Chapter One: The Beginning

Wolves they're my favorite, almost my obsession. I have always found them to be peculiar creatures. They're intelligent, entirely loyal to their kin, the alpha's mate for life, they help raise the puppies, and most of all, they're wary of my kind- humans.

Although I am human, I feel as if my spirit is with them running through the dark woods, howling along with my brothers and sisters. Letting my paws touch the ground as my fur moves along with the wind, feeling completely free of all things.

I guess my obsession started when I saw the most beautiful white wolf standing on top of the crest of a hill, the full moon right next to it giving the wolf a beautiful silhouette. The white wolf stretched its neck high up in the air, bringing back its head and filling the air with its 'song'. His howl was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. There wasn't any words just pure joy, the wolf-filled my heart with its beauty and wonders. And since that day my love for wolves grew.

The Woodlands is this small Native American bookstore right outside my hometown, about two and a half hours away. I had the weekend off and had nothing better to do, so I decided I would take a little road trip down there.

The bookstore was wedged between two taller buildings, almost as the two larger buildings were squeezing the life out of the bookstore. The sign on the small building was old, very old if you ask me, some of the letters were barely noticeable. However, the windows looked to be clean and it showed the bookshelves and some antique artifacts, which was a good thing.

Walking inside the bookstore, the bell rang and no one greeted me. Thinking that the owner or whoever worked here was busy, I took this chance to look around. It was dark and cluttered but there were so many valuable things in here. I didn't know where to start from. Wandering around the store, I made my way towards the back and a very odd book stood out. The antique large book was sitting on top of the table surrounded by candles with the words 'Blue Moon' and the cover showed a wolf howling into the air while some bats were flying around. I found it to be beautiful and ironic at the same time. There were bats flying around the wolf, aren't bats aka vampires and wolves enemies? So why are they together?

As I was about to reach for the book a voice stopped me, "the blue wolf." The voice was like hearing an old howl- deep, strong and held authority. Looking up I saw an old Native man in his lounge chair, a wooden cane next to him. He was extremely old and had deep wrinkles that told the most incredible journey, craved a map of his entire life. He must have been blind because his eyes were white as a sheet. Even he might have been blind, his eye line told of all the laughs from his past and it held such wisdom a youngster as I should listen very carefully. His twinkling eyes were framed by thick grey eyebrows and his face was clean from any facial hairs. His long silky white hair was neatly braided with a black and red ribbon tying the end of his hair together. I could tell that when he was young he was an extremely handsome man.

"That book tells the legend of the rare blue wolf," he said standing up. The old man was now leaning on his walking cane. Carefully I took a good look at his wooden cane and it had some cravings of wolves. The two that stood out the most had blue and red eyes. With each movement, the old man took you could hear the creak of his old bones.

Standing in front of me he wipes away the dust from the book and looks up at me with his old blind eyes. "Do you know the story behind blue wolf, young lady?" Shaking my head but then I remember he couldn't see me, "no sir." A second went by and he nods turning back to the book, "you should know." The old man looks down at the book, almost as if he's remembering something. Seconds past and the old man has yet to say anything. A few more seconds he picks up the book and leaves with it. I carefully watched him walking away just in case he needs my help. However, once he made a right turn, disappearing in between the two bookshelves, I stared at the spot he once was. Leaving me confused. Shrugging my shoulders I decided to look around some more.

Finding a spot to sit down I found a book about a black wolf with fiery red eyes. The book says that the black wolf is as large as a polar bear with huge claws, dangerously sharp teeth, and eyes that glow like fire. It also says that this wolf is a death wolf and the oldest alpha known to mankind. The black wolf is the alpha of the alphas, extremely strong and powerful. No other wolf or supernatural creature can defend it. This black wolf with red eyes is another rare wolf but unlike the blue wolf, the black wolf will show itself to the other, letting them know who's in charge. This book barely has any information about the blue wolf, but it does say that the black wolf is the sibling of the blue wolf. It also says that the Blue Wolf will only show itself in times of need and if the Black Wolf has been severely injuries. However, the black wolf and blue wolf are completely opposite from one another. While the black wolf is known to be the bringer of death, the blue wolf is known to be the bringer of life. One cannot live without the older, almost like yin and yang, they balance each other.

Lost in the world of the black wolf, a middle age Native American man with brown eyes and long dark brown hair approached me, "need any help?" he asked me, with a serious look.

