Sorry I haven't updated in a long time, and I said I had a way to earlier but my way was cut.  But now I have a computer and all's well.  I have my binder of all the stories I've written, somewhere.  I try to find it soon, but here's a story that I can't get out of the top of my head.  I original based it on two different characters from a different anime, but this is my favorite couple so I could past up the opportunity.  I hope you like it. 

"Italic" someone is thinking, you pretty much can figure it out.


"When I look into your eyes, you help me realign
Ensure me of just how to be myself inside
I'm in control of everything
It's taking time but that's ok
I can bring you to my side"

Yami's POV

            I look up at the sky in wonder, what in Ra's name is happening to me.  All I know is that every night these past weeks, I wake from a dream, which I vaguely remember.   I just remember quick flashes of someone in my arms, thou I can't see his or her face.  Thou I'm pretty sure, it's a guy, well because, I'm into guys.   Even though, I don't who it is, I feel like I have met them before, like someone from my past.   Then a song pops into my head, one I just heard on the radio at my last tournament.  It's a pretty good song, I like. 

            "You're mine," he whispered.

            "Yami?" a voice called from behind.

            The slender form turned to find a miniature version of himself standing in front of him.

            "Yugi, what are you doing up?" Yami asked his light or in the eyes of every one at school, his little brother.

            Now in his senior year, Yami had come to be known as Yugi's secret older brother that no one knew of except of course Yugi and his gang.  Yugi was a junior along with friends, Joey, Tristan, Ryou and that annoying Tea.  Bukura too was in Yami's grade, and was a brother who had just come from England.  How the school bought the whole story, well let's just say most of the girls didn't mind.

            "I could be asking you the same thing?  You know we both have semester exams tomorrow," Yugi said.

            "I don't know why you worry, if you and Ryou have the highest GPA's in your class," Yami stated.

            "Second highest, Seto had an above perfect grade," Yugi said.

            Yami frowned at the name of his rival.  He quickly turned to look back at the stars and new snow that was coming down.

            "Of course, Mister Perfect has to be the best at everything." Yami stated.

            "Yami, why don't you like him?  I thought you were over this, I am, so is Tristan, Ryou and Bakura," Yugi said.

            "What about Joey and Tea?" Yami said smugly.

            "You know why Joey doesn't like him, and Tea well she's a different story.  I really don't get her sometime she talks on and on about friendship, and yet she refuses to get over our rivalry with him," Yugi stated.

            "What about Seto then, he doesn't seem to forget about our rivalry," Yami said.

            "Yami, we haven't talked to Seto since our last tournament, two months ago, and I started to get worried," Yugi said as she walked to Yami's bed, where he sat down.

            Yami turned and walked to him and stood before him.

            "Why?" Yami asked.

            "I ran into Mokuba the other day and he told me Seto isn't himself of late, you know after we defeated Malik and Marik.  He said Seto wakes up in the middle of the night crying, someone to help him," Yugi said with sadness in his voice.

            "Yami, I'm worried what if something is happening to him?" Yugi said.

            "Yugi don't worry about it for now, just concentrate on the exam, and after that, we'll talk some more, okay," Yami said.

            Yugi nodded and stood from the end.

            "Goodnight," Yugi said.

            "Goodnight," Yami echoed.

            Yami sat down on his bed and wondered what was going on with that rival of his.  Yami looked at his clock, 3:00am, he had something time to sleep, and hopefully he would dream the same dream. 

Across from town, a slender and tall figure tosses and turned crying out in fear.  He bolted from his dream, with tears streaming down his check.  He slowly sat up and buried his face in his hands.  Every night it was the same, every night since that psycho tried what he did.  For two months now, it was strange his dream it was always the same.

 First he being held by someone, he doesn't know who, but he feels safe, the stranger sings a song, it sound so familiar, but he sings it so softly he can't make out the words. Then he's gone, and memories of his past come to him, when he has younger, and want his adoptive father tried to him, and Malik or Marik who ever was in control, tried to do too.  Only this time, he couldn't tell who it was and he couldn't defend himself, they were touching him and that when he woke up.  He didn't know how much long he could take this.

He looked at the clock, 3:00am; he stood from his bed and made his way to his bathroom.  He looked in his mirror, and winced at his own reflection.  He looked horrible in his opinion, dark circles under his eyes and his skin was paler then ever.  He walked over to a tub he had and turned on the water, maybe some time in the tub with help him calm down.  He turned to get his things ready for school, his junior year, one more year to go, and he was done.  No he lied, it was never over for him, and there was always the company and college.  Sometimes it was too much for him, he just wanted to get away, the only thing that keep him going was Mokuba.  Maybe Mokuba and he could go somewhere this winter break.

He slowly took of his close and toured bath oil into the water, lavender and jasmine, his favorite.   He slid into the tub, and closed his eyes as the warm water caressed his weak and frail body.  Thou no one would ever see him this way, he wouldn't allow it, too many would take advantage of it, with all the thing that have happened in his life, there was only one he trusted and that was Mokuba.  He had his eyes closed so long he didn't even know when he feel asleep, next thing he knew, Mokuba was calling out to him.

"Coming," Seto called out.

He quickly got out of the tub and put on his robe and opened the door to his fully dressed little brother.

"Seto, it late, aren't you coming down for breakfast?" Mokuba asked.

"Sorry, Mokuba don't have time, I lost track of it, and can you tell Lucy to make me something on the way to school, a bagel with cream cheese, please," Seta said.

"Okay," Mokuba said and was tempted to ask his brother if he was alright but he decided not to.

Seto closed the door and got dressed, when he made his way door stairs, to find Mokuba waiting, Lucy with a bagel and cup of coffee in hands.

"Thanks Lucy," Seto told the elderly lady, she was more of a nanny then a maid.

"Good luck on your exams," she said as the boys walked out.

"Thanks," they said in unison and walked into the limo waiting for them.

When they got into the car, Seto started to eat his bagel.  He looked at his little brother and smile this would be his last year in elementary, next year he would go to middle school. 

"Mokuba, I was thinking how about going some where this winter break?" Seto asked.

He smiled when he was his little brother light up.

"Really?" Mokuba asked.

"Yes, really," Seto answered.

"Where?" Mokuba asked.

"Um, I guess anywhere you want to go?" Seto said.

"Really?" Mokuba asked again.

"Yes," Seto laughed.

"Yeah, Mokuba shouted and jumped to hug his little brother.

He wondered where Mokuba would want to go.

Author's Notes: I hope you like it.  I have two more chapters about done, well at least the layout, just need to type them out and change a few things.