She was exhausted. Dark circles rimmed her once lively blue eyes. But no more did those eyes smile. No more did they laugh or fill with joy. Those blue eyes were filled with fear and anxiety. A hopelessness that she couldn't escape from. Even her dreams were no longer safe. Plagued with nightmares, memories that haunted her sleep. They would frighten her, waking her in the dead of night. She would shake and tremble in fear and shame. Tears would fill her dead eyes, falling down her cheeks in torrents. Sometimes, she would scream. Others, she would cry silently, her sobs muffled by her pillow. The fear would eat at her, her mind constantly thinking through every possible scenario. After all, he knew where she was. He knew how to find her. And he had already broken her once before. There was nothing stopping him from doing it again.

It was these thoughts that, a few days later, found her packing up her minimal belongings in her small off-campus apartment. Boxes had littered her tiny room, everything packed away neatly. She had made several trips in and out, placing them in her car. She hadn't brought much with her when she had left home, only the essentials. And while she had accumulated a few more items in the last four years, she still had enough room in her car for everything.

She knew that this was her best course of action. She needed to leave this wretched city. This cesspit that held too many nightmares and horrid memories for her. She needed to go home. Back to her small town life with her small town family. She needed to be in a safe place. A familiar area with familiar faces. Shd needed to get as far away from him as possible.

She looked around her now empty room. A room that she had spent two years in. A room that held so many memories, both good and bad. The white walls were now bare, her pictures and shelves and posters having been taken down and placed in boxes. The small, twin sized bed sat in the far left corner, looking empty. The plain, grey sheets bathed in orange from the sunset peeking through the window across the room. The desk next to her had been cleaned off as well. Her art supplies and laptop already packed up into her car.

"Are you sure you don't want me to ship your stuff?" a voice asked from behind her.

Turning around, she was met with her roommate and best friend, Kenny. He had soft, open brown eyes that spoke of sincerity. He was short, just standing a few inches taller than herself, and heavyset. His dark, curly hair was short, reaching his ears in length. She had met him in her second year, the two becoming fast friends. After another year, they had rented the off-campus apartment together. She had to explain to her parents that it was alright, and that she would be fine living with Kenny. And, after finding out he was gay, they were relieved and let the matter rest.

"I'm sure," she replied. "It all fits just fine in Jimmy." Jimmy being her old '67 Chevy.

Kenny nodded in understanding. "Okay," he told her. He then pulled her into his arms for a tight hug. "I want you to call me or text me as soon as you're home. And call me once a week so we can talk, okay?"

She nodded against his shoulder, tears filling her eyes. She didn't want to leave him behind, her best friend, but this was his home. Unlike her, he had been born and raised here. She couldn't ask him to come with her, leaving his family and home behind. So, she settled for one last hug.

"I'll miss you, Kenny," she cried into his shoulder. "I really will."

Kenny smiled, tears filling his eyes as well. He had understood, more than anything, her need to leave. Her need to go home and feel safe once more, and he didn't hold it against her in the slightest. He wouldn't dream of asking her to stay, knowing how much being here tormented her.

"I'll miss you too, bae," he told her, the two of them sharing a watery laugh.

After making their way to the parking lot, and sharing one final hug, Kenny waved her off as she pulled away. She looked back in her rear view mirror, one last time. She saw him, still stood there, knowing he wouldn't go back inside until she was long out of sight. And she was thankful for Kenny, beyond all belief. He had been there for her through everything these last few years. And he would always hold a very special place in her heart. And, as much as she wished she could stay, she knew that it was time to go home.

She was more than ready to make the thirty-nine hour drive back to Forks, Washington. Back home.


The Cullens had just recently moved (back) to Forks, Washington. This move was harder on the family as Esme, their mother figure, had decided to stay behind in Alaska. She had made the decision to continue to reside with their Denali cousins, feeling that it was best. Carlisle had desperately tried to reason with her, to talk her into coming with them all, but she wouldn't have it. She knew that it was time for them all to move on without her. To leave her behind.

In all actuality, it was because of Alice. The petite Cullen had seen it one day, a vision of Carlisle's future. She could see him, smiling and laughing, pure joy reflecting in his topaz eyes. His arms were wrapped around a beautiful woman, no older than himself. She had long, dark, wavy hair hair with big, blue eyes framed by long, thick lashes. Her lips were full and soft pink, pulled back in a loving smile. Alice could see the vision as if it were truly happening right in front of her. As if she were living it in that moment. She could see Carlisle bend down, kissing the woman softly as he continued to hold her in his arms. And when she had shared this vision with Esme, the woman knew that she had to stay.

Carlisle had tried for so long to love Esme as a man loves a woman, but he couldn't. He couldn't hurt her like that, and refused to do so. He had tried, for the sake of appearing and feeling like a true family, to love her. But, each time those thoughts entered his mind, something told him that it just wasn't possible. Wasn't meant to be. And he knew that he couldn't force himself to love her. He had no intention of giving her false hope, only to hurt her in the end. And Esme, bless her, had been far more understanding than Carlisle deserved.

So, when the time had come for them to move on, Esme stayed behind. Yes, she held deep feelings for Carlisle. He was, after all, her maker. Her creator. He was her teacher, mentor, and friend. And foolishly, she had hoped for a time, possibly her love. Alas, she now knew that it was not meant to be, and it was not in her nature to be cruel or spiteful. So, it was with kind words that she gifted Carlisle before he and the children left.

The Cullens were now home, the large, open house surrounded by forestry and wildlife. Alice had made her way to her and Jasper's shared room. She had just started to fill her closet, when another vision came to her unbidden, as they often did. A gasp left her lips, her topaz eyes widening. And while she was in the present physically, she was in the future mentally.

Her mate and husband, Jasper, reached her in the blink of an eye. He said nothing, simply waited as she watched the vision play out before her. His dark, golden eyes were on her, the expression on her face. His thick, honey blonde hair was combed back to perfection. It wasn't until he heard her gasp once more, did he know that she was back with him.

"What was it?" he asked, pulling her into his slender arms. Her hands rested on his chest, his hand atop hers as he pulled her as close to him as was possible. "What did you see, darlin'?"

Alice looked up at Jasper, her slender face filled with joy. Her happiness and excitement was so strong, that Jasper could feel himself smiling along with her. "I saw her again," she explained. "I saw her and Carlisle together." She then grabbed his face in her hands. "She's here, Jazz. Carlisle's mate is already here."


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