"Um, not really but thanks." He nods but then looks down at the book on my lap. He takes a few seconds before looking at me again. "Have you seen an elder man around here?" he asked with a suspicious tone.

Nodding my head, I look past his shoulder, "yeah he was sitting down on that chair. He took a book with him and then he disappeared." The man looks at me, lost in his thought. "Is there a problem?" I asked wanting to know what's going on. And just like the old man, he didn't say anything when he left me there looking all confused and lost.

Thinking nothing of it, I continued on reading. I was almost finished with the book before the man approached me. An hour and two books later, I decided I should head home. Putting the books away, I approach the counter ready to leave. Ringing the little bell to let the man know I was ready but no one came. Ring the bell once again and yet no one came. I decided to wait a few more minutes before deciding to leave with anything. However, I heard a loud thud coming from the back of the store, where I met the old man. Curiously I began making my way towards the back of the store, "hello?" I called out hoping someone would answer me.

Standing at the same spot from before, I looked around and still, there was no one there. Once again shrugging my shoulders, I turned around about to start walking but I heard the thud but this time it was louder and closer. "Hello?" I called out once again and just like the last time, no one responds back. Deciding to walk down the path the old man took, the thud was growing. As I was making my way down the aisle, my body was screaming at me to turn around and leave but my heart was telling me to continue walking, so I walked. At the end of the aisle, there was a dark wooden door, half-opened.

Stopping in front of it, I could feel the heat coming from the other side. Confused I put my hand on the door and slowly opened it. "Hello?" I called out a little louder than before. I don't know what it was but something was telling me to step inside, my mind was telling me to walk inside. Listening to it, I walked inside but there was no one in here. There wasn't anything in here either, no furniture, no one, not even a broom.

Taking a few steps inside, the door suddenly closed. Quickly turning around I run to it and tried to open it but with no luck, it didn't want to open. "HELLO!!!! SOMEONE?? I'M IN HERE!!! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!!!! PLEASE!!!" I screamed out loud, desperately wanting someone to hear me. At this point, I was cursing at myself for walking into an unknown room.

Out of the nowhere, a voice was calling out to me. "RAYNE," it sounded desperate and vulnerable. Turning around there was no one there but me, turning back around I banged the door even more and screamed out louder. "HELP ME!!! SOMEONE!!!" I screamed out.

"Rayne," a voice called out. Turning around there was a beautiful middle age Native American women with a soft smile. "Please help him understand. Help him to love again," the lady said.

"W-who?" I asked stuttering, backing away from her. Instead of telling me who and why, she sadly smiles at me "I'm sorry, baby girl," and with that, she disappeared and a ball of fire appeared.

Looking at a fire in the videos does not resemble the real thing. You don't feel the heat of the flames attacking you or see how big the fire can grow, instead, you only see the small and black smoke climbing its way towards the sky. In front of the real thing, the blazing heat is intense, scorching my skin. The flames aren't only red but it's a bright yellow glowing into the night. The smell forcefully takes over my every breath and the flames grow larger than I ever witness. Roaring as they swallow what was once a well-made house.

"Rayne," my name grew softer with each passing minute. I knew I was laying down on the dirty floor with some injuring and I knew I wasn't going live with these angry flames surrounding me. Eyes half opened, I looked around and notice I wasn't in the empty room but in someone's living room. As my eyes opened and closed, I saw someone in the corner with a white dress looking down at me. The figure wasn't doing anything but standing there staring at me dying. Suddenly I was picked up off the floor and carried away from the figure and from the flames.

The person held me as if I was the greatest treasure in the world, this person didn't let me go even when weren't anywhere near the burning house. Or even when the paramedic demanded him to let me go so they can check me over. I felt weak and tired, my body felt different, it felt younger. I wonder what's happening, who was this person holding me? Who were these people? Where am I? Where are the two Native men from the bookstore? What's going on?

Turning away from these strange people I watched the once beautiful house burn, it looked like something a horror movie would show. It looked like a huge bonfire, flames coming out in every direction. The black smoke was being carried to the right by the end wind. It was raining down ashes like snow-- it was beautiful but tragic.

It was harder for me to keep my eyes open, I was fighting against my body to stay awake. But at last sleep too over and the last thing I remember was my name being called by a strange voice, a sense of worried and urgency laced its tone.