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Chapter 9: A Morning Call

Morning had come once more. A beautiful, warm feeling washed over her body as she opened her eyes. The blonde boy that held her was sleeping peacefully, his arm around her back, he'd pulled her close to himself at some point during the night. She would have liked nothing more than to close her eyes again, returning to her slumber. This sensation of being warm and protected was everything that she'd dreamed it would be in the past… There was only one issue at the moment, something that prevented her from sleeping peacefully once more.

'I love you…', the words that her beloved had said to SOMEONE ELSE last night had hit her like a ton of bricks. She'd wanted to get up and yell, or scream in frustration. The only reason that she'd held herself in check was to get all of the details straight, before she flew off the handle and said something she could never take back.

The boy in the bed started fidgeting, as if he could feel that he was being stared at. She closed her eyes, so she wasn't gazing at him so intensely.

Ron had finally awakened, realizing that he was a bit tied up. The blonde found it a struggle to move, what with the weight pressing against his chest and hands at the moment. Looking down, he noticed a brunette beauty sleeping peacefully (again).

'Bonnie…' His new girlfriend, he recalled with a smile. Her sweet scent tickled his nose and he stared at her closely, the way she held him was both gentle and firm. The blonde boy found himself glad that his hands had both been occupied, he no longer had the heart to wake her up.

Glancing around proved that his other side was taken as well, Tara was holding onto him a bit tighter than her brunette teammate. Was she having a bad dream, was this position uncomfortable for her? As if she'd just heard his thoughts, the blonde girl opened her eyes slowly and stared deeply into his chocolate orbs.

"Morning…" the blonde sidekick whispered, looking at her now-smiling face.

"Morning Ronnie…" the blonde girl greeted, her voice tired but happy. She soon moved forward and kissed her boyfriend's lips; a gentle, passionate kiss that almost took her breath away. The butterflies returned soon after, filling her chest with a blissful feeling. All this despite having already spent an entire night sleeping next to him… She didn't believe that this feeling would ever disappear, nor did she ever want it to.

Tara's tiny movements seemed to cause a chain reaction as, one by one, the rest of the team started to wake up. Their sluggish movements were followed by weak moans, as they stretched around him.

Tara very slowly scooted back just a bit, she didn't want to be seen in this position by any of her teammates that weren't one of 'his' girls. Her eyes remained firmly stuck to his own. 'Look at me, Ronnie' her gaze whispered, already desperately wanting him to stare only at her… even if she knew that would soon change.

"Morning Ro- Oh…" Hope's voice was the first to cut through the moans, apparently spotting something very interesting. "Well, I see that someone had a good night's sleep…" she added. She stared at Tara and Bonnie, both girls surrounding Ron at the moment.

"Do you have to start with this already?" Tara asked, annoyance in her tone. Did her fellow cheerleader (and girlfriend to Ron) have to be so aggravating? …and first thing in the morning?

The rest of the girls seemed to ignore the exchange, all of them staring at their unofficial leader. Bonnie was pressed firmly against Ron, only now starting to fidget from all the noise the others were making. Her friends all sat in silence as the brunette slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times, before slowly wiping the sleep from her very tired eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Bonnie asked, still a bit tired and groggy. She really wasn't much of a morning person.

A few of them glanced to the side, waiting for her to notice where exactly she'd been sleeping. The room would certainly become significantly louder when she did! The brunette's head swiveled, as if she was following her friends' gaze… until she finally realized where- or, better yet, who it was she was currently on.

Her eyes widened for a moment as understanding dawned. The girls waited with baited breath as she finally opened her mouth and spoke. "Morning Ron…" was all she said, her tone light, a small smile on her face.

"Wait… what?" a few of the girls whispered, they stared at their leader in shock.

"Good morning to you too, Bonnie!" Ron's tone was light and happy, as if there was no issue with this situation in the slightest! None whatsoever!

"So… anyone pregnant yet?" Liz's voice cut through the silence, the rest of the team staring at her. A few of the girls were giving her the stink eye. "I'm guessing that's a no… I think… It definitely doesn't LOOK like a yes…" she continued, before someone threw a pillow at her face and effectively shut her up.

Surprisingly her attacker had been Marcella, not that the girls minded all that much. Her friends nodded to her in approval.

Ron stared in confusion before he just shrugged, it wasn't as if the behavior was something new from her. "At any rate, good morning girls… I can't say that I expected to sleep here, but I'm definitely not complaining!" He smiled brightly, there was something very special about sleeping with someone you cared for.

"Really now? And here I thought that you'd be running, screaming and apologizing for something that you did wrong…" Jessica responded. She propped herself up and stared at him intently, at his expression mostly.

"I just figured that you're all fine with me, for the most part… I mean, it's not like you screamed the second you woke up… At least, I hope you're all okay with me…" The boy looked as if he was unsure about what he'd just said, but was willing to give himself the benefit of the doubt.

"You're fine Ron… trust me…" Bonnie assured him, smiling slyly. She slapped him a few times on his chest, the double entendre obvious, she clearly enjoyed the feeling of his body. "Now… I think you'd better clear out so we can get dressed… You don't need to make us anything… it's not like you work for us. You can just take a shower, or something-" Bonnie advised, before he cut her off.

"It's okay, Bonbon… I actually enjoy making stuff for you girls, it helps that you like it. I'll wash up really quick, before I get to work… You'll have a bit of time to get ready." Ron smiled bashfully at the brunette before he got up and stretched, the kinks of sleep vanishing as he did so.

The girls of the team blatantly watched Ron's muscular back shift under his shirt, a few of them muttering "mine" under their breaths. He moved out of the room and closed the door, smiling at them before he left.

A few seconds later Bonnie got up from her spot, revealing her skimpy panties, and turned to the girls. "Okay, you lot… I feel like I need a shower… Anyone joining me?" the brunette asked, already walking to her dresser to pick something out for the day.

A few of them agreed, they all got up and started grabbing a few things they needed. The group was ready to exit the room when one of them stopped in her spot. "Bonnie… can I talk to you for a sec?"

Bonnie stared at her friend, before nodding in conformation. The rest of the team vacated the room, leaving Bonnie and her friend alone.

"Okay… So, what did you want to talk about?" the brunette asked, she moved closer to her friend.

"I think you know…" the blonde teen declared, her annoyance clear.

"Yeah, I do…" Bonnie admitted. She stood her ground and remained strong, this confrontation was something that was bound to happen. May as well get it over with, as soon as possible.

"So? What do you have to say for yourself?" the blonde cheerleader asked- no, she demanded to know!

"I don't get what you're so angry about, Tara…" Bonnie shrugged, moving to her closet and opening it. "I'm pretty sure you can think of a good reason all on your own, right?" Bonnie's voice was as light as her mood.

"No, I really can't…" Tara was more than a little annoyed with her friend's flippant attitude, but she quickly recalled that this was how Bonnie usually acted when she was in a good mood. Tara took a deep breath before she moved closer to her friend. "What I mean was, where did this even come from? You've never showed any interest in him, you've even advised me to stay clear of him and date one of those muscle-brains from the football team! More than a few times, as a matter of fact!"

"What do you want me to say?" Bonnie's tone was calm, the brunette barely even a part of the conversation. She was moving about, picking something cute up and promptly throwing it back into her closet in favor of something else. Who could blame her? She'd woken up to a dream come true! Being able to awaken with Ron as she had… snuggling up to him for warmth had been simply amazing. Bonnie had barely been able to hold herself back from kissing him as soon as she'd woke up, only remembering at the last moment that she wasn't alone with him yet. 'Soon, I'll be able to do whatever I want with Ronnie.' Even thinking that cute little nickname made her smile, she couldn't wait to call him that in public and show her affection for him.

"How about why? For a start, anyway." Tara demanded, riled up by how her teammate was ignoring her anger.

Bonnie sighed. 'Well… I guess she must want to know how serious I am… Makes sense, I guess.' The brunette stopped going through her closet, facing her longtime friend. "I've really liked him for a long time now… but I've been too afraid to mention it to anyone…" Admitting it now was much easier, knowing that he was hers already. "But after I explained to him how I feel… he told me it was okay… and now I'm his…" Bonnie finished, an innocent smile showing just how happy she was about that.

The brunette beauty waited for her friend to provide her blessing. They both had to avoid hogging all of his time, needing to share it between the two of them. As the seconds passed, she continued to wait patiently for the blonde girl's answer… only to receive nothing in return. Bonnie's eyes opened and she looked at her fellow cheerleader… only to be extremely surprised by the blonde's face.

Tara's expression was one of complete shock and horror. Her mouth was open and moving, though no sound came out. …like a fish out of water, struggling to breathe.

