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Angela's POV

I always considered myself a good girl, I always did the right thing always did my homework, always smiled when needed, I was a church girl with great morals so why did I find myself sneaking peaks at edward cullen whenever I could.

I watched as his shoulder flexed slightly as he passed an apple to mike, it was a simple gesture but to me it was intoxicating. I blushed slightly as he turned to look at me in a perplexed way just as his girlfriend leaned over to lay her head on his shoulder.


I know I was horrible for harboring these thoughts about my best friends boyfriend but i couldn't help but think about him.

his demeanor, his mouth, his body, and his eyes, yes his eyes always seemed as if he was looking in my soul seeing every dirty thought that passed my mind.

Like how I liked to touch myself to him when I showered.

how i'd imagine him spanking me when i've been bad.

I know my father would kill me for having such unholy thoughts but I couldn't help it.

I liked to imagine how he'd eat me out slow and sensual or would it be hungrily like a starved animal. how i'd wrap my legs around his head as i arched my back to cum. he'd drink all of me while sucking my lips for any juices left behind.

my thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang that resonated through the cafeteria. looking up i see Edward standing up while the chair he was previously sitting on seemed to be on the floor. i looked around to see everyone staring at Edward in confusion.

except for Jasper, Jasper was staring at me, I blushed and looked away from his intense stare.

"sorry babe" he told Bella as he picked up his chair "I just need to go to the restroom". he gave me a hesitant glare while he walked away.

I sat there confusion in my head.

6th period class always tended to bore me the only upside about it was Edward he didn't sit next to me but in the desk in front of me. he was alway so still. but the cologne that he used always seemed to evade my senses making me want to stand up and press my nose against his hairless nape.

I squeezed my legs shut as my wetness begin to build in my plain all white undies.

"Be careful" a voice from behind spoke . Turning I come face to face with jasper once again his sharp eyes are narrowed on me. "Your playing a dangerous game" he voiced his country accent drawling out his words slightly.

I upturn my eyebrows giving him a what? Type of face.

He smiles but focuses on the teacher once again.

"Okay class were going to be grouping up with one person that I assign you too."

I inwardly groan to this, the people here never carried there own weight they always expected me to do it especially since they knew I excelled in all my grades.

I lazily lean my face on my balled up fist awaiting for my name to be called.

"Angela and Edward" my heart stops at this Edward and I?

This would be our first time alone together or would we even be alone we'd probably be around his family.

Different scenarios ran through my brain.I shake my head a little trying to hide my excitement as I look Edwards way and give him a smile.

The bell rang yet before I had a chance to go over to Edward he stormed out of the classroom.

It was like that everyday for a while. Whenever I tried to speak to him he always dodged me or had things to do, but today was going to be game day.

Today I would find any opportunity to speak with him about the project he couldn't expect me to just do all the work.

Lunch came around and just as everyone was leaving for 5th period I snuck in front of him. I don't know how I'd ended up blocking him from his tracks, but it happened.

"Edward" I told him conviction on my mind."can I talk to you for a second " he looked at Bella and nodded to where she walked off. "Fine" he said.

"I just think it's un-

Before I got the chance to speak mike bopped into me and the milk container I had in my hands toppled over and spilt in Edwards lap.

My eyes were widened with horror at the fact that this happened in less than 3.4 seconds .

"I'm so sorry Edward" I quickly say as I bend down and wipe his lap with napkins.I freeze when I see the slight bulge in Edwards pants.

My thoughts got the best of me as I realized that Edwards penis was just meer inches away from my face all that was blocking me was a zipper .

Edwards quickly yanked away from me "please just leave me alone" he shouted to me.

Everyone turned watching the commotion unfold.

Embarrassment filled my core my heart sped up but not in the way I like."I-I'm sorry" I hated that I submitted so easily. I hastily run away accidently bumping into mike who muttered a guilty sorry.

Tears formed in my eyes as I rinsed my face off.i don't know what sprung that reaction out of him but I hated how it made me feel.

How the thought of him filled my aching bones.

I hated how even with being humiliated in front of my peers I still wanted him.

How the glare he pushed my way made my core vibrate.

Before I knew what was happening I was in the bathroom stall Lifting my skirt up giving myself a view of my white undies that were drenched in my juices.

I moaned as I pushed my index finger to my clothed cunt. my body heated up at the thought of Edward wrapping his smooth large hands around my neck.

I flick my clit a little sending a vibrated sensation through my body.

I cover my mouth with one of my hands when the bathroom door opens.

It was Jessica Stanley. I try to be as quiet as possible when I push my panties to the side and force a finger in me as I pretend it's Edward finger, pushing them deep inside me I quickly scissor myself.

i squeeze my eyes feeling my climax coming.

I stop all movement as I hear a knock on my stall.

"Angela" Jessica's voice echoes through the bathroom. "You in there" "I see your book bag". I try to compose myself and try to not curse her name for halting my climax.

