Billy hated Krystal. He had decided that fact before he had even met her. If it wasn't for the teenage girl they wouldn't have had to move to the backwards town of Hawkins. Billy couldn't understand why Susan, his stepmother was suddenly acting like she cared about her estranged daughter. Susan hadn't seen Krystal for over a year, and most of the time seemed happy enough to ignore the existence of her. That was until Benny Hammond, Krystal's father, had committed suicide in front of his daughter, and a wave of trouble was set in motion. Krystal had quickly been fostered after spending only a few weeks in care, much to her mother's surprise. It had been the calm before the storm as only a few weeks ago, Krystal had turned up in California, insisting that she wouldn't be returning to her foster parents anytime soon. From the bruises and cuts littering her body, Susan quickly agreed to this. Billy's father seemed to see this as a lucky opportunity to get away from the questions that had begun to surround Billy's own cuts and bruises that were becoming more frequent. And that's how Billy found himself driving himself, and his two step-sisters towards Hawkins High the day before Halloween. Both Billy and Max had been surprised that morning when Krystal announced she wanted to sit shotgun, which wouldn't have been a strange request, apart from the fact that it was the first time she had spoken since they had arrived in Hawkins. The girl was practically a mute. At least he could get a rise out of Max, but with Krystal, it was like something inside her had broken. He glanced at the girl beside him, her long brunette hair flying past her face from the strength of the wind. From the few pictures Billy had seen of her father, Krystal was a 50/50 mix between her parents. She inherited her pale skin, and blue eyes from her mother, but her dark hair and more muscular frame from her father. Billy made sure to have this music on full blast, and even revved the engine more than needed, as he drove into the school parking lot. If there was one thing he was good at, it was making an entrance. He could already tell half of the school's eyes were on his car. Max grabbed her backpack and skateboard, and climbed out of the backseat, not sparing either of them a glance.

"Max!" A voice called out, just as she was about to hop on her skateboard.

Max turned around with wide eyes, as she realised it was her sister who had spoken. It was almost disturbing that she had forgotten what her sister's voice sounded like.

"Have a good day" Krystal told her, giving her a tense smile.

"Uh, sure. You too" Max nodded, noticing how it seemed like it almost pained Krystal to speak.

"Are you not going to say the same to me?" Billy questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Krystal turned to him, simply raising an eyebrow right back. Billy was convinced she wasn't going to say anything until he saw her eyes focus on where he knew a bruise would be blossoming in his hairline. When he had told his father last night that he didn't want to drive his step-sisters to school, his father hadn't been best pleased.

"What are you looking at, freak?" Billy hissed, hoping to make her feel uncomfortable.

"I'm looking at you" She stated, in such a way that it was Billy who instead felt uncomfortable.

"Jesus, I swear you've got a screw loose" Billy scoffed, looking away from her.

"If you want to get into the popular group quickly, you should join the basketball team. Talk to Tommy H. He's a dick…you'd probably like him" Krystal informed him, leaving Billy speechless.

"What, so you're talking now?" Billy asked, as Krystal exited the car.

"Only when I feel like it" She shrugged, picking up her backpack and walking towards the school.

Shaking his head, Billy mulled over the advice she had just given to him. It wasn't so much that he liked being popular, but more that he needed it. He needed to feel like he was in control somewhere. He just couldn't understand how Krystal had figured that out already in only a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Krystal was gripping onto the strap from her backpack, hoping that the passengers in the car she was approaching wouldn't notice her. She had been so distracted by her conversation with Billy that she hadn't realised where she was walking. Krystal hadn't been planning on saying anything to her new step-brother, but when she noticed the bruise on his face, it was easy to put two and two together. It seemed like they had a lot more in common than Krystal had first thought. However, she hadn't been planning on saying anything to Max either. She wanted to bang her head into a wall, seeing how her resolve had already begun to crumble. It was easier not having to speak, it was safer.

"Krystal?" A familiar voice questioned, distracting her from her thoughts.

"Hey…I…I thought you were still in California" Steve Harrington exclaimed, as Nancy came to his side.

Krystal simply shrugged in response, gripping the strap even harder. She could tell a small crowd had begun to watch their interaction, interested to see how it turned out. Steve began to approach Krystal, whose grip on her backpack had become painful.

"Maybe…maybe we should hang out sometime? It feels like it's been forever since-" Steve was cut off when Krystal's fist suddenly slammed into his face.

Steve would have fallen to the ground from the impact if Nancy wasn't there to steady him. He looked up at Krystal with a shocked expression, his eyes wide. Krystal seemed to be practically bristling with anger, words on the tip of her tongue. However, she simply flipped him off and stormed through the crowd of teenagers. Billy had watched the entire reaction, as he realised he had a small grin on his face from watching his step-sister wail on some lanky guy after not even being back at the school for five minutes. Maybe she wasn't quite as boring as he thought.

