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Chapter 1: Busted and Punished

"Are you sure you're going to be alright?" asked the redheaded heroine, Kim Possible. She was currently wearing a large coat that really made her seem much larger than she actually was. Her head was poking out of the top of it, she was having trouble seeing the face of the person in front of her.

"Oh come on KP, this is the Ronster you're talking about!" The blonde boy gestured towards himself, as if he was presenting a celebrity. "You just go on your family vacation, make sure to have fun! I'll be kicking back with a long marathon of Sci-Fi movies and Bueno Nacho!" The blonde sidekick was all smiles, laughing and jumping around. "Maybe I'll even go hang out with Wade for a bit! You know, some quality guy time!"

Kim started to laugh loudly. "I'll believe it when I see it!" If Ron could actually convince the younger boy to step outside his room to 'hang out', then it would probably qualify as a miracle. Her smile only widened as she looked him over.

Ron Stoppable, her best friend, the only one she could ALWAYS count on for all these years. She often wondered if he had any idea just how much he meant to her, how special he was in her book.

For the past few weeks, she had been trying to figure out how to tell him that she... Well, she was going to break free from her initial fears and finally ask him out!

If anything, she was trying to find some sort of excuse to get out of going on this family vacation that her parents had sprung on her at the last minute. 'That's just my luck... I've even already waited more than a month after my breakup with Josh, just to make sure Ron wouldn't feel like he was my rebound...' She fought to keep her expression as normal as possible. What was the point in giving him a hint, when she had to leave for a few days and couldn't follow up on her intentions?

"Come on Kimi-Cub! We need to move, the plane won't be able to take off without us!" her father joked to himself. The Possible matriarch next to him simply rolled her eyes at his silly antics, she started to push him and her twins away from the two teens.

"Come on you three, let's go, before your father's jokes get even worse" the redheaded doctor advised, already moving away from Kim and Ron.

"Well... I guess I'll be going too..." Kim smiled, moving in closer to hug her childhood friend.

Of course he returned the hug, the two lingering for a few moments, simply enjoying the closeness between them.

"Don't worry KP, soon you'll be able to return home to your awesome partner! You'll be back before you know it!"

'I wish I could just tell you already... No, stop it Kim! Have some restraint!' She nodded in confirmation. "You bet!" She started walking away from him, already regretting letting him go.

"Don't worry, I'll give you a call!" the blonde boy yelled out to her, waving his hand above his head.

"You better..." the redheaded heroine whispered to herself. She moved through the terminal doors and out of sight.

His smile finally dropped, turning around with a sigh, he started to walk away. He wanted nothing more than to go with her, or better yet, to have her stay with him. Of course he couldn't really have told her that, now could he? A small hairless creature popped out of his pocket, looking up at him while squeaking.

"Yep... she's gone with her family" he replied, quickly patting his little friend's head. "Don't worry Rufus, KP will be back before you know it! Now, how about you and me enjoy the Bueno Nacho all you can eat special?"

The reaction of the hairless mole rat was almost immediate, he ran up to the blonde's shoulder and started dancing with joy.

'Well, someone's easily distracted... If only I was...'


It was the next day at Middleton High School. The blonde sidekick was walking down the corridor, done with his classes for the day. He was heading towards cheer practice, as usual. 'Well, let's get this over with...' Ron thought. He was almost dragging himself along, thinking about his friend. 'I hope she's having a better time than I am...' Ron was still wondering if he'd made the right choice, not calling her the day before. He still remembered the last time they'd been apart for a long time. He'd kept calling her about every little thing, that had bothered him. He felt bad about it and didn't want to repeat the same mistake, but that didn't mean it wasn't hard to hold himself back. "I'll just have to keep myself busy..."

The boy arrived at the gym and entered. Normally this was a restricted zone to regular students, as after school hours it was solely used for the cheer squad this time of year. But of course, him being the team's mascot gave him the right to enter.

The gym itself was quite dark, the lights were off and he couldn't see anybody around. "Did they cancel practice for today because KP is away?" It seemed logical to him, as his redheaded friend was the captain of the team. On top of saving the world, of course. Yep, she was just awesome like that.

"Well... If I'm already here, I may as well take a shower..." the boy spoke to the empty room. He continued into the locker room, going inside without a care in the world. He never even noticed that the lights were on, a few pieces of fabric scattered on the benches around him.

He quickly took off his shirt, ready to enter the shower room. The door suddenly opened, nearly hitting him. He froze instantly, noticing several familiar faces.

'Oh God no...' the soon to be dead sidekick thought, looking into the shocked faces of the cheer squad. His memory suddenly started working, recalling a few of the things his friend Kim had explained him before she left. 'Just trust me on this one, don't go to cheer practice while I'm gone... Bonnie is bound to try and come up with some new routine that will land her the captain's position, so just save yourself the hassle...'

