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Standing in the shadows Remy watched the approaching pair. He hadn't expected them to be here, hadn't even imagined they'd been working together to rescue him. Jean-Luc, his guardian, patriarch of the Thieves Guild and Belladonna his girlfriend, second heir to the rival Assassins Guild working together, for his sake. It made him feel a spark of guilt for being grateful for the lingering results of Warren's truth serum, guilty for being glad for his heighten awareness of the emotions of people around him. Once he'd told Jean it wasn't trust if she had to read a person's mind first, but Remy had never aspired to being a trusting person, not when experience told him paranoia would keep him alive longer and yet he wished he could trust them like he had just a week early.

The X-Men has taught him to trust. First Scott and Logan had gotten past his defenses and after that it had been like a chain reaction. Each new person who didn't turn on him made it easier to let the next in. Had he been even half as wary of the Guild as he'd been of the X-Men when he'd first come to them? But everything was different now, Scott was dead, it was Logan's fault, trust was for fools and idiots.

Still Jean-Luc and Tante Mattie were different... "Non!" Remy cut off that line of thought with a shake of his head, he couldn't trust people just because he remembered loving them when he'd been little. Reluctantly Remy stepped out of the shadows. "Hey," he said a second before Belle pounced on him.

Remy caught her in mid-air, spinning them around to pin her against the building. He wasn't overly surprised to feel the prick of her knife along his ribs. Sensing more concern than anger from her Remy ignored the knife to lean in and kiss her.

"If yo' two be done?" Jean-Luc asked. "We ain't home free yet."

"An' don' t'ink I ain't mad jus' 'cause I kissed yo'," Belle whispered in his ear. "Yo' could of tol' me yo' were in a mess."

Remy shrugged, releasing Belle. "It seemed like de t'ing to do at de time," he said.

"Dat suit of yours still bettah dan deir tech?" Jean-Luc asked.

"Oui, mais dey got m' description. De cops checkin' everybody wantin' to leave de city."

"I got contacts in de car for yo'," Jean-Luc said. "Dey be lookin' for yo' to try to hide yo' eyes wid sunglasses like yo' generally do. Yo' jus' look right at dem wid brown eyes like yo' got rien to hide an' we'll walk right pas' dem."

"Course it ain't goin' to hurt dat all t'ree of us goin' to dye our hair, dress funny an' yo' can drop de accent can't yo' Remy?" Belle asked.

"I can," Remy said, speaking a touch more slowly, forcing himself back into the mode of speaking Sinister had forced on him. "You have a place?"

"A Guild safe house," Jean-Luc said. "M' sorry 'bout your friends Remy, mais 'm glad de raid didn' get yo'."

"What raid?" Remy asked.

" 'Bout an hour 'go, de news showed a picture of your Professor bein' hauled off. 'M not sure 'bout de others," Jean-Luc said. "De place looked pretty bad dough."

"T'ink it serve dem right for bein' such fools," Belle commented. "Dis heroin' it ain't rien but doin' t'ings de hard way, de stupid way. Only a moron leaves an enemy dat's as troublesome as dat Magneto 'live when dey could've kilt him. Dere more dan 'nough people in dis world, it nevah hurts, getting' rid of de bad apples."

"So says de petite assassin," Jean-Luc sighed. "Yo' are a blood thirsty chile aren't yo'?"

Belle shrugged. "Jus' speakin' m' mind."

Jean-Luc shook his head. "Remy, 'm sorry if yo' friends got hurt."

"S'okay," Remy said. "Dere was no one dere I was t'inkin' 'bout anyways. Let's get out of here."

****** ***** ******

A towel wrapped around her shoulders to keep her newly dyed hair from discoloring her clothes Belle slipped into the room Remy was using.

He sat cross-legged on the bed, staring into a hunk of crystal Belle thought she recognized from the chandelier in the dinning room, his russet hair dyed an unmemorable shade of brown, contacts coloring his distinctive eyes a similar shade.

"What yo' doin'?" Belle asked.

