The continued of LOCKED

"I just learned who my father is and he's going to kill me. I can't die...I won't allow it" Mary Ann thought. She needed to act fast, she grabbed garden sheds and scratched his eye with it. Her father groaned in pain, Mary Ann put the garden sheds in her pocket and ran away as far into the woods as she can. There was a fork intersection. One road led her to more trees, the other road led her to abandoned home and the third road led her to the town. "I should go to the town to get help. I'm sure someone will help me" Mary Ann thought.

When May entered the town people were buzzing around her to get their job done. May was just standing there with her legs shaking ,until a fat lady came and screamed "MOVE IT SKINNY LEGS YOU'RE IN THE WAY!." and pushed Mary Ann to the ground"Blasted Pot-Bellied Wench" May muttered then the fat lady turned around and furrowed her eyebrows "WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU TINY TRAMP"That made the town go silent and stare at them. A skinny man stomped over to them and grabbed May by her shirt "What did you say to my wife?!" Mary Ann stayed silent. The skinny man shook her "WHAT DID YOU SAY HUH?! TELL ME YOU BRAT!" May eyes started to water "P-Please let me go I-I didn't mean it" "Let's leave this child beggar alone she's wasting our time!" The women claimed. The skinny man spit and threw her on the concrete ground.

May felt a pain in her couldn't think straight. Town's folk just walked past her not giving a damn in the world. Mary Ann got off her knees and stumbled a bit. "I-I need water, food and help. Why doesn't anyone help me?" She thought. Mary Ann stumbled into a alleyway where no one was there. "I need to rest" May fell to the floor with her hand on her forehead. Mary Ann woke up as she heard footsteps coming towards her. May got off of the floor and saw her father coming towards her with an axe. "Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Mary Ann you thought you could get away from me didn't you?" May backed away into a brick wall noticing she was trapped. "Why-why do you want to k-kill me?" The monster grinned "I need to get rid of all evidence Mary Ann. All of the evidence." May raised her eyebrows as she didn't understand. But she couldn't think about that anymore as her father was coming at her with an axe. Blood spilled all around the alleyway. DUN DUN DUNNN

To be continued...