It's been a month. A month since Jesse broke up with me. A month since my life fell apart. If you're wondering Whitney and Tripp got my diary by me the dumbass left it in my 2nd to last class. They gave it to Jesse by apparently Whitney has him in her last class. While I was crying like a pussy in my hands Jesse left me with my diary. Left me alone to cry. Left me alone forever. I don't blame him. I'm a horrible person. I'm sorry Jesse for how I treated you. The whole school knew about me and my...doings from that day forward. I was finally popular. Was I happy? No. Because all the kids at my school talked about me and my horrible self behind my back. I got bullied more than I did before. Whitney, Tripp and Jesse were all pitied. Was I pitied? No, no one gave a fuck about me. Jesse to answer your question from before I did like you. I love you now. But a month ago I started liking you because you are kind, you are cute, you are smart, you are perfect for anybody but me. I was happy being your girlfriend. I hope some other girl will be happy being your girlfriend too. I remember one day when I was at your house your sweet mother found a long scarf that can cover two people. She thought it would be a perfect idea to take a photo with both of us in the scarf. I remember us being so close together my face was red so was yours. But remembering good memories reminds me I could never have those moments back ever again. That's why….That's why I'm gonna end it all. End everything. I don't want to remember any more. I don't want to see your face and remember I could never have you. I don't want people to talk about me. I don't want to be ugly anymore. So I'm going to end it. I hope I can see you in a better life Jesse where I am pretty where I am kind. Good-Bye.