Blood Roses "Revenge: Blood Roses"
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"Revenge: Blood Roses"

Castle Wyvern - 2/14/98 5:30 am

Walking quickly, Owen Burnett hurried through the stone corridors of the castle, his thoughts tumbling wildly through his head. He had to find Fox... had to find Fox. He had no idea why this was happening now, but it was imperative that it did happen this morning at whatever ungodly hour it was. Of course, the first place he checked was the Xanatos's sleeping chamber. No luck- a groggy and very curious Xanatos mentioned that Alex had started to cry a while ago and it was Fox's turn to care for him. Not bothering to take time to explain, Owen rushed off to the nursery, only to find the room empty. Next it was off to the place Fox usually took Alex when he awakened early: the library.

Rounding another twist in the maze of corridors, Owen was relieved to hear Alex's childish laughter. Picking up his pace, Owen quickly burst into the brightly lit room.

Startled by the sudden entrance, Fox quickly jumped out of her chair, the book she was reading to Alex falling unnoticed to the floor, and sent a worried look in Owen's direction. "Owen, what's wrong?" she asked, holding Alex even closer against her chest.

"It's time," Owen said cryptically as he rolled up his shirt sleeves and began pushing aside furniture, creating a clearing in the center of the room.

"Time? Time for wh... oh my God..." Fox trailed off as comprehension dawned on her face. "Right now?"

"It must be now..." Owen grunted as he moved the last of the furniture. "Are you sure you don't want Mr. Xanatos here?" Owen asked as he finally joined Fox in the middle of the room.

"I'm sure. If this doesn't work, I don't want his hopes raised for nothing," Fox explained.

"Fine, but before we begin, I want to make sure that you really want to do this..."

"Of course.. I want to do my part in getting Elisa back..."

"But the risks..."

"I know the risks..."

"Do you really Mrs. Xanatos?" Owen broke in sharply. "Listen, this experience will be the hardest on you. Because of your lack of use with your magic, Alex and I will be using you as nothing more than a power source. My hope is that because you are Queen Titania's daughter, that you'll have a large reservoir of magic for us to drain... but that's al we'd be doing- draining your power and energy. Your magic is there, but it's so raw and untrained, that you have no way to access it. We'll be contributing some of our own magic, but we'll mainly be using ours to locate Miss Maza- hopefully. Your power will do nothing more than amplify our strength."

"I understand," Fox said solemnly.

"Good, then let's get started," Owen said as he began to twirl in a circle faster than humanly possible. When he finally came to a stop, Owen Burnett was gone with the Puck in his place.

"Good evening m'dear," Puck sang out as he soared at Fox and scooped baby Alex out of her hands. "And good evening to you m'boy. Now, why don't you support yourself for a while... go ahead, you can do it!" With the gentle encouragement of Puck, Alex began to float on his own till they were both circling the air around Fox's head. "Okay Alex, I want you to grab a hold of Mommy... it's time for a new lesson: Soul Finder 101."


"Shh," Puck quickly hissed to Fox, "can't you see I'm in the middle of a lesson? In any case, I want everyone to picture Detective Maza in your mind- Alex, do you remember what Elisa looks like? Of course you do- black hair, red jacket, blue jeans? Here, let me show you," Puck babbled as he held up his hand and a mirror image of Elisa in her usual wardrobe showed up on his hand. "There, that's Elisa, remember? Now, I want you both to think of nothing else but Elisa... Elisa Maza, Elisa Maza, Elisa Maza..."

As Puck started chanting the detective's name, Fox found that she couldn't help but think of Elisa. Her mind became a focal point with an image of Elisa in the center of it. So immersed in her thoughts, Fox was only dimly aware of a slight tingling sensation where Puck and Alex's hands were touching her skin. Soon, the tingle increased until Fox started to feel slightly light headed and weak. Ignoring all of this, Fox instead concentrated even harder on the image of Elisa. All of a sudden, the picture in her mind began to distort and break apart. "No!" Fox yelled, her weak voice echoing in her head.

"Shh!" Puck's voice echoed in her mind.

"Puck, I'm loosing her picture!" Fox cried out desperately.

"No you're not... you're just gaining a connection," Puck said in a matter of a fact voice, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"We found her?" Fox asked incredulously.

"Yeah, amazing ain't it?" Puck joked, his laugh sounding forced. "It was like a homing beacon was attached to her soul... or someone else was helping..." he mused thoughtfully.

Suddenly the mist around Fox began to clear. In a matter of seconds the haze lifted and Fox found herself in what appeared to be a lavishly decorated bed chamber. "Puck? Alex?" Fox asked, worry creeping into her voice.

"We're here," Puck responded.

"What? Where?" Fox asked as she turned to look for the trickster and her infant son.

"You won't be able to see us."

"Why not?"

"Because we're not really here. We're sort of... remote viewing," Puck chuckled.

"But I'm... not here either," Fox trailed off as she looked at where her body would normally be- instead all she saw was the floor below her. "Weird," she muttered to the quiet room.

"You'll get used to it."

"So where's Elisa?"

"In that arm chair," Puck replied quietly.

Turning, Fox quickly scanned the room again. "Elisa!" she whispered happily as she moved across the room. Elisa and Fox had never been close, hell, they were enemies at one time. Still, Fox felt her heart warm at the mere sight of the woman. With the bright morning sunlight lighting the room, Elisa looked beautiful with her long black hair cascading down her back and over the midnight blue velvet gown she was wearing. "Elisa?" Fox asked quietly. Not even looking up, Elisa turned the next page of the novel she was reading.

"She can't hear you."

"I know Puck," Fox sighed. "Where are we anyway?"