His eyes focused on the different members of the team. They all stood there, wearing nothing but their towels. Water dripped off of their almost completely naked bodies, shining in the fluorescent lighting.

The girls remained silent, as if the idea of 'him' of all people being here was unthinkable.

"W-wait a minute, this isn't my locker..." he began, before he saw the scowl on Bonnie's face.

The brunette cheerleader crossed her arms, accidentally pushing up her generous breasts. "Wrong excuse Loser, try again!" she snapped, her voice commanding and angry. As furious as she was she tried to remain calm, for the sake of the girls behind her.

The boy started sweating, he could feel his throat closing up. He attempted to come up with an answer that wouldn't get him filleted by the girls. "Ah, w-well, you see... It's a funny thing that happened..." He stalled out once again, before he lifted his hands up in a placating gesture and took a step back. "Actually, it's nothing! I'll just, ahh... get out of your hair..." Ron was about to turn and start running when a soft hand grabbed a fistful of his shirt, stopping him from escaping.

"Your not going anywhere, Loser!" Bonnie sneered at him, keeping her glare focused on his eyes. "Do you think we'll just let you off, after what you did?"

"What I-wait a second!" the blonde boy exclaimed fearfully. "I literally just got here! And I wasn't doing..." His words died in his throat, only now really noticing Bonnie up close. He could faintly smell the fresh shampoo that she'd used only a few minutes ago. His eyes traveled down to her ample cleavage, it was as if it was trying to lure him in.

"Even when your trying to seem innocent, you still have the balls to check me out... " the brunette cheerleader pointed out, smiling at him. "It's nice to know that even you have balls, Loser. It'll make it even more satisfying when I tear them off." Her smile turned vicious, making him shrink.

"We should teach him a lesson!" a blonde freckled cheerleader declared, wearing a smile similar to Bonnie's.

"Yeah! It's time we showed him what happens when you mess with the elites!" the raven haired cheerleader known as Hope declared, also joining the witch hunt.

They all moved around him, blocking his escape route.

"Wait a minute!" one of them called from the back, they all stopped to look at her.

Bonnie sighed in annoyance, "what is it Tara? We're kinda busy here." The brunette was about to continue, before her friend grabbed her arm.

"Can I talk to you for a minute Bonnie?" The blonde's voice was enough to make the brunette let go of Ron's collar, turning back towards her friend who began to pull her off to the side.

'I can guess where is this going...' Bonnie rolled her eyes, before glancing back at the other members of the team. "Make sure he doesn't go anywhere, and one of you please close that door... We don't need another idiot walking in here" she ordered, before Tara finished pulling her out of sight.

"So, what did you want Tara?" Bonnie questioned, even if she could easily guess what her friend needed.

"Oh nothing much... You know, just to ask about your new bag, the shoes you got, and WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT JUST NOW!?" the blonde shrieked in anger, her voice echoing in the room.

The brunette took a step back but refused to look intimidated, even if she was sure she failed. "I'm not sure what you mean Tara, but try to keep it down."

"Oh? You want me to keep it down? Okay, yeah fine sure, no problem... Just as long as you tell me what the hell you were thinking?!" The normally quiet and submissive blonde barely managed to hold herself back from screaming again. It was so unlike her, that it had caught Bonnie totally by surprise. However in hindsight, she really should have seen it coming.

"You mean Kim's loser friend?" The brunette saw her friend's face contort for a moment, she obviously didn't approve of the little nickname she'd given to Tara's not-so-secret crush.

"No? You think?" the blonde shook in frustration. "What's the big idea, treating him like that? It was an honest mistake!"

"Excuse me? Just a mistake, you say?" Bonnie moved closer to her friend. "Okay... So let's just say that someone else barged in here, but actually saw us fully nude. Would that be okay too?" A small smile threatened to break out on her face. "Or is it because it's 'him', that you're so willing to forgive?"

"I don't know what your talking about..." Tara denied, face flushed.

"Yeah... I'm sure you don't..."

"Look, you know as well as I do that if Kim were here she would have made sure you agreed with her that it was nothing... So, why all the drama? Why not let him run along, instead of dragging him inside and having him surrounded by the team?" The annoyed look on the blonde cheerleader's face was almost too much for Bonnie.

"Is that what you're worried about? Him looking at other girls, when you're not even dating him?" Her friend was almost too pure sometimes.

"I-It's not that! And don't change the subject!" Tara started going off the handle again, before her friend's hand came to rest on her shoulder.

"Okay, look Tara, this is a problem... We need to punish him for what he did, what almost happened..." Bonnie started explaining. "Not just for me... but also the other girls..." She wasn't getting through to the blond, the brunette cheerleader could see Tara's expression. Her friend didn't care about her reasons. In her eyes the boy hadn't done anything wrong, she wasn't going to budge on this.

