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Title: The Alphas of Jace Herondale – The Primal Instinct

Fandom: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Disclaimer: All rights to the Shadowhunters show reserved to Ed Decter, the books the show is based off and its characters belong to Cassandra Clare. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: polyamory (m/m/m/m/m), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, hurt/comfort, fluff, courting, wingfic, wing kink, praise kink, BDSM, non sexual submission, bondage/shibari, kneeling, collar/leash, pet-play, spanking, nipple clamps, sex toys, masturbation, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, rimming, knotting, f/f, m/f

Main Pairing: Magnus/Alec/Jace & Raphael/Simon/Jace (at the same time, in a consensual poly relationship)

Side Pairings: Lydia/Isabelle, Maia/Clary, Aline/Helen, Underhill/Lorenzo, Luke/Catarina

Shadowhunters Characters: Jonathan Christopher 'Jace' Herondale, Magnus Bane, Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Raphael Santiago, Lily Chen, Lydia Branwell, Isabelle 'Izzy' Lightwood, Helen Blackthorn, Aline Penhallow, Clarissa 'Clary' Fray, Maia Roberts, Bartholomew 'Bat' Velasquez, Maxwell 'Max' Lightwood, Imogen Herondale, Luke Garroway, Catarina Loss, Madzie Loss, Lorenzo Rey, Andrew Underhill, Rebecca Lewis, Elaine Lewis

Summary: The Primal Instinct is a club owned by Raphael Santiago, where alphas and omegas can tap into their second nature, on a consensual, non-sexual level. However, lately omega regulars have been disappearing. Jace goes undercover and learns a lot about himself.

The Primal Instinct

The Alphas of Jace Herondale

Chapter 15: Sharing is Caring

Someone knocked on the door. Alec furrowed his brows, considering to just ignore it. He was so busy with work right now and he was perhaps also using work to distract him. Jace was at the club right now. This undercover thing was really not sitting right with Alec. It took too long. Luke kept telling him to calm down about it because it was normal that an undercover mission would be a slow-burn, but still. Every night that Jace was out there all alone was driving Alec mad.

"He—ey. Didn't hear, but assume you said 'come in!' so..."

If possible, Alec drew his eyebrows even closer together as he looked up. "Simon. Jace isn't here."

"...I... Yes, I kind of assumed? This is the office of the head of the Institute and unless you are having sex with Jace in some real inappropriate places – which, I would not judge you for because that desk is so sturdy and large, it is very inviting – uuuh... where was I going with this...?"

"I'd like to know that too", sighed Alec, putting his pen down and leaning back.

"Right. I'm not here to talk to Jace. I know he's at the club. I'm here to talk to you."

"Okay", nodded Alec slowly, folding one leg over the other and leaning back some. "What is it?"

"I... wanted to talk to you. About Jace", stated Simon as he sat down opposite Alec's desk.

"Well. Talk", grunted Alec, frowning at the vampire. "I do have work to do."

"I think... I think..." Simon paused and took a breath. "I think that what we're doing with Jace is unfair. Not to us, but to him. I think... we're being unfair to him."

"I'd never-", growled Alec, hackles raised by the implication alone.

"Okay, then. Would you give Magnus up for Jace?", interrupted Simon pointedly, glaring. "Let me finish a thought before you get all defensive alpha on my ass, will you?"

Gritting his teeth, Alec motioned for Simon to continue. "Well. Would you though? Would you give Magnus up for Jace, because Jace would ask you to make a choice? Because... Because that's what we're doing to him. We're making him choose. We're forcing him to made a definite decision. We're all in this for a poly arrangement, but we are all hoping to get all the people we want. You want to have both Magnus and Jace. I want both Raph and Jace. But he... he's the only one we're not... allowing to get everyone he likes? We're expecting him to make a choice."

Alec crossed his arms over his chest at that, grinding his teeth a little. Damn it. Simon was making sense. Jace wasn't – Jace wasn't asking them to make a choice. Jace didn't want him to give up Magnus for him, but... but they were... so naturally expecting Jace to... give someone up at the end.

"I know it's different, because you and Magnus are already dating and you wanna add Jace. And I and Raph are dating and we wanna add Jace. But... us, we're not dating and – no offense there, Alec, you're a handsome guy, but... never gonna happen", grunted Simon awkwardly.

"Absolutely not even a little offense taken", muttered Alec pointedly at that.