"Beats me... somewhere in the south of France," Puck said quietly.

"Somewhere in the south of France!?" Fox exclaimed in disbelief. "You mean you don't know exactly where we.. she is? But how can David send Elisa help if he doesn't know where to send it?"

"Don't worry, now that we know the general area, and the fact that she's being held in a rather large chateau, Xanatos and Owen should have her location pinpointed in three days max. Besides, it's not like I'm using a compass and map to locate her..."

"But that may be too late! How can we just leave her after we've finally found her?"

"Fox, I.. well, I don't like it anymore than you do," Puck replied, all seriousness now.

"Puck, what do you know?"

"Nothing really, but there's something.. off about this whole thing. I mean, we found her way too easily, and something's telling me that the time to get her out of her is now, but..."

"But what? Let's get her out of here..."

"Fox, you have a lot of magic, but not even I can keep this up much longer..."

"Puck, what do we have to do?" Fox broke in impatiently.

"Well, we may have enough juice left to transfer one person somewhere in this vicinity, but that would mean that you have to stay here and keep the link while I go back and get the..."

"I'll do it, but why don't we just zap Elisa back here?" Fox broke in, impatient with all of the talk.

"Because we have to be in contact with the person we're transporting, and like I said
earlier, we're not really here..."

A sudden sound caused Puck to break off in mid-sentence. Turning, Fox saw that Elisa had put her book aside and moved till she was staring out the window. To be honest, Fox was surprised at Elisa's appearance. If anything, she looked even better than ever. Her hair was shiny, her dark tan skin glowing, and her body trim with each movement barely holding in the strength she contained.

"So, today is his special day that he's been hinting at," Elisa murmured as she stared out the window into the bright morning light. "Valentine's Day... should have seen it coming that he'd want this day to be our special day... the day for..." shaking her head, Elisa frowned briefly, a single tear trickling down her cheek as she turned and headed towards the bathroom. "Better get to bed... looks as thought I have a long night of playing nice ahead of me," Elisa muttered darkly, closing the door behind her.

Turning, Fox quickly faced where she thought Puck would be and said, "Puck, go get Goliath."

"We'll be back," Puck agreed, stowing any argument he might have put forth. "Why don't you just wait here," he trilled out as the room fell silent.

"Wise ass," Fox muttered as she sat herself in to wait.

Castle Wyvern - 2/14/98 6:00 am

Sighing, David Xanatos ran a hand through his dark hair as he walked wearily down yet another dark hallway. "Only one more room to check," he reassured himself. When Owen had barged into his room a half hour earlier, Xanatos had been surprised to say the least. When Owen had asked for Fox and then rushed out of the room before explaining why he was so urgent to find her, that surprise had quickly turned to worry. Not wasting any time, David had quickly gotten dressed and began searching the castle for either Owen or his wife; to no avail it seemed. Shaking his head, David turned the corner that led to the library- the last of Fox's usual hideaways- and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him.

The hallways before him was lit an eerie green that seemed to be seeping out from around the closed door of the library. There was green light... the kind that was present whenever one of Oberon's children were around... or when Oberon or Queen Titania were there themselves. Right away David's thoughts jumped back to the Gathering and when the King and Queen of Avalon had tried to steal his newborn son. "Not again," Xanatos muttered angrily. It all fit.. Owen probably sensed the King and Queen nearby and was asking for Fox to warn her that her mother was visiting. Breaking into a run, David quickly burst through the door, ready to confront the King and Queen and save his wife and child if necessary. Once more he stopped in his tracks by the sight before him.

Fox was standing in the middle of the room, her eyes screwed tight in concentration, droplets of sweat lining her brow. Off to either side of her floated Puck- sitting Indian style like usual- and little Alex- his baby face puckered in concentration. Rubbing his eyes in amazement, Xanatos realized that the bright green glow was emanating from where Alex and Puck's hands were touching Fox. It didn't take a genius to figure out what they were doing: trying to find the detective. A little hurt, David briefly wondered as to why he wasn't aware of this little plan. Before he had a chance to ponder this point further, Xanatos noticed that the glow was slowly beginning to fade. Not knowing what to expect, he began to edge back.

Suddenly Puck's eyes snapped open and in a blink of an eye he was by Alex's side and quickly scooped the waking baby into his arms. Looking over at Xanatos, Puck nodded his head at Fox and said, "Catch her, will ya?"

Looking back at Fox, Xanatos realized what Puck was talking about. Fox wasn't snapping out of whatever they were doing like Puck and Alex. Instead, it was like whatever magic that was keeping her standing had been cut as she fell toward the floor. Moving quickly, Xanatos barely made it in time to prevent his wife from hitting the floor and gently lifted her into his arms. "Why isn't Fox waking up?" Xanatos asked, worry lining his voice.

"She's maintaining the link to Elisa," Puck said as he began zipping around the room. "Put her over here," he said, indicating the couch below him.

Nodding, Xanatos quickly complied and laid Fox out on the couch, gently brushing a stray lock of her hair out of her face. "You found Elisa?"

"Yes, but she's in trouble.. we need to send Goliath to her..."

"But is Fox going to be okay.. I mean, can she handle this?" David asked, quietly taking in Fox's clenched hands and labored breathing.

"I'm not sure," Puck admitted as he looked at Fox over David's shoulder. "This is a tremendous strain for her.. which means that you have to go and get Goliath now! It's almost sunrise!"