"Y-yes" I voice out tiredly as I take my fingers out of my pussy.

"I heard about what happened" there was silence for a few seconds. "I know we all have had a crush on Edward Cullen since he got here" she scuffs the floor a little with the tip of her toes. "It's best if you just give up on that dream". Was she taunting me?

I glare through the stall door to where I know her eyes would be. I sigh but slowly open the stall door. I look her in the eyes wanting to tell her to go screw herself but I settled with a "your right".

She smiles my way, pity in her eyes. I wash my hands ridding me of the after mass that would've been an amazing climax. Wrapping her arm in between mine we walk to class together.

I hesitate to go in said class because it was 5th period where Edward sat right in front of me.

"Wanna switch for the day" Jessica asked hopefully.

"No I'm okay" I instantly tell her. I walked off sensing her eyes still on me but I refused to look back at her glare.

Sitting in the back I try to think of anything but Edward.

I hear the scrapping of a chair turning. I look up for a peep only to have Edward eyes only centimeters away from mine.

I quickly shoot back almost tipping back in my chair."sorry" I say to him as I look down and try to ignore his presence.

"Angela" my eyes shoot up at my name being called from his mouth. It's was just so captivatingly seductive that I found myself clenching my thighs waiting for him to speak more. I inwardly begged him to say my name, just one more time.

"A...Angela" he spoke my name once more and a buzzed vibration shot through me at his words. He nervously pushed his hair backward and looked at me."I wanted to apologize to you, I shouldn't have reacted like that" I softly smiled at him."it's okay Edward we all have our moment" he grins my way "is it okay if I come over to your house tonight to start on our project".

Hmmm, My house

My house?

Omfg my house!

"Yes" I tell him a little too quick. I don't know why I was so excited but the possibility of having him alone was just so nerve wracking.

"Then I'll take you home after school" I nod his way and he turns back around to face the teacher.

After 7th period I wait nervously outside for Edwards silvers Volvo to come forward.

"Angela" a deep sultry voice spoke from behind me. My heart shot out of my chest as I turned facing golden eyes.

I cover my ears knowing they probably are red from embarrassment.

"Sorry" he chuckled I didn't mean to scare you".

"It's okay" I tell him trying to calm my rapidly beating heart.

"Hey Angela" a sweet voice stated I turn to the side slightly to see Bella's smiling face. I waiver a little but smile nonetheless Bella was always someone that I loved to hang out With. she had a great heart which was why I always felt bad for garnishing such sinful thought towards her man.

"We're going to drop Bella off before we start on our project" he states I nod hating the relief that fell from my body.

The ride to Bella's was calm. Bella and I sat in the back and talked neither of us were gossipy but we had a lot in common like school tv shows and recently Bella has been showing interest in classical music.

"Yea, Alice is throwing me a 'surprise' party" she huffed a bit aggravated "Whoopie" she sarcastically said. I was never really popular so I never had anyone throw anything for me not even my parents.

On my 13th birthday I had my period but instead of my parents praising me for starting on the track to womanhood I was stuck in church repenting for my sins.

So I didn't get why Bella was being so difficult, maybe she was use to people doting on her.

"I think you'll love it" I smile her way "just give it a try".

She rolled her eyes slightly but agreed nonetheless.

Dropping Bella off I head to the front seat where I sat next to Edward in the drive to my house. It was a silent drive but oddly not awkward.

Getting to my house I realized I'd never given him the directions, shaking that thought off I unlock the door and let Edward in.

"Mom" I yell into emptiness "dad". I sigh nervously and text my parents that I was doing a project in the front room with my partner, making sure I didn't specify that it was a male partner.

"Do you want anything to drink" I ask nerves going through my body I'd never been alone with a guy I found attractive before. In all honestly Edward was the only boy I found attractive not just because of his look but his mind. Sure I liked Ben for a bit but he was childish reminded me of a younger brother even, but Edward could intellectually stimulate my mind as well as my body. Edward wasn't like the boys in school because he reeked of manhood.

"No it's okay" he tells me giving me a slight smile as he sat on the couch floor near the table that I normally do my homework at. "I'll be right back" I voice to him a slight smile.

Changing I put on a black Lace tight fitted silk shirt that rubbed softly against my nipples I put on my favorite shorts that fit like a second skin. I blushed slightly at my attire could I really go down there like this. Looking in my mirror I take my glasses off and put my eye contacts in I looked...sexy. I blush again red as a tomato. I shake my head and put a large sweater on top of my 'outfit' scolding myself for being a punk. Coming out of my room I bump into Edward who was right in front of me."oh" I say startled a bit. "You love to scare me huh"? I questioned jokingly "call it payback" he smiled my way when I gave him a questioning look.

getting back to the dining room we spent 30 . minutes coming up with ideas for the project my nerves were recked being alone with edward made me more nervous then i've ever been.