"Then how about a compromise?" Bonnie inquired making her friend's eyebrow raise.

"A compromise? What sort of compromise?" she asked in suspicion, the normally quiet girl moving closer.

"Well... he did something he shouldn't have done. Since we can't really punish him for it, then how about we go straight to him making up for his mistake?" The brunette beauty saw that her friend hadn't exploded, she took that as a sign to continue. "Think about it as... him having to do whatever it is you want, in the hope of forgiveness. With how he is... I'll say he'll gladly that deal, with a smile."

Tara seemed to be lost in thought for a few moments, before she seemed to come back to Earth. "W-well, it does make sense, when you put it that way..." she agreed.

'Wow, she caved pretty quickly when it benefited her... I'm so proud right now!' "Okay, now that we're in agreement, we should probably let the others know." The two started moving back towards the entrance, with Bonnie in the lead.

The two cheerleaders walked into a pretty funny scene. The rest of the squad was currently surrounding their blonde victim. Ron himself was busy looking down, like a puppy who'd gotten in trouble. His face was slightly flushed, he was barely able to focus on any given spot for more than a few seconds.

'He's probably getting a nice close-up look at the girls' legs... This must be torture for him... as it should be!' Bonnie thought. She didn't dare voice the thought however, it would definitely cause more harm than good. "Alright girls and... you too, I guess..." She pointed at the lone boy in the room. "We've decided that The Loser will not be punished." She could see her teammates look at her in shock. Stoppable raised his head, presumably in hope, as she continued. "But..." She let the silence hang in the air for a few moments. "...he will make it up to us with... a favor..."

Bonnie glanced at the team. They all looked confused, with the exception of the blonde girl next to her. At this point her friend was almost giddy.

"Exactly! He must-" Tara couldn't control herself, the words spilling out, Bonnie put her hand on the blond's shoulder.

"Let me Tara." She moved forward, hands on her hips. "Basically, it means he must obey one order... From each of us!" As Bonnie let the bomb drop, she could see understanding slowly dawning on the rest of the team. They all smiled at the possibly of making the boy their temporary slave.

"Wha-" Tara was speechless. She glared at Bonnie, silently saying, 'if I knew than I never would have agreed to this!'

Bonnie's smile was taunting, 'you think I'm going to let you be the only one to take advantage of Possible's little helper? Fat chance!' She leveled her glare at the blonde boy, who returned her stare with more than a little trepidation. "Do you understand? You will have to do anything we tell you... Is that clear?"

With a quick nod of his head, it was done, his fate was sealed.


After a few hours...

Ron Stoppable was lying on his bed, looking at his ceiling, thinking about his newfound situation. He'd agreed to Bonnie's demands out of fear and embarrassment. It was understandable, considering he'd been around the half-naked members of the entire cheer squad... minus his childhood friend.

"If KP had been there... I don't even want to think about what she would have done to me..." He moved into a sitting position. "Okay! So, how am I going to get out of this one?" he wondered out loud, before coming back down to realty. 'I can't...' Defeat wasn't something he liked to accept, but sadly it was an all too familiar feeling... At least to him.

"Okay, stop that! You got off easy! So, just make sure not to screw up... again." The blonde sidekick got up, he had a job to do.


"Remind me again what we're doing here?" Bonnie Rockwaller asked, being led by another cheerleader.

It was a brown-skinned beauty, with long flowing raven-colored hair and oval eyes. She was known as Hope. "Well, you know it's my turn to host our usual sleepover-"

"You mean movie night" Bonnie cut in.

"Um, I'm pretty sure it's called a sleepover..."

"I know what I said!" the brunette insisted, she refused to call it something so childish.

"Anyway... As I said, it's supposed to be my turn. I'm feeling a bit lazy, so I've decided to change locations" Hope answered with a smile.

"Is that why we're here?" Bonnie inquired, pointing at the home they were in front of.

"Yep!" Hope moved forward, pushing the doorbell. The girls waited only a few seconds before the door opened slowly, revealing the blonde resident of the house.

"Oh... you're here early..." Ron mused, moving aside and letting the two girls enter.

"Not like it'll matter..." Bonnie was the first inside. She didn't really care about his home, or how much money he had, not with how well she lived.

The boy took the lead, bringing his "guests" to his living room. For some reason it looked completely different from the rest of the internal design of the house. "What the..." Bonnie looked around, confused.

There were pillows and blankets all over the floor, normal furniture nowhere in sight. It seemed as if the entire floor was made out of comfy-looking pillows. "Hey, Loser! What the hell is this?" Pointing to the floor, Bonnie glared at him.

"Well, you did ask for it..." Ron almost whispered to Bonnie.