Nodding in agreement, Xanatos took one last look at his wife, reassuring himself that at this point and time, she was alright, and ran from the room. There was one place that Goliath would be at this time in the morning: the highest tower on the castle. Running the fastest he could, David panted as he ran through room after room and began climbing step after step, different emotions and thoughts tumbling through his head. On one level he was worried to death about Fox, but on another he was relieved that the detective had finally been found, but then he was worried once more by Puck's words.. what was going on with Elisa that was so bad that they had to risk Fox's safety to send Goliath there right now? While that question brought all new questions and worries to mind, Xanatos picked up his pace, and within a few minutes finally reached the top of the tower. Panting, he topped the last step and bent over, trying in vain to regain his breath.

"Xanatos?" Goliath questioned, jumping down from his perch, his voice echoing his worry.

Gasping, Xanatos tried to tell him the situation but just didn't have the oxygen yet.

"Xanatos, what has happened? Be quick, the sun is about to rise," Goliath demanded quickly.

"It's.. Elisa.." Xanatos gasped.

"Elisa? What about Elisa?" Goliath demanded, suddenly all ears as he grabbed Xanatos and forcibly made him stand up straight and meet his gaze.

"Found.. Elisa," Xanatos gasped, still unable to catch his breath. "Gotta.. go to.. the library!"

Understanding that until Xanatos caught his breath, that was all he was going to get out of him, Goliath wasted no time and quickly scooped the billionaire into his arms and leapt from the tower and began to glide around to the balcony entrance to the library- to the astonished eyes of the clan.

"What's he doing?" Lexington asked curiously. "The sun is going to rise in a matter of minutes." The rest of the clan just shook their heads as they watched their leader disappear around the castle.

Moving quickly, Goliath landed roughly on the balcony to the library and pushed the doors open. Setting Xanatos on the ground, Goliath quickly stepped into the room. Surprised, Goliath saw that all of the furniture had been moved to the side of the room, and that even more surprising, Fox was laying on the couch in one corner, seemingly unconscious, with Puck and Alex floating above her.

"About time," Puck said in a jovial voice as he motioned Goliath closer. "Hurry up, we gotta get you out of here."

"What are you talking about? What about Elisa?" Goliath asked quickly, hope lighting his voice.

"You didn't tell him?" Puck questioned in disbelief, sending Xanatos a reproachful look.

"I didn't have time to.. give me a break, I was out of breath!" David protested weakly.

"WHAT IS GOING ON? The sun is going to rise, tell me now!" Goliath roared, pressured by the timing of the sun.

"Look, we were able to find Elisa, and she's in trouble," Puck said quickly, not wasting any time.

"Where is she?" Goliath asked, hope once more dominating his face.

"Somewhere in the south of France; where exactly we're not sure. It will take time to find the exact coordinates.. time that Elisa doesn't have. Thailog has some big plans for her that are going down tonight. Now, we have enough juice left to send you over there- but a warning, this won't be precise, and because of the time difference, it's already morning there. Meaning that you will turn to stone the instant you arrive. When you awaken tonight, look for a rather large chateau.. er, castle," Puck improvised at the blank look on Goliath's face. "You should find Elisa in the highest tower."

"Is she.. is she alright?" Goliath asked slowly.

"The last time I saw her she was looking good, and that was about ten minutes ago. But if we don't send you now, she won't be. Got it?"

Turning, Goliath looked over his shoulder at the rising sun. "Now Puck, do it!" he commanded quickly.

Nodding his head, Puck quickly grabbed Goliath's taloned hand and touched it to Fox till once more everyone was touching Fox in some way. Closing his eyes, he quickly began to chant something quietly as the green once more filled the air. Just as the sun rose above the horizon and Goliath started to turn to stone, he disappeared in a flash of light. Shielding his eyes from the glare, Xanatos watched from his position across the room as the light faded leaving the room as it was when he first entered: Fox, Alex, and Puck all in some sort of trance. "Come on Puck, bring Fox back," David muttered as he tentatively moved closer towards the three. "Come back Fox."

Chateau en France - 2/14/98

Sighing, Fox once more began to pace the confines of the bed chamber as she waited for the return of Puck and Alex. Soon after they left, Elisa had come back into the bed chamber and changed for bed. Within a matter of minutes, she was fast asleep on the large canopied bed.


"Puck? Did you send Goliath?" Fox questioned as she stood up and glanced around the room.

"Yes, currently he's a stone statue somewhere nearby."

"Will he be safe?"

"Safe enough, now let's get back to the castle, your hubbie is getting worried."

"David? He knows what's going on?" Fox asked quickly.

"Yeah, he walked in on us.. he's kind of worried about you."

"Alright.. but I still feel wrong about leaving Elisa alone like this..." Fox trailed off as she stared at Elisa's sleeping form. She looked so vulnerable in sleep, gone was the cold mask that the detective often wore in her line of work, leaving instead the worry free face of a friend.

"What?" Puck asked in disbelief. "Come on, Goliath is here now.. if anyone can save her, he can."

"I know but.."

"You wouldn't be able to help her anyway," Puck argued.

"Yes, but at least she would know she wasn't alone..."

"No she wouldn't.. she can't hear you!"

"I know but.. argh! Elisa!" Fox cried out suddenly, so mad at the world and the unfairness of it all.

"Fox?" Elisa called out suddenly. Surprised, Fox turned quickly to look at the sleeping detective. Elisa was now sitting up in her bed, looking around the room suspiciously, wiping the tiredness out of her eyes.

"Elisa!" Fox called, rushing to the bedside. "I'm right here!"

To her disappointment, Elisa didn't answer, but instead continued looking around the room carefully. Shrugging her shoulders, Elisa slid back under her covers and laid her head down on her pillow once more. As her eyes drifted shut, Elisa murmured, "Funny, I could have sworn I heard Fox's voice."

"Elisa, it is me!" Fox yelled, trying in vain to wake the detective back up.

"Fox, I told you, she can't hear you," Puck broke in gently.

