Chapter 8 "Welcome to the Bedroom"

Connor looked at the teenager with his big blue eyes and he just hoped that he had heard right. "What did you say?" He asked his voice quivering slightly this being the first time he had really said anything to the girl.

"I said I want you." She breathed her voice as soft as possible. She felt her breath quicken and the baby kicked her in the ribs.

"Dawn are you sure that this is what you want?" The miracle child whispered putting his lips only mere inches away from her ear. He breathed sending chills down Dawn's spine.

Dawn looked at his blue eyes and shuttered. "I want you, Connor." She confirmed.

He pressed his lips to her and pulled her back on the bed with him.

---------------------------------------------- In the morning

"CONNOR!" Cordelia screamed pounding on the door with her fists.

"Get dressed." The miracle child whispered to Dawn as he pulled his pants and shirt on. "I'm awake Cordy, give me a minute."

Dawn pulled on the rest of her clothes and noticed how soar her muscles were around her legs.

Connor opened the door looking at Cordelia with his blue eyes.

"Angel went to check on Dawn and she is." Cordelia stopped noticing the teenager standing behind Connor. "Why is she in your room?"

"Well Cordy she came to check on me last night and we got talking about the events of the last few months and our histories with being older than we both should be. I guess we just fell asleep." The Miracle Child breathed in a convincing tone adding an innocent look at the end.

"Okay but Dawn you might want to go tell Angel you are okay. He has been so worried about you."

"Yes Cordy I will tell Angel." The teenager replied walking towards Cordelia. She turned around giving Connor a wink and blew him a small kiss.

Dawn waltzed over to Angel and placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and smiled putting both arms around the girl. "Are you okay Dawnie? Where in the bleedin hell have you been?" Angel said in a firm tone.

"I'm fine. I went to talk to Connor last night and we fell asleep in his room." The teenager replied happily knowing she had long mastered the art of lying to people aside from Spike.

"Okay but just don't let it happen again. You worried me and I really don't like to worry about people, it makes me feel old."

"Angel, you are old." Dawn said causing the vamp to wine in protest.

"I am not!"

"Okay Angel. Can Connor and I go out and look around the town today?" The teenager asked hopefully.

"Sure be careful." Angel replied in a fatherly tone. Angel had grown to really like the girl over the little bit she had been there. She had really grown on him.

Dawn smiled and ran back down the stairs to Connor's room and flung the door open. She got an eyeful of his beautiful naked body. She shut the door softly and walked over to him. "I love that ass I just wish I could see more of it." She whispered slapping his butt softly.

He kissed her on the cheek and lifted her up and setting her on his hips. "Later." He promised kissing her more firmly then setting her back down.

"Only because I trust you. I need to get changed. We are gonna see the town today. How much of it is up to you." Dawn added with a wink.

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