"It looks great!" Hope moved past him and Bonnie, simply letting herself fall onto the floor. "Oh... so soft..." The ravenette lay there so long, Ron asked if she was alright. Her only response was to turn around, look up at him, and declare: "I approve... Now, the only thing left is-"

He quickly moved his head to the side, face red as a tomato. "Y-yeah! I'll go-uh... Take care of it!" He quickly escaped the room, leaving the two girls alone.

"So... remind me again, why are we at The Loser's house? And do me a favor... close your legs... I'm pretty sure he got a good look in between them" the brunette griped, looking around for a place to sit.

"I've already told you, I'm too lazy to do it myself. Besides, just look at this place!" Hope gestured around herself. "This place looks perfect! Not to mention, I won't have to clean up afterwards. ...and him?" The girl took a moment, as if thinking it over. "Meh... doesn't really bother me all that much..."

Bonnie looked shocked for a moment, before noticing the slightest crack in her friend's facade. "Really? What are you, five?" the brunette huffed in anger.

"Sorry Bonnie, your expression was just too much! I couldn't help it! But I'm actually being serious here. I mean, he already saw us in way less. And I'm used to him seeing us in our uniforms! So, I don't care all that much."

Bonnie moved a bit to sit down next to the ravenette.

"He did deliver on my request... so I don't know... Maybe I'll end up asking him out..." Hope looked at Bonnie again with a shapely smile, only to see her teammate's unimpressed face.

"Whatever you do... don't joke about that near the rest of the team..." Bonnie didn't want to be around if Tara heard that one.

"Who said I was joking?"

The brunette cheerleader was going to ask what Hope meant by that, but lost her train of thought when she heard a sound resembling a doorbell... an annoying one at that.

"I'll get it!" Ron moved quickly, almost running to the front door.

"Seems pretty motivated, when he has to be" Hope mused.


Night had fallen at the Stoppable household. Ron was currently busy finishing up some food for the girls that were staying in his living room. "Ha, never thought I'd ever have to worry about that..." the blonde sidekick said to himself, continuing to work.

It was a pretty strange situation he'd gotten himself into, his assigned 'punishment' even more so. When Ron had agreed to their terms, he couldn't help but immediately wonder about what sort of embarrassing stuff Bonnie would make him do. To his great surprise, the first member to call in her request was one of the girls he didn't talk to much.

The ravenette beauty named Hope wanted to host their team slumber party in his living room, along with having him provide some homemade food. She was very specific about that last part.

Ron had obviously agreed, as this was a demand that was extremely easy for him to fulfill. His home was usually empty, with his parents away on another back to back vacation. He'd also made sure to leave Rufus with Wade for the night. He didn't want to irritate the girls, on the off chance that they saw the little guy.

When finished he moved to the living room, to the six girls who were currently occupying it. The girls didn't notice him right away, but as he moved closer he caught everyone's attention.

The blonde boy quickly glanced at them, they had already changed into what appeared to be their sleepwear, they all looked completely different.

First there was Bonnie. The brunette girl was wearing a tight purple shirt and shorts that covered most of her rear, but couldn't hope to hide its perfect shape.

Next to her stood the blonde cheerleader Tara. Said blonde currently had her back to him, focusing on her mirror and clearly fixing herself up. She was dressed in a casual-looking set of light blue pajamas. In contrast to Bonnie's figure, Tara's was even more stunning. Ron could see the blonde's ample cleavage from where he was standing, but what really drew his attention was her ample ass. It was slightly bigger than even Bonnie's.

The next pair were talking to each other, Hope and Crystal. The ravenette was wearing a tight-fitting pair of gray pants, they made her long legs look extraordinary. Crystal sat next to her, and it appeared that she was not trying to hide anything. She was currently rocking a very small red bottom that was halfway in-between underwear and a pair of short shorts. The boy could clearly see her ass sticking out. Finally, she was also sporting a black tank-top.

The last two girls, Marcella and Liz, were under one of the blankets he'd provided them. Only their heads and the slightest bit of their tops were poking out. Marcella's face looked a lot like Hope's. The only differences between them were a small number of facial features, as well as a beauty mark just above Liz's lips. Liz herself was a redhead, just like his best friend. Her hair was a lighter shade than Kim, she was currently without her usual hairband.

The blonde boy's attention flitted from one beauty to another, until he reached the middle of the room. By this point they'd all looked up at him, focusing on the few trays he was carrying.

"Well it's about time, I'm starving!" Liz declared. She quickly pulled the blanket off of herself to reveal a very skimpy looking pair of panties.

The blonde's eyes almost popped out from shock.

"You know... nobody told you to starve yourself before you got here..." Crystal pointed out, she sat down and played with her phone.

"After what I've heard about the food? No way I'm going to pass this up!" Liz looked up at the trays, excitement clear.

Ron on his part was looking at the ceiling, trying desperately to think about something else... No, anything else but the oh so lovely sight of Liz's ass as she bent over to inspect what he'd brought. 'I've never noticed just how-NO!' he mentally yelled, he tried to calm the swelling in his pants. 'Thank God for baggy pants!'