'Was it really that surprising to hear? Even after she already suspected as much?' Bonnie wasn't sure what was so shocking, but chose to let Tara have a minute to digest the news. "You can stay here until you stop being so dramatic… I'm going to make sure to dress nicely for Ronnie…" Bonnie declared proudly. As she readied herself to move out of the room, a loud sound stopped the brunette in her tracks.

"WHAT?!" Tara's voice echoed in the room, making it all the more painful to listen to.

"T-Tara?! What the hell?! Are you trying to shatter my-" Bonnie's tirade was cut off by a loud screech, her blonde friend grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her close.

"What did you just say, Bonnie?! What did you just say?!" Tara shrieked. The blonde teen shook her fellow cheerleader like a rag doll.

"T-Tara! What are you- Let go of me!" Bonnie demanded. She grabbed Tara's hands and tried to pry her friend off.

"What did you call him?!" Tara asked/borderline-screamed, her face red in anger.

"What's the problem?" Bonnie questioned, finally shaking Tara off. "I just wanted to try calling him that too… he didn't have an issue with it when I did it before. Besides, I'm his girlfriend too, so…" the brunette beauty explained, making Tara all the more hysterical.

The door to the room suddenly opened, Hope walking in and closing it after her. The ravenette had explained to the other girls that she needed to check on something, before making her way back to the room. Both she and Tara needed to make some things known to the squad, what better place to start than the most problematic member… namely Bonnie.

"WHAT?!" The scream that erupted out of the normally-quiet blonde cheerleader had been surprising enough, then Hope spotted Tara vigorously shaking the brunette girl like she was a can of paint.

"Wha- Tara!" Hope rushed to her friend, prying her off of Bonnie. She stood in between the two, hoping to soothe the hysterical teen. "Calm down! I'm not sure how this started, but you shouldn't be so angry about whatever it is…" It was understandable that the blonde girl had become jealous and territorial in response to some other girl being so close to Ron, especially after they'd just gotten together with him… But, Tara shouldn't straight-out fight her friend because of it.

"How can I not be?! After what she just said!" Tara responded in anger, her tone accusing, she pointed at Bonnie.

Hope hadn't expected this to go smoothly, that had been obvious from the start… But, she'd never predicted that this sort of thing would happen so soon. She just hoped that both of them would still be able to stay friends with Bonnie, after they admitted to dating their mascot.

"I only said what you wanted- and asked- to hear… I don't see what the issue is…" Bonnie scoffed and looked away, there was no way she was going to admit that she'd been worried about Tara choking the life out of her. "You are acting way too dramatic over this-"

"I AM NOT!" the blonde cheerleader shouted in anger, she lunged at Bonnie once more.

"Stop! Just calm down Tara, I really don't see what the big deal is" Hope admonished, barely able to prevent the blonde girl from getting to Bonnie.

"I seriously don't have any idea what your issue is, Tara. …and all this after he told me you were okay with it" Bonnie mumbled to herself, she turned towards the door. "Maybe I should ask him about-"

"Don't you dare talk to MY boyfriend!" Tara yelled in rage.

'Well, there's no way out of talking about it now…' Hope groaned. She glanced at an unphased Bonnie, who strangely didn't seem bothered by this 'new' knowledge at all.

"And why not? He's my boyfriend too, after all…" the unofficial leader of the cheer squad bit out, clearly having had just about enough drama out of her friend.

A loud thud echoed in the room as Tara's body hit the floor face-first, Hope having let go of her friend and leaving her seriously unbalanced. The ravenette moved so quickly that she nearly headbutted Bonnie. "What did just say, Bonnie!?"

It was a few minutes after the three girls had stopped yelling at one another and had simply resorted to sitting down together. Bonnie was perched on top of her comforter. Both Hope and Tara sat at the foot of her bed, piercing her with their judging looks.

All three looked more than a little annoyed with one another, Hope being the calmest out of the bunch. …and that was saying something, considering how she felt at the moment.

"Okay, now that we're all calm…" She let the silence linger for a few seconds, before she continued. "I think we better start from the very beginning, for all of our sakes… Now, both me and Tara wanted to… ask you about what happened this morning." She paused once more to let the words sink in, just to make sure there were no misunderstandings. "We might have all said some things we didn't mean, in the heat of the moment… and I want to clear up some stuff."

"Okay, what did you want to ask? Just so we're clear…" Bonnie questioned, in the most patronizing tone she could muster. The brunette clearly hadn't appreciated being screamed at, or strangled, in her own home.

"I- We wanted to know what the-" Tara started in a booming voice, before she cut herself off and took a second to calm herself down. After a few moments, she started over again. "What was that last night?"

"You need to be a bit more specific here, Tara… A lot of things happened last-" Bonnie chided, despite being well aware of what her friend had meant.

"The part where you said you love him!" Tara snapped in irritation, deliberately leaving out Bonnie's claim that Ron had reciprocated.

Tara was angry again, Hope looked more than a little shocked, all while Bonnie didn't even seem like she thought it was a big deal.

"Okay, what about it?" the brunette responded.

"So… you admit it!" Tara accused, snapping once more and pointing at the brunette.

"Yeah? I was there, Tara… and I did say it…" Her answer came naturally, as it was true and she didn't feel like lying about it.

Hope cut in again, before Tara could explode once more. "So, you mean to tell me… that you – Bonnie - are now dating Ron?" The only thing she got in response was a nod for conformation. "When did this happen?" Hope asked, she couldn't help but be amazed at the information that had suddenly come to light. This made things much more complicated for them all, was Ron two (or even three) timing them? Was he really a playboy, one who had simply laid low all of this time?

"It was yesterday, act-" Bonnie started answering, before she was drowned out.

"Yesterday?! Are you kidding me?!" Tara shouted, more shocked than anything else. Her eyes almost popped out of her head, the knowledge almost too much for her poor mind.

"Yeah… I-I confessed to him, after we returned from the mall…" Bonnie's voice became a lot more reserved and embarrassed. "I was honestly just telling him to get it off my chest, before I gave up completely… I even ran away after I said it to him…" She started giggling softly to herself. "But, after our time in the pool… We met in the kitchen, when I came to help him. He told me that you were okay with it… if I was… With sharing him, that is…" Bonnie explained, she smiled softly. "He looked so nervous about saying it, too… Like he thought that I would be upset at the offer, or something…" Granted if it was anyone else, or in any other situation, then she might have felt differently. But, after finally getting the chance to have him? She'd take it in an instant, preconditions and all.

As soon as Bonnie finished saying her piece she simply sat back on her bed, a soft sigh escaping her lips. She hadn't even realized just how much this secret had burdened her… and it had only been a few hours since everything had happened! It felt so liberating just to be able to talk about it to her friends, to finally admit the truth.

But… there was one thing that gave her pause. One thing that looked odd, to say the least, now that she could properly think about it… 'Why is Hope even here?' the question popped into her mind, as soon as it cleared. She had saved her from being suffocated by Tara, that was for certain, and Bonnie was thankful for it… Odd, she seemed to know about Tara and Ron being together. 'Did Tara tell her? Does she know that both Hope AND Liz were involved with him in the past? What am I missing?' There were just too many things she wanted to know at the moment! The brunette cheerleader waited for a few more seconds… before noticing that both girls were being way too quiet for her tastes. She sifted herself forward and glanced at her friends.

Both girls looked at each other, as if they seemed to be thinking about something.

"Umm… are you guys okay?" Bonnie asked from her spot, one eyebrow raised. Had her claim been too hard to swallow?

"B-Bonnie… did-did you confess to him… when you went to show him his r-room, before we met him in the pool?" Hope asked, as if to confirm something that was making her tremble with worry and dread.

Bonnie's head nodded for conformation soon after. "Yeah, that's right… Why?" she shot back quickly.

"I'll fucking kill her… I'll do it!" Tara hissed from her spot, she was shaking with rage like she never had before.

"That idiot! When she asked us to wait, I should have just dropkicked her!" Hope added, she clearly wasn't the calm one anymore.

"W-What? What are you guys talking about?" Bonnie was growing a bit nervous, hearing such unbecoming words coming from both her friends. Neither had ever seemed aggressive in the past, just what was going on that had made them so angry? Was it her? Did she say something so crazy that her own friends wanted to 'dropkick her', as Hope had stated?

"And after all the crap she's pulled so far… now she gets to have a pounding as a reward for it…" the blonde cheerleader growled in such an unladylike tone that it almost sounded anathema coming from someone as gentle as her.

"It's all my fault… I should have told her to just do it the second we agreed… That goddamned moron" Hope added, an enormous amount of regret in her voice and face.

