber Body pulling everything to default he could feel something that he saw rarely, and with startling similarity to that of his younger brother

Raw willpower.

The boy somehow willed his body into position and allowed his body to snap back easily and using the force to launch himself to hit him just in time to save the other boy. All by simple willpower and instincts. How curious indeed is this boy…

"Oh, dear boy, such determination from you, quite admirable indeed. However," AFO loomed over the prone form of Luffy. "I told you to get out of my way, and even if it is after I've gotten the quirk, you still interfered. Let this be a lesson to not break deals."

As he was about to set his hand on Luffy's head to remove the gift he had given, when suddenly a blade cut his hand. A sword in fact. It didn't hurt that much, like paper cut at worst with his healing quirks at play that it immediately disappeared. No, it was more on the suddenness that caused him to step back to see the previously paralyzed boy with a sword, a katana to be specific, not even a good one, just a prop to be stored inside the warehouse. His form was horrendous and would most likely to hurt himself that his opponent. He was also shaking worse than a tree in a storm but there it is again, perhaps a degree or two less than the greenette which he just now noticed has a straw hat of all things on his back, probably not even that important to take note of yet he did nonetheless.

"How amusing indeed. Just my luck to find two kids who could bear my brother's will he must be beside himself laughing at me right now. Might as well-"

When he was once again interrupted by a wall exploding. It seems that is the running theme today. He stands by the thought of his brother having fun at his expense again.

"Fear not young ones! Hope has arrive for I am here!" Came the booming voice of only one person. All Might

I knew you were despicable All for One, but kidnapping these kids? That's a new low even for you."

"It is not something I particularly like to do All Might, but needs must when the Devil drives as they say. However, will you pursue me? Or save these young men?" AFO raised his left arm and activated some quirks in his possession. " Air Cannon, Force multiplier x20. So, All Might. What will it be? Will you stop me or will you save the day once again? Hehehehehe."

"I will save as may lives as I can, that is what a hero does!" All Might declared immediately.

"So predictable, like with your master before you." The Villain then fired the air blast towards the the kids standing in shock at how fast things have gotten. One could only using all of his power to look at what was happening while the other was on his knees holding on to the sword foe support.

Using his super speed, the hero dashed in front of the boys just in time to take the frightful impact that resulted in obliterating half of the werehouse. Thanks to his body and firm determination, he was able to shield both of the boys from the onslaught with nothing more than a simple breeze reaching them.

When All Might looked up to look for his nemesis, he was gone like he wasn't there.

All for One has gotten away again once again. And all the hero could be certain that their clash was nearing, his gut was sure of that. Seems what Nighteye has feared will come to pass soon enough. But for now, he has another duty as a hero to attend to.

He tended to both of the boys ans was quite shocked to know what transpired, one had his quirk removed, that was expected with AFO's movements as of late. What was shocking was him giving a quirk to a quirkless boy, even as useless and impractical as it may seem, to an aspiring hero of all things. It seems that AFO has had another one of his random whims. Who knows what was going on inside that madman's head.

All Might assisted the police in making sure that the children were sent home safely, he even did it personally and had signed an autograph when he learned that the two were huge fans of his, addressing the two's bravery in the face of such a dangerous situation.

It seems that this case has been closed and resolved as it could be but he also has a nagging feeling that this has set into motion something. He was not sure what but it will be affecting the world at large, he will have to keep an eye at these boys. Perhaps they would be the next wielders of OFA, or perhaps something even he would not understand. All he knew is that the world will never be the same again one these boys were through with it. All Might suddenly just felt a shiver down his spine.

Years later he knew that he was right.