For more information on who Alana is please read SCP: Mother Nature Remastered. In short she is a nature manipulator I created. This is an alternate version of her, based on the 'what if' she met Slenderman as a child. These prompts were inspired by a friend who has made many of these herself. They are done at random and the way it works is I roll two dice. The one on the left indicates a name and the second a subject. The topic for these are Memories. (Credit for the summary also goes to the same friend, as I had trouble coming up with one on my own without getting too details or not detailed enough)

1. Splendor
2. Slender
3. SCP
4. Trender
5. Clarice
6. Offender

1. Bake
2. Family
3. Jewelery
4. Outfit
5. Flower
6. Home