"-ey are you listening?" someone called, almost making him jump.

Looking back down he saw Hope staring at him, wearing a small smile. "S-sorry, what's up?" The blonde boy hoped his voice didn't come off as too strained.

"Well...", her voice was really sounding pretty tempting. "I was just wondering if I could ask you to get me something sweet... I would really love something... sweet" she practically purred.

"Y-Y-Yeah! Su-Sure, no problem!" he choked out, before nearly running out of the room.


"Pfff, hahaha!" The girls couldn't hold in their laughter anymore, falling apart as soon as he'd cleared out.

"That was great!"

"I told you it would work! So worth it!" Liz and Crystal high-fived each other, as the rest continued to laugh.

"Really you two? Was it really important enough that you had to almost give him a free show?" Bonnie chastised.

Liz scoffed. "Please! This old thing?" She pointed at her skimpy underwear. "I've worn swimsuits crazier!"

"Whatever... Just remind me not to go with you to the beach... I prefer not to get strange looks" the unofficial leader of the cheer squad replied.

"Oh, come on Bonnie! You have to admit that it was kinda funny! Right?" Marcella asked, playfully poking her elbow into the brunette's side.

"...okay, fine, I admit it was kinda funny."

As the girls continued to laugh, one of them moved to what she guessed was the kitchen. The blonde cheerleader Tara poked her head inside, as if looking for someone. Seeing nobody, the girl moved inside the room.

"Hey Tara, looking for something?" asked the blonde boy from behind her.

The surprised girl tried to turn around but failed, as both her legs became tangled up and she fell backwards. She steeled herself for her meeting with the ground, until she felt a soft but firm grip on her lower back. Opening her eyes, her vision was dominated by the clear blue eyes of one Ron Stoppable.

"Are you okay Tara?" the blonde sidekick asked, only to receive a weak nod from the girl. "Let me help you out." He moved her to a standing position and made sure she was fine.

Tara could now see that he was holding a large bowl with some whipped cream, currently busy mixing it. 'Did Ron just catch me while still holding onto that? And how in the hell didn't I hear him coming up from behind me?!' she wondered, still feeling her heart pounding loudly. From the fall, or from him, she didn't know... But she could certainly guess.

"So, did you want something?" Ron asked, in a far more confident tone than usual. The difference seemed odd to her, but she didn't really mind it.

"Um, j-just wanted to see if you needed any help-" she spoke in her usual quiet voice, but cut herself off when he lifted his hand up.

"No need Tara, I've got it all under control! Just go and have fun with your friends, I'll be done shortly.

'I'd rather talk to you!' the blonde beauty mused, but couldn't even hope to find the courage to actually say anything. She ultimately returned to her friends.

The blonde boy openly stared at her ass as she walked away, before the doorbell rang. He jumped, startled, then quickly moved to open it. Standing on the porch was another blonde girl.

"Oh, hey Ron! Am I late?" the blue-eyed blonde known as Jessica asked.

"Hey Jessica, not really. The rest of the squad's just getting ready-" the boy never finished, as she simply walked past him.

"Great, thanks!"

Ron could only stare at the pair of tight, short, slightly ripped jeans she wore. 'Is this some form of torture?'


"That was amazing!"

"I've never had something so... so..."

"I'm just speechless..."

All the cheerleaders were sitting around in a circle, in the middle sat the trays of food their blonde host had prepared for them. They had been pleasantly surprised that the rumors of Ron in the kitchen were true.

"Oh man... I'm so glad I asked for this!" Hope declared, still chewing on the chocolate cake that Ron had made at their request.

"Please... you just wanted to get yours out of the way, before Possible came back!" Marcella snapped.

They were all aware that IF their captain found out that they'd essentially made her best friend their slave, there would be hell to pay! Well... everyone understood except for Bonnie, of course.

"Give me a break... Like Kim will worry about her little friend, when she's busy with Josh all the time" the brunette responded, busily checking her phone.

"Wait, didn't you hear? They already broke up!"

"Ohh... so Josh is back on the market? Maybe I'll give him a try, what do you think Bonnie?" Crystal asked.

"You go ahead... I'm not interested in Possible's leftovers" the brunette sniped, fixing her hair.

"Ouch... looks like someone still has a stick up her ass" Hope replied jokingly.

"Excuse me?"

"A really big one" the ravenette continued, until she saw a small smile appear on her friend's face.

"Maybe... I'm sorry, it's-" the brunette beauty started to apologize, before Jessica cut in.

"Yeah, yeah. You broke up with Brick, because he's a self-centered asshole! Honestly, this is a good thing for you!" the blonde girl insisted, making Bonnie smile.

"Okay! So, now that we've got that out of the way, what shall we start with?" Marcella asked, they began to pick out their first movie.


