Summary : The cycle continued to spin. Offering another stolen identity, forcing another face to be worn, another life to be toyed with. This was just one more cycle to the endless circle of inevitable endings. Another setting with millions of memories that must be written to be recorded.

"Eyes Talk"
- Anonymous -

Chapter One : August 13th, 2003

Mud and grit had become enmeshed within the raw and bloody flesh of her right arm, leaving a stinging warmth in its wake. By the time blood had begun to seep, curses were flying from Nichole in petulant whines as tremors ran down her spine.

One moment she had been rushing forward, pale eyes locked onto the jennies, and then the next her foot had slipped into a rabbit hole and down Nichole had gone. Her tumble had left her with dirty and torn skin; and the unescapable acknowledgment that this was going to be very painful to clean later.

Nichole's money was on it being infected too.

Which left the irresistible question of : Why?
Why was she sitting on the ground with a bleeding arm, pulsing ankle, and a stinging cheek?
Why had she prolonged getting that panel fixed?
Why didn't she just go check their pen last night before going to bed?

Because, Forks was having another torrential downpour and Nichole just hadn't felt like getting drenched that late into the evening.

Feet, unsteady in their ways, heaved Nicole up as she cradled her arm against her belly. The movement had lips curling downward so to stifle a pained hiss as dark fingers tenderly grazed the inflamed flesh.

She could feel another profanity behind tightly pressed lips but silence took the anger as a cold grasp yanked her bleeding arm free. She didn't have the time to turn before her legs gave out beneath her as an unexpected burst of pain jolted through her body. Nichole briefly felt his teeth imbed themselves into her tender raw flesh before a strangled scream tore from her throat.

The pain, the stinging, and the burning awakened memories long since buried and repressed. The echo's of another life being jarred and twisted within her mind. It wasn't images that came but smells, sensations, and desires. To many to count and to few to recognize. A blur that she couldn't identify but knew had happened once upon a time ago. Her mind pulsed and throbbed the longer he allowed his poisons to enter and corrupt her thin blue tinted veins.

And, all he did in response to her pleading cries was rattle her with his own bone chilling growls.

The pain, the burning, the fire was too much for Nichole. Her mind couldn't take the mess. She knew something was bothering her. Something was hurting her. Something was tearing her apart from the inside, and making her invalid as it did so. She knew deep down from within those repressed memories that there was no reasoning with this unbearable familiar burning through her veins.

Pale eyes of grey were half-lidded, even as they periodically rolled up into her skull.

She never felt him withdraw. Nor did she hear the feral cries as he struggled against his sudden restraints. Pain is all that there was. The burning hot fire.

And, somewhere off in the distance the heavy thundering beat of hoofs.

Voices blurred together in a multitude of high and low frequencies. Words, mere words, strung tightly together became a nauseating buzz within her mushy mind. Nichole couldn't grasp anything besides the pain heating her body. She couldn't even comprehend the single sentence that repeatedly fell from her bloody lips.

Silhouettes moved quickly around her and her body involuntarily shuttered and jolted about as cold arms collected her twitching body from the ground. Someone was whispering to her softly as they moved but Nichole couldn't make out what they were saying any more than she could consciously understand the three words she kept grinding out between sputtering sobs.

Carlisle moved swiftly through the forest, his feet barely touching the ground as he ran. He needed to hurry. He needed to get distance between one of his oldest sons and the dark skinned mortal crying out in his arms.

"Get it out!"
"Get it out!"
"Get it out!"

Her pleads were spaced out but he caught each and every choppy sentence that passed her blood soaked lips. The girl had bitten her tongue in the haze of pain that came from their venom. If Carlisle had still been human his heart would have clenched painfully for the girl.

He needed to hurry. He needed to put her down before the song in her blood twisted his mind as well. It shouldn't have been doing that though; not to him at least. Carlisle had the best control over his thirst. Yet, never had he been so tempted by the blood of a human than now. Her blood sang so loudly to him that he found it hard to ignore. It was a miracle in itself that Jasper had been the only one to accidentally attack. So few vampires could simply turn away from a blood singer. Especially one with an odor like hers.

Carlisle took through the open front door and crossed the threshold to the second floor before gently laying the mortal on the table in his personal office. Her face was closed in a grimace and her skin was pale and clammy. Tears freely flowed from swollen and red eyes as another raw scream tore from her.

Her frail body twitched and withered on the table as he analyzed her wounds before placing pressure over the wound. It had been an unnecessary action, retrieving one of Esme's pearly white hand towels, but it had been instinctual for the doctor. Next best to holding her hand and whispering claiming words through the changing process.

Carlisle knew the fire raging within her body. He knew the pain of turning and could only stand beside her as she changed. The guilt sat not in his chest but inside his brain; for what had been done could not be un-done. A simple accident, slip-up, was going to result in a life being taken away. There was going to be regret and guilt alongside anger from those within his small precious coven, but Carlisle could only hope that in time they would forgive themselves — Accidents happen.

Pale orbs flashed open, wide as saucers, as her hoarse voice shuttered between heavy sobs, "Get it out!". It wasn't the pleading his ears had already heard that had his attention. It was her wide, bloodshot, and teary glare filled with anger and pain that stunned Carlisle. He expected to see the pain but not the raging anger that sat within those grey depths.

Carlisle just didn't expect to witness her fear fighting to smother the anger as it burned relentlessly on the receiving end.

"Get it out!" Her vocals broke and wobbled dangerously as pain shot through her. Yet, despite the fire the fingers on her right hand twitched as if in an attempt to close inward. "Please…"

Carlisle's darkened eyes shifted to where the bite mark on her arm laid beneath the once white towel. An idea that had more than once entertained his mind surfaced.

Peeling the towel from her wound his gaze darkened as her scent corrupted the air. Between the rugged marks bloomed dark beads of crimson, they forced Carlisle to hold his breath.

Her wounded appeared to be fairly clean despite the bit of mud and grit still lingering within the folds of her torn skin. He wanted to help her, more than mortal most likely knew, but Carlisle wasn't even sure if his hypotheses would even work. Was it even possible to suck the venom back out? Could he stop the transformation by doing this or would he just be prolonging the change?

Carlisle wasn't sure if it was the mortal withering on his dining room table or a voice within his own consciousness but he could have sworn for a split second that someone had told him to do it.

And, that is just what the blonde monster did. His cold grasp took hold of the arm where the burning was strongest and he lifted the appendage into the air.

"Hold as still as possible."

Nichole's eyesight blurred but not because of the tears. Her sight was tunneling because the pain was escalating. It was intensifying until she was left with nothing to see at all. Until her consciousness was left to float through an empty space filled with thick static. With a heart pounding so loudly in the inky void that it rang within her ears.

Laughter bubbled up from within, but the smile on her face was broken and the joyful sound didn't meet the look in her pale eyes.

She just had to pick fucking Forks this time around didn't she.

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