"Seriously, what the hell are you two talking about?" the brunette owner of the room asked, demanding to be a part of their conversation, she was really starting to freak out.


Ron walked to the shower, overcome by a strange feeling that he'd never known before. A new expression was on his face, one that conveyed just how happy he was at the moment. Yesterday really HAD happened!

He still could barely believe it… He was well aware that Hope and Tara had strong feelings for him, but to found out that they weren't the only ones? Now THAT was really something he could scarcely fathom!

'This is a great morning!' the blonde sidekick mused with a smile, entering the shower room where he'd ran into Bonnie before. At the time he'd been shocked that she hadn't killed him, or screamed at the top of her lungs, instead simply letting him join her. But, after knowing what he did now? It was obvious, in retrospect, that she'd used the opportunity to entice and make her desires known to him… Even if it would have been better to simply admit to how she felt, seriously, couldn't anyone just explain things clearly?

"Not that it would have helped much, not with me being so dense…" the blonde teen chuckled to himself, arriving at the shower. It was empty and clean. Ron quickly discarded his clothes… when he heard a clicking sound behind him. Instincts honed by all of his missions kicked in, he spun around and did what came like second nature to him.

"Ahh!" Ron yelled in panic. He covered his privates and retreated as much as he could, looking like a young maiden who had been caught undressing.

"Ahh!" shouted a girl now standing in the doorway, clearly as startled as he… despite being clothed.

"L-Liz! W-What the hell!?" the blonde teen growled as he glared at the redheaded cheerleader, his tone more stressed than he'd intended it to be.

"That's my line! What's with the screaming all of a sudden? You almost gave me a heart attack…"

"Well what did you expect would happen, when you suddenly barged in here like that?" Ron straightened out but still covered his front, despite her already seeing (and feeling) it in the past.

"Honestly? I thought you would give me a show, before I joined you in there… It IS my turn, after all…" the redheaded cheerleader purred, a tiny smile on her face.

"Should I be offended at being referred to like I'm some sort of ride?" Ron asked, raising an eyebrow at her words.

"Well… how else would you describe it?" Liz's smile was suspicious, she moved closer and closed the distance between them. "…and besides, I don't think you mind all that much." Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him tight against her.

"I- No, I don't, but…" the blonde mascot tried to say, Liz leaned against him.

"Now… that I have you all to myself… I think I'll get what I deserve, oh so very much" she whispered. Liz blew into his ear, the blonde's mind going blank for a moment.

Ron could barely keep himself from embracing the girl back when his mind cleared. 'Wait, why am I stopping?' The blonde recalled that he was in a relationship with Liz as well, it was perfectly okay! His hands moved to hug the girl, she suddenly slipped out of the embrace and moved back with a coy smile.

"Whoa there… I think someone a little bit too excited…" Liz pointed at Ron's manhood, red on her cheeks.

Ron glanced away, slightly embarrassed at being called out like this.

"I'll tell you what… Why don't you get inside and get yourself nice and warm for me, until I come back…" Liz advised, winking at him. She turned around before walking out of the room, shaking her hips as she left.

The blonde sidekick was left alone once more, the only difference being his rock-hard manhood and burning face. He quickly decided to enter into the shower, if only to calm himself down.

'I'll get my hands on you, just you wait…' he growled, planning his vengeance for the moment she returned.

Exiting the bathroom Liz closed the door and waited a second, her face as red as a tomato. Her head was spinning, mind foggy at what had happened just now.

'What the hell was I thinking?!' she screamed silently, horrified at her own words. "Why the hell did I say that?" she whispered to herself.

The girl stepped back from the door, moving away from the bathroom. She needed a moment to collect herself, to keep her facade from shattering completely. It was proving much more difficult when she was around the blonde mascot, was he aware of what he did to her? It was a goddam crime, is what it was! Hell, she could still vividly recall the way she'd felt when he'd been busy with Hope yesterday… Seeing him like that had been all too much for her poor heart.

So much so that she'd needed to look away from the scene, before she found herself jumping in to get a piece of him. 'But why?' she wondered, it wasn't like he was some sort of forbidden fruit or anything…

Whatever the reason was didn't matter, at the moment… Well, at least not when she was going make him fall for her, Liz would show him what an amazing woman she was!

A shiver moved down her spine as she imagined it. 'It's so easy, too… I just need to walk in there and take what's mine… what I deserve!' Despite the encouraging words her body remained rooted to the spot, as if she'd forgotten how to walk.

'What's the big deal? Just walk there…', still nothing. 'Just move?', no response. 'Just do something?!' her mind screamed desperately, she had zero control at the moment.

Liz wanted to laugh and cry at the same time… What the girls (or Ron) would do, if they found out just what her main issue was. Oh, she could do anything… and probably even better than the rest of the team! Her only difficulty was taking that first step…

In every intimate situation, up to this point in her life, she'd never been the one to take things into her own hands. She'd always followed someone else, before taking the lead.

Sure, it made things easy for her. Looking in from the sidelines, deciding what the best way to proceed was. Whispering instructions, or offering to make things better… But courses of action that she had to decide on for herself? It was difficult… very difficult, to say the least.

What if she made a mistake? What if she destroyed what she had? Was she thinking about it too much? Too little? Had she adequately considered how this could affect them in the future? What if it left a bad impression on both of them? Would Ron hate her for it? Did she even want to do this here? Would it be better in a more romantic setting? Should she wait until then? How could she tell him that she wanted a do over, that they needed to wait for a proper date? Did she even need to go in and tell him? If Ron saw that she never showed up, would he figure it out? Would he hate her for it? Was she overthinking this?

As the different thoughts came and went, the pressure proved almost too much for her.

'Maybe I can get HIM to initiate?' she wondered, it seemed to be her best option right now. 'Yeah… I'll just have to smile, wink enough times, and he'll just move closer and- No…' she cut off, recalling just how hard it had been for Tara up till now.

'Come on… don't think like that! Those other girls have got nothing on you!' she tried to reassure herself, over and over.

It looked like she needed a few more minutes to get ready and calm herself down, Liz only hoped that Ron would still be waiting for her by then.


Ron would be the first one to admit that he was a very patient guy. Well… except when it was something involving food… or Kim… or Rufus… or Wade… Okay, so he wasn't very patient at all. It was pretty annoying that he was currently waiting for Liz to come back, just as the girl had promised.

'Maybe she changed her mind?' the thought occurred. It was entirely possible that she'd decided to change the location of the act, or that she'd been stopped by one of the other girls for some reason.

It had already been a few minutes and there was no sign of said redheaded cheerleader, glancing at the door once more the blonde boy simply started washing his body. 'May as well get ready and make the girls something good' he mused, starting to wash his hair. Ron remember that he still hadn't gotten the chance to talk to Wade, or Kim, to tell them the good news about his new girlfriends. 'I need to do that after my shower… yeah! I should make time and let them know!' Ron wasn't sure about his redheaded best friend answering, considering where she was and just how difficult getting in contact with her had been… But, Wade could absolutely answer and hear the news!

'He'll probably be so surprised!' The thought made him smile, trying to picture what sort of reaction he would get from his friends. "Mm?", the blonde mascot could suddenly hear something behind him.

It was just the faintest sound of something, like a door. Usually, he would have startled and turned in a hurry. In this case Ron assumed it was either his imagination… or Liz had finally come back.

As if to confirm his suspicions he could suddenly feel a soft breeze coming from behind him and landing on his back, it was obvious that Liz had indeed returned and entered the shower.

"You sure took your time, didn't you?" he teased, still covered with soap over his head and face.

A soft, gentle hand came to touch his back. It ghosted along Ron's spine, slowly moving down and to the side of his body, the blonde shivered at the intimate contact.

Ron was about to turn around when he felt another hand move to his other side, a soft body sprawling against his back. It would have been easy enough to conclude that all this was intended to leave him excited and eager. But, strangely enough, the only intentions he could feel in the hug was affection. She gently held him closer, even as her cheek rubbed up against his back.

There was no doubt that he would have loved to stay like this with Liz, being held like this was a pleasant feeling he'd come to know and love. He turned around, now fully facing the girl, and tried to rinse his face. "Give me a sec to wash, okay?" he requested.

To his surprise she pushed him into the wall of the shower, blocking him from the water, making it impossible to clean the soap out of his eyes. "Hey, what gives?" he questioned. He heard a gasp from the girl, as if she'd just noticed something.

Her hands grazed across his chest, tracing her fingers around his nipples. She gave one nub a soft bite, before dropping down and approaching his rock-hard manhood.

