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Title: The Alphas of Jace Herondale – The Primal Instinct

Fandom: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Disclaimer: All rights to the Shadowhunters show reserved to Ed Decter, the books the show is based off and its characters belong to Cassandra Clare. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: polyamory (m/m/m), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, wingfic, wing kink, praise kink, BDSM, non sexual submission, kneeling, collar/leash, spanking, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, rimming, knotting, hurt/comfort, fluff, courting, f/f, m/f

Main Pairing: Magnus/Alec/Jace & Raphael/Simon/Jace (at the same time, in a consensual poly relationship)

Side Pairings: Lydia/Isabelle, Maia/Clary, Helen/Aline, Underhill/Lorenzo, Luke/Catarina

Shadowhunters Characters: Jonathan Christopher 'Jace' Herondale, Magnus Bane, Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Raphael Santiago, Isabelle 'Izzy' Lightwood, Lydia Branwell, Clarissa 'Clary' Fray, Maia Roberts, Aline Penhallow, Helen Blackthorn, Maxwell 'Max' Lightwood, Andrew Underhill, Lorenzo Rey, Madzie, Catarina Loss, Luke Garroway, Imogen Herondale

Summary: The Primal Instinct is a club owned by Raphael Santiago, where alphas and omegas can tap into their second nature, on a consensual, non-sexual level. However, lately omega regulars have been disappearing. The Institute sends their only unmated omega undercover – Jace. Raphael, Simon and Magnus are supposed to act as back-up and keep an eye on him, as members of the club.

The Primal Instinct

The Alphas of Jace Herondale

Chapter 1: A New Mission

Raphael Santiago was not necessarily a regular visitor of the New York Institute, at least not outside of the Downworlder Cabinet meetings. He rarely just wandered in, never without a reason.

So when Jace saw Raphael walk into the Institute that evening, flanked by his mate Simon, Jace trailed after them curiously. Because not even Simon Lewis was reason enough to make Raphael come here willingly usually. Simon? He was such a regular visitor here that sometimes, Jace wondered at what point the Clave would have to pay him as an employee.

"Are you stalking us, Herondale?", quipped Simon teasingly when he noticed.

"Well. The both of you coming here smells for me like a mission in the making. I'm just making sure I get first pick. It's been a bit boring since the war ended", replied Jace casually.

Which was partially true. They had taken out Valentine, then Lilith, then Jonathan over the past year and it had been draining, but somehow, he had gotten so used to the constant danger and war that now was... oddly dull. Jace regularly went to the Silent Brothers for treatment of his PTSD, caused by the possession and everything that had happened during the war. His life had such a routine now. It went back to normal, but somehow after the past one and a half years of fighting tooth and nail and being thrown from one disaster to the next, normal was somehow not... enough anymore.

Jem kept telling him that that was not the healthiest approach. That he needed to cut back on his self-sacrificing nature and that not being in constant world-ending danger was good, but... It had given Jace purpose. Right now, he felt like he didn't have any purpose anymore.

Alec was doing so well as the head of the Institute, Isabelle was focusing more on the forensics ever since she wasn't required for every single mission anymore, Clary has found her purpose and role as a liaison with the werewolves, trying to mend some bridges there ( mainly through Maia, her mate and the new Alpha of the pack), Magnus was back to being the High Warlock, even Raphael and Simon had their purpose as the mated new (and reinstalled) leaders of the New York clan.

Only Jace seemed oddly... stuck. He was just back to being a foot-soldier, going on missions, taking out minor demons, in the same old routine he was so used to. It felt so... mundane.

"What is a soldier without a war?", mused Raphael as he side-eyed Jace.

"Bored", replied Jace with a shrug.

The three of them reached the office of the head of the Institute. After knocking, they were beckoned in by Alec, finding only Alec and Magnus inside, the warlock sitting perched on the desk and Alec blushing just a little. At the very least, those two had been making out, if not more.

"Raphael. Simon. What can I do for you?", asked Alec, clearing his throat.

Raphael looked around with furrowed brows. "It's a... delicate matter. And I think I would prefer it your other better half would also be around."

"I'll go get the girls", offered Jace before Alec could even look his way.

"Thank you", nodded Alec with a small smile.

