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Believe you can do it.

Bella's POV

I awoke to see Paul's tear - stained face.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You passed out." He hugged me.

"Why?" I asked, confused.

"You're parents are outside." Paul stroked my face softly.

"Don't take me there! If I pass out too much it'll be bad for the baby! I'll kill it if I see them! Please Paul!" I begged him.

"If I didn't catch you, then you both would've died." Paul said.

"Bella!" I heard Charlie yell.

Paul rushed me upstairs and locked the door.

"Crap!" I screamed. Pain hit my rib.

"Are you OK?" Paul worriedly looked at me.

"Yeah. Just. My rib." I said.

Paul lifted my shirt and looked at my rib.

"Bella? Its broken. How?" He looked at me.

"I think it was when I fainted. I couldn't breath for a while, so the baby must not have been able to either. That's why he probably kicked." I connected my thoughts.

"Yeah. I'm going to tell Sam you can't see them. It'll be bad for both of you. I don't want to risk it." Paul decided.

I nodded and he called Sam.

Before Sam came in, I opened my bedside drawer and got out one of Charlie's photos I stabbed. I handed it to Paul.

"I did this when he left. To all our photos. I never want to see him or any of them." I told him as he looked the picture over. He stuffed in under the bed.

"Forgot about him." He kissed me lightly.

"What do I tell all of them?" Sam walked in. My rib suddenly flared with pain and I groaned.

"Its unhealthy for Bella to see them. The baby kicked her rib. They almost died. Tell them the first sentence." Paul said.

Sam nodded. Soon, I heard doors slam and cars drive away. Paul fixed up my rib a little and the pain went away.

"Paul?" I asked him that night.

"Yes,baby?" He replied.

"Tomorrow we will find out what gender our baby is."

"I'm so excited."

"Goodnight, Paul."

"Good night, Bella."

Paul's POV

We found out yesterday that our baby was a boy! Bella insisted that I named him. I wasn't sure about the name yet.

My only worry was that he'd carry the wolf gene (he obviously does since I'm his father) and that it'd activate. But, I didn't tell Bella that because I didn't want to stress her.

"We can name him after you." Bella suggested.

"If you want. But let's think a little."

She nodded and went into the kitchen. She was cooking when I smelled blood.

"Shit!" Bella muttered as she saw me walk in.

"Are you OK?" I asked her. Bella nodded and wrapped her wrist in a paper towel.

"Let me see." I pulled her hand towards me and she didn't object. I almost threw up when I took the napkin off. The cut was long and deep. It was so gross to just look at it.

"This wasn't on purpose! I swear!" Bella said.

"Its OK. Accidents happen." I treated her injury.

"I just thought you would think I did it." Bella whispered.

"I know you would do this. This probably hurts worse. Did the knife slip?"

She nodded.

"Bella, please be more careful. I'll cook. Just wait in the living room." I began to finish up the meal she was cooking.

"OK." Bella walked away, holding the bandages on her wrist.

A few moments later, I finished cooking the chicken and called Bella back in.

"So, are my - I mean Charlie and Renée coming back anytime soon?" Bella asked while we were eating.

"Probably. I mean maybe for a few minutes. They told Sam they were coming at 6. I don't really think -"

"6?! Its 5: 57!" Bella yelled.

"Oh, crap!" I panicked.

"Do you think they're coming?" Bella asked.

"Let me phase and call Sam over." I ran outside, pulled off my shorts and phased.

What happened? - Sam

Are you OK? - Jared

No! Charlie and Renée! Aren't they coming at 6? - Paul

I forgot about that! Is Bella OK?- Sam

Sound personal. I'm going to phase back. - Jared.

Hurry to the house Sam! - Paul

i phased back, pulling my shorts on and ran inside.

"What do I do?" Bella was walking in circles. Before I could answer, I heard cars pull up.

"Stay calm. Don't stress yourself." I opened the door.

"Why are you here?" I asked Charlie, Renée, Phil, and Sue.

"To see our daughter." Charlie huffed, crossing his arms.

"YOU DISOWNED ME!" Bella shouted from the kitchen.

They all walked in.

"No, we didn't. And when were you going to tell us you were pregnant?" Renée asked.

"Hmm, let me think. NEVER!" Bella shouted.

"I just wanted to see what my daughter is up to." Sue said.

"Leah's not here." Bella ate her food.

"I meant you." Sue clarified.

"Oh. You'll never be anything to me. Get out." Bella said.

"Bella..." Phil began.

"Don't 'Bella' me! Its Isabella to you. If you can't call me that, get your ass outside." Bella yelled.

I walked over to her and pulled her into my arms.

"Isabella. I'm sorry. We just wanted to talk." Phil said.

"I don't. Get out. My only parents are Sam and Emily. I wish YOU guys rot in Hell." Bella spat.

I watched as our guests grew hurt looks on their faces.

"I'm sorry." Charlie spoke up.

"I'm not. Get out. I don't want you in my baby's life either. Get that? Sam and Emily are my only parents. What'd you come here to tell me, huh?" She shot dirty looks at Sue and Renée. "Are you guys pregnant? If you are, I hope you die having it. I hope the baby dies too." Bella stomped upstairs.

"Get out." I growled at them.

"Who are you?" Everyone but Sue said.

"I'm Paul Lahote. The baby's father. Now get out." I said.

They all walked out quietly and drove away.

When I walked into our bedroom, I just barely dodged a knife.

"I'm sorry Paul." Bella apologized, tears streaking her face as she shot knifes on pictures of Charlie, Renée, Phil, and Sue.

"Its OK. Can I help?" I asked. She nodded and handed me 4 knives. I accurately shot the knives at their faces.

"Thanks. I hope that really does happen." Bella sighed. I nodded.

"Are you guys OK?" Sam and Emily bursted in the door.


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