"No Puck, I know that she heard me..."

"It doesn't matter now, we have to get back to the castle."

"No, I'm not leaving."


"Even if she can't hear me, I just can't leave her like this."

"But Fox," Puck broke in, a whine evident in his voice, "Alex and I can't keep this up.. and neither can you!"

"Yes I can! I can feel it Puck- besides, I want you and Alex to go back to the castle now.. I'll follow when I'm feeling to weak."


"No buts. Go Puck!"

Shaking his invisible head, Puck sighed in resignation. From experience with both Fox and her mother, he knew that when Fox made up her mind, there was no way she was going to give in. "Fine, but be quick or else your hubby will have my head."

"Well, just tell David that I love him and I'll be along soon enough, please?" Fox asked quietly.

"Yeah, yeah," Puck muttered as he gathered Alex's mind to his. "We're out of here!"

Searching with her mind, Fox soon realized that she was alone with the detective. Sighing, Fox settled herself in to wait for the coming events of the evening.

Castle Wyvern - 2/14/98

"We're back!" Puck's voice trilled out in the quiet library.

Stopping his pacing, Xanatos quickly turned away from the balcony and rushed over to the couch. Once again Puck and Alex were out of their trances and moving around once more. Sighing in relief, David took his tired son away from Puck and into his own arms while Puck changed forms back into Owen. "Fox, are you.." Xanatos trailed off as he turned to his wife. "Fox?" he asked in alarm as he noted her still sleeping form. "Owen, what's wrong with Fox?" he demanded quickly as he turned to his loyal man servant.

"Mrs. Xanatos has decided to stay with Elisa for as long as she is able," Owen replied formally as he straightened his already straight tie.

"What?! You let her stay behind!" David asked angrily.

"I didn't 'let' her do anything. Mrs. Xanatos informed me that she would be staying and there was really nothing I could do about it. She also asked me to tell you that she.. ah hem, loved you sir and that she'd be along soon enough. Now, if you will excuse me, I must get young Alexander to bed. He must be very tired from his adventures," Owen said as he accepted Alex back and left the room.

"Ah Fox, why couldn't you just come back?" David asked as he knelt by his wife's side and took her limp hand into his. Of course, he already knew the answer to that question. Elisa was where she was because of a decision she made to help Fox and Xanatos.. if it were David there instead of Fox, he would have done the same thing. "Hurry home Fox, hurry home."

Thailog's chateau en France - 2/14/98 17h30

As the sun began to make its descent over the horizon, casting the peaceful landscape into night, many people were settling themselves in for a quiet night with their loved one. For Elisa Maza, on the other hand, all the night promised was living hell. Shaking the horrid thoughts from her head, Elisa continued fussing with her hair until it was put up like she had it for Halloween. Looking at her mirror image, she saw that the effect was startling. Unlike most, Elisa didn't smile at this and instead put in two tear drop diamond earrings to match the silver and diamond necklace she was wearing. "I can't believe I'm getting prettied up for Thailog," Elisa muttered darkly as she tightened the belt on her white robe and re-entered the bed chamber.

"Neither can I," Fox agreed as she followed Elisa into the next room. "I know you can't hear me, but I can't help but ask... why have you given up on Goliath and turned to that slimeball!"

Of course, Elisa didn't hear a word and continued shuffling around the room. Suddenly she paused by the dresser and picked up something from its hard surface. "Then again, if master Thailog," Elisa said sarcastically, "should become displeased, he may hurt you or Fox again."

Curious, Fox moved closer and peered over Elisa's shoulder. Shocked, Fox couldn't tear her eyes away from the pictures- pictures of Angela when she was attacked last week. "So Thailog did initiate the attack... Goliath was right," Fox murmured quietly. "And he had pictures taken to use against you and make you do what he wanted," Fox quickly surmised. Now Elisa's behavior made sense; she was just acting nice to keep Angela and herself safe. "Another selfless thing you've done for me," Fox murmured as Elisa put down the photos and started to get dressed.

"God, I hate this damn dress," Elisa murmured as she snapped the final button of the yellow evening gown.

"I would too, you look like Belle from... 'Beauty and the Beast,'" Fox trailed off, comprehension dawning on her face. "Oh my God, he's not that crazy, is he? He's not trying to play out that fairy tale?" Fox asked in disbelief. Of course Elisa didn't answer her back. "Don't worry Elisa, Goliath should be here soon..." Fox trailed off as she stared out at the dark sky. "Goliath, where are you?"

Somewhere in the south of France - 2/14/98 sunset

As the sun slid over the horizon, the stone shell encasing Goliath quickly began to crack and then burst in a shower of stone. Not even taking the time to do his evening stretch and yawn, Goliath quickly took in his surroundings, trying to see where Puck had placed him. From all appearances, it seemed as though he had spent the day in the middle of an overgrown field. To his great dismay, Goliath saw no towering castle- not even a building of any kind. The only real landmark of any sort was a bright glow coming from something miles and miles away. "Where there's light there might be people, and where there's people there might be Elisa," Goliath mused quietly before launching himself into the dark night sky. "When Puck said he wasn't accurate, he wasn't exaggerating. But hang in there Elisa, I'm coming, just hang in there." Right now Goliath didn't know what to think or feel; probably still in shock at hearing that not only was Elisa alive, but that she would most likely be in his arms again by the end of the night. In that effect, Goliath was thrilled and hopeful, yet worried at the same time. Puck did say that she was in danger after all. That brought up a whole new set of fears along with the one about how she really was... what had happened to her in the six weeks that she had been gone?