A few hours later...

Ron was currently clearing a few plates and glasses off of the table and the floor, the girls were busy watching a movie. It was their third one so far, the vote had been for an action movie to start. That was followed soon after by a romantic comedy, currently they were in the middle of a horror movie. While they had watched the first movie the squad had come to the conclusion that it just wasn't very comfy on the floor. Ron had quickly moved his living room couch back where it belonged, he'd made sure to fill it with pillows and a nice big blanket as well.

He was making sure not to get in the way or bother them, if he could help it. Ron suddenly felt something touching the back of his thigh.

"Um, what's up?" he asked quietly, turning around.

"You don't have to keep running around us, like our butler..." assured Jessica.

"Oh, am I in the way? I-"

"No, I meant you can join us... I doubt anyone will need anything else." She looked around at her teammates.

True to her word, the other girls were busy watching the movie. They seemed comfortable enough, with enough snacks and drinks next to them.

"Wait... you want him to join us?" Bonnie asked, pausing the movie.

"Well, yeah." Jessica looked towards the rest of the girls, who gave the idea some thought. "He did work pretty hard, and never complained... so?"

After a few seconds of looks in between them, the girls had decided.

"Fine... I was going to object, but if you're that scared of the movie then I'm not going to say no" the Queen B capitulated, before moving towards the bathroom.

"I'm not scared!" the smaller blonde girl replied in anger, her red face revealing her lie.

Ron was seated in the middle of the couch, a pair of girls on either side of him. On his right were Bonnie and Hope, with the ravenette sitting next to him. On his left were Liz and Marcella, with Liz being next to him.

On the floor, next to his feet, were Tara and Jessica. Last was Crystal, who was laying on her stomach and resting her head on her hands.

"Well, this is a bit... cramped" Bonnie complained.

"Whatever, let's continue" Jessica replied. She grabbed the remote out of Bonnie's hands and pushed play, despite the brunette's resistance.


If the blonde boy thought that the girls had been quiet before, then this would have proven him wrong. It was completely silent, with the only sounds coming from the TV.

It was only a few minutes into the movie for Ron, but he could clearly see just how royally screwed he was at the moment. The girls were extremely close to him, so much so that he couldn't move without brushing up against them.

'Just focus on the movie and don't move' the boy kept chanting to himself, barely even paying attention to the TV.

Suddenly the screen flashed what he guessed to be a scary scene. To their credit the girls didn't scream, but they did tense up slightly. After a few seconds they settled back... only even closer to him now than they were before.

Hope and Liz were both leaning on him, each of their legs resting on his own. Their warmth was pinning him down, giving him even more trouble with his growing erection. Earlier he'd managed to hold himself back by running away and working on the girls' food, but sadly now there was no way for him to move without alerting them to his 'condition'.

The boy felt a pleasant feeling on his left leg as Jessica suddenly decided to lean onto it for comfort.

'Oh God... No, stop it... You're not helping!' Ron tried to send a mental message to the three girls pressing up against him, but only managed to look slightly in the direction of Liz... catching another glimpse of her skimpy underwear.

He immediately closed his eyes for a moment, trying desperately to clear his mind of the the soft and incredibly sexy- 'No! Don't think about it! If they find out about this...' He almost shivered, managing to calm himself slightly. He opened his eyes, only to see two people kissing... He couldn't really understand just how the plot of the movie had jumped from fighting for their lives, to making out like there was no tomorrow... Or, he totally could, actually...

The blonde could only focus on the movie, as it was, by far, the least sexy thing around him at the moment.

The movie started getting pretty steamy for a horror flick. The two leads started taking off their clothes, continuing their lovemaking. The blonde boy saw something moving out of the corner of his eye, he glanced down.

He's eyes opened in shock. He was now staring at Crystal's ass, the girl was currently laying down on her stomach watching the movie. The thing that almost made him jump, was the faint wet line forming in her underwear. 'Is-is she aroused?!' He swallowed the lump in his throat, he didn't even know when his mouth became so dry.

His sanity was saved when the girl suddenly pulled her blanket up over her waist, leaving him happy... and incredibly disappointed.

'Thank God I'm covered with a blanket as well...' he praised. He felt a soft palm on his thigh, incredibly close to his- now swelling- member.

'Please, oh God, no...' He could already see his impending doom as Hope suddenly brushed against his penis.

It took a few seconds before she looked down to where her hand was. She immediately moved it away, trying desperately not to look at him. Her face was beet red, her eyes darting back and forth between the movie and her hands.

'She's getting hotter...' Ron noticed, her leg suddenly pressing up a bit tighter against him.

'What-' his mind couldn't continue, as he suddenly felt her hand slowly moving and settling on top of his member. 'She's just getting more comfortable... right?' his reasoning immediately died as she started to stroke him.