The other better half would be Alec's work-partner – the Institute was always run by two people, ideally and usually the married and mated leaders, but since Alec's mate was a Downworlder, Magnus could hardly co-head the Institute. And even if he could, he wouldn't want to; he had enough on his plate being the High Warlock of Brooklyn again.

Alec had asked Jace first, but Jace had shied away from the responsibility; just like he had when his grandmother had appointed him head the first time around. He loved being out in the field as much as he hated paperwork. That position wasn't for him at all.

And not long after Jonathan had been defeated, Lydia Branwell found her way back to New York; after she had fully recovered, she had been kept so busy in Idris, especially during Imogen's own recovery time after the Owl had nearly killed her. Now however, she was back for good. And it had been an easy call to make her Alec's co-head, considering Lydia was his sister-in-law. Though Lydia and Isabelle's marriage had started off as a political move at first, the two had quickly developed feelings for each other. And Alec and Lydia had quickly formed a strong friendship.

"Lydia. Alec needs you", called Jace out as he entered the training room. "...Unless you're busy."

Lydia turned her head to smirk at him from where she had Isabelle pinned to the ground. The two were sparring with each other, sweaty and in sports-gear. Though Jace knew from experience that it was more foreplay for them than actual training; he had walked in on the aftermath of sparring between the two women far too often at this point. At least that gave Jace a lot of teasing opportunities. Though in all honesty, Jace was happy for Isabelle. This was the first time she was in a real, good, healthy relationship. And they were actually really cute together. Lydia could fluster Isabelle and Isabelle made the usually rather stern alpha soften up and smile much more. They were good for each other. This was what Jace had always hoped Isabelle would find one day.

"I thought I had some time. Magnus dropped by for lunch", sighed Lydia.

She grabbed a towel, stretching her wings. She had impressive, soft-brown hawk wings.

Jace smiled softly as he remembered the first time they had shown their wings to Clary. Before that day, he had never truly appreciated their wings. Having wings was natural for Shadowhunters, they were born with them – a sign of their angelic heritage, a blessing from the Angel. They had been as much a natural part of his body for him as his arms and legs. But the pure awe on Clary's face when she had first seen them had shown Jace that they weren't. Not for mundanes.

"Well, Raphael and Simon seem to have... something to discuss. They want both heads of the Institute for this one", informed Jace while brushing his wings against Isabelle's.

She smiled at him as their feathers touched, before both women followed Jace toward the office. Apparently, the mention of Isabelle's two favorite vampires had spiked her interest too. Raphael and Isabelle had formed a kind of surprising friendship, while Isabelle and Simon had hit it off from the moment Simon and Clary had been dropped into their lives. She had played a key-role in getting the two alpha vampires together. Jace honestly doubted the two would have figured things out without her pushing, because Simon seemed rather oblivious to when people had feelings for him and Raphael was doing a great job hiding his feelings behind a mask of annoyance that seemingly had even fooled Raphael himself until Isabelle had sat him down and talked to him about his own feelings. Which had been a very hilarious thing to watch unfold.

"Raphael. Simon. What can the Institute do for the clan?", asked Lydia with a polite smile as soon as they entered the office. "And, excuse the outfit. Training."

"Of course", nodded Raphael before sitting down. "As you may know, I own a club."

"Really? Runs in the family, huh?", grunted Jace, jerking his head toward Magnus.

Both alphas chuckled at that though Raphael shook his head. "Not like the Pandemonium. I own the Primal Instinct. You might have heard of it."

"...The sex club?", asked Jace surprised, earning a pointed look from Alec.

"It's not a sex club", sighed Raphael, folding his hands patiently. "That's a misconception you have because you've never actually been there, mh?"

Jace shrugged, suddenly feeling a little awkward as he was the center of attention – and more so, the center of the attention of a lot of alphas. Magnus, Alec, Simon, Raphael and Lydia. Isabelle raised one curious eyebrow at him, nudging him. She was also an omega and, growing up, Jace and her had been the only omegas at the Institute in New York. Among only alphas, he had found an odd sense of comfort in her. It had been hard enough to compete with all the alphas and feeling like he wasn't enough to live up to them, working harder than all the alphas put together.