Ron wasn't opposed to having her do the job all by herself, but he did want to be able to see what was happening… Call him weird, or whatever, but half the fun (in his experience) was staring at his partner. Maybe even more, when they were as beautiful as his girlfriends!

He attempted to move again, but was denied once more. He felt one hand grab his manhood, it was warm… incredibly so! While Ron wasn't sure if the heat was due to the water (or from her body), he didn't mind it in the least. He'd let her have her fun, for now…

Up and down, over and over, the intense feeling spread throughout his body and made him groan in delight. Ron could have sworn he'd heard her hum in amusement. Her pace became faster, her hand hammering on his shaft. She was slamming into his pelvis with every downstroke. Her free hand moved from his side to cup and roll his balls.

The blonde sidekick wasn't sure how much longer he could stay sane, not if she continued playing with him like this. He could definitely feel her smile pressed up against his flesh.

'Is she doing this to mess with me?' Ron considered, recalling what Liz had said when she'd left him earlier. 'So, this is how you want to play it?'

Ron suddenly grabbed both of her hands, pulling her to her feet, effectively arresting her completely.

The blonde smiled at her. 'My turn' he growled silently, his palm moving to her neck and earning a soft gasp from her. Her warm body seemed to melt into his hand as it started rubbing its way down to her bare breast. Unsurprisingly her nipples were hard enough to cut glass, waiting eagerly for his attention. Moving his body closer his lips sucked in one nipple, his hand playing with the other.

"Ahh… ahh…" The only sounds escaping from her were throaty moans, leaving her gasping for breath.

The blonde sidekick could feel his tip brushing up against her skin. Ron let go of the breast he'd been tonging with a loud pop, another soft moan making it clear that she'd really enjoyed the attention.

He still refused to let go of her hands, pinning them above her head. Ron moved in closer, gently biting her ear and softly pulling on it.

"Mmm! Ah!" She moaned in response. She felt his hand slide in between her legs, Ron started stroking the entrance to her core. She squirmed, unable to hold herself back from moving, body delighted by the blonde's touch. Even IF the mind-numbing sensation made everything so much more torturous.

"Don't run away… just enjoy it…" he breathed into her ear, his tone husky. Ron could feel her body leaning into him, despite her desperate twisting and writhing.

Ron pushed his middle finger inside, slowly at first. The cheerleader froze and shuddered… until he stopped halfway.

"Ohh…" she let out in one, long gasp. She sucked in air greedily, she oh-so-desperately needed it after Ron had left her breathless.

"Have you had enough?" the blonde sidekick teased, feeling a little mischievous at the moment. He considered this a little harmless revenge, surely, he was entitled to it. The blonde mascot felt her shudder once more, no response came from her. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked, this time his answer was the cheerleader's body moving closer to him.

Without waiting any longer, he pushed two fingers inside her. The action was fast enough to make her jump, her legs shaking. She was clearly wet enough, the blonde's fingers sliding right up into her core. Ron took a second to cup her ass with his palm, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her soft rear in his grasp.

The girl began to thrash even harder, her moans becoming an unrecognizable mishmash of sounds. Her sapped body tried moving closer to his own, desperate to feel more of him. Her mouth hung open as she searched for him… wanting nothing more than to melt into his embrace.

Ron still couldn't see anything, reduced to only being able to feel her head move closer. He'd heard her lips open with a wet pop, her tongue touching the side of his mouth. She desperately needed something from him, and he knew exactly what it was.

Ron obliged her, granting access to what she'd been searching for, he quickly found himself assaulted by her tongue. She attacked him hungrily, desperately, exploring as deeply as she could. Shortly thereafter the beauty proceeded to suck on his tongue vigorously, as if it was the most delicious thing in the world.

Saliva mixed, moans echoing in his ears, it all proved almost too much for him. The cheerleader's head slid off to the side and she gasped, sucking in as much air as she could… before moving back in for more.

Meanwhile, his hands never stopped plunging into her now soaking-wet womanhood with all the vigor he had. Never stopping, nor slowing, for a moment. As Ron explored her insides his thumb played with the area above her entrance, practically turning her feral.

She fought against his hold a bit more vigorously this time, when Ron released her hands they firmly wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer.

One hand now free, the blonde boy grabbed her ass greedily before pulling her cheeks apart. His partner's moans were like music to his ears, even muffled by their kiss. Her body suddenly started shaking uncontrollably, the cheerleader moaning louder than ever. Her finish had come at last, releasing her from her pleasurable torment.

The girl broke the kiss, her breathing a bit hoarse. A wave of exhaustion washed over her, she was barely able to remain standing. She used him for support, legs shaking as heat radiated off her bruised body.

Ron had given her as much time to revel in her climax as possible, but he could no longer hold himself back. He withdrew his fingers from inside her incredibly-juicy womanhood, his partner gasping loudly. Her body mashed against his once more, Ron could feel her happy smile against his shoulder. Her lips darted to his neck and the beauty started sucking as hard as she could for a few seconds, desperate to leave her mark on him.

"Oh… wow, ah…" He found it difficult to talk under her constant assault, ultimately choosing to let her have her fun. She started kissing his neck, then moving up to his ear. Upon reaching the fleshy protrusion his lover gave it a light nibble, followed by a few licks.

'No, I can't let her mess with me again!' he vowed, finding it incredibly difficult to pull away from her warm embrace. Luckily, after her release she no longer had much in the way of strength to resist him anymore.

"Ah n-no…" she whined, before it was HIS turn to go on the offensive.

Ron captured her lips in a deep kiss, taking her breath away once more, making sure to show her that HE was in charge here. He grabbed her hair like a lever, pulling her away from him. "I'm not done with you yet…" the blonde teen growled possessively, guiding her to the shower wall. Ron gently pushed her up against it, before pulling her ass towards him. Feeling her hot cheeks in his hands, the water running down her nubile body, his manhood demanded to feel her as well. The blonde teen shoved himself right in between her legs.

"Oh!" The girl was obviously still sensitive, unable to control the sounds boiling out of her. She jumped in delight, making her rear jiggle.

Ron smiled as he felt her lower lips rub along the top of his member, both soft and burning-hot. Now, there was only one thing left to do.

"Just give me a sec to wash this soap off…" Ron purred, his partner flinching and moving to stop him once more. However, this time the blonde boy was prepared, his hand finding her ass and slapping it hard. The beauty froze, moaning in pleasure.

He grabbed the shower-head and rinsed his face and head off, before returning it to its mount. The first thing he noticed was just how foggy the shower had become, a testament to how long the two of them had been in it.

Her form was exactly as he'd imagined it in his mind, her ample ass still connected to him. Ron smirked before slapping the cheerleader's cheeks again, spreading them apart before lining himself up with her entrance. "Well, I think I'm done waiting…" he growled.

"Ohh… ye-yes…" she mumbled over the running water, eagerly waiting for him to strike.

With very little effort the blonde teen pushed inside, finally entering her most private spot. He didn't wait a second, wrenching her body up using one of her arms. Her back pressed firmly into his chest, the blonde boy pawing at her breast with his free hand.

"Ahh! R-Ron…" As she was now pressed up right next to him, her voice was now much clearer.

It sounded odd to him, alarmingly so. She didn't sound very much like Liz, for some reason… and there was BROWN hair draping softly against his face.

'Wait… brown?' Ron yelped silently, the brunette's head tilting just a little bit to the side. Her eyes were closed at the moment, but he would recognize the face of the girl he was currently inside of anywhere.

'Crystal!?' his mind screamed in panic, he froze on the spot.

"Oh Ron, you're so…" Her eyes opened slowly, her gaze met his own. "…BIG" she breathed out, eyes misty, it was clear that she was reveling in the feel of him inside herself.

Ron's response to that was the same as any other man.

"Ohh God… there's more? You're so much bigger than I thought…" She shivered once again, Ron marveling at how she was clamping down on him.

His mind couldn't form a single thought at the moment, the shock he was currently experiencing paralyzing him. Wow, her body was so warm pressed up against his. Her cheeks were wrapped around his manhood, mashed up against his pelvis. Her back remained firmly pressed on top of his chest, all while he was still holding onto her breast.

Ron finally snapped out of his funk when he felt the girl shift her head towards him, kissing him for a few seconds. Crystal bit his lower lip, before pulling away.

"Come on… don't make me beg for it…" she squealed, seemingly far chattier than before. She pushed against the shower wall, his member sliding deeper inside her. "Ahh… are you THAT excited?" she asked with a faraway voice.

'No, I'm not!' his mind screamed, despite the unambiguous way his body was responding to her. Being so turned on was making things extremely difficult for him, it would be frighteningly easy to end up doing something that would cause so much trouble for him.