The faintest trace of a blush staining his cheeks, Remy shoved the crystal behind his back. "It's a kind of meditation, help me control m' powers," he said shrugging. "Yo' wanted somet'ing? I mean yo' been watchin' me like yo' got somet'ing to say since yo' found me."

Belle perched nervously on the bed opposite of the one Remy claimed. "Guess I have," she said.

Remy waited.

"Tante Mattie says 'm pregnant an' she tol' Daddy an' he's bein' really ole fashion 'bout dis an' me bein' unmarried an' since yo're de only boy who ain't scared of datin' me 'cause of Daddy bein an assassin an' all, mais..." Belle blurted out not looking at Remy.

"I s'ppose he'll kill me if I don't propose," Remy said.

"Non, 'm s'pposed to do dat," Belle replied blushing. "I know it's stupid an' antiquated mais we have fun together, I like yo' as well as anyone an' it ain't like we're goin' to raise de bebe or anyt'ing. I mean what am I s'pposed to do wid un infante? Plenty of people in de Guilds be 'dopted, won' be any big deal for Tante to fin' someone dat wants it, mais Daddy still wants me married. An' I don' want to kill yo' so jus' do it, neh?"

"Hell, I don' have 'nough amies left to go 'round fightin' to de deat' wid any of dem," Remy sighed. "Dis ain't goin' to change t'ings? We'll still have fun, oui?"

Belle launched herself at Remy, knocking him on his back. "If we'd fought who says yo'd've won?" She demanded one knee planted in the center of his chest.

Remy yanked her the rest of the way down and rolled them over so he was on top, his hold on her much more friendly. "Who says I'd loose?" he asked. "Dis won' change t'ings will it Belle?"

"Non," Belle replied stretching to kiss him. She continued in short breathy sentences punctuated by kisses. "Why would it? I don' want it to."

"Bein," Remy murmured setting to work on the buttons on her blouse. "Be nice to have everyt'ing back like dis summer..."

"Mais, might hate yo' for 'while, when dis pregnancy t'ing really kicks in," Belle warned pulling his shirt over his head. "Like I said, Tante'll figure out... somet'ing wid de bebe."

"Den we'll jus' be us," Remy said. "Guess yo' want me to do dis proper..." He rolled off the bed and went down on one knee grabbing Belle's hand as she sat up, giggling.

"Yo' could've waited a bit," Belle said her eyes gleaming. "I wouldn' of minded."

Remy grinned. "Hush, 'M tryin' to do dis right. Let's see... Belladonna, yo' be de love of m' life an I can't live widout yo'..."

"Points for honesty," Belle laughed. "Double points for makin' me threatenin' to kill yo' sound pretty."

Remy pressed a finger to her lips. "Don' interrupt. Belladonna Boudreaux, would yo' do me de honor of bein m' bride... 'M supposed to give yo' a ring now right?"

"Oui, of course... and oui 'bout de ring too, yo' can figure it out once we're home."

"Why bothah waitin', dere be plenty of jewelry stores here," Remy said.

"Dey be closed now," Belle said disinterestedly, pulling him off the floor and back on to the bed with her.

"All de bettah," Remy replied. "I wasn't plannin' on buyin' yo' a ring, I am a t'ief after all."

"Cher, dey be out to get yo' 'round here," Belle protested a delighted smile forming on her lips.

"Gotta test de disguises don' I? Yo'll cover for me wid Jean-Luc, neh?" he said between pressing soft kisses to her palm, inside of her wrist, working his way up to the bend of her elbow.

"Can't cover for yo'," Belle said squirming out from under him. "Goin' wid yo', how else yo' know if it fits? Put your shirt on."

"Quoi?" Remy asked frowning up at her as she broke away from him. "T'ought yo' weren' in any hurry."

"Dat was 'fore yo' were goin' to get me a pretty," Belle replied flipping dishwater blonde hair over her shoulder. "Come on, Jean-Luc was jus' headin' to de shower. He won' notice us bein' gone for leas' 'nother ten minutes."



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