"The Primal Instinct is in fact a strictly non-sexual place", explained Raphael, not just for Jace's benefit – Lydia and Alec had never been there either. "We live in a society that has wildly evolved from the primal nature of Downworlders. We mingle with mundanes. Alphas submit at work and in society, not just in regular settings among a clan or pack, but on a daily work-base. Omegas have to step up as leaders and authority figures in the same daily work-setting. It's... straining, if it's such a regular thing. Some people manage it well, others still crave giving in to their primal instincts."

"So... what does your club do then? If it's not sex?", asked Jace, half weary and half curious.

"My members are alphas and omegas alike, who all enter willingly. There are files and regulations. Documents you have to fill out. Consent stands above all else in my club", stated Raphael rather firmly. "It's a normal club, where people get together and mingle, get to know each other and if they hit it off, if their lists of hard limits – things they are not willing to do – and interests align, they can move further from the public, casual parts of the club to the exclusive part."

"In the mundie world, we'd just call it... BDSM", offered Simon curiously. "Since the whole alpha and omega thing is... not a thing with us. But the whole principle of dominating and submitting does exist. And it's actually pretty fascinating, you know? And before I started dating Raph, I didn't even realize just how much there is that's not... sexual in nature."

Raphael smiled softly and took his mate's hand. How were those two vampires so... cute? In lack of a better word, really. The regal, calm, level-headed clan leader and his chaotic, loud Daylighter mate. They were a good fit, somehow. Opposites attract, or something like that, guessed Jace. But they really looked good together like that, he had to admit.

"And such non-sexual acts of dominance and submission are happening in the exclusive areas of the club. Everything is completely legal and consensual. That doesn't necessarily exclude sex; many of my members are couples or mated pairs who come to my club for the safety and anonymity of it. What they do at home in their bedroom is entirely up to them", continued Raphael.

"That's... all very... fascinating", stated Alec slowly. "But why are you here now, unless you just came to recruit us as new members for your club?"

"That seems untypical. And some of us already have a membership", hummed Magnus, getting side-eyed. "What? I had centuries of life before I met you, Alexander. I've not gone to the club since we got together, but I used to frequent it. It's a respected establishment and the service it provides is very... honestly, it's quite relaxing, considering how straining life can be."

Alec raised both of his eyebrows at that, though honestly Jace was kind of surprised too. He hadn't expected that. Then again, he seemed to have some misconceptions on the nature of the club? He had kind of assumed it was a club where alphas went to have sex with omegas who worked there. There were plenty of those kind of clubs and they made Jace very uncomfortable.

"None of my employees are alphas or omegas. I exclusively employ mundies, since they are not influenced by alpha and omega hormones, don't even know of us. Employees have to sign agreements that exclude them from using the club. I don't want there to be any confusion and every member knows they have nothing to expect from my employees beyond their job. Any unwanted attention and pushing of boundaries is strictly forbidden. We work on a three strike base. Minor misbehavior is a strike, after three you will be banned from the club. Bigger mistakes count as two strikes. And someone clearly doing something non-consensual will immediately be banned."

"Again, that is very interesting, but...", drawled Alec, tapping his pen.

"Lately, omega members have been disappearing", stated Raphael, suddenly very serious. "At first, I didn't question it. It's not a membership for life. Especially unmated guests tend to stop visiting once they find a partner or mate of their own, some people do prefer the privacy of home, once they have a partner they trust. We keep a member list, of course. And lately, I noticed that it's mainly unmated omegas who have stopped returning to the club, without a note. A few wouldn't be unusual, but the difference between omegas dropping out and alphas dropping out has grown."

"What are you suggesting?", asked Lydia, a serious frown on her face.

"I think that someone has been using my club to target omegas and...", started Raphael before he paused. "I can't tell. Whether it's a serial killer, or human trafficking, but I am at this point very sure that something is happening to them and that my club is being used for it."

"You want us to investigate", nodded Alec, the pen now tightly held in his hand.

Someone targeting omegas always made Alec particularly tense. Jace knew that was about him. This time around too; Alec was intensely staring at Jace while grasping his pen. He just couldn't help it, whenever an attack was aimed at omegas, Alec thought of it hitting Jace. And while it annoyed Jace mildly because Jace was more than capable of defending himself, he also understood it. Jace was Alec's parabatai, one of the few omegas he was close to. Of course did Alec worry.