Ron attempted to slowly back away, the brunette moaning in delight at the movement.

"Y-You don't need to be gentle with me anym-more…" She smiled back at Ron, hugging his head, as her eyes drifted shut. "I can take it…" She rocked her rear left and right, over and over, enticing him to take this romp to the next level.

Ron couldn't think clearly at the moment, his mind swarming with a million different thoughts as his heart raced. What was he supposed to do? Here he was, in the shower with one of the cheerleaders… one of the few who WASN'T his girlfriend! Sure, his ladies were sharing him and that was all well and good. But, he really doubted that they'd be okay with adding ANOTHER one of their friends to the mix!

The feeling of her soft cheeks spreading against his pelvis was positively heavenly. Ron was barely holding himself back from slamming into her soft, warm body. Her form seemed to be practically begging him to ravage it.

'I need to pull back from her!' he finally concluded, as hard as it would be… and not in that way! He NEEDED to shut this down! He COULDN'T go behind his girlfriends' backs and do this, not with someone who wasn't already a part of their relationship.

Ron grabbed Crystal's body, the beauty humming in delight, ready to pull away from her. As he did so, Ron noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Just the smallest hint of movement, the blonde boy froze… It was a reflection in a mirror on the wall. Despite the steam, he could just make out a shape. His eyes refocused, spotting a familiar face that he instantly recognized.

A redheaded girl who'd left him earlier, she'd apparently come back and was now standing just outside of the shower. 'Liz?!' the boy yelped. What was she doing here? Had she come back, only to see him cheating with one of their teammates? Was she ready to scream, calling the rest of the girls and making him lose everything?

The blonde sidekick steeled himself to try and explain what had happened, even plead with the redheaded cheerleader if necessary. Ron was prepared to swear to her that this wasn't what it looked like… even if he couldn't imagine how anyone (besides Crystal) could ever believe him. It was then he noticed something… odd, to say the least.

Upon reflection, it seemed as if Liz had been in the room with them for quite some time… though he wasn't sure for how long. The girl hadn't raised hell over the whole scene… not even making any sort of sound that would have given herself away.

'Why would she just stand there and-' The thought was gutted when he noticed that the redheaded was a bit… red in the face, staring very intensely at him and his new partner… and writhing in a very suggestive way. 'I-Is she… playing with herself?' Ron felt mortified even thinking it, but the more he stared at her the more it became obvious that that was EXACTLY what the redheaded cheerleader was doing.

'I'll tell you what… Why don't you get inside and get yourself nice and warm for me, until I come back…' Ron recalled, was this what she'd meant? To get warm… like this? The blonde teen stewed in his thoughts, moving his attention back to the girl he was currently buried inside.

So… was this a part of Liz's plan? For him to have his way with Crystal here, then to sample him herself? It MUST have been! There could be no other explanation! His body slid forward, he slammed into the now-quivering mess of a girl.

Crystal shook even more violently than before as he started pumping in and out of her, his pace slow and steady… Ron made sure to add enough force so that Liz could hear every slap, echoing over the sound of running water.

'When did the girls add Crystal to this?' He really would have preferred a little bit of a heads up! Should he just assume that he was dating the entire cheer squad now?! He was going to have some words with his girls later!

"Ahh…", the moan escaped Crystal's lips. She leaned back, whispering into his ear. "Wow… so deep~, are you trying to ruin my poor body?" she purred, her tone soft and sultry. Her insides clenched around him even more firmly than before.

'So tight!' the blonde mascot screamed in his head, increasing his pace.

Crystal smiled at him, pressing herself firmly against his chiseled chest. "You're just… so… BIG! I wonder if I'll be walking bowlegged later… I can't wait to find o-out…" she groaned, as if she was deliberately trying to spur him on with her suggestive commentary.

Ron's hand fondled her breast, rolling her rock-hard nipple, giving it a few tugs. He pulled and turned her nob with care, awed by his newfound ability to make her body dance to his whims like a puppet.

Not that he let her move much… His other hand still gripped her firmly about the brunette's waist, using it as leverage to slam into her slender body at a much steadier pace. If Liz wanted a show before her turn, then he'd give her one she'd NEVER forget!

"Oh!" Crystal's exclaimed loudly, the pounding she was receiving intensifying with each and every passing second.

Crystal was flying high on cloud nine, each time he slipped inside of her was everything she'd waited for. Spreading her insides, gripping her tightly with so much possessiveness… it was all such a massive turn-on for her. The brunette bit her lip firmly enough to draw blood, barely restraining herself from shouting his name repeatedly. She wanted him to go harder… to really mess her up, to leave her body sore and aching after he was done with her.

Ron was already doing quite a number on her poor womanhood, ensuring it would remember his shape, going as deep as he could… God! Why had she waited so LONG for this? She didn't care about anything anymore, his continued ravaging of her was the only thing that mattered!

The rapid pace continued for a few more minutes, until he suddenly came to a complete stop. Crystal shuddered as the boy slipped out of her body, the girl shivering at the feeling of his manhood. Ron's phallus was pressed in between her ass cheeks, still ready and raring to go.

"R-Ron? W-Why did-" She wanted to know why he'd stopped, Crystal was so very close to reaching her end. Her voice was weak and brimming with desire. Why did he want to torture her so much… was this payback for what she'd done? If so… he was just too cruel!

Before she was able to finish her sentence, her body was suddenly turned to face him. Gazing at his impressive frame for a few seconds, she felt Ron's red-hot penis flush against her flat stomach. He was clearly still very much excited and ready for more.

The devilish smirk oozing across his face inspired an intense blush on Crystal. She swallowed hard, both in anticipation and slight apprehension. There was something about his eyes that just made her want to go crazy… and the way that he was staring at her was the icing on the cake.

His manhood lined up with her entrance once more, grazing against her labia for a moment before very slowly pushing back inside of her.

"Ahh… Ahh…" she moaned in delight. Crystal yelped in surprise as her body was lifted into the air, Ron's well-muscled arms picking her up. "What are you- ahh!" she shouted out; the blonde mascot had grabbed both of her legs and spread them, before he drove into her in one strong motion. One so fast that it had taken her breath away completely, leaving the poor girl to hug his frame for comfort.

'What is going on?' the brunette asked herself, trying to make heads or tails of what was happening. Such a task was supremely difficult in the face of the sudden feeling hitting her, her body convulsing like never before. Her legs attempted to wrap around his torso but her strength had been sapped, replaced by a tingling inside of her.

"I'm not sure if I've said it before…" Ron whispered directly into Crystal's ear, his voice only for her. "…but I love your voice."

The brunette cheerleader suddenly felt a tightening in her chest, her legs finally finding the necessary strength to wrap around her lover's waist. She held onto him as tightly as she could, burying Ron even deeper in her core.

The blonde sidekick shifted his hands to her behind, cupping her ass with his palms and goosing them before starting to moving again. His strokes reached even deeper now than before, thanks to Ron's better access to her body.

Crystal's throaty moans were louder than before, boiling out of her at a rate proportional to the pounding Ron was giving her. The brunette's toes curled up and spread alongside every few stabs of his member into her quivering form.

Crystal nearly felt her mind melt when his tongue found her ear, licking and nibbling the shell, all while her pounding grew even more intense than before. Now fully slamming into her, she could feel Ron's hold tightening. Crystal reveled in how much Ron needed her… how much he desired her! She couldn't say that she felt any differently about him.

Yet, despite everything, she could tell… he was still holding back. Restraining himself from really giving it to her.

Her mind barely working, the brunette teen managed to move her lips close to his ear. "P-Please Ron- ah… f-fuck me- mm…" she begged brokenly, barely able to speak with the plowing he was already giving her. The second the words had left her lips, something seemed to change in his demeanor.

His pace became far more rapid, his thrusts increasingly powerful. She could now barely even breathe, let alone speak! So FIERCE, so STRONG, just like he'd been… that time he'd saved her and her friend's lives.

Reducing her poor body to a complete mess, the room echoed with the lewd sounds of wet flesh slamming together. It was enough to leaving anyone hot and bothered, her loud screeching joining the greater melody. Ron's member was sliding in and out so fast that she was barely able to register the difference, simply accepting everything he gave her, even as her head went completely blank.

Ron didn't let up, continuing for several minutes more, smashing the girl as hard as she'd asked him to. He didn't dare slow down, as he knew that the second he did… he was done for.

The pressure inside of him rose up as he increased his pace, the girl in his arms feeling the sudden change and rolling in Ron's grip to face him. Crystal's eyes were watery and shining as she stared at him for a few seconds, she captured his lips.

