It was a normal day at Here School. All the students in Classroom 1 were drawing pictures as their assignment. Baldi, the teacher, kept a careful eye on them, making sure nobody drew anything weird.

12 minutes later, he decided to check out the drawings. A nerdy boy drew a picture of a book, and a preppy girl drew some Barbie dolls. But one student, a girl named Playtime, didn't feel like drawing. Baldi walked over to her and asked, "What's wrong, Playtime?"

"Well, you see," Playtime replied. "I'm worried about the field trip to the local pizzeria. Why? Because I heard it's haunted."

"Playtime, relax," an emo boy told her. "Ever since the grand re-opening, the place is no longer scary."

"Yeah, don't listen to those rumors!" chimed in an obese, former bully.

Playtime felt better after hearing these nice comments from her friends. She was excited to start the field trip.

The next day, it was time for the field trip. The students cheerfully boarded the bus, and the driver, Baldi himself, drove them to Freddy and Friends' Happy Land, the best pizzeria in town.

During the opening ceremony, Freddy Fazbear himself walked on the stage, waving to the happy kids.

"Welcome, welcome! Before we begin the fun, I have an announcement to make." Freddy spoke into his microphone. "Recently, our managers have reported urine puddles randomly appearing on-" The animatronic bear's speech was interrupted by laughter. Of course, anything related to pee was hilarious, especially to kids.

"Kids, please stop laughing, this is a serious issue, and we do not want anymore-"

This only made them laugh even harder. Playtime raised her hand as soon as the laughter died down. "Yes, little girl over there?" Freddy called on her.

"Who's that kid over there?" Playtime asked as she pointed to a rotund animatronic boy. "That's Balloon Boy, or as he likes to be called, BB!" The bear replied. "He sells balloons for 25 cents, and he's very nice."

After the ceremony, Playtime walked up to BB and bought a balloon from him. Then, she suddenly found a puddle of pee. She did the right thing and reported it to a manager, but when the manager cleaned it up, it was sticky. It turns out that was just lemonade.

But just then, the power went out! All the kids panicked and ran all over, crying and screaming and wailing and begging for their mommies. 2 minutes later, the power went back on, but something was wrong...