'Oh God... This can't be real... Oh man...' her soft hand gently moved up and down his member, Hope never looking at him at all. He ventured a glance at her. Only now did he notice that she had covered them both with the blanket, completely hiding what she was currently doing. The cheerleader continued moving her hand at a steady pace for a few more minutes, it seemed to last an eternity.

His arm shifted a bit above her head, moving down to settle at her waist on her naked skin.

"Ah..." The blonde boy barely heard her surprise, but didn't stop as his palm settled in its new place. He pulled her body closer to him, she offered no resistance. She simply responded by slipping her hand into his pants.

'Oh man...' The hot feeling spreading across his body was unreal.

Her cheeks started to grow hotter. She laid her head on his shoulder, as if to hide her face from him. Grabbing his shaft had proven to be a bit difficult, she could barely close her hand around him.

'He's big!' her mind pointed out, she unconsciously licked her lips.

Ron was dying to know if anyone had noticed the sudden change. They hadn't, if the silence was any indication. His pants suddenly shifted down, his manhood now free. Fortunately, he was still safely covered from sight.

"Ohh..." Her soft lips brushed against his neck, hot breath washing over his ear. Her hand grabbed his shaft again, only this time with a lot more freedom to move. Her fingers ran over his tip, before continuing at a slow pace, making him almost groan with excitement.

The hand that was resting on her body started to move up, reaching towards her breast. He stopped just an inch away, afraid of what her reaction would be. To his surprise she didn't even seem to notice, her head facing the TV. Her gaze however, was almost completely focused on his manhood. Ron swallowed hard and decided to go for it. His hand moved, fingers brushing against her warm skin. He slowly cupped her soft breast and firmly squeezed.

"Mmm... Ah..." she moaned in a weak voice, looking up at him. Hope appeared incredibly flushed, slightly panting with excitement.

He rolled her nipple, watching as her eyes closed and the tiniest smile appeared on her face. From the corner of his eye he could see his hand underneath her shirt, moving as he continued to enjoy her soft mound.

She almost opened her mouth and moaned, but quickly moved closer to his neck and started to suck on a specific place.

"Oh s-" He couldn't even manage to talk anymore, feeling her hand moving faster and with more power. His mind was foggy, he looked at her waist peeking from the edge of the blanket. Without thinking about it his hand started to move down, towards her slender stomach. She moved even ever closer to him, as if to let him have better access to her body. His fingers kept moving past her navel, reaching the edge of her shorts. He slipped inside, passing the lace fabric of her underwear.

Hope nearly jumped when she felt him touching her womanhood.

'She's... so... wet...' His middle finger dragged across the wet slit a few times, feeling the hot and moist place.

He glanced to her face, her eyes were shining. She looked as if her heart could give out at any time. "R-Ron..." she whispered, in the most erotic and tempting voice he'd ever heard. He couldn't believe that she'd actually used his real name. "Please... don't... tease me..."

Something snapped inside of him. He plunged his finger inside of her wetness, she began to tremble in his arms. She let go of his member, making him worry that he may have gone too far. The only thing she did was adjust the blanket that was covering them, finally revealing him to her eyes in all his glory. The blonde's manhood was rock hard, to the point that it had hurt when she'd let go of him. His pain subsided as she grabbed him, started to move her hand again.

The movie was still playing, as was the sex scene. The loud flashing images and constant moans weren't really helping the blonde boy's focus, but it did hide the sounds coming from Hope. The ravenette cheerleader was in her own little world, clearly enjoying herself more than enough. She kept her eyes closed most of the time, only opening them every few seconds.

Ron noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye, he shifted his head slightly to the other side. He couldn't miss the pair of amazing, slightly open, legs that were next to him. The cheerleader on his other side was currently busy playing with herself. Liz still had one thigh pressed against his own, her other leg slightly open. She left the blonde boy a pretty good view of her current activity. He had only now noticed the fact that his other hand was currently right in between Liz's open legs. 'She's... using my hand to-' He blanked out as her gaze moved up just a bit more, until she was staring right into his eyes.

She stilled, her eyes opening in horror at what she'd been caught doing. Liz didn't dare look away, her face red as a tomato, incredibly embarrassed.

At this point the blonde boy couldn't even begin to think clearly, he moved his fingers to brush up against Liz's womanhood.

"Ahh..." Her moan cut her gaze, she shifted closer and grabbed his arm to stop him.

"R-Ron I'm-" She failed to complete her sentence when he flicked her wetness. She bit her lips and jumped, a light current flowing through her body. "You're... going to... regret that" she managed to whisper, panting heavily. She lowered the rest of the blanket covering her, giving the blonde sidekick a much better look.