Thailog's chateau en France - 2/14/98

"Good evening Thailog," Elisa said quietly as Thailog entered her bed chamber, his usual armor replaced with.. go figure, a blue jacket like the Beast's in "Belle et la Bete."

"Good evening Elisa," Thailog rumbled as he took in her appearance with a critical eye. Soon a large predatory smile lit up his face as he met her steady gaze and said, "My, you look positively stunning tonight.. that dress really does suit you."

"What, this old thing? Why I just dug this out of the closet," Elisa tried to joke and lighten the mood. At the frown that crossed Thailog's face and the reproachful glare he sent in her direction, Elisa quickly caught the hint that there would be no place for her sarcasm or her wit tonight.. no place for the real her. "I mean, thank you."

"That's better.. I wouldn't want our special night ruined because of some thoughtless remarks and a telephone call I would be forced to make," Thailog taunted, the threat he was implying to Fox and Angela obvious.

Swallowing the bitter lump that rose in her throat, Elisa met his steady gaze and said, "You needn't worry Thailog, I plan to watch my tongue tonight.."

"For the rest of your nights as well. In any case, shall we be off? I don't want the dinner to get cold," Thailog asked, holding out the crook of his arm, obviously indicating that it was time to go.

"You mean we're not going to stay in here?" Elisa asked in disbelief.

"No, the table is set and waiting in the dining room. Now, shall we?"

Nodding her acceptance, Elisa moved forward and linked arms with Thailog as they slowly started their walk down the stairs. Shaking her invisible head, Fox followed slowly behind, biting back her hateful words at Thailog, knowing that he'd never get to hear them.

A few minutes later they emerged into a large, beautifully decorated dining room with a place set for two across the long table. Like the perfect gentleman he was trying so hard to be, Thailog pulled out Elisa's chair and then moved to sit across from her. Quietly, they both dined on the delicacies with the soft sound of stringed instruments serving as

Suddenly, Elisa heard a familiar tune start to play through the hidden speakers placed strategically around the room. ~Oh please, not this song!~ Elisa groaned inside her head. Still, there was no denying it. Quickly Thailog jumped from his seat and rushed to her side. Taking her hand gently, he then said, "Care to dance Elisa, my love?"

Biting back her sarcastic, "Go to hell" or her less enthusiastic "Gee why not?," Elisa smiled her best smile up at him and replied, "Of course." With no further ado, Thailog quickly led her through some large doors at the other end of the room and into a rather large ballroom with glowing chandeliers and candles at every corner. Going with the script, Elisa curtsied at Thailog's bow and then accepted his hand and shoulder and allowed him to put his arm around her back, a little to close to her butt for comfort. As the song, "Beauty and the Beast" became louder in the room, Thailog began to lead Elisa around the room in a slow waltz, holding her too close to him at times. Somehow, Elisa managed to keep the smile pasted on her face and her disgust reeled in at his touch.

This went on for awhile, them gliding around the room to song after slow love song before Thailog finally released her and stepped away. "How would you feel about a quiet glide through the country side?" Thailog asked quietly, a sort of intensity in his voice.

A little startled, Elisa hesitated for the briefest of seconds before replying, "Sounds lovely, but it might be a bit chilly out in this..." she trailed off, a little frightened by the strange look in Thailog's eyes.

"Of course, why don't you go up and change into something warmer.. I'll be waiting down here," Thailog replied, still staring at her with that same intensity.

Surprised at Thailog's willingness to let her go back to her room alone, Elisa quickly nodded her head and walked away from Thailog, her shoes tapping on the hard floor and her yellow gown swooshing around her ankles.

"Hurry back my love, I'll be waiting," Thailog called after her ominously.

Not looking back, Elisa picked up her pace and quickly retraced her steps to her large bed chamber. Closing her door tightly behind her, Elisa quickly went to work undoing the delicate buttons and sashes. Hanging the dress up quickly, Elisa then quickly rummaged through her armoire till she came up with another favorite dress of hers. This dress was a dark burgundy or wine color, the color of blood, that had long sleeves, a tight bodice that had a low, scooped neck, and then broadened out into an ankle length flowing skirt. As soon as that was fastened, Elisa quickly picked out a never been used cloak that matched the dress perfectly. Not really sure how else to do it, Elisa threw the cloak over her shoulder and tied the sash in front. Smiling at the feel of the soft cotton, Elisa moved toward the door to the chamber, pausing when she caught sight of the night sky through the window. Sighing, Elisa drifted towards the window and stared out into the dark night sky. "Where are you tonight Goliath?" she whispered quietly, a single tear forming in the corner of her eye.

"Good question, where in the hell are you Goliath?" Fox snapped from her position at the next window.

"Ah hem," Thailog barked quietly from the door to the room.

Quickly Elisa blinked back the tear and put another large smile on her face. "Ah, Thailog," she said quietly as she turned to face her captor. "I thought that you would be waiting downstairs.."

"I was, but I became concerned," Thailog said quietly as he moved slowly towards Elisa. Soon they were standing right in front of each other, with only a few inches in between them. Taking his time, Thailog slowly let his eyes drift up and down Elisa's body, taking in her appearance for the second time that evening. "I was wrong earlier.. I believe that this color is truly your color... very suiting towards you," he murmured quietly as he leaned slowly forward and brought his lips to hers. Closing his eyes, Thailog gently pressed his lips against her soft, sweet lips that tasted of the wine they had earlier. Sighing, Thailog took in her hot breath and then wrapped his large arms tightly around her waist, pulling her even closer. It was then that Thailog noticed she wasn't returning the gesture. ~Not tonight my love. Tonight is our special night and I won't have you ruining it like this~ Thailog thought to himself. In warning, Thailog quickly began to growl low in his throat, a very menacing growl that made his concern known. Reacting to the growl like he knew she would, Elisa quickly complied by lifting her arms from under her cloak and wrapping them around Thailog's neck, finally returning the kiss to him. Smiling, Thailog broke off the kiss and met Elisa's expectant gaze. Now- everything was perfect now. The mood was right, the lighting was right with the soft lighting of her bed chamber, everything was available, and Elisa was behaving.. now was the time.

