Tiny Dancer- Candy's dreams of attending The Reginald Dwight Academy finally come true. Now she must go through her first few days and get to know her new friends better.

Bennie and The Jets- Bennie and his band, "Bennie and The Jets" is booking their 1 year anniversary gig at their first ever gig at the diner, The Blue Skillet.

Daniel- Candy discovered that she's not the only newbie in her classes, she meets Japanese-American Daniel and shows him that everyone has a special talent.

Rocket Man- The RDA go to Rocketman Campgrounds for a little stargazing, that's when Candy gets lost in the woods and she must get to song night before it's too late.

Crocodile Rock- While on their trip to the zoo, Candy, Kiki, and Daniel befriended a zoo keeper whom use to love a woman named Susie.

Your Song- It's the annual Poem Off at the RDA and Ronnie needs to come up with the perfect poem.

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy- There's a story contest for Candy's favorite superhero, Captain Fantastic, and they must figure out a story to write.

Scarecrow- It's the Junior Halloween Party and Cherry believes that the place is being haunted after hearing a ghost story that Regina told them.

Nikita- Ronnie's best friend has lost her favorite tin toy soldier collection, now it's up to Sherlock Candy to find them.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart- It is the wedding anniversary of Regina and Davina and they get into a little arguement about the school budget. Can Candy, Daniel, and Kiki stop the problem before it gets out of hand.

Island Girl- Cherry, Kiki, and Daniel befriended a Jamaican girl who wants to come up with a new routine for dance class.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road- The annual christmas production of The Wizard of Oz is going on and the lead who was supposed to play Dorothy had got a bad flu, that means Ronnie was the only option. With no skills in acting, Candy and Bennie decided to help their sister out.

Step into Christmas- Christmas Break is around and both Regina and Davina's parents come over for a shock, now Candy, Ronnie, and Bennie must learn about the truth why did they leave their parents for each other.

Pinball Wizard- Davina takes Candy and friends to the school arcade where they find out that her favorite pinball machine is going to be tossed out soon. With Alice willing to beat Davina's score, Davina must do her best to maintain her record.

Saturday's Night Alright for Fighting- It's the weekend and the trio got caught up in a biker troop that Regina use to hang out with, now Regina is going to take care of her old troop before someone gets hurt.

Made in England- Ronnie's pen pal from the united kingdom comes to stay at the RDA and Cherry and friends try their best to make him fit in.

I Want Love- It's Valentine's Day at RDA and Cherry and Kiki have to help plan the perfect presents for their teachers, parents, and siblings.

Written in the Stars- An alien crashlands on the school property and Cherry, Kiki, and Daniel must figure out what it wants.

Candle in the Wind- Cherry is selected to play the child for a scented candle store commercial. After retrieving a gift box, she needs to figure out who to give it to.

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me- Spring break is here and The Cherry's go to Virginia Beach for a family vacation. When a surfing contest comes around, Cherry and Ronnie help their brother become a better surfer.

Sixty Years On- While gardening at the RDA's plaza, they uncover a time capsule that belongs to students from RDA 60 years ago.

All The Girls Love Alice- Alice is starting to get attention when she comes down with the flu, making Cherry jealous. Is she going to end up like Alice or will she remember who she is.

Blue Eyes- The finale recital is going around and Cherry is being the leading ballerina for the dance routine. The only thing standing in the way is Alice's envy.

Jump Up- After eating so much ice cream, The Cherry siblings decided to help Davina maintain her weight.

I'm Still Standing- RDA Academy alumni Susie D'Orazio comes the alma mater for a lecture, only to be interrupted by a sudden demolition of the school. Also, a big secret about Candy's past is revealed.