"...Somehow I take offense to that", snorted Simon. "But yeah. So... I know this is... different, because we're not all... together. But I don't... think that our situation being different should make it different for him. I think that's not fair. And... lately, he's been... miserable. I mean, he's been happier than I've... ever... seen him but every now and again, he'd... get that distant look in his eyes and stare off and look incredibly miserable. And I think that those are related."

"I noticed those too", admitted Alec after a moment. "But... what are you suggesting?"

"I'm suggesting we... keep things as they are right now, but we change the label. Instead of making him choose and calling this a courting until he makes a decision on who to settle with, it's just... four alphas, courting their omega. Maximum polyamory for Jace. All the boyfriends, no guilt, no decision to be made. The only decision for him is to... be with whoever he loves, whoever makes him happy. Whether that's only you and Magnus, or only me and Raph, or... all four of us."

"I'll... talk to Magnus about it", whispered Alec reluctantly.


Jace furrowed his brows in confusion as he entered the loft. Magnus was smiling welcoming at him. Which didn't entirely ease his mind, because it looked more like he was trying to relax Jace about something. Raphael was sitting on the couch, drinking wine. A matching, half-empty glass stood next to him – most likely Magnus' before the warlock had let him in. And what was with that? Jace always got in on his own, the wards accepted him. Still, the moment the door had opened, Magnus had hurried over to him, offered him a smile and a kiss before leading him toward the couch.

"Simon is still out, he was with the pack, if we could wait a little longer", requested Raphael.

Okay, now Jace was definitely suspicious. Simon was going to come too? Raph had already been a surprise, considering Magnus was expecting him. Once sitting between Magnus and Raphael, he leaned in to nose Raphael's cheek. The vampire smiled and kissed him gently.

"Is... this going to be like a... group-breakup?", asked Jace softly, nervously.

"What?", asked Magnus, laughing a little in confusion.

"Well, uh, because... if Raph and Si are here too? Are you guys growing tired of waiting for me to make a decision...?", explained Jace a bit tensely.

"Relax, parabatai. Just wait until Simon gets here", whispered Alec soothingly.

Jace startled a bit when his parabatai approached him from behind, resting his hands on Jace's shoulder and whispering into his ear. The presence of Alec had always soothed him, the first alpha to make him feel protected. Sighing contently, Jace leaned back against Alec. Apparently, his scent eased too because the alphas around him seemed to relax a bit more.

"I'm here, I'm here! Sorry, I'm late, but I bring food from the Jade Wolf and I brought all of our omega's favorites, that should make up for it? Is he here yet?"

Jace smiled softly when Simon came stumbling into the loft. The scent of the food made his mouth water, he had been hungry when he got the text to come over. Alec let go of Jace to go and get plates for everyone, while Jace received a kiss from Simon, before the vampire sat down on Raphael's other side. Once Alec returned, he took a seat on Magnus' other side.

"As much as I like the idea of sharing dinner with all of you... What's going on?"

"Wha... Why would something be going on?", asked Simon a bit confused.

"He thinks we want to break up with him", explained Raphael, one arm around Simon.

For a moment, the four alphas exchanged looks. To busy himself and not freak out, Jace started serving the food. Furrowing his brows, Jace watched them, waiting impatiently.

"Okay, can you guys stop trying to debate who speaks first and just speak?", requested Jace.

"Simon, it was your idea, you tell him", sighed Alec, motioning at the vampire.

"Okay. So. Jace. Angel. We... We talked, and we figured... you shouldn't have to choose", explained Simon, fidgeting with his hands. "It's... not fair. I mean, I have Raph, who also has me. Alec has Magnus, who also has him. And you're not... making any of us choose. It's not like you only love Alec and make him pick between you and Magnus. So it's just... it didn't really seem fair to me that we're making you pick, just because... Well, just because if you picked me and Raph, all three of us would be involved, same for if you pick Magnus and Alec."

"What Simon is trying to say is that... for us to be a polyamorous arrangement, not all of us have to be involved", interrupted Magnus, rolling his eyes at Simon. "I'm very happy having Alexander and you, but... if it makes you happiest to be with us and with them..."

"We want you happy", added Raphael softly. "It's what we all agreed on from the start, whether that is with them or with us. We all want you to make the choice that makes you the happiest."

"And we're adding another option. All of us. If you want", concluded Alec.

"I... can... have all of you?", asked Jace after a moment, frowning at them all.

That was all he had wanted for weeks now. But he hadn't even thought about that being a possibility. He still had a hard time grasping that they wanted him as their mate – a mate-bond was something eternal, quite literally so for an immortal and there were three of those in the mix.