The deliciously-sweet sentiment proved to be more than enough to push Ron over the edge. After a few more intense slaps of flesh against flesh he finally came to a stop, emptying his essence deep inside her womanhood.

"Mmm!" the girl moaned into the kiss as she embraced him, feeling his manhood twitch inside of her… and the searing-hot sensation that followed.


Ron returned to the kitchen, having finished with his 'shower', the sidekick feeling completely rejuvenated. After his recent experiences, the blonde teen was unsure he'd be able to settle for a NORMAL shower ever again!

The blonde teen had been more than willing to go a second round with Crystal and would have… if she hadn't looked so completely out of it, she hadn't even been able to stand up on her own. Ron would have gladly given Liz what she'd been waiting for too… if he could have found her.

As soon as he'd finished with Crystal, Ron finally noticed that Liz was gone. He wasn't sure when she'd disappeared… perhaps the girl had gotten bored with waiting, or maybe she'd needed to do something else at the time.

Crystal had admitted to him that she needed a few minutes to fix herself up before she'd be able to join him, he agreed upon seeing the girl stand up on her own (as hard as that had proven to be). The blonde teen had agreed to spare her, leaving Crystal to rest in the hot spray. Ron had gotten dressed, moving to the kitchen from there.

He was busy cooking breakfast for the girls, running a little bit later than he'd planned. After all, Ron had taken substantially longer than he'd intended in the shower… not that he was complaining, mind you! There was no way in hell he could claim he hadn't enjoyed it.

The blonde teen had made up his mind to make the girls something special to start their day. As Ron put the finishing touches on the dish, he recalled something that he wanted to do. Pulling his Ronnunicator out, he dialed a phone number. The device rang a couple of times, the other person finally picked up and the screen flickered to life.

"Hey Ron, how's it going!" asked the tween, happy to see his friend.

"Hey Wade, it's great! I just thought I'd give you a call and see what's up, it's been quiet for a few days…" the blonde sidekick explained sheepishly.

"Yeah, I know. But, don't worry about it…" the hacker assured the blonde. "I make it a point to keep tabs on all the usual villains you guys face, to see if there are any irregularities" he expounded with pride.

Ron frowned for a moment, before speaking again. "Wade… my dude. You say that 'we' face them… as in me and KP, but you're just as much a part of this as me and Kim are…" the blonde teen corrected, he saw the younger boy about to respond. "…and no, the fact that you don't run - or physically fight - doesn't matter!" Ron couldn't even say just how many times both he and Kim had tried to make their friend understand that point, with little to no success. Why couldn't Wade just see the truth in front of him?

"All I'm going to say is that I do my part. Anyway…" Wade quickly moved to change the subject, thus saving himself from yet another lecture. He was quite happy with the work he did, Wade was not insecure enough to require extra praise for it. "…you look a bit different than usual, did something happen?" the boy asked, vividly recalling his last conversation with Monique.

The young hacker had been tracking Ron's location over the last few days, to places that didn't seem like the blonde would usually go. Unless Ron was on a mission, Wade would never normally shadow one of his best friends like that. But he would be more than willing to keep his eyes open, if there was a chance that his blonde friend was in over his head.

"Well yeah, something did happen!" Ron exclaimed excitedly, a big smile on his face. "Believe it or not, I've actually started hanging out with the girls on the cheer squad!" the young Stoppable admitted enthusiastically. Ron expected a big reaction from Wade - something involving surprise, or shock - only to see him simply smile in response.

"The girls of the cheer squad? But, aren't they… you know…" Wade tried to find the right words, unwilling to insinuate something disparaging about anyone he didn't personally know. His mom had raised him well!

Ron simply smiled. "No dude, they're all actually pretty cool!" Ron defended, a certain quality to the blonde's voice.

"Really? Even BONNIE?" Wade waited patiently to spot any cracks in his friend's facade, needing to be sure that there really wasn't anything bad going on.

"Yes, even Bonnie, you wouldn't believe how awesome she- No, how they all are! We've been to the beach, AND to a party! Even the mall yesterday! It's been a blast! I can't wait to introduce you to them!" the blonde sidekick exclaimed, his over-excited voice clearly conveying that he'd enjoyed himself.

"R-Really? Wow, that's great!" Wade smiled. "I can't wait to meet them then!" What else could he say, when Ron looked so genuine and happy? There was no way the blonde was lying about this …and that was just going to make things even more complicated with Kim when she found out. 'Well, if they really ARE only good friends then it shouldn't be an issue… Kim will just be happy for him!' The young hacker nodded and smiled back, remembering how Kim had never appreciated it whenever the other cheerleaders had made fun of the sidekick.

"Maybe I can right now, if they're…" Ron glanced inside the nearby dining room, only to see the girls were still nowhere in sight. "Maybe later… Hey, any news about KP?"

It had been a long time since he'd chatted with her, Ron couldn't recall the last time they'd gone so long without talking to one another. Even if some people would insist that it had only been a few days, that it was nothing to get excited about, it did matter to them! They were best friends, after all! He couldn't even IMAGINE his life without Kim in it.

The hacker pushed a few buttons on his keyboard, several images popping up on the screen. "Nothing much, just a couple dozen pictures and a handful of messages… the reception there is still terrible! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that it was all intentional. Some big world-ending plot someone cooked up, leveraging Kim's absence to make sure no one could interfere!" Wade joked.

"If they did, it would be a really rude thing to do. Can you imagine coming home immediately after a vacation, only to be instantly dumped into that kind of mess? Or worse, to have to cut your trip short because of it?" Ron could only imagine how pissed Kim would be, if she was forced to cut said vacation short… before Ron came to his senses. He could TOTALLY see his best friend being outright RELIEVED at something like that happening. What was her issue with taking some time to herself once in a while, anyway?

"I bet she'd be okay with it…" Wade commented quietly. "Besides, if she was actually annoyed over it… I bet you could always talk her down!" the hacker enthused, his own subtle way of insisting that the two were simply perfect for each other.

"Well, I try to-" Ron's words suddenly stopped, just as soon as a pair of hands wrapped around his eyes.

"Guess who?" the sweet voice behind him trilled.


Liz wasn't really having a good day, all things considered. The girl had always been the fun, easy-going type. The one who'd always gone with the flow. The redhead always showed off her stuff, no one could ignore her when she was around! Not next to her teammates, even Kim! Her choice of hairstyle, coupled with her keen fashion-sense, always made her one of the most popular girls around.

Boys asking her out left and right, the girls from the squad needing her help in some form or another. But, now Liz found herself in a very different situation… and a noticeably more annoying one.

Said redheaded teen was currently being dragged off by Tara and Hope… away from what she'd waited for, for so long.

"I hope this is important… for both your sakes" Liz growled to the two girls wrestling with her like a pair of guards escorting a dangerous prisoner to his cell, or his execution! She did NOT appreciate the implications here!

"It is…" Tara shot back, refusing to elaborate further.

"We needed to talk to you… privately… and NOW" Hope added, clearly angry about something.

'Sheesh… what curled up her ass and died?' Liz couldn't help but wonder, especially after what she'd seen.

The redheaded teen had been totally ready to pop into the shower for her own turn with Ron, to show him just who was the best girl on the whole damn squad! …and after what she'd just seen? She was SO hot and bothered, definitely ready for HER turn to rock Ron's world!

Liz had just sunk out of the bathroom again, walking towards their temporary room to get herself ready for some action… when, low and behold, she was apprehended by the two girls and pulled away from her sweet release.

"You couldn't wait until I'd had my turn too? Talk about rude and unfair" Liz added, feeling the pressure on her arms increase. Had something happened while she wasn't looking? What had left her friends so angry?

Her puzzling stopped upon arriving at Bonnie's room and entering inside. The room was empty, aside from the three girls… except for the unofficial brunette leader of the cheer squad.

"So, you two are back. You really took your time, too" the brunette in the room sniped, before noticing her redheaded teammate. "…and you brought Liz."

'She's surprised?', Liz couldn't help but understand the feeling. The redhead could clearly see why the pair escorting her and herself would need to talk, hashing out the details of sharing Ron's time. The last thing they needed was to get in each other's way (any more!) …but why was Bonnie here?

Liz sat on the floor in front of the bed, looking up at the three girls sitting on the comforter and staring at her. No, that wasn't accurate… they were glaring at her, hard! Tara especially so, like the blonde cheerleader was hoping Liz would burst into flames at any moment!

The redheaded teen wondered if this was something involving the girls of the team, rather than their mascot. Either way, she'd tackle whatever they wanted and wrap this up quickly. Anything so that she could get back to what she'd been waiting for… that being Ron, obviously.

"So… what's this about?" Liz asked calmly, her expression leaning towards a small smile. Better to start things off gently, if they were already pissed about something.