"What did you have in mind?", asked Lydia, figuring Raphael hadn't come without a plan.

"I was thinking that perhaps, you could send someone undercover as a member in my club. An omega", replied Raphael calmly. "Me and Simon would keep an eye on them. They'd have the necessary training to defend themselves, maybe find who is doing this, one way or the other – be that by finding the person responsible or by bonding with the other omegas at the club and getting information out of them that I, as the owner, wouldn't be able to."

Alec nodded, before frowning. His frown deepened. And deepened. Jace knew where this was going and he didn't like it one bit. Lydia, so far, just looked thoughtful, not as intimately familiar with the Shadowhunters working for the New York Institute as Alec who has spent all his life here and had every single new Shadowhunter welcomed personally since he became head, even before Lydia had moved back to New York. Jace crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, away from them.

"No", grunted Jace firmly and shook his head. "No way, Alec."

"Jace", sighed Alec softly. "You know I'm literally the last person who would send you anywhere on your own. But Jace, this sounds like a serious case."

"Can't you send someone else aside from the puppy?", inquired Magnus with an actually concerned frown, earning confused looks from Simon and Raphael. "Jace is not too... in touch with his inner omega, so to speak. The club might not necessarily be something that makes him feel safe."

Jace paused and stared at Magnus in mild surprise. That was honestly touching. Jace had shared some of the things weighting him down with Magnus over drinks, back when he had still been living at the loft. Still, that Magnus cared that much about his comfort...

"There is no one else", replied Alec flatly. "There aren't that many omegas here in New York. Generally... there aren't many active duty omegas; most are in politics. And... Jace is the only unmated omega we have. If what Raphael suspects is true, then they are targeting unmated omegas to abduct them without raising too much suspicion. Jace is the only unmated omega available."

"...Oh", grunted Simon surprised, staring at Jace with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah. Shadowhunters, we do things... differently. Omegas are usually leaders – most of the council are omegas, my grandmother the Inquisitor is an omega. Alphas are soldiers", replied Jace with a shrug, shifting around a little bit. "There are currently only four omegas in New York, because omegas don't do active duty. So... yeah. Only unmated omega around right here."

He smiled sarcastically and waved at the vampires. Like he needed the reminder. He knew Imogen wanted him to take on a political career – it was why she had made him the head of the Institute when she had been here, because she wanted that for him. While it was by now allowed for omegas to become soldiers, it was still incredibly rare and it was also generally frowned upon.

"It's why I don't do being an omega", continued Jace with an annoyed glare on his face. "Valentine raised me to be a soldier, despite my omega-nature. I've been on suppressants all my life. I've been working hard to not act like an omega. I'm not gonna go to some club to play obedient omega."

There was a stretch of silence. And while no one talked, Jace still noticed that Raphael and Magnus were exchanging meaningful looks. It figured they'd have their own way of communicating, they knew each other for so long – Jace knew what Raphael meant to Magnus, that he was the son Magnus had never gotten to have due to the warlocks' infertility.

Jace squared his shoulders, knowing what'd come next. They were going to judge him for it. Push that he should do it, maybe even poke a little fun considering Jace had literally followed them here because he had wanted a mission. So why not take this one? The great Shadowhunter, backing out of a mission because he couldn't handle being an omega, huh? It was pathetic, he knew that.

"Very well", sighed Raphael. "I'm sure we can find a different angle to work."

"...What?", asked Jace, honestly confused.

Raphael cocked an eyebrow at him. "The pillars of my club are consent and respecting boundaries. If this puts you into a situation you're not comfortable with, then my club is not for you. I'm not going to push you into a situation that makes you uncomfortable like that."

Jace continued staring at Raphael in utter confusion. This club... sounded weird. And nothing like what he had expected it to be, to be quite honest. He shifted a little, suddenly unsure.

"We could try sending an alpha", sighed Lydia with a frown. "With a little luck, they could find an in with... whoever does this, though I think we all assume the person we're looking for is an alpha. And... a potential new target would be less suspicious than an alpha getting chummy."

"We'd just have to pick an alpha who could actually do that", offered Isabelle thoughtfully. "Someone who won't arise suspicion. Helen could be a good pick, especially as a Downworlder."

