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Ladies and gentlemen and otaku, a Takari story...

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True Love Never Dies: Realization

13 year old Takeru Takaishi leaned on the trunk of a tree. It was a warm Spring day in Odaiba, and the shadow the tree casted made a nice shady spot, perfect for relaxing and daydreaming.

'It's a beautiful day.' he thought, smiling.

A small flower fell from the tree and floated majestically, sailing the wind as it carelessly flew freely in the air. Takeru held out his hand and let the small flower caress his open palm. It surely was a beautiful day.

The flowers were blooming, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping...

Takeru sighed happily, and let himself slide down the trunk and onto the soft grass.

'Wow. I can't believe it has actually been one year since we saved the world...Everything is so peaceful now. Everything's so beautiful...Can a day get better than this?' Then, something caught his eye.

His day just got better.

It was a girl sitting on one of the park benches, chatting with friends. She had silky brown hair, and beautiful hazelnut eyes. The girl that looks made guys stare, and personality that made a great friend...Hikari Yamagi.

Takeru smiled. "Speaking of beautiful..." he caught himself. 'Whoa, where did that come from?!' his mind seemed to go chaotic…`I mean, I do like her but just as a friend, she is my best friend after all! Right??...Right...' he shrugged it off.

Hikari was Takeru's best friend. They've known each other since kindergarten and were inseparable. Takeru even saved her life once...During the battle with the Dark Masters. He gave a triumphant grin at the thought. But he'll never forget the kiss on the cheek that made them even better friends...It was their friendship that pushed TK on. If it weren't for Hikari, he wouldn't be the star player in his basketball team. Long before he started playing, Hikari taunted and teased him because she always kicked his ass at it. But then, TK started practicing...And you know what happens. TK laughed as he remembered the playful taunts and teases. And if it weren't for Hikari, he wouldn't have gotten all that self confidence and courage.

Takeru smiled at her. 'Oh Hikari...Where would I be without you?'

Hikari noticed him giving her a weird look and raised an eyebrow at him. Takeru felt himself turn red as he realized he was staring at her. He laughed nervously and gave her an awkward wave. Hikari giggled and returned the greeting with an awkward wave back.

Takeru scowled at himself for acting like a complete idiot. He hated it when he tripped up in front of girls. Especially Hikari. He then gasped as he saw her walking towards him.

"Hey Takeru, what's up?" Hikari asked, looking down at him, smiling.

Takeru tried desperately to stop blushing, with no success. He stood up and dusted himself off. "Hi Hikari...err...nothin' much actually." He realized he still held the flower in his hand. "Um...here, floated off the tree. Prettier than you." He handed it to her.

"Aww...thanks Takeru. You're so sweet – hey wait!" Hikari stopped mid-way through her sentence and glared at him.

Takeru took a deep breath. He was relieve Hikari saw the normal Takeru then, not the stuttering, nervous, wreck. "Heh heh, you know I'm only playin' with you Hikari!" he grinned sheepishly, "It's almost as pretty as you."

Hikari eyed him, "That's better Takaishi," she smiled, "Now you're sweet."

Takeru blushed. "Yes, I know." He said, laughing nervously. He took long, shaky breaths in an attempt to slow down his racing heart beat.

"Hey Kari! Stop flirting! C'mon, we're getting bored here!" One of Kari's friends called, waving her hand.

"Oh shut your mouth!" Hikari yelled at her grinning friends. She turned to TK. "I better go before they get suspicious about the secret R- rated relationship we're having." TK nodded and smirked at their little inside-joke, yet still feeling slightly disappointed.

Hikari winked and walked away. Takeru waved good-bye, "See ya later...baby," he said jokingly. Hikari giggled and walked off to her friends.

As the group was consumed in girlish gossip, Takeru was standing there, blushing furiously.

'That went...well' he plopped back down on the soft grass and rested his head on the trunk of the tree. He relaxed himself and closed his eyes. However, relaxation just couldn't come to him. Something in the back of his head just kept tugging at his mind.

'Damn, why was I so nervous?? And why was a blushing so much...I was a blushing freak!' he thought.


'She's Kari...My best friend...There's nothing to be nervous about.'


'Next time...Yeah...'








"Wha?!" TK snapped back into reality. He looked up and saw an annoyed Daisuke, his hands were on his hips and he had a very impatient look on his face.

A/N: Sometimes that happens to me...When I'm deep in thought and someone talks to me, I think its that annoying little voice in my head

Daisuke glanced at a group of kids giggling at them and raised an eyebrow. "Dude...I told you meditation was gay." He snorted.

"I wasn't meditating you dolt. I was just thinking," TK looked over at the kids too, "And they aren't laughing at me..." He reached behind Daisuke and took the 'Kick Me' sign off of his back.

Daisuke's face faulted and shot a glare at the kids. "You little punks! I outta go over there and kick your little wussy asses!!" he yelled. He crumpled up the sign and threw it, which landed 3 feet away.

TK sweatdropped, 'I just don't have the heart to tell him he throws like a girl...'

"Well anyway..." Daisuke plopped down next to him and smirked, "I saw Hikari talking to you. She digs you man, I could tell! And the way you gave her that flower...You sly dog!"

TK turned bright red, "Dude! We're just friends!"

"Ohhhh riiiight!" Daisuke replied, his mouth turning into an 'O' shape, "Hey Teek, is that sunburn or are you blushing?" He started laughing.

"Shut. The. Hell. Up." Takeru replied, his voice sharp and threatening.

Daisuke has long since given up on Kari, believing Takeru belongs with her. They've been hanging out together and developed quite a friendship. Even though they still fight about who's better at basketball, who's faster at running, who's funnier, who can make a darker mark in a brick wall by punching it...all of these arguments which, end up in a fist fight...yep, quite a friendship.

"Oh c'mon Takeru," Daisuke said, his eyes sparkling, "Stop denying yourself. I know you two are meant to be together bud."

Takeru raised an eyebrow, "Oh yeah? How do you know?"

Daisuke's face suddenly turned serious,"Well...Everything just seems to...light up when you two are together. Even Miyako thinks so. She says you two make a cute couple. Don't you at least like her a little?"

"As a friend."

"No!" Daisuke said, annoyed. He took a breath and his eyes softened, "I mean...As something more than a friend...Don't you ever get that warm feeling inside when she's around? Don't you feel happy when you're talking to her?"

Takeru remained silent. He never heard Daisuke talk like this before. His voice held such maturity...He was speaking with a quiet conviction, as though experience has taught him what he was saying.

"Don't you Takeru?"

"Since when...Did you know how it feels like Daisuke?" Takeru asked, his serene eyes now fixed on his quiet friend.

Daisuke sighed. "I once loved..." he shook his head, "It's behind me now. Now tell me Takeru, don't you?"

Takeru was silent.

Daisuke smirked, "You do, don't you?"


"Think it over, okay? I didn't give up Hikari for nothing you know..." he stood up, "I know you two are meant to be together," He said, using the word, 'know' pointedly. He poked his head three times and said, "Think it over," and walked away.

TK thought about what he said. He glanced at Kari who was talking with her friends. He shook his head, dismissing the thought.

Although, he couldn't help but wonder...He thought about Kari, and how he felt around her. Love was such a strong word...And so hard to figure out. He glanced at her again. His best friend...

A smile crept onto his face as pleasurable realization came over him. He did get a warm feeling inside when she was around...He was just denying himself all those years...Could it be what Daisuke said it would be?

Could it be...Love?


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