"You... seem miserable every time the conversation hits the choice ahead of you and... we don't like you being miserable", said Simon softly. "We want to make you happy. Because you make us happy, you know. And, again, you don't have to choose right now, but-"

"I want all of you", blurted Jace out. "I want you all so badly."

"And you can have us", promised Raphael, gently grasping Jace's hands. "No more choosing."

"And... we're sorry we didn't think of this as an option earlier", added Magnus on, looking a bit guilty. "I've never had an arrangement where not all parties were involved before so it didn't cross my mind. But if this is an arrangement you would want, then yes."

"I just...", started Jace slowly, eyes finding Alec. "No offense, I love you, you know I do, but... your jealousy is next level, Alec. I couldn't even give Si a blowjob without you going all growly, pinning me to the ground, only to be appeased by getting to give me a blowjob."

"Alexander", drawled Magnus slowly, giving his husband a look.

"It just... happened. In the training room. At the Institute. Would have let you watch otherwise", grumbled Alec, flushing just a bit as he avoided looking at them.

"Not the point", grunted Jace with an eye-roll. "I don't know if I can do that long-term."

Alec slowly looked up, finding Jace's eyes. "No, parabatai. I... I'm jealous because there was this chance that you will choose them over me and... you being with them meant I may lose you. I... can't promise I won't be jealous at all, because you're mine, Jace, but... This flaring need to show you that I'm better for you than them, it... won't be needed anymore."

"Okay", hummed Jace softly, looking from one alpha to the other. "Okay. Let's... try this. To the full extend. I just... if all four of you are gonna be a part of my life like that, I need to be able to talk to you about each other without feeling guilty. I can't fully separate it."

"We won't expect it of you", assured Raphael. "Remember when me and Magnus... played with you together at the club? I'm not opposed to... mingling. We have had dinners, all five of us, before too."

"I will... warm up to this", promised Alec with only a mildly constipated look on his face.

Jace furrowed his brows thoughtfully, looking between Alec and Simon. "I want to put that to the test at some point, not now but soon, with the both of you. Ultimate test."

"I'm fine sharing you with him", chimed Simon with a broad grin.

Jace smiled to himself as he started eating the food. His smile just kept growing as he looked between his alphas. His alphas. He hummed softly, looking from one to the other. His alphas.

"I like you better like this", noted Simon, smiling to himself. "Happy."

Jace blinked slowly as he stared at the alpha. Something about the sincerity of how Simon said that made Jace flush a little. Feeling like this, so... taken care of... He bit his lips slowly.

"So—o, while I have you all here anyway, when I was at the club last night, I eliminated Diantha from the suspect list. I don't think she has anything to with this, she's just a bit weird."

"Just, how long is that list of suspects right now?", sighed Alec. "How much longer..."

"I can't tell how much longer", interrupted Jace with an eye-roll. "Give me a bit more time."

He leaned over to kiss Alec to appease him. Alec only looked marginally appeased.

"I think it could be more than one person", stated Jace reluctantly. "But ever since I narrowed it down to an oversee-able pool of suspects, they haven't... acted again yet. I can't do anything without solid proof."

"I'm calling it now", drawled Magnus slowly. "If you get yourself abducted and worry us in the process, you are in a world of trouble, my sweet."

"Seconded!", exclaimed Simon, raising a hand. "No being all reckless. What if they abduct you and sell you to some sleazy alpha and we never get to see you again?"

"I'm not going to get abducted", sighed Jace and rolled his eyes.

"Says the one who was abducted by an evil terrorist for days", grumbled Alec with a glare.

"That was different. I went willingly with him to protect you", argued Jace offended.

"Ye—eah, who's to say you won't go willingly with human-trafficers to save some poor, innocent other omega", pointed Raphael out, eyebrows raised.

"You know what. I changed my mind. Who wants four nagging alphas ganging up on me."

Jace glowered and pouted, while his alphas laughed and leaned in to pepper him with kisses.


Alec bit his lips frustrated. He knew Jace was at the club again. He knew Jace was very close. He had narrowed it down to the most likely suspects and, knowing Jace, those were it. He just needed to nail them. They needed proof, actual proof. But that wasn't the problem. Not even that he was worried – well, of course was he worried for his parabatai and omega – but the current problem was that Simon, Raphael and Magnus got to play with Jace to their hearts' content.

"Stop being so... sexually frustrated", commented Lydia on the desk next to his.

They led the Institute together, they shared the office. Sometimes, Alec liked that, sometimes, it was a bit frustrating. He turned to glare at her, but he didn't know what to say. Whatever he would say would inevitably lead to Lydia's sex-life – and that featured Alec's sister, so he'd like to pass on that.

