Welcome to a brand new crossover. This one will be a little different. Not a gore-filled festival like Corpse Party, or a swear-filled one either. Today, The intrepid Hat Kid from a Hat in Time enters the world of red scythe-wielding teens in hoods, RWBY.

It had been a long day for Hat Kid. Getting those hourglasses was proving to be a huge chore, especially since she had to work in between Snatcher's contracts and the bird's movies. Holding her fourteenth Time Piece, she tiredly opened the fuel hatch and tossed it in.

Beeep! Beeep! New area unlocked!

Hat Kid raised an eyebrow. A new area? Since when? Wasn't she supposed to collect one more?

She ran around the ship, trying to find the new doorway. She checked in the art room, her bedroom, the Mafia mailroom, everywhere! But nothing. Well, there was one area she hadn't yet checked. Her diary room underneath the mountain of pillows.

Running back into her room, she ran on to the diving board and did a backflip into the pile, sending pillows everywhere. Finding the secret hole, she crawled in, and there it was.

It was a small door, only about the right size for a kid to squeeze through. Hat Kid studied the door more closely, and was perplexed to see it had a black-and-red rose symbol on it. What did that mean? Was it going to be some sappy romantic place? She hoped not. The thought of such a place almost made her not want to go through. But, she had to get those Time Pieces, before a certain someone else did. Letting out a sigh, she opened the door…

And found herself falling through the sky. Literally. She positioned her body upright to break the fall, and fumbled for her umbrella. Finding it, she opened it up, and safely floated to the ground. She put the umbrella back, and observed her surroundings. She was in a city, a very big city. It couldn't have been Nyakuza Metro, as she didn't have nearly enough Time Pieces to get there. So what was it?

She dusted off her hat and concentrated on using its power. Closing her eyes and spinning in a circle, she used the hat as a dowsing rod, hoping to find a Time Piece. As luck would have it, she stopped spinning and opened her eyes. A large building stood right in front of her. It had no real labelings on it, but from the sound of the music, she assumed it was a club. The hat told her a Time Piece was inside the building. She hoped it would be relatively easy, but knowing how her search had taken her in the past, it wasn't going to happen.

She walked towards the entrance, and saw a line with a bouncer at the front letting in a much older teenager with blonde hair inside the building. Yeah, no way were they going to let her in if there was a bouncer, and she guessed they didn't accept "Federal Union of Birds" passports as legal ID. She needed a way to sneak in.

She double-timed it to the back of the building, spotting a vent system. Perfect. She was in. The music started getting louder as she crawled through the vents, looking for a way out. Looking through a vent grate, she could see the inside of the building. A crowd of people stood on the dance floor, the DJ having a weird bear hat on. She once again tapped into her hat's homing powers, zeroing in on the bar counter. There was the same blonde teen from before. Did she have it? No, the hat didn't think so. The blonde teen appeared to be talking to some guy. What was she doing with her hand? Hat Kid peered out of the grate, and pulled out a pair of binoculars.

Her eyes widened as she saw that her hand was on the man's...uh...parts that little girls shouldn't be thinking about or seeing. A crowd of men in red ties and hats approached her, all holding weapons. This didn't seem good. Her hat then zeroed in on the man's pockets. That shine! He had one! He has the Time Piece!

The blonde noticed the crowd, and let go of the man's stuff. She then walked over to the dance floor with him, continuing to talk to him. She then made a strange face, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly parted. What was she doing now? The man turned around, and made a simular face.

Hat Kid's face was flustered as she realized what was going to happen. She quickly pulled her head up from the grate and sat there, trying not to throw up. She knew there was a rose on there for a reason! She then heard a loud THUMP! She looked back out of the grate. The blonde girl had punched the man...across the room?! What in the world was going on?

The crowd had run out of the club, with the men with ties running at the blonde girl. Now was her chance! The man was all alone! She jumped out of the grate, landing around the bar area. Unfortunately, the bartender had noticed this.

"What the-who let a kid in here? Get her out! Someone!"

The blonde girl's eyes flicked towards her, and her eyebrows raised upon seeing the small girl with a hat on. She then turned her attention back towards the men running at her, jumping up into the air and slamming her fist into the ground, making everyone including Hat Kid trip and fall. Hat Kid recovered, finding that she was now hanging off the bar ledge. She quickly got up.

