Disclaimer: No I do not own That 70's Show or ANY of the characters. I do however own my ideas and the few characters that I will eventually create. But I DO NOT owns the damn show, lucky bastards who do! Anyway lol… just had to clear that up.

Author's Notes: Ok! Anyway I decide to write a little series set in the future. I'll present ages and stuff in a little bit. But it's set in the future. It's J/H ((Jackie and Hyde)), and E/D ((Eric and Donna)). Also any other couples that I fit in along the way.

It's your typical story I must say. Yes the idea has been done before. The story line has been done before, I should rather say. BUT the way I present it and the way I wrote it is my own. So don't get all ify ok? If you wrote something similar and feel you deserve some credit. Don't get mad. Write it in the review. I would be more then happy to give you the credit that you deserve.

Anyway I liked the idea and decide to play around with it in my own head. Some of the details might not be you know realistic or they might. I don't know. But hey it's my story so NAH! : P Ok, so, Read and Review! I hope you enjoy.

Ages: Currently

Jackie: 22

Hyde: 23

Eric: 23

Donna: 23

Kelso: 23

Fez: 23

I figured it's just to help… ok? Hope u enjoy :)