Smiling his predatory smile once more, Thailog gently reached up with one of his claws and pulled at the delicate bow that tied her cloak around Elisa's neck. Reaching down, Thailog pushed the heavy cloak off her shoulders and allowed it to flutter to the ground behind her. Taking her soft hands in his, Thailog pulled her forward till they were standing in the middle of the room. "I hope you don't mind my love, but I think I would rather stay in tonight," Thailog said gruffly, his voice thick with his need.

Trying her best to maintain her steady smile, Elisa quickly stopped the shaking in her knees and said, "Of course I don't mind." ~You goddam fucker!~ she finished in her mind.

Nodding in satisfaction, Thailog then lifted one shaking hand to the top of Elisa's head and ever so gently took the clasp that held her hair and pulled it out gently, and then watched in amazement as Elisa's hair tumbled down until it hung perfectly around her back and shoulders. Growling a different sort of growl, Thailog once more bent his head down to Elisa and kissed her sweet lips, holding her trembling body tight against his, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Sighing, Thailog quickly darted his tongue inside her sweet lips, and was surprised and happy to find that Elisa quickly returned the favor. Rumbling deep in his throat, Thailog scooped Elisa's small body into his arms, and while keeping the kiss going, he slowly moved to Elisa's bed. Being gentle, Thailog then lowered Elisa to the bed and shifted around till he was straddling her middle. Making sure not to put too much of his weight onto her and possibly crush her beneath him, Thailog then leaned forward to meet her lips once more. Groaning, Thailog reached his shaking hands forward till they were resting on Elisa's flat stomach. Then, moving slowly to increase the anticipation, Thailog inched his hands forward till they were laying on her cloth covered breasts. Gently massaging the soft skin through the thin cloth, Thailog groaned louder as his tail began to swish in anticipation... what would it be like to take a human?

Castle Wyvern - 2/14/98

"Owen, what's wrong?" Xanatos said as he quickly rushed into the master bedroom. When Fox didn't awaken with the rest, it was quickly decided that she would be moved to the master bedroom. Ever since then, Xanatos had stayed diligently by her side, waking for his wife to reawaken. Finally, about a half hour ago, Xanatos left her side to go and inform the waking gargoyles of what was happening. Just as he had finished explaining the events of that morning, the intercom beside him began going crazy. Worried, Xanatos then listened as Owen pretty much told him that he should return to the bedroom. Without explaining to the curious gargoyles, David quickly took off running, the gargoyles soon following after him. Panting, David looked at his man servant as he waited for an answer.

"See for yourself, sir," Owen replied calmly as he indicated for Xanatos to go the rest of the way into the room.

Pushing Owen aside, Xanatos quickly burst through the door and ran to his wife's side. Ignoring the curious stares of the gargoyles, he quickly took her hand in his. When nothing happened, he turned to Owen and gave him a curious look. "So what's the problem?"

"Just watch sir," Owen intoned calmly.

Before Xanatos could question further, Fox's hand suddenly withdrew from his as she started to punch and kick the air. Jumping back in surprise Xanatos could only watch in confusion as Fox began to scream. "Get the hell off of her you asshole! Goddamnit, leave her alone! Goliath, where the hell are you?!" Fox screamed, her face twisted up in fury and terror.

"What's wrong with her? It's like she's trying to attack someone," Lexington asked in concern from his corner by the door.

"It seems as though Fox has somehow found a way to convey what she's doing and saying wherever she is to here," Owen answered calmly, completely unmoved by the incident. "It still seems as though she hasn't learned yet that her actions and words will have no effect on whatever is happening there."

"Oh my God, what does she mean.. what is she seeing?" Angela whispered from her place by the door.

"And where is Goliath if he's not there?" Brooklyn said, voicing his own concern as he watched Fox flail about on the bed.

South of France - 2/14/98

Dipping and twirling, Goliath caught one wind current after another as he pulled ever closer to the distant light. The closer he got, the more it looked like the place he was looking for: the chateau where Elisa was being held prisoner. Moving faster, Goliath drew closer and closer till he finally landed on the grounds below the entrance to the mighty chateau. From all appearances, the old chateau looked dark and empty. "No, she must be here somewhere," Goliath muttered quietly as he looked around. Suddenly, Goliath remembered Puck's words: "You should find Elisa in the highest tower."

"Highest tower.. highest tower.." Goliath murmured as he slowly began to circle the large building. On the far side of the chateau, Goliath finally found what he was looking for: the bright light that guided him here, found through the windows of a high tower. Grinning, Goliath quickly reached forward and stabbed his strong talons through the hard stone. Getting a good hold, he quickly began to climb. Moving as fast as he could, Goliath quickly scaled the impressive stone till he was just below the first bright window. Moving slower, Goliath remembered that just because he may have found where Elisa was being kept, that didn't mean it was over. Thailog was in the castle somewhere, and it was up to Goliath to find Elisa and get her out safely. Very cautiously, Goliath pulled himself up beside the window and peered through the glass. What he saw inside nearly made him loose his hold.

