These Threads That Nurture

Silver supposed he was technically shirking his new responsibilities, but for today at least, he didn't mind. He dug his shovel into the ground and tilled the fresh earth, wiping the sweat on his brow as the sun beat down above him. This was important to him and he wanted to enjoy it before things got more hectic around the palace and he didn't have the time.

Sol was at peace, and as such, the palace workload would be there to greet him once he was finished up with his new project, which he had to admit he was enjoying a great deal more than he had expected to.

There was something about creating his own space in the palace gardens to grow his own plants that felt so singularly unique that he'd been sneaking out here as often as he could just to feel the peace of weeding and the pride of seeing his saplings bursting through the soil in search of sunlight.


He turned towards the sound of his name only to find his wife at the edge of the garden, watching him with golden eyes that beheld confusion. "Blaze!" he called happily. He tugged off his dirt covered gloves and placed them carefully on the floor before standing.

He stamped out the instinct to rush to her and sweep her off her feet. He was a royal now, and such reckless displays of affection were inappropriate in their positions – not that the pair had ever made their relationship very public before marrying.

Still, he felt a pang of longing as he spoke. "I wasn't expecting to see you out here."

"I … was just taking some air before the council reconvenes," she said softly, her eyes roving across his scattered garden tools with a curious gaze. "What are doing out here?"

"Cultivating a garden," he said with a proud smile. "I've never had one before and the gardener said I could have this patch here to with as I please."

"And what exactly is it that you please?" she questioned, picking her way through the clumps of dirt on the ground with a practiced ease until she was beside him. She leant down to the ground and examined a bright green leaf that protruded stubbornly from the ground.

"Well," he started, rubbing the back of his neck. "I thought I could plant herbs and such here and some tomatoes over there." He gestured to the area directly before him and to the left. "But there's so much land, I hardly know where to start whenever I'm here."

"How long have you been working on this?"

"Just a few weeks. I've been stealing hours wherever I can, but I'm not sure that I fully know what I'm doing yet."

Blaze nodded to book that lay open on the ground nearby before picking it up and flicking through it idly. "It seems you're doing your research. I think it's wonderful Silver."

"You do?"

"Of course."

Silver smiled widely, but it fell instantly as Blaze scanned his little area of the palace gardens again, a frown creasing her brows. "What are you doing over here?" she asked, heading towards the patch furthest to the right where the weeds had been cleared, but was otherwise untouched.

Try as he might, Silver couldn't stop the blush that warmed his cheeks. "Oh … that … that's nothing." Even as the words left his lips, he knew he'd been too obvious and that his wife would see through him instantly.

And she had.

"Well, it certainly seems to mean something to you," she stated. "I'd appreciate knowing but it's okay if you'd rather not share. I don't mind. I trust you completely."

Silver took a deep breath, considering his next words carefully. "Actually, I suppose I should tell you. It does involve you after all."

"It does?"

She sounded surprised.

He had wanted to keep it a secret until such a time as was appropriate, but he also didn't like the idea of Blaze knowing he was choosing to keep something from her. It felt deceptive, no matter how innocent.

"I was actually saving that spot … for uh …" He twiddled his thumbs nervously. "I thought that … if we ever … that we could you know … plant one tree for every …" he trailed off, losing his nerve.

"Every?" Blaze said with a confused dip to her brow, clearly struggling to follow his broken train of thought.

This was so much harder than he had expected, and it took him a moment to get the right words out. "Every child," he whispered, the word so fragile that it might blow away with the wind before she ever had the chance to hear it.

Blaze blinked hard.


Her expression was unreadable.

"That's only if you want them, that is. Obviously," he amended quickly, knowing that the flame in his cheeks was enough to rival his wife's own at this point.

If the grin that spread across the cat's face caught Silver off guard, then the gentle laughter that bubbled from her moment later was enough make him pinch himself on the off chance that he was daydreaming.

It was genuine and pleasing to the point that he found himself smiling in response without quite knowing why.

"Oh Silver, you're so hopeless sometimes," she said, between breathy laughs. "I do want them with you. Many or just the one, I want them with you. I want everything with you." These last few words seemed to sober her up a little and a shy smile replaced the giggles.

Her words were one thing, but then there was that smile. So small and wonderous. All he wanted was to press his lips to it, to know how it tasted. To know if it would disappear under his touch, or bloom into something magnificent.

He tried, he really did. But protocols be damned.

Without another thought for who was watching or who they were or what was appropriate when, the hedgehog rushed forward and scooped the cat into his arms. His lips collided with hers and in a rush of warmth and love and desire.

From the way her hands found the back of his head, pulling him deeper into the kiss, it was clear that she too had given up any pretence of royal propriety in favour of this moment.

"Silver." His name was a sigh on her lips as he finally set her down on the ground and gave them both a chance to catch their breath. She swayed a little on her feet, catching herself on his chest with eyes that glistened with emotion. "I love you."

He pressed a kiss to her temple before wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight. "And I love you, Blaze" he managed to whisper through a smile. Silver couldn't wait to start a family with the love of his life, knowing that the pair of them would love and care for their children with all the ardour and compassion they lacked in their own youths.

Together, they would help grow not only a kingdom, or even a garden, but a future that was nothing short of a bright and blossoming paradise.


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Side note: The English language does not have enough words for 'love' and I am bitter because why the heck not?! Sometimes 'love' just isn't enough, and man did I feel that through this chapter. I need something deeper and yet, here we are.