One of the men with an axe approached her.

"Hey, Kid. Look, I'd love to beat up snotty brats who think they can just walk into a club, but it turns out that one snot-brat is causing more trouble, so I'll make you a deal. You walk out right now, and I'll pretend I never saw you."

Hat Kid considered his deal, looking at the blonde girl absolutely kicking tail. She needed to get that Time Piece, and that blonde girl seemed to be her best bet. She smirked.

"So, have you thought about my offer?" The man asked.

Hat Kid responded by pulling out her umbrella and pointing it at the man.

The man shrugged. "That's a shame." He then lunged right at her, an axe going right through the counter. Hat Kid jumped on the handle of the axe and bounced off it, whacking the guy with her umbrella, which to her surprise sent him flying. She landed on the ground, looking at her umbrella in amazement. Looks like I got an upgrade.

"Nice one, Kiddo!" The blonde said, flashing a smile as she powered through a whole herd of axemen.

Hat Kid smiled back, before turning her attention towards the man who had the Time Piece. And right between them, another crowd of henchmen who realized they had someone else to worry about. She quickly took off her hat, and pulled out from it her Sprint Hat. Time to get messy.

She ran right through the crowd, twirling her umbrella, hitting any poor soul who got close, zipping around sword swings. Gee, she hadn't felt this energized since her fight with the Mafia Boss.

"Kid! Look out!" The blonde girl yelled. She pointed at the DJ bear, who had produced a gun and was aiming it in their general direction. Hat Kid froze. She'd never dodged gunfire until now, unless you call fireworks from a firework gun gunfire. The DJ started to fire, and Hat Kid zigzagged in every which-way to avoid the bullets.

"I'll get him!" The blonde shouted, jumping right into the DJ's spray, then doing a couple moves that Hat Kid didn't understand, but she could say for sure must've made the DJ hurt a lot. She then tossed him across the dance floor. Something inside Hat Kid told her it would be a good idea to stick with her. She sped over, jump-flipping onto the stand by her side.

"You're pretty good at this, Kid. But you don't look a day over 12. What're you doing here, punching gang henchmen?"

Hat Kid pointed at the man with the Time Piece.

"Need something from him too? Sounds like a plan. I know we already started to, but why don't we solve this problem together?"

Hat Kid nodded.

"Cool. I'm Yang, by the way. Yang Xiao Long. What's your name?"

Hat Kid was about to reply, when she noticed two teens, arguably the same age as Yang, approach the dance floor. One was in red, the other in white.

"Melanie, who are these girls?" The one in red asked the one in white. Were those claws on her wrists?

"I dunno, Miltia, but we should teach them a lesson." The girl in white replied.

Hat Kid put a hand to her forehead. These girls seemed actually deadly. Was she in over her head? The Mafia Boss wasn't a calkwalk, mind you, but he was fat, stupid, and spent his days sitting on a throne. These girls looked like they knew what they were doing.

Yang must have noticed the look of worry on Hat Kid's face. She bent over so she was at eye level with her.

"How about I take care of them, and you go find our friend Junior?" She offered.

Hat Kid nodded. One guy with no weapons shouldn't be too hard. Still, she couldn't be too careful. Yang's bracelets did turn out to be gauntlets that shot shotgun shells, after all.

Yang did an arm twitch with her gauntlets, and spend shells flew out of them. She then tossed out two rings of new shells into the air, loading them into her gauntlets, and jumping right at the girls, shooting flaming shells right at them. Hat Kid took this as her que to exit stage right, and made for Junior, the man with the Time Piece.

She approached Junior slowly, her umbrella pointed straight at his face as he stood up. He noticed her.

"What? What do you want, Kid?" He said with a sneer.

Hat Kid frowned and pointed towards the shiny hourglass in his pocket. Junior saw what she had pointed to.

"Oh, this?" He said, taking the Time Piece out of his pocket and dangling it in front of the child. "Well I'll tell you what, Kid. You help us take care of that blonde, I'll let you have it."

Hat Kid looked at the man. Was he serious? There was no way she was going to backstab Yang. She needed the Time Piece, sure, but she didn't want to turn that heart-to-heart with her new friend sour like she did with her.