"If I were a crazy alpha kidnapping omegas, I don't think I would become best buds with a stranger alpha and share my secrets with them", pointed Simon out.

"Not helpful, Lewis", grunted Alec annoyed.

"How many?", asked Jace. "How many do you suspect were taken so far?"

For a moment, Raphael looked reluctant before he sighed. "I am not a hundred percent sure. Some of them might have simply left. There is a regular drop-off."

"How many, Raphael?", asked Jace with an edge of impatience in his voice.

"Thirteen, over the past half year", admitted Raphael. "Thirteen, who have not personally ended their membership and simply didn't return at all."

Jace took a deep, slow breath, tuning out how the others started to try and make a plan up that might perhaps with good will and an idiot criminal work. The guy abducted around thirteen omegas, without anyone being alerted. Whoever they were, they were not an idiot. They weren't just going to spill their secrets to a stranger. The best in really was an omega to pose as an absolutely innocent, perfect victim. And then kick the alpha's ass and throw him in the Guard.

"I could go and... check it out. Read through that contract whatever stuff you have going on. If it... you know... I can still change my mind. Maybe it's not that bad and I can pull it off", grunted Jace.

Suddenly, there was silence again. Simon and Magnus were staring genuinely surprised at him, Alec looked like he was not a fan and Isabelle seemed really worried about him. Wonderful.

"Of course", nodded Raphael with a sober expression on his face. "I will personally go through everything with you and if something is going to set any alarm bells off with you, we figure out something else. But I assure you that my club is safe."

"Well, aside from the kidnappings-", offered Simon before audibly closing his mouth.

Raphael rolled his eyes at his mate, though it was more fond than annoyed.


"Hard limits and soft limits?", read Jace doubtfully, looking at the paper.

"Things you are absolutely not willing to do, things you would be able to consider", explained Raphael. "Put your crosses on everything you definitely know you don't want."

"I don't want to do anything with a stranger", snorted Jace pointedly.

"You won't have to do anything, much less with a stranger", assured Raphael.

Though he paused and decided for a different approach there. He could smell how uncomfortable Jace was, could see the tenseness. Everything about this situation set him on edge and that wasn't needed. The alpha inside Raphael didn't like seeing the omega this uncomfortable. He generally didn't like seeing anyone this uncomfortable in his club, because it went against what Raphael had opened this club for. With a reassuring smile did Raphael get up.

"Why don't I show you around first?", suggested Raphael, voice gentle.

Jace looked doubtful though he also stood and then followed Raphael outside. He trailed after Raphael, his eyes wide with curiosity as he looked around. Raphael was proud of his club, it was high-class. It was designed to impress. Still there was an odd sense of pride there when he watched how Jace admired the club. He rested a hand on Jace's shoulder to get his attention and guide him to the next room. It was still early in the day, so there was not much going on yet.

"This is the bar. Just to... drink, get to talk to people. Nothing of any D/s nature is happening here. Just drinking, eating, dancing and fun. Some people don't even move further to the backrooms, some people just want to drink with others in the same... mindset as them."

"Okay. Drinking I can do", hummed Jace. "What's the backrooms?"

The smile on Raphael's lips was amused as they walked toward the large doors. "Once you... found someone here with whom you hit it off, sat down at one of the booths and talked about your limits, safewords, made sure everything is in order and you're on the same page, you can go here. This is the backroom, where alphas and omegas can enjoy giving in to their nature. Either in... more private booths, or in open public. Many enjoy that, as long as it its among this crowd of participants who are aware of what they are going to witness and be a part of. Relax. No one here is going to touch you without your consent, Jace. And I'm simply showing you what there is."

Jace stiffened up again as they saw some of the members – an omega kneeling beside his alpha who held his leash, another omega bent over a table and getting spanked by her alpha. Carefully, Raphael slipped his hand from Jace's shoulder to his neck, resting it there in a calming manner. Surprisingly that was actually working, Jace seemed to relax in his hold and lean into it. Even if the blonde was in denial of his omega instincts, apparently he still did have some... desires to lean into them. Raphael couldn't help but smirk to himself at that.

"You won't have to go here. If you choose to, it is your decision with whom. And it is entirely up to you what you're going to do here", assured Raphael, voice low. "I meant it when I told you that consent is at the heart of this club. Without it, this would simply devolve into one of countless brothels. This? This is a place for everyone. For alphas and omegas alike, to feel safe and to find what they want and desire. Nothing more, nothing less."

