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Chapter One.

It was raining. The sky was dark and filled with angry-looking clouds. Howling gusts of wind outside made me want to curl up underneath a pile of blankets. Still, it was an average Seattle afternoon in the fall.

Treasuring what remained of my day off from work and college, I smiled.

I had already finished all the work that needed to be done by next week, so nothing stood in the way of enjoying my first real weekend in weeks.

Fridays were my days off from school and I usually worked at the coffee shop nearby on weekends. Fiona hadn't given me another shift until Monday so that was amazing.

Honestly, I didn't mind the rain.

The droplets trickled down my windows and I listened as tires outside dragged through the water.

Most people I met here called me crazy for cooping myself up all alone in such a small, studio apartment. They mostly preferred more luxury, even though that meant sharing the place with a roommate or two.

My place was cozy, spacious enough for one, affordable and quiet.

Perfect to me.

I had planned on spending the rest of the day drinking coffee and catching up on my reading list. Maybe make some popcorn and watch a movie later tonight .

A noise in the hallway startled me and brought me back to the here and now.

People in the hall were exceptional since I lived on the top floor and the only other unit was unoccupied.

I got curious enough to get off my bed and look through the peephole in my door.

Someone rented it, after all? I wondered. The apartment was a luxurious three-bedroom unit, full kitchen and two full bathrooms.

I wondered who could afford such a nice place as a student.

I yanked on my ponytail, pulling the elastic tighter, and walked into the hallway.

No one to be seen.

The door was slightly open, sending a stream of light into the dark corridor.

Don't ask my obnoxiously awkward self why but I decided to knock.


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