Hat Kid shook her head, and nudged him with the tip of the umbrella. The answer was no.

"Too bad. Looks like you'll get it the hard way, Kid." Junior growled. He then pulled out a baseball bat.

Hat Kid jumped back just in time to avoid a swing. PECK! Of course he was armed! Who isn't these days?

Junior went full frenzy on Hat Kid, swinging every-which-way, some missing, some nearly taking her hat off. Hat Kid retaliated with a flurry of umbrella swings, some striking Junior.


Both Junior and Hat Kid looked over to see Yang had dealt with both of the two girls. Hat Kid considered that her judgement had definitely paid off in this scenario.

"Forget you!" Junior said, snarling at Hat Kid, walking away from her. "This brat just took out two of my best black-market huntresses!"

He walked over to where he had a clear view of the blonde, and pushed a button on his bat.

Hat Kid's eyes went as wide as they could and she nearly tripped in surprise when the bat turned into what appeared to be a rocket launcher, pointed right at her friend.

She furrowed her brow and grit her teeth. Over her dead body! She activated her Hookshot Badge, shooting a hook right at the chandelier above the dance floor, shouting a mighty battle cry, as mighty as a little girl could, umbrella poised to strike, Hat Kid swung right at Junior, who turned around just in time to get absolutely creamed by the hat-wearing girl. The hit was so forceful, he plowed straight into the ground, causing the floor beneath him to crack as he landed.

Even Yang looked impressed and taken aback by this. "Dang, girl! You hit hard! And that's saying something coming from me!"

Both she and Hat Kid walked over to Junior, struggling to get to his feet.

"Y-you k-k-k-k-KIDS!" He shouted.

"Oh I think we're a little older than that, Junior." Yang said in a sing-song voice. "Well, at least one of us. Now, for me, info on the girl. For my friend here, uh...What did you want?"

Hat Kid pointed towards the shiny hourglass.

"Huh, an eye for shiny stuff I guess. Well, who am I to judge?" She said. "Well, Junior, fork it over. Or do I have to make you call me 'Sir' again?"

Junior stood up, taking the hourglass in his hand. "You want it so bad?!" He yelled exasperatedly. "FETCH!" He then threw it across the room. Hat Kid's eyes widened, and she bolted for the Time Piece. Yang grabbed on to his collar. "You…"

But even with her Sprint Hat on, she couldn't keep up with the Time Piece. It shattered on the floor into a million pieces. Hat Kid slid to a halt, standing over the now-broken hourglass. She looked at it for a second, then rolled her eyes in irritation as to what she knew would happen next.

Yang walked over to her, and crouched down. "Dang, sorry about that, Kiddo. But I guess bad guys want to be bad guys, right?"

Hat Kid looked up at her and gave her an irritated frown.

"Maybe there's more?" Yang said, trying to lift up the mood. It was short lived, as something she never experienced before happened. The whole room seemed to fill with a purplish-black glow, and then she found herself standing in front of Junior again, holding him by his collar.

"Huh?!" She asked, turning around and dropping the man. There was the hourglass, on the floor as it had been, but this time, it was perfectly intact.

"W-Wait, what?" Yang stuttered, utterly speechless as to what had happened. Did that thing just...reverse...time?!

"How the…" Junior added, he too lost for words.

"Oh shut up and whine for a moment." Yang chastised, hitting him right in the nether regions. He instantly grabbed them and fell to the floor, groaning. She then walked over to Hat Kid and the hourglass.

"That's one crazy contraption there, Kid. I don't know what just happened, but I assume you probably do."

Hat Kid nodded. Oh, did she ever.

"Well, you're better off keeping it then. Here ya go." She said, tossing her the Time Piece.

The hat child was surprised. No strings attached? No contracts to sign? No movies to make?

"Well, I'd better get going. And you too. The cops will be here any minute. Until next time, buddy!"

With that being said, she used her gauntlet-shotguns to propel herself out the window of the club, shattering everything.

Hat Kid gave the flying blonde a questioning glance. No strings attached, then. Back to the ship.

She reached into her hat and pulled out a keychain. Pressing a button on it, she was enveloped in a green light, before she disappeared completely.