"It's about Ronnie" Tara stated firmly, the first of the opposing trio to break the silence.

Liz instantly found herself frowning at her friend's words. 'So, we're doing this now? …and confessing to Bonnie too?' She couldn't help but wonder why her friends would want to tell only Bonnie, as opposed to informing the whole team in one shot. That way, the three of them could get it over and done with it as soon as possible.

"You really want to talk about this now? Fine… but couldn't this wait, like… an hour or so?" the redheaded cheerleader attepted to bargain, the three glared at her even harder. 'Sheesh… kill me, why don't you…'

"No, we can't!" Hope shouted, anger clear in her voice.

"Okay…? So, what do you need from-" Liz began, before she was cut off.

"We wanted to ask you about what you said to Ronnie yesterday… EXACTLY what you said to him!" Bonnie declared. "…and I already know about you and him…" the brunette warned, her tone flat.

She did? That was surprising, Tara or Hope must have already informed her. So, why did they look so pissed off? What was she missing?

"Well, yesterday I went to the room and-" Liz began, telling her friends what had happened when she'd 'confessed' to Ron. Naturally, the redhead chose to leave out a few slip-ups she'd made that had nearly made her look like a fool at the time.

The other three cheerleaders were all sitting quietly and listening in, as if they were expecting to hear something wrong. After a few minutes, Liz finally finished talking. Truth be told, she felt a bit embarrassed at laying everything out to her friends (even after leaving out her worst flubs), Liz's face had the lightest blush on it.

Her slight mortification died an ugly death, upon noticing the annoyed expressions still firmly on her friends' faces. Seriously, what was their problem? Were they here just to bring down her mood?

"If you're all done judging me… I'm pretty sure there's a cute boy waiting for me to-" Liz tried to get up, before she felt a cold shiver run through her body.

"We're not done with you yet, Liz…" Tara growled, a bit of an uncharacteristic edge in her voice.

"Of course you would say that…" the redhead quickly retorted, quite frankly fed up at this point.

"Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?!" the blonde cheerleader shouted, her anger boiling over.

"You know what! You've had an issue with me being a part of this from the very first moment! Trying to make me back off, grilling me about why I should even be included!" Liz could no longer hold herself back, standing up from her spot.

"I had an issue with you being so FLAKY and FLIPPANT about this! It's nothing personal, you-" A hand touched Tara's shoulder, stopping her before she could say something she'd regret.

"Tara… let me tell her…" Bonnie offered, focusing her gaze on the redheaded cheerleader.

"Tell me what? Are you supposed to be the one calming me down?" Liz bit out. Was Bonnie here to act as a judge, or just to mediate this disagreement? Liz could tell that the brunette was a definitely less angry than the other two, but not by a whole lot.

"Liz… you said you confessed to Ronnie yesterday, right?" the brunette asked in an even voice, earning a short nod from her friend.

"After I showed him to his room… right?" Bonnie prodded.

"Again… yes! Why do you keep asking me that?! Have I not made that clear by now!?" Liz lashed out, a substantial amount of heat in her tone. To be fair, she was fighting off both anger and her burning desire for their blonde mascot. Liz was convinced that she deserved a damn medal for her restraint right now.

To her credit, Bonnie didn't look the slightest bit upset at her friend's tone. In any other situation, she would have exploded by now… So, why hadn't she? What was allowing her to keep her cool?

The brunette breathed out. "I see… In that case, I'd like to tell you about something that happened before you got there…" she began.

"O-Okay? Tell me what?" Liz huffed in annoyance. 'This had better be good…' she fumed.

"I confessed to him before you did…" the brunette beauty stated seriously.

That declaration was followed by a short silence, lasting for almost a full minute. Soft giggles echoed in the room, Liz transitioning into hysterical laughter as the seconds passed.

The idea sounded so utterly ridiculous… she couldn't help but burst out in mirth, even holding her sides as they started hurting. Through her watering eyes, Liz stared at the three girls on the bed… realizing just how serious the other girls looked. Liz's laughter slowly petered out. "Wait… are you serious?" Her shock hit fast and hard upon seeing both Tara and Hope glance away in annoyance, a damning confirmation.

Too many questions ran through her mind, she asked the only one she cared about at the moment. "How?!" Liz yelled, pointing angrily at the three.

"I asked him, he gave me an answer…" Bonnie elaborated flatly, a small smirk upon her face.

The redheaded teen shook her head, as if to dispel the brunette's answer. "Hilarious. What I meant was… when did you even have the time to get close to him, while we were all with him?!"

"You mean, when you and Hope here were busy jumping all over him every second you had the chance?" Bonnie shot back, both girls blushing at the merit of the rhetorical question.

"B-Bonnie… how did you-" Hope tried to ask, before said brunette cut her off.

"He didn't tell me, if that's what you're thinking… No, I first got to experience that little joy during our sleepover at his place. I believe you can recall…" the brunette beauty prodded.

Both Hope and Liz covered their faces, their cheeks burning from embarrassment. They could stomach it, if they had to tell Tara. After all, she was a part of this new relationship too. But to hear that there was someone else who'd seen them go at it, …and their first time, even? Now that was a novel sort of embarrassment.

"And, I must say… you two are some of the HUNGRIEST bitches I've ever seen…" the brunette teased.

That last comment was almost enough to make both girls faint, Tara simply looked befuddled.

"The hungriest? Were they really that bad?" Tara asked honestly, staring at her brunette friend.

"You do realize that these two double-teamed him three times… at the very least…" the brunette beauty trilled, as she sat in judgment of them both.

"T-Three t-times?" Hope stuttered, a horrifying realization hitting her. 'She saw us? ALL those times?' The noirette's head turned towards Bonnie to see the girl shooting her a deeply judgmental look, as if she was a parent who'd caught their daughter doing something naughty.

Hope wasn't sure how to feel about this, other than her current level of mortification. "So, you've… seen us…" Liz tried acting tough, huffing in response. "Big deal… I'm mature enough to let it go… It's not like I even noticed you, since I was so engrossed with Ron at the time…" the redheaded teen dismissed with her usual confidence, despite secretly feeling like she could faint at any time.

Bonnie snorted in response. "You? Mature?", she started giggling to herself. "You've got a funny way of showing it! You know… considering that every time I saw the two of you with him, you were busy trying to one-up each other. Not to mention you rubbing yourself all over him, like a bitch in heat" the brunette sniped, knowing her words had cut deep when her redheaded friend's face blushed violently.

"Bonnie…" Tara cut in, "as much as I enjoy you putting Liz in her place…" Tara paused a moment, to let her biting words sink in. "Can that wait till later? You know, after we resolve this issue…" the blonde beauty clarified.

"Wait a minute! Why am "I" the only one getting this kind of treatment?" Liz protested.

"Because you deserve it?" Bonnie responded.

"Because you deserve it?" Hope repeated.

"Because you're a BITCH?" Tara asked, smiling sweetly.

All three other girls shot the blonde cheerleader mixed looks, said girl shrugged. "Tell me I'm wrong…" Tara baited.

"Your wrong!" Liz yelled in anger.

"Wasn't that a bit much?" Hope replied weakly.

"Yeah… I mean-" Bonnie tried to add, before her blonde friend cut her off.

"I'm not hearing any DISAGREEMENTS here, girls… Yeah, that's what I thought…" Tara smirked, before leveling her gaze at the redhead.

Liz's jaw clenched in annoyance. "You don't hear me complaining about you!", she pointed at Tara. "Or, the fact that you stole my first time with him just now!" the redheaded teen lashed out.

"Please… we only dragged you away so we could resolve this…" Tara pacified, glancing away. "You'll get your turn later. …and I bet it'll be even BETTER, Ronnie will be fully awake and clean after his shower… Not to mention that he'll be fully recharged, after Hope drained him yesterday…" The blonde teen smirked and winked at Hope.

'Wait… what?!' the redheaded teen yelped, the words sticking in her mind, something didn't make sense to her now. 'Hope was the last one? Yesterday?' Why did that sound so off to her?

Liz recalled what had just happened, right before the girls had grabbed her… When she'd seen Ron… with one of them… in the shower.

Her mind hadn't connected the dots when she'd first reentered Bonnie's room, as she'd still been feeling pretty high after her little self-pleasure and a show. But as to the possibility of being immediately dragged out of a room by said girl? Liz doubted that she'd be able to walk, or even think, straight after getting railed like that! The idea that the redhead was currently being interrogated by the lucky girl wasn't making any sense at all! Not to mention the fact that she would have been left wet and completely messed up! She would have needed to take the time to dry herself, as well as redress!

