It's an old blue Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2. Two steps to the right and I can see the number plate - the same number plate that's forever etched into the forefront of my mind.

E599 SRJ

I set off at a run.

"Don't you dare, Gene! Don't you dare drive away from me again!"

He stops with the key in the driver's side door, turns and finally he looks at me with something other than frightened resignation. It's devastation, complete and total, but somehow it's better and when I reach him I do the only thing I can think of doing. I snatch his head in my hands and kiss him, hard and for a moment seemingly unwelcome. Then his hands slide over my shoulders and his mouth opens under mine. My trampled heart is singing - something by David Bowie - and it's Gene who has to push me away, still holding on when he meets my blurring gaze.

"I didn't drive away from you that day. I stopped, called the station, called for an ambulance. Then I parked my car at the top of the slip road to block it to traffic and sat with you in a state of disbelief until the rest of the police arrived. It was an accident, Sam, I swear. It was always an accident." Gene broke his heart and gestured for Sam to jump into the blue saloon car. But Sam strongly suspects the Curly Wurly wrappers

The son's name of his much older brother was Ash Hunt. Ash gets arrested in Hyde on the other side of Central Manchester for pulling some short cons and Gene and Sam go to Hyde to bail him out. I'm sure there could be an interesting reason for Ash to change his last name to Morgan. Maybe to piss off Gene? It all started in maybe '78? When Robert Hunt was 18 years old and Gene was only 13 years old then. During DCI Tyler's road traffic collision, Gene was a police officer in a witness protection programme which physically relocates him to keep him safe until he can testify against former colleagues who used to be the take, when they worked in Greater Manchester Police in the 1970s. One of the yellowing files quoted A young Colin Raimes was witnessed waving goodbye to the murderer at the end of the missing woman Susie Tripper's case.

Liz Cartwright and the rest of their colleagues were there to keep an eye on him, in case his enemies locate him. He remembers Gene mostly since he and Sam Tyler were children and after the case is over, makes a special request for his childhood friend.

This is what DS Gene Hunt did during his best friend's DCI Sam Tyler's road traffic collision.