I quickly rose up to get something to drink trying to get the glass cup I go stretch for it my sweater slightly raising as i tipy toe to get to the glasses.i gasp as a figure presses against me


He picks the glass up but he doesn't move from the position that he's in.

My heart is beating rapidly. My nipples harden as I moan slightly. Edwards body hovers over me just centimeters away from my own body. "Your driving me crazy" he whispers to me his lips grazing my ear. I shutter slightly "are you doing this on purpose" he questions disdain now in his voice. "Do what"? I was silence for a minute till a sharp "Turn around" was demanded from edward.

quickly I turn as fast as I can. "Tell me what you want" he voices his eyes stare at me as if he's staring in my soul. I didn't know what he wanted me to tell him.

"I don't k-" he bangs the counter top anger evident in his eyes tear up slightly as I feel the wetness begin to grow between my legs.

He was being so mean. But I wanted more. Stepping away from me his eyes never falter

"Take off your sweater" my eyes widen at this. My body shakes at this command.

What was happening? could I really do such an immoral act?


Yes I could

Stripping myself of my XL sweater I cover my top area trying to hide my hardened nipples that showed through the laced crop top.

Walking to me he grabs my hands softly putting them to the side.

"Don't hide yourself" he voiced staring at my clothed breast I blush at this."how I've thought of your breast, your lips, your eyes" he caresses my face his thumb grazing my bottom hammers at the admission that is coming from edward mouth. he wanted me?

I moan opening my mouth a little to which he slowly put his thumb inside.I close my mouth and begin to suck on it while looking him in his eyes . He hisses slightly at this and snatches his finger out .

Before I knew what was happening his mouth was on mines.

He quickly picked me up giving me no choice but to wrap my legs around him.I moan as his tongue playfully dominates mine he nibbles and bites at my bottom lip.

"Oh god" I whisper as he slowly brushed his lip to my neck. He licks and slurps at my neck nibbling just slightly."Bite me" I moan out. He stops in his tracks. Worry sets in is he not into that? Does he think I'm weird?

Quickly regret sets in and I try to get out of his hold.

"Let me go Edward" I almost scream. He stares at me for a while more before a slap to my ass makes me gasp."who are you talking to" he tells me giving me another harsh slap to my ass. A load moan ignited from my mouth at the third slap that reddened my ass.

He drags me to my room and harshly throws me on my bed.

"Bend over he demands I nod his way and silently put my head down and ass up.

Expecting another slap I gasp when he snatches my tight shorts off "Edward" I scream but am silence with a look. He gently caresses my ass cheeks giving me slight kisses to each cheek.

"Your so wet" he whispered kissing my clothed pussy. I shutter at these soft kisses.

My eyes widen as he flips me over and bends my knees back to both sides of my head . My titties are now popped out as he analyzes me.

"fuck" he growls as he lays in between my spread legs and kisses my lips. I moan into his lips as he grinds his large finger against my clothed pussy lips.

he pops one of my nipple in his mouth and slowly sucks on it like a baby drinking from its mama. dropping one of my legs his finger got to my other nipple where he slightly squeezes it.

"Please, more" I moan to him he chuckles at this but his mouth goes even lower kissing my stomach my belly button till he gets to my heated slit, ripping my panties to shreds, he tauntingly latched his mouth to my clit. I throw my head back as I grind myself into him.

That earns me a slap to my thigh."let me eat in peace" he warns I nod like an idiot as I spread my legs wider like a whore in heat.

He greedily eats my pussy, dipping his tongue deep inside me he licks me up and down from my hole to my clit. My body shakes uncontrollably as he circles his tongue around my core once more before again slowly dipping his tongue back into my entrance.

Before I knew it two of his finger were dipped inside of me. the tiny sting felt amazing as he force his way deep inside me.

"Edward" I scream as he scissors his finger inside of me. my back was now arched my toes were curled as he hit my G-spot. He quickened his pace and his thrust become to much for me to bare. His tongue plays with my clit as he continues to thrust his fingers into me.

I start to see stars when he hit my spot once again. "Please Edward I feel w-weird" he ignored me and continues to eat. Desperation's and fear set in as a feeling I'd never felt before builds up inside me.

A scream surpasses my lips as my back arches and my eyes roll in the back of my head I grab at Edward hair thinking that would hold me to my sanity but at last I'm gone in euphoria as my climax comes.

He continues on me and just as the high of my climax starts to dwindle something else follows

Edward continued to shove his finger in at an angels I'd never felt before in my life.

"Oh my fucking god" I shout as my body began to squirt. It sprays everywhere, he opens his mouth drinking me up till every last drop he could find was cleaned up.

"What the hell" I curse gasping hard trying to get my breath back. My eyes are now slanted and my body is tired from my climax.

Edward looks at me and smiles, he gives me slight kisses to my skin, my lips, my forehead .

He stands up quickly and starts to undress.

"We're not done just yet"


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