There inside the brightly lit room was a large and beautifully decorated bed chamber, the kind that was reminiscent of back in his time in Scotland. From first glance, it appeared that the room was empty. But upon closer inspection, Goliath's quick eye caught a hold of a movement from the bed. Frowning, Goliath gently wiped away some steam from the glass and looked closer. There upon the bed he saw Thailog's hulking form bent over another. It didn't take a genius to guess who. With that one look, everything that was holding Goliath there, his will power, his instincts, and his sanity went through the glass- including his body. Letting out a powerful roar of mad anger, Goliath through himself through the glass and into the brightly lit room.

Startled, Thailog quickly looked up, but just wasn't quick enough. Before he could act, Goliath was by the bed and one shove sent Thailog flying against the wall where his head cracked against the dark stone. With one last moan Thailog was unconscious. Still breathing heavily and not really thinking, Goliath quickly scooped Elisa up from the bed, where she sat paralyzed through the whole thing in surprise. Not wasting any time, Goliath quickly ran to the window and jumped outside, turning in mid-air to turn and grab the side of the castle with one hand and hold on firmly to Elisa with the other. Moving quickly, Goliath then climbed the rest of the way to the top of the tower one handed. When he reached the top, Goliath continued holding Elisa firmly against him as he caught his breath and looked out at the dark sky.

"Goliath?" Elisa asked in disbelief.

"Elisa.. I," Goliath stuttered as he lowered her to the ground, his eyes never leaving her face as her long black hair whipped about in the cold February wind. For so long he had been dreaming of this moment when he would finally have Elisa back. Now that it was here, he was too stunned to think.

"Goliath, is it really you?" Elisa asked in disbelief as she raised one shaking hand up to touch his face gently. The moment that her skin connected with his, she knew that it was true. Like a dam breaking, Elisa quickly threw herself at her love, hugging him close as she sobbed into his chest. "Oh my God.. I never thought that I'd see you again!"

"Oh Elisa.." Goliath whispered in relief as he held her close. "Are you alright, did he hurt you?" Goliath asked, finally realizing who he was holding in his arms. Pushing her back, Goliath quickly glanced her over, looking for injury. To his great relief, he saw that the dark red dress Elisa was wearing seemed to be all in one piece.. and all fastened.

"Goliath, I'm fine," Elisa said firmly, a small smile lighting up her face. "I just can't believe that you're really here. How did you find me?"

"We can go through that later, right now we have to get you out of here," Goliath said as firmly as he remembered the threat he left downstairs.

"Okay, let's..." Elisa started happily before a shadow fell across her face.

"Elisa, what's wrong?" Goliath asked quickly.

"I.. I can't go with you," Elisa said quickly, averting her eyes so she couldn't meet his gaze.

"What?!" Goliath asked in disbelief.

"What?!" Fox panted as she ran up beside Goliath. It had taken her a couple of minutes, but Fox had finally found the way onto the roof of the tower and arrived just in time to hear Elisa's startling statement.

"Goliath, I can't go back with you," Elisa said quietly.

"What are you talking about? Of course you're going back with me," Goliath said in a puzzled voice as he lifted Elisa's chin till she met his gaze once more.

"Really Elisa, what are you talking about?" Fox asked in disbelief. "Like I'm really going to get an answer to that one," she then muttered to herself as she hit herself in the forehead.

"Goliath, I can't..."

"Why not?"

"Because.. well because if I do, Fox and Angela are dead," Elisa said simply.


"Goliath, if I leave, Thailog will kill Fox and Angela.. I can't let that happen."

"I am not leaving you here!" Goliath roared angrily.

"Goliath's right! He can't leave you here! We'll worry about Thailog later!" Fox yelled right along, not caring that they couldn't hear her.

"You have to! It's the only way to keep them safe!" Elisa pleaded, taking Goliath's hand in his, begging him to understand.

"No! Then I will kill Thailog myself!"

"Yeah, he can kill Thailog!" Fox agreed. Suddenly, Fox noticed some movement at the entrance to the tower. Turning quickly Fox saw that Thailog was advancing silently on Goliath and Elisa, a sharp jagged piece of glass from the shattered window held firmly in his hand. "No," Fox whispered as Thailog began to charge, his eyes set on Goliath, who had his back turned away from the attack and was shielding Elisa's view as well. "No! Goliath, look out!" Fox screamed. To her great surprise, Elisa cocked her head to the side as though she heard her warning.

"Fox," Elisa whispered as the warning echoed in the night. "No!" she screamed not really knowing why. Using all of her weight, Elisa quickly shoved Goliath and herself to the side just as Thailog was about to make the deadly slash- a little too late. As Elisa twisted Goliath before her and to the side, she felt a sharp pain flare up around her middle. Gasping, Elisa fell to the ground and turned to watch as Thailog tripped over something and flew over the side of the tower.

Grunting, Goliath picked himself up from where he had fallen and looked at where Thailog had gone over. "That was close.. are you alright?" he asked to Elisa's back as she slowly stumbled to her feet.

"Uh, yeah.. go check on Thailog," Elisa muttered as she pulled herself to her feet, her hand holding onto her stomach.

"Okay, I'll be right back," Goliath said as he quickly dived over the side of the tower.

Nodding, Elisa slowly took her hands away from her stomach and looked at them in the bright moonlight... they were stained bright red with blood, the dark red of the dress hiding her wound perfectly. "Oh no," Elisa murmured as the pain flared up in her stomach. Very gingerly Elisa touched her hand to the wet fabric and explored the extent of her wound. From what she could see and feel, the cut was deep and extended across her stomach- already the loss of blood was tremendous. From her work as a police officer, Elisa knew a mortal wound when she saw one. Gasping, Elisa quickly pressed her hand back to the wound.