"...Sure", nodded Jace, looking not at all sure.

"You can change your mind at any point", promised Raphael. "And if you get uncomfortable with anything, my staff is not just working here as waiters and barkeepers. There is security too, everywhere. Alphas who can intervene, in case any members overstep."

Jace nodded, even though he still looked unconvinced. "Let's go back to your office and get through those papers so we can get this whole thing over with."

Raphael smiled to himself as he led Jace back to his office. This was potentially a bad idea. Jace was so compliant, trusting Raphael instantly and letting him guide the omega. He was gorgeous, that was something Raphael had noticed before – the lean muscles, sun-kissed skin, golden-blonde hair framing his pretty face and those large, mighty, white wings. Raphael had also never quite noticed how... short Jace was. He had noticed it in relation to other people (had seen Jace get on his toe-tips to hug Alec, had seen him glare up at Magnus, had seen it when Simon and Jace bantered with each other), but he had never noticed it that much himself how Jace seemed to have the perfect height to be tucked under one's chin in a protective manner. Interesting.

"I'm right here to explain everything you don't understand. We're only going to file those once you're fully satisfied with this", stated Raphael as he handed the paper back to Jace.

Jace curled up on the chair – rather literally so, pulling his legs up and leaning forward in a rather endearing manner. Raphael had to smile a little at that, watching how Jace read and waiting readily to explain any terms that Jace didn't understand. Though mostly, Jace just huffed or made little, surprised noises while reading through it.

"You... don't seem to have a lot of questions", noted Raphael casually after a while.

"I mean, most this stuff I either tried before or the name is really very on the nose and I get what it means", grunted Jace with a shrug, making another cross. "I never... thought about how all of that actually doesn't have to include sex. Huh."

"That's why I opened the club", elaborated Raphael. "I'm asexual. But I still enjoy the... dominant side of being an alpha. Most omegas however expect... more than just being dominated. They also expect sex. I opened this club to give alphas and omegas the dominance and submission they seek without any strings attached – no expectations for sex or relationships."

"And Simon's okay with this?", asked Jace doubtfully, looking up.

"Simon and I are very open about this, yes", confirmed Raphael. "We... love each other, but there are certain things we want we can't give each other. We come to the club together occasionally to pick someone up, for a night in the backrooms."

"...Okay", nodded Jace curiously.

Raphael frowned as he watched Jace closely. He seemed more relaxed by now, but Raphael still had a feeling that this entire situation was going to push Jace toward his limit. He was like a doe-eyed fawn exploring the forest and if the wolves came, he'd be done for. Raphael wanted to tell himself that he was concerned for the success of the mission, but he knew it was also because he was an alpha and Jace was an omega – and a huge part of why Raphael had started this club was for omegas and alphas alike to be safe and to find something they'd want. Making anyone uncomfortable with what this club stood for went against everything Raphael wanted. However, Raphael had an idea that might help both the case and Jace.

Author's note: So when I reached this point in the story, I realized that this would turn into the longest oneshot I ever did, to a ridiculous extend. Which made me decide to cut it up into chapters. Brace yourselves, this is going to be quite the slow-burn. And the BDSM will, at first, also only be non-sexual. Thoguh later, much later, in the story, there will also be sex (with, you know, everyone but Raph).

Lastly, a short summary of the canon I changed - because while changes can be described in the story, "so this didn't happen at all" can't find a natural way into a fic:
1. Imogen didn't die because Jace would, if the writers had half cared about being realistic, never recover from it.
2. The show happens over the span of nearly two years, each season taking about half a year instead of the canon 3 months total for all three seasons.
3. As said, Isabelle is the one who got married to Lydia, so the Lydia/Alec wedding never happened.
4. Quite obviously is Raphael still a vampire; he never experimented on Heidi and never got banished and experimented on.
5. No memory loss for Clary, this takes place weeks after the Malec wedding but they defeated Jonathan without Clary creating a special wing-hug-rune and getting her memories wiped. That whole thing was stupid and inconsequential anyway since in the year later she just remembered without exploding her head or anything. The show could have as well just *not* done this at all either.