He could see her skimpy panties forced aside, her soaked womanhood on display, his fingers barely inside her. She was smiling, her eyes lightly lidded. Ron pushed deeper, almost desperately trying to feel more of the beauty next to him. She grabbed his arm, pulling it in between her breasts. "Don't stop..." she whispered into his ear, clearly enjoying the feeling.

He could see her arm slowly rise, moving towards his lap. She grabbed his manhood, just above Hope's hand. His eyes shot to both of the girls. Liz and Hope both looked at one another in silence, as if daring each other to let go.

The blonde sidekick couldn't keep still. He removed his hand from Liz's womanhood, making her almost whine in disappointment. He quickly moved his arm behind Liz, settling in between her legs, just like he had with Hope. He started moving his fingers, making both beauties tremble at his touch.

Ron looked down at the amazing sight, two of the most popular girls at school were busy staring at his swollen manhood as they both continued to work his shaft.

Hope was still busy sucking at the same spot on his neck, she seemed to really enjoy it. Liz, on the other hand, was leaving small bites on his ear. Every few seconds she gave him a small lick of her tongue. But what he enjoyed the most, was the feeling of their slightly damp bodies so close to him. His heart was pounding loudly, he was pretty sure he wasn't the only one. He pushed his fingers inside of them again, making the girls pause their activities out of reflex.

He noticed something moving closer to his face, the boy suddenly saw a lone breast come into his field of view. Liz was currently lifting her shirt above one of her mounds, pushing it into his face.

"Please... Ron... I need you to-" She never got a chance to finish her supplication, as he'd already started sucking on her bare nipple. It was so incredibly hard, as well as soft at the same time. He could feel her grabbing his hair, trying and pull him into her body even harder.

Her entire body was aching for him. To do more, to just get closer to him. The cheerleader's pace on his shaft grew along with her own arousal.

Liz's nipples tasted so good to him. They didn't have any sort of special flavor, except of sweat, but for some reason he just couldn't stop.

Ron suddenly felt his head being yanked back. He unwillingly gave up the delicious taste of Liz's mound, at the mercy of the sudden pull. His head was turned forcibly, before he set his sights on a slightly annoyed-looking Hope. "Did you forget about me?" Her tone was frustrated, but still not above a whisper. The ravenette squeezed his manhood strongly for a moment, before moving closer. "It better not happen again." She closed the distance between them completely, before locking her lips with his.

The taste of her lips was BEYOND heavenly. He wasn't sure if it was because of her, or the entire situation, but he honestly couldn't bring himself to care. All he wanted was to take all of her unbelievable flavor and keep it all to himself.

Ron kept kissing the aggressive girl, before feeling a light pull on his shirt. "Give me some too..."

The blonde boy swiftly complied, letting go of Hope's lips and swiveling to the other side to do the same for Liz.

He continued alternating between the two girls, all the while still playing with their most sensitive places... along with being played by them as well. His eyes glanced foreword, only to see the actors on screen still busy with their lovemaking. He couldn't help but look down, quickly noticing the only girl who wasn't against the couch.

Crystal's lower body was covered, as she continued to stare at the screen. The blonde noticed just how high up her ass was tilted, away from the rest of her body.

He could faintly hear the sounds coming from her, even over the movie and the two girls next to him.

"Do you want... more?" asked a sultry voice in his ear.

The blonde boy looked to his side, seeing Liz smiling at him. She pointed to the girl on the floor, the boy's eyes followed her finger.

Liz's free leg crept up, moving to the edge of Crystal's blanket. Her toes curled on the fabric, slowly pulling it off.

The blonde sidekick's eyes opened wide, his mouth fell open. The cheerleader on the floor was busy masturbating, fingering herself as she stared at the erotic scene unfolding on the TV. She failed to notice Ron's gaze on her, or her missing blanket. Her underwear was nowhere to be seen, her bare ass arched up without a care.

Ron was near his limit, the stimulation just too much for him. The two absolutely gorgeous cheerleaders playing with him, as he actively fingered them. Being kissed and sucked on, while also seeing another girl masturbate from behind. Heart pounding at the insane situation... the sounds, the smells, the tastes.

He was at his end.

"I... I'm..." The blonde boy pulled his head back, about to release. He felt a strange, warm feeling engulf his tip.

"Ah!" His mouth opened, but no sound came out, as his release finally came. His body shook for a few seconds until he finally finished, looking down to see the mess he'd inevitably made.

To his surprise and shock he saw Liz's lips currently surrounding his tip, the girl busy sucking out every drop he had.

"Oh... my... Go-" She let go with a pop and opened her mouth, showing him all of his white essence.

Hope moved her head closer to where Liz had been, leaning down next to his member. "No fair..." was all she had to say, a slight pout on her face.

Liz's response was to move closer to her friend, kissing her deeply. The ravenette welcomed the lip lock with no problem, the two swapped Ron's essence between them.

They stared at him the entire time they kissed, until they finally stopped, smiling at him.

'Oh man...'


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