These Threads That Dream

Silver was a cad.

What other word was there for someone whose gaze kept drifting back to a beautiful yet unsuspecting woman? He wasn't even being coy he noted, blinking slowly as Blaze read through and signed another Royal contract, blissfully oblivious to his ogling.

They were currently in the large meeting room where the Queen usually held gatherings with her advisers, but today they sat alone at the long empty table. Silver had offered to help Blaze sort through and prioritise the many request forms she'd received from the citizens of Sol, but he had long since given up the endeavour for something far more intriguing.

Day dreaming hopeless yet perfect scenarios in which he figured out how to reveal the secret that he was currently hiding in his back quills.

He had crafted close to a few dozen different plans, each more elaborate and extravagant than the last. But even those had subsided when he realised that Blaze was so engrossed in her work that she had no idea what was happening around her. Or who was admiring her.

Silver mentally berated himself for being so ungentlemanly, but the more he tried to look away the more he found that he couldn't. Her eyes were golden nectar and he the bumblebee that had been caught in her sweet gaze. They were molten honey in the afternoon sun, drawing him in with every flutter of those dark lashes.

The ivory hedgehog's back quills itched annoyingly, and he reprimanded his brain for betraying him. It wasn't time. Blaze was busy working and he had had no time to prepare and execute any one of the several ideas he had just come up with. He needed the moment to be perfect and that meant that he had to plan everything down to the letter.

The Queens forehead dipped into a small crease as she read through the paper in her hand and a crooked grin stretched across Silver's lips. Only confusion ever brought out that particular frown, and for a moment he let himself wonder what it would feel like. To reach out and smooth it away with his fingertips, to feel the smoothness of the crimson gem without being sequestered away in some hidden nook of the palace.

Sol be damned, he could write a million and one poems about this woman he thought as he tipped his head and cradled it with his hands. About the way she'd always bring the pen in her hand close to her mouth, as if to chew it, before catching herself and placing it gently before her. The way the strands of her hair that always escaped her braids and ponytails swayed at the tiniest movement. The way her lashes brushed her cheeks as she turned to look towards –


The hedgehog startled instantly, chin hitting the table with an irritable twinge of pain as he momentarily forgot what he was doing. "Yes?" he yelped, suddenly uncomfortable as he realised that he'd finally been caught out. He cleared his throat as Blaze levelled him with a look he had no clue how to interpret. Intrigue? Anger? Confusion? All three?

"What exactly are you doing?" she asked carefully.

"Hmm?" he said, pretending he hadn't heard her. He needed time to think of an answer more appropriate than 'admiring how wonderful you are' but no luck.

"Were you day dreaming?" she asked when he failed to respond. Her tone lacked any accusation, but Silver felt guilty regardless as he realised he hadn't finished going through the requests.

"No, of course not," he said, sounding unconvincing even to himself. He most certainly had been day dreaming and from the way the cat arched a single brow at him, she knew it too. "Okay, yes. I was daydreaming," he said, cheeks blazing with embarrassment.

She watched him with those piercing eyes, golden and intense with a hint of something warm that he fell for every time. That he loved. Silver's back quills seared again with purpose and he swallowed nervously, battling with the idea that maybe he had been going about this the wrong way all this time.

Maybe this was it.

What if this perfectly normal afternoon was that perfect moment he had been waiting for and attempting to create all along. He was never happier than when he was with her, cherishing even the most mundane moments so maybe this one was their moment.

They were together, alone and happy – how much more perfect could it really be?

"Do you want to know what I was day dreaming about?" he asked a little too quickly, completely ruining the casual air he was aiming for as he stood and made his way towards her.

She tracked his every movement with her trained eyes, dipping her head in a simple nod – a request for him to elaborate.

"I was dreaming of a world where you said yes," he said coyly.

Her forehead dipped into that enticing frown again, forming a small valley between her brows as she stared up at him. "I don't understand Silver. Yes, to what?"

Silver took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. It was now or never. He reached forwards, taking Blaze's two hands in his own as he guided her up onto her feet and into the strip of sunlight streaming through the window.

Her eyes widened a fraction as he dropped onto one knee, her hands still warm and comforting in his.

"Silver…" she breathed.

"Blaze," he said, swallowing down the nervous lump in his throat. If he was going to do this properly, then he was going to need a little distraction. "Will you consider sharing your desserts with from now on?" he said quickly, the edge of his lips quirking into a smile. "Dessert is my favourite and you never finish yours anyway."

"Oh, Silver," she chided mockingly, pulling him back into a standing position with an airy laugh. He had a little height on the cat, enough for him to have to tilt his head down to look at her. "You had me thinking you were going to ask something important. Of course you can share my desserts silly."

"Hey," he said a little offended. "Desserts are a very serious business I'll have you know." He watched her smile reach her eyes before she noticed it – the glowing teal orb hovering just over his shoulder.

Blaze froze mid-laugh, watching the glowing orb in wonder as it circled the pair of them once before drifting down to occupy the sliver of space between herself and Silver. Her eyes flitted between the orb and the hedgehog in a mild panic, the fake out clearly catching her off guard as he dropped to his knee once more.

"Silver is this real?" she said, voice hushed in disbelief as the boy released a hand to catch the ring floating between them. A single gold band held an emerald cut diamond that caught the light just so as Silver held it up to Blaze.

"Blaze, Queen of Sol and eternal marvel of my soul … I don't even know if I'm technically allowed to ask this," he said with a nervous chuckle. "Having Gardon bark all that royal etiquette stuff at me is going to be a nightmare."

Blaze squeezed his hands once, quick and gentle. "Ask," she whispered. "Please … just ask."

Something jumped in Silver's chest at the warm longing he beheld in her eyes. A longing for him, for them. He obliged her request as much for her as he did for himself.

"Blaze, will you marry me and make me the happiest and luckiest man to have ever lived?"

"Yes," she whispered, falling to the ground before him and pressing her forehead to his. Their noses knocked together clumsily but neither of them could care less. "I will you marry you in this world and every other that exists … I will marry you," she repeated softly, a smile in her voice.

"Really?" he asked, looking more than a little stunned that it had truly been as easy as asking. She nodded and pulled back, letting Silver slip the gold band onto her finger.

Silver tried to commit the moment to memory but as he held onto the hand of the woman he loved he already knew there wasn't a hope in the world that he would forget this. This surreal moment would be burned into his mind, engraved into his very soul – marking this moment forever more.

Blaze admired the ring for only a moment, refusing to relinquish her hold on Silver's other hand before she reached up and placed the hand with the ring gently against his cheek, the cold band of metal soothing against his warm skin.

"Am I still daydreaming?" he asked out loud.

Blaze kissed the question off his lips and he got his answer.


He was definitely not day dreaming anymore.

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