"Man, that was close," Fox muttered quietly as she stared over the edge of the tower. "I can't believe you actually heard me," Fox said as she turned to the detective. "What are you doing anyway?" she asked as she walked up to the detective. "Oh my God.. oh my God," Fox whispered fiercely as she saw the large wound. "Oh no, oh God no!" Fox said desperately as she watched the detective sway briefly before falling to her knees in the bright snow.

"Elisa?" Goliath called as he climbed over the ledge on the roof of the tower. "We don't have to worry.. Thailog must have hit his head on the way down.. he never used his wings at all, I checked him, he's dead," Goliath muttered as he pulled himself the rest of the way over the ledge. "Elisa?" he asked again when he got no response. Looking around, he finally caught sight of her kneeling on the middle of the roof.

"Goliath.. I," Elisa said quietly, her voice trembling.

"Elisa," Goliath said quietly, rushing over to her side. Kneeling down beside her, Goliath saw the drip of blood coming from her hands. "Elisa, you're hurt!" he gasped. "How bad is it?" he asked as he tried to pry her hands away from the wound.

"Goliath.. I.. I'm sorry," Elisa stammered.

Surprised, Goliath looked down at her face and saw that her large doe eyes were wide in panic and beginning to glaze over. "What? Elisa, let me see," Goliath demanded, becoming frantic as he pulled her hands away. Surprised, Goliath just stared in shock.. her hands were completely red and covered in blood. "Oh my God, Elisa," Goliath said quickly.

"Goliath.. I.." Elisa stuttered as she began to fall to the ground.

Reaching out, Goliath easily caught her and lowered her gently till he was supporting her upper body in his arms. Cradling her tight against him, Goliath felt the tears start as he quickly began whispering, "No, no.. oh God not now.. not when I've just found her." He too knew a mortal wound when he saw one.

"I love you," Elisa whispered as large snow flakes began to fall from the sky and litter the ground.

"No please don't leave me," Goliath begged as the tears fell down his cheeks. "I love you too much."

"I know.. but I can't," Elisa gasped as another wave of pain hit her. "I'm.. sorry," Elisa whispered as her body tightened in one last wave of pain and then became still, her eyelids fluttering close for the last time.

"NO!!!!" Goliath roared as he pulled Elisa's body close to him. "NOO!!!!"

Castle Wyvern - 2/14/98

"NO!!!" Fox screamed as she sat up abruptly in bed. Moving next to his wife, he quickly drew her shaking body into his embrace. Wrapping her arms around him tightly, Fox bent her head against his shoulder and began to sob. "Elisa.."

"Shh, we know," Xanatos tried to soothe.

"No, Elisa.. Elisa's dead!" Fox said hysterically.

"Shh, we know.."

"But.." Fox said as she raised her head and looked around the room. The gargoyles were there, all of them. Also, all of them had shocked and devastated looks on their faces with tears in their eyes.

"We heard it all through you.. we could hear what you were saying," David soothed, pulling his wife closer.

"Oh my God David, she died trying to save Goliath... he's all alone there with her body."

"I know Fox, we'll get him back here.. don't worry, we'll get him back."

Chateau en France - 2/14/98

"No," Goliath cried softly as he pulled Elisa's body closer. Already her skin was starting to turn cold. "Why now.. why now?" he murmured.

Suddenly, Goliath felt a shift in the air as a strange glow filled the night sky. Looking up, Goliath watched in amazement as a single form floated down from the sky. As the person landed and stood before him, Goliath recognized it immediately. "Queen Titania.. why?"

"Oh no, this shall not do.. not at all," the Queen replied softly, a sympathetic frown covering her royal features. "Anubis, I call thee forth."

With another flash of light another being joined them on the castle tower. "What can I help you with my Queen, I am a very busy person you know," the jackal messenger of the dead called forth.

"Where is the soul of Elisa Maza? I need her called back."

"What?" Anubis asked in disbelief. "But my Queen, I have already guided her forth into the other plane..."

"Well guide her back," Goliath ordered from his position on the ground.

"I recognize you mortal," Anubis said quietly, no emotion in his voice.

"Anubis, as your Queen I order you to go and fetch her soul, NOW! Her work is not yet finished in this world. Now go!" Nodding his head, Anubis quickly disappeared in a flash of light.

"Is she really.. will she really be coming back?" Goliath asked, almost too afraid to hope.

"Yes, like I told Anubis, her work is not yet finished here," Queen Titania answered gently. Suddenly another flash of light accompanied Anubis's return. "And the soul?"

"Returned," Anubis answered as he gestured towards Elisa's body and then disappeared.

Looking down quickly, Goliath smiled as he saw Elisa suddenly gasp as the life rushed back into her. Opening her eyes, she lifted a quivering hand to her face and brushed off the thin layer of snow on her cheeks and looked up to Goliath in confusion. "Goliath? What happened?"

"Elisa!" he cried out happily as he pulled her against his chest.

Laughing, Elisa playfully swatted him away and said, "Knock it off Big Guy.. could you just tell me what's going on?"

"You have been given a second chance at life," Titania broke in and met the detective's curious glance. "Use it well."

"But she doesn't remember what happened?" Goliath asked in concern.

"In time she may remember parts.. but who's to say what memories will stay and what will not. Just be there for her when she needs you Goliath."

Nodding, Goliath quickly pulled Elisa closer to him and watched as the queen disappeared in a flash of light. Turning, Goliath pulled Elisa closer and touched his lips to hers. After a few long moments, Elisa finally pulled away and smiled up at Goliath. "You're going to tell me what this is all about later, aren't you?" Elisa asked with a little laugh.

"Maybe later," Goliath laughed along. "Right now I just want to hold you close and never let go."

"Hey, I can handle that!" Elisa laughed once more as she snuggled closer into Goliath's embrace. "By the way... why in the hell am I wearing a dress?!"