Billy noticed that Krystal seemed to have bunked off school after lunch, which allowed him time to gather some information on her. While he was making out with some girl whose name he couldn't even remember, he brought up the fight that had happened in the parking lot. Unsurprisingly, she was more than happy to gossip, and Billy soon found out some things that shocked him. Supposedly, Krystal and Steve had not only been best friends for years but also the King and Queen of the school. Krystal had been at the top of her classes, sociable if a bit of a bitch, and alongside being King's Steve's right-hand woman, everyone had known her. That all changed after her father's suicide, as she became withdrawn from everyone, and Steve seemed determined to avoid her at all costs. She had all but stopped speaking to everyone a few months ago, even her teachers couldn't get more than a nod out of her. The girl told him that Krystal had slowly just faded into the background and that's where she had stayed until she came into school a few weeks ago looking like she had been beaten within an inch of her life. Steve had finally approached her and some big argument went down, which resulted in Krystal storming out of the school, and Billy guessed getting a one-way ticket to California. True to her word, Krystal showed up at his car just after the bell rang to signify the end of the school day. Billy couldn't stop the grin spreading on his face, as he watched her slide into the passenger seat. Happy he finally had some ammunition to get under the girl's skin, he flicked his cigarette to the ground and got into the driver's seat. Just as he went to open his mouth, he saw Krystal pulling an air freshener out of her bag, which she hung from the front mirror.

"What's this?" He questioned, touching the pine fresh item.

"For the cow shit" Krystal shrugged, as he pulled her seatbelt on.

Billy's mouth hung open for a moment, as he realised that she must have somehow noticed the grimace on his face when he smelt the manure in the fields, as they were driving to the school. It was such a small reaction, that Billy couldn't help but wonder what else Krystal had already picked up on. He subconsciously, smoothed his hair down, hiding the bruise that had begun to show more.

"How was school?" Susan smiled, as they all arrived home.

"Nothing special" Max stated, going to the kitchen for a glass of water.

"Krystal?" Susan questioned, only getting a shrug in reply, as the young girl flopped down onto the couch.

"Billy, how was your first day?" Susan inquired, as Billy surveyed the house, finding that his father wasn't home.

"New building, same old skanks" Billy mumbled, earning a small snigger from Krystal on the couch.

"Billy!" Susan gasped, disgusted by his language.

"Sorry, same old whores. Is that better?" Billy smirked, enjoying riling up his stepmother.

"I don't appreciate that sort of language in this household. Stop it now or…or I'll tell your father" Susan insisted, as Billy's jaw tensed, and he pushed past her to sit on the couch.

"Did you talk to Tommy H?" Krystal inquired, as she took her shoes off.

"Yes, but not because you told me to" Billy mumbled, knowing how childish he sounded.

"That 'skank' you were making out with at lunch today…it's his girlfriend, by the way" Krystal informed him, a small smirk on her face.

Billy's eyes widened at this knowledge, not only because he could have already committed social suicide but because it meant that Krystal had been watching him.

"What, are you some peeping tom now?" Billy scoffed.

"If you don't want my help with taking over the school…that's your problem" Krystal shrugged, about to stand up.

"And why would you want that? Don't your loyalties lie with 'King Steve'?" Billy suggested.

"I hate Steve. I haven't known you long enough yet to hate you, but who knows, there's still time" Krystal shrugged, almost teasingly.

Suddenly Billy could start to see how she was once running Hawkins High. He couldn't understand how one minute she looked as meek as a mouse, and next she was acting sly enough to take even him on.

"Trust me, you'll hate him by next week" Max scoffed, overhearing the end of their conversation.

Krystal seemed to stiffen when she saw her younger sister approaching and shrugged once again before scurrying off to her room. Billy could see the hurt on Max's face at how Krystal was acting around her, but he couldn't understand why.

Krystal slammed her bedroom door shut and let her head fall against it. She hated upsetting Max, but she couldn't afford to get close to anyone again. Her father, her foster parents, even Steve…every let her down. At least with Billy, she didn't have to worry about that. Billy didn't care about her, and he had made that clear from the start. She knew where she stood with him.

Author's Notes: I hope you all liked this first chapter! So I watched Season 3 recently and I absolutely loved it...and now I love Billy too, haha. To clarify, yes Benny Hammond is the same Benny who died in Season 1, I thought it would be interesting to see a bit more of his character and have it connected to my OC. If you'd like to see more of this fanfic please leave a review and let me know what you thought:)