So… logically, that would mean that…

"Liz?" Tara called out, waking her friend up from her thoughts. "Are you fantasizing about it?" the blonde teased with a small smirk.

"Y-Yeah… I was just thinking… that it would be fun… i-in the shower…" Liz croaked out, her voice weak.

"Oh… nice one! You'd be the first one of us to do it in there!" Hope encouraged. "That is, if you don't count me and him in the Jacuzzi…" The smile on Hope's face spurred the others to smile as well.

…except for Liz, who looked horrified.

"Well… I wouldn't say that she'd be the FIRST one to have him in the shower…" the brunette owner of the room declared.

Liz's neck almost snapped from the sheer speed she swiveled. 'So, it was Bonnie?!' she shouted silently, the relief coursing through the redheaded feeling overwhelming enough to make her head spin.

"Bonnie?! When did you-" Tara asked, before her friend cut her off.

"Get the chance?" Bonnie smiled in response. "Remember the day we had that pillow fight? That morning we had… a little encounter in the shower, I invited him to join me…" she declared, proud at the massive step she'd taken at the time.

'No!' Liz screamed silently, one very troubling fact all too clear to her.

"No!" Tara responded, very visibly shocked and disappointed. "Did you and Ronnie… have-", her voice became weaker.

"Did we have sex?" Bonnie finished for her clearly crestfallen friend. "No… we didn't. But, we DID have a lot of… fun" The brunette licked her lips, already eagerly anticipating her next time and her OFFICIAL turn.

"Yes!" Tara's smile came back with a vengeance, now that she knew that she was still the first one to have him. Even if it was childish of her… she needed to know that she'd been his FIRST!

"Wow… Bonnie, I have so much respect for you right now… I'm a bit annoyed, but still…" Hope admitted, her friend was really something.

Liz sat frozen, completely silent. At any other time, she would have insisted on commenting on Bonnie's little secret. But, at the moment, only one thought ran through her mind. 'Oh God…'


"Guess who?" sang a happy voice behind Ron, the soft feeling of her hands and her lilting voice a dead giveaway. Not to mention the giggling that followed.

"I'm not sure…" The blonde sidekick paused a moment, before ultimately giving his answer. He was feeling a bit mischievous at the moment, due to his excellent mood. "Is it Bonnie? Or Tara? Maybe Mr. B?" he said jokingly, receiving a light slap on the shoulder for his teasing.

"Very funny… Now, your real answer?" she prodded a bit louder, the girl obviously getting a little impatient.

Ron laughed heartily, before giving his actual guess. "Jessica, like it was even a challenge!" As soon as he answered the hands slid down, said girl walking in front of him smiling brightly as she did so.

"Lucky you finally got it right, you were going to make me cry if you kept that up!" Jessica complained, even if she didn't sound serious at all.

"Well, how about I make it up to you? …breakfast?" the mascot offered, receiving a nod from the girl.

"That is acceptable… for a start. If you keep that up, you might get back on my good side!" the blonde beauty teased, before noticing the small device in his hands. "Hey… you must be Wade, right? The famous tech expert of Team Possible!"

Wade glanced to the side, scratching his head in embarrassment at being singled out so suddenly. "W-Well, that's me… But, I'm not sure if I'm all that famous-" the young teen tried to deflect, before his friend cut him off.

"Don't listen to him… he's just being modest, he's so much more than you've heard!" Ron insisted, looking towards his hacker friend. "This one here is Jessica! You know, from the cheer squad?" He paused for a nod from the boy. "I'd introduce you to the rest, but I guess it'll have to wait for next time."

"Oh! S-Sure thing, man! No worries!" Wade replied quickly, bidding his friend goodbye and hanging up.

"He's much cuter than I thought he'd be! A lot younger, too!" Jessica commented, taking her seat at the table.

"Yeah, but don't let that fool you! He's as good as they come!" Ron insisted, preparing her food. "I'm surprised that you know about him, to be honest…" Ron admitted.

"How could I NOT know about him?" Jessica shot him an amused look, leaning into the palm of her hand. "You do know that everyone on Team Possible are celebrities… right?"

"Are we though?" the blonde sidekick questioned skeptically. He'd never bothered checking to see what other people thought about them, whether it was on television or online, mostly because it didn't matter to him (or Kim) all that much.

"You totally are! And I don't think I've ever gotten the chance to meet your little friend!" the blonde beauty exclaimed excitedly.

The Stoppable teen nearly dropped the plate he was holding at her sudden declaration. "M-My what?" Ron felt the sudden urge to bolt from the room, suddenly uncomfortable being alone with the stunningly-beautiful cheerleader.

"You know, Rufus! I always got to see him so briefly at school… Think you could introduce us, at some point?" Jessica asked, smile bright and tone innocent.

'Oh, that's what she meant…' Ron's heart started to calm down, realizing that he'd just been jumping to conclusions (could anyone blame him?). "Sure thing! I was actually planning on it, to be honest!" Ron admitted. It wasn't a lie, per se. Now that he was in a relationship with a few of the girls of the team, he really HAD been going to talk to his girlfriends about it. Well, about Rufus AND to understand who all he was now in a relationship with…

The whole Crystal thing (with Liz in the background) had really thrown him off. It was no wonder he was now second-guessing whether Marcella and Jessica were also his girlfriends, maybe he just wasn't aware of it yet… He'd like to know who he was dating, thank you very much!

"Awesome! I can't wait!" Jessica enthused, Ron served the girl her food. "Wow Ron, it looks great! A girl could get used to this, you know?"

"What, a proper start to the day with food?"

"No- well, yeah… But, I was talking about what happened at the mall. Or away from it, if you remember…" Jessica elaborated, she gave her meal a taste. "Oh, this is sooo good!"

Ron couldn't help but recall the incident she was referring to. Despite it only happening yesterday… he was already dreading telling the rest of the team about it. Truthfully, Ron had been hoping that the whole affair had simply been a terrible dream that he'd imagined. Luckily for him, it didn't seem like there were any bad feelings over it… At least, for now. "It's not something I'd like to get used to, I usually just run away and keep the goons busy for Kim…"

"Even if you were really cool?" the cheerleader teased him with a wink, then going back to stuffing her face with food.

Ron's face turned a little red at her words. "I don't know what was so cool about it, that was a really dangerous situation…"

"I know, I just meant it was really cool how you saved us…"

"I-" The blonde mascot didn't get that chance to finish what he was saying, he was saved when a new voice entered the kitchen.

"Well, I see you didn't even wait one second before you came to stuff your face…" Marcella called out as she entered the room, followed by most of their team.

"I was hungry… We had a busy day yesterday, remember?" Jessica shot back, turning her head to glance at the new intruders.

"Right… and I bet it has nothing to do with what we talked about?" Marcella responded, wearing a surprised look. The noirette sat down next to her blonde teammate.

"What were you two babbling about?" Bonnie interjected, sitting down on the other side of the table.

"Nothing much…" Jessica replied quickly. "I was just telling Ron and Marcella here that I could get used to this kind of treatment-" she pointed at her food, "every morning! Like I'm a princess, or something."

The brunette simply scoffed at her friend's choice of words. "Trust me… most of the time, it's nothing but trouble… That's one of the reasons why I didn't want to tell any of you about it…" There was a certain quality to her voice, as if there was more to this story than she was letting on.

"Anyways… I- we needed to talk to the team about something important…" the brunette stated seriously, staring at the girls. She quickly did a headcount, noticing that one of them was missing. "Where's Crystal? I thought she was with the rest of you…"

"She was…" Marcella began explaining, in between bites. "She finished quickly… Something about a call she had to make, I wasn't really listening…"

'Well, she DID finish quickly- Wait, what am I thinking!' Liz yelped mentally, unable to shake the feeling that she was a dead girl walking. The redheaded teen couldn't help but feel like a prisoner, destined for the electric chair, with her last meal in front of her. It only got worse upon noticing Ron staring at her, a concerned look on his face, as if he was wondering if her food wasn't acceptable.

'You can't do this to me, Ronnie!' Liz wanted to scream in frustration, but instead she just smiled and took a big bite of her food. The redhead winked at his smiling face, the expression he was making causing her poor heart to throb!

Now mollified, the blonde mascot moved to grab his own plate and join the girls. He sat between Tara and Bonnie.

Liz took a deep, cleansing breath before she started eating slowly. What had she ever done to deserve this?

'Oh, right…' she moaned silently, the very recent memory of her massive fuckup all too clear a reminder. Liz had to do something! She had to act! She had to come out a winner and on top of things! The redheaded cheerleader got up from her seat, staring at the girls and boy sitting at the table, before opening her mouth.


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