Chapter 1 "Pain"

Dawn let her body slump to the floor as another wave of sickness crashed through her small body. Her hands shook and her face fell to the floor. All she could see was the pain and yelling that was to come. One night of going out to a party with Janice and a bunch of her friends and it had taken away her innocence. She had screamed no and fought back as hard as she could but the man that had pinned her under him had been stronger. She screamed and pleaded but he had raped her. In one instance she had became a victim.

She felt arms rap around her and the coldness of his body soothed the burning of her skin. "Spike?" The young teenager breathed out as the form lifted her from the strange building's floor.

"It's gonna be okay Nibblet I'm here now." The blonde vampire whispered already knowing the action that had went on the building. He could smell the fear and pain in the small girl. He could smell the scent of the man on her.

"I'm here Dawnie. We're gonna get you to the doctor right away. I promise it'll be okay." Buffy added grabbing her sister's hand and placing it in her's.

She felt the darkness consume her, all the pain disappearing and being replaced with images of the previous night.

* * * * * * *

Spike took Buffy's hand in his and squeezed it for support. The waiting room was filled with complete silence all except the cries of Dawn in the next room. "It's just a little hard for her to remember Pet, that's all. She'll get through it baby don't worry."

"Spike I can't believe this is happening! I should have been there for her. I didn't even know until we herd her scream and by the time we got there it was to late." Buffy screamed as Spike pulled her into his arms.

"Shh it'll be all right I promise." He whispered in her ear as a tear trickled down his cheek and falling into Buffy's golden blonde hair.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"He raped me! That's what happened! I couldn't see his face! Are you satisfied? Now get out before I scream for Spike and he rips your fucking throats out!" The teenager screamed right before Spike burst in the door and ran to her side flashing his yellow eyes at the doctors warningly.

"Spike!" Dawn cried burying her face in his neck sobbing violently her entire body shaking.

"It's okay Nibblet. I won't let those sons of Bitches near you." The vampire said his tone soft but rough.

"Spike I am so scared!" The teenager screamed pulling him closer to her. He had been her protector for a long time, forever it seemed like. But the thing that scared her most was the fact that in that instant even though she was in his cold loving arms she didn't feel safe. She was scared and not anything could heal that wound.
Weeks passed and the young girl became even more broken. She couldn't feel safe anywhere. In her own home all she could remember was the feel of his breath and the way he screamed at her and held her down. At school all she could do was wonder if any one of the boys in her class were the man that did that to her.

Dawn ran as the doorbell rang she opened the door slowly making sure that the chain was still in place. She saw the nurse standing there with a file in her hand. "Come in."

"Dawn I need to talk to you and your sister if that would be okay?" The nurse asked softly her black hair falling around her face beautifully.

"Yes we will talk to you." Buffy said from the doorway that her and Spike were standing at.

"Very well then. I have bad news about the other day's checkup. We did a blood test ad we found something out that may come as a surprise. Dawn is going to have a baby as a result of her accident." The nurse said giving the sisters sympathetic looks.

"It has to be a mistake! Spike please make her say it is all a mistake!" Dawn shouted as tears started falling down her cheeks.

"I wish I could." He responded as he pulled the teenage girl that was almost a daughter or younger sister to him into his lap to comfort her. He listened softly and he could hear the sound of the light heart beat beating along with Dawn's.

"Please leave." Buffy said as she began to comprehend what had just happened.

The young woman walked out the door a tear of sympathy threatening to fall from her eye. She knew the pain and agony that the family must be in, she had seen a lot of teenagers in her place.

The family had cried and even screamed that night. The pleas and cries of the two sisters and the soothing whispers of the vampire had filled the night.

The morning rays of sunshine flooded the bedroom of the youngest Summers' woman. It glistened and danced on her face. The door creaped open and Buffy walked in careful not to wake her sleeping sister. Giles had been scared by the news mumbling and raving on about a prophecy and the child of the Key. It frightened the Slayer to no end to know that the reason this happened to her sister was to for fill some stupid prophecy. It almost made her scared for the lives of all of them. There was always a bad thing to come with a prophecy. It could be the child of a demon for all that they knew and it made her fearful for the future of the unborn child.

"Buffy you don't need to sneak in I already know you are in here." Dawn said emptiness filling her voice.

The memory of what Giles told her they must do stung at her mind. "Dawn I don't want to but I have to send you to Angel. The child is going to for fill some prophecy and he said that it must be protected and we can't do that here. I wish we could but with Willow and Giles in England and Tara gone, and Xander is well almost gone to us. It isn't safe for you to be here."

TBC ......... I hope you are enjoying the mystery. Well I'll give you a little hint about the next chapter. It is going to take place in LA and it is centered between the growing of a new relationship. Well I must go now, chapters to write and things to do and most of all a certain boy to have fantasies about. By the way if you can give me advice on how to catch an older boy it would be appreciated.

- Trinity Dawn Armstrong