Barba slowly let her arms drop and they both relaxed into the kiss - her skirt was thrown to the floor and long forgotten.

They fell into each other as he dropped back against the couch almost boneless, his hands roamed slowly across her skin as her lips left his mouth and descended back to his neck.

"You taste so good…" She grinned and nipped his skin lightly. "You smell really good too - 'End of day Barba', very little cologne and a lot more you."

He smiled, his neck stretching back as he tried to process these words coming from her mouth.

If someone had told him during recess today that his night would end with Benson in his lap, her tongue lapping at his throat like he was ice-cream while she told him that she loved the way he smelled…he would've had them section for their own safety.

Her hips pushed down against him and he felt his persistent erection surge again as he thrust up against her.

"Mmmmm…." Olivia hummed, "…I think we need to move." She kissed him gently but then pulled away and stood on slightly shaky legs.

Barba sat frozen in place, his mouth hanging slightly open as he watched her carefully roll down her thigh high stockings and then slide her fingers into the waist of her final piece of clothing.

She paused and looked down at him with an amused smile, then nodded at his pants. "I mean...unless you've changed your mind?" She teased already knowing the answer.

Barba's body was shocked into action, toeing off his shoes and kicking them away before tossing his socks and quickly lifting his waist to push down and dispose of his pants and underwear simultaneously.

Olivia smiled, "In a rush?"

"Oh, I can take my time, mi vida, and I will as soon as you get back over here…" He murmured smoothly and reached out to tug her hips closer.

They both groaned at the feeling of their skin against each other as she moved back to her original position straddling his waist. Her hand reached between them and she slowly stroked up and down his cock. Her eyes silently telling him that she had been proven right about his obvious girth. Her hands slowly roamed up over his warm tan chest, his broad shoulders and his toned biceps.

"Someone works out…" She observed with a sly grin.

"Looking for a new workout partner?" Barba's mouth quirked up in a half-smile and his eyes sparkled.

"Hell, yes…" Olivia confirmed then covered his mouth with hers, sinking into him and almost melting against his body. Moving against him she felt his cock line up and make contact with her clit and they both groaned when her wet heat flooded against his solid length.

"Point of no return," Barba cautioned firmly.

"I think we got there a while ago…" Olivia confirmed and rolled her hips against him. Then she slowly lifted up and moved the head of his cock to her entrance. "You know what I just realised?"

Barba shook his head, wordlessly and breathlessly trying to listen to what she was saying and not buck up inside her.

She smiled, "This is going to work."

His eyes looked down to where they were about to be joined and then back to her steadfast gaze.

"For every time I've felt unsure in the past, this time I'm certain," She assured with clarity and then finally descended and took him inside her body.

"Oh, God…" They both groaned in unison and then gasped out a breathless laugh as Barba brought his hand up to weave into her hair and pull her towards him for a long slow kiss.

"You feel amazing…" He whispered against her mouth as he slowly started to move up against her.

"God, you too…" Olivia confirmed and flexed her internal muscles. "Oh…shit…" She closed her eyes and winced.

"Okay?" He asked with obvious concern and held still.

"It's just been a while and you're…impressive…" She teased and smiled at his efforts to remain still.

"You just tell me when…" He started to say.

"Oh, the hell with that, now…the pleasure outweighs a little pain…" Olivia lifted up slowly and then thrust back down hard, gasping when she felt her core shudder in reaction and her body flood against him. "If I'd known you felt this good I might have jumped you a little sooner."

Barba laughed, he brought one hand to grip her ass and the other combed back into her hair. "Te adoro mi amor…" he whispered against her mouth and then slowly devoured her lips as his hips rolled up towards her.

Olivia gasped, tears welling in her eyes as she heard the fervent words from his lips. Her eyes burning into his she nodded and quietly replied, "Eres todo para mí… mi alma gemela… siempre y para…siempre…?"

Barba chuckled through his emotions at her slight fumble and kissed her - his lips soundlessly reassuring, siempre.

A while later Olivia lay half-asleep on top of her new lover, her eyes closed and a slight smile on her face as her fingers trailed patterns slowly over his chest. "So what is 'always and forever' in Spanish?" She whispered softly, not wanting to break the mood.

Barba smirked, "It's kinda the same word…we like to get to the point…"

His voice was deep and rough, the vibrations causing Olivia to snuggle closer.

"People are going to think we're crazy, you know that…?" Barba smiled lazily and trailed his fingers up and down her smooth back.

Olivia chuckled, "I've done far crazier things."

"No, I mean…were not exactly known for being…" He waved his hand between them both in an attempt to explain.

"Well, I assume you don't intend to do this at work?" Olivia laughed.

"Honey, we are at work…" Barba pointed out.

Olivia smiled silently acknowledging his point and loving the way he called her honey. "You know what I mean...when people are around…"

"This? No…" He smirked. "But we will have to disclose…and I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure I'll be able to hide how I feel when I look at you. Not any more."

Olivia grinned and then turned to press her lips against his skin. "So we'll both be lovesick fools. I'm badass Lieutenant Benson, I can certainly handle a little well-intentioned abuse from the guys if this is my reward."

Barba laughed, he was silent for a few moments and then asked, "So what about tonight?"

"I need to leave soon, 'sitter is only booked until 11," She sighed sadly, reluctant to move away from his warm embrace.

"Oh…okay…" Barba said evenly, trying to hide his disappointment.

"Noah will be asleep by the time I get home, will you come stay at mine?" She asked uncertainly.

He smiled and brought his fingers to tilt her head up so that she would look at him. "You're sure? What about the morning?"

Olivia pushed up and moved closer, she smiled and kissed his lips – a feeling of love, safety and serenity flowing through her that she had only ever felt holding Noah in her arms. "Well, if you're ready we could make that first and most important announcement in the morning at breakfast."

"You're sure?" Barba asked hesitantly.

"You're not?" She looked a little hurt.

"About you? Definitely." He assured and kissed her again. "I just meant about Noah, I thought you might want to drop a few hints first – sound him out a little? I'm just wary about…" Barba paused and then admitted softly, "What if he's upset? Or confused? I'd hate him to think that I might…"

Olivia smiled and rolled her eyes, "Do you know what happens at my place after you visit?"

Barba looked confused and shook his head.

"I get days of "Uncle Rafa said…" this and "Uncle Rafa said…" that, endless chatter about what model you made with his Lego, and equally endless efforts to remember every word of Spanish that you've ever taught him…he even asked for a kids Spanish book last week so that he could learn more and surprise you next time you came around."

"He likes me?" Barba asked, still unsure.

"Rafael, you're his hero…he adores you. His teacher asked him to bring someone to school for family careers day - he didn't even ask me, he wanted to know if he was allowed to ask you!"

Barba looked amazed, but then rushed to reassure her, "I know he's proud of you…"

Olivia laughed, "Oh I know, that wasn't about me…it was all about you. He hasn't got a father in his life and he…" she paused and then realised that she might be going too far, too soon.

"He really likes me?" Barba repeated, clearly not fazed by what she was saying at all.

"So…do you want to stay over?" She repeated.

"Sounds perfect…and tomorrow we can both sort out the disclosure paperwork," he added.

"Alright, Councillor - what is it with you and the red tape?" She laughed and ran her nails down his side.

Barba smirked and kissed her head, "Maybe I just feel like telling the world, Cariño."