"That's easier said than done, you know", muttered Alec.

"Why?", asked Lydia confused. "I know your frustration roots in everyone else getting to take Jace to the club, but... nothing says it has to happen at the club. Alec, he's your omega. Just... tell him what you want and take him if he wants it too. Right here. Well, not right here, this is my office too and I'd like to not think about where you had sex with Jace."

Alec blinked a couple of times, staring at her. She... had a point. Maybe it really was time he take what he wants. He opened his mouth and stood, just to close it again, motioning at her.

"Yeah, yeah, you're going to have sex with your omega, I get it", sighed Lydia. "Go."

Flushing just a little at her bluntness, Alec made his way back home to the loft. Magnus was surprised to see him, but clearly also pleased. He smiled at the Shadowhunter, pulling him into a gentle kiss and then pulling him along onto the couch with him.

"I thought it'd be hours until I got you back, my darling", whispered Magnus.

"Lydia gave me an idea. Figured I'd go home", replied Alec. "You think Jace will come home to us tonight? Because I really want to see him. Need to see him."

"You know, there is this new magic that helps with that", drawled Magnus, reaching out around Alec's waist and into his back-pocket to pull out his phone. "Text him to come to ours tonight."

Blinking slowly, Alec took the phone from Magnus and did text Jace. "Good idea. I'm glad to have you, love. I'm just... I don't know, but Jace... I wanted him for so long, I am... so lost now that I have him? I don't know what to do, when to do it, where to start."

Sighing, Alec leaned forward, resting his forehead against Magnus' shoulder. The warlock laughed softly, gently running his fingers through Alec's hair and down his spine, soothing Alec until the door finally opened and their blonde came in. Slowly, Alec turned around and got up.

"Okay. I'm curious", stated Jace as he walked over to the alphas. "Usually, you guys just lemme... find my bed wherever I want. This may just be the first time one of you... really wants me over."

"That's not true. We always want you over. Which is why we don't send requests, because we always want you so you should... choose where to rest your head", corrected Magnus amused.

"I want you, Jace", whispered Alec, voice low and dark, the scent of alpha arousal rising.

"I can... smell that." Jace cleared his throat, swallowing hard.

"Tonight, you're mine", stated Alec, cupping Jace's face and slipping his hand down to rest against the blonde's throat. "If you want to be mine. Do you want to be mine tonight, Jace? All mine."

Magnus behind them raised a curious eyebrow, though he seemed mostly intrigued as he sat down. "Only if you're up for it, sweetheart. You are coming from the club, after all. And as... eager as Alexander is, usually you're more in the mood for... cuddling, not... well."

"No, it's... I was only drinking. Watching and waiting. I'm ready to nail them, that's easier if I'm not... tied up in the backroom", offered Jace with an eager grin. "Leaves me kinda... buzzing. I was thinking about coming over anyway, ask Mag for... you know... Because Si and Raph have date night – with each other, without me, because... turns out not everything's about me. Shocker, right?"

"Mh, sounds false", drawled Magnus amused. "Definitely lies."

Jace grinned at Magnus over Alec's shoulder, before laying his arms around his parabatai's neck. "Bu—ut... if you want to... I kinda started thinking you weren't really into this."

"I am. With you. I'm into you. I just... didn't quite know..." Alec sighed softly. "I have a hard time knowing where to start, there is so much I want from you, with you..."

"Okay", whispered Jace, voice soft and soothing. "I'm all yours, alpha. Tell me what you want."

Alec swallowed hard, breath becoming more labored as he considered. "Mag. Could you... get the pants? The pretty ones, the ones I said I really wanted to see on Jace? Could you..."

"My, I am very much looking forward to the show", hummed Magnus with an impish grin.

He snapped his fingers and the next moment, Jace was only wearing those skin-tight leather-pants that Alec had been marveling at in the window the other day. Like painted on, black leather hugging those long legs. Magnus' smile became more delightful as he had the view on Jace's backside. The main reason Alec wanted those leather pants, because there was no backside. Something Jace must have just noticed too, because he raised his eyebrows at Alec.

"Okay. Interesting... choice. Tell me what you want from me, parabatai", whispered Jace softly.

"You will... Will you let me take the lead? Follow my lead?", requested Alec, slowly running his hands down Jace's chest very slowly, greedily. "I want to tie you up. And then I want to have sex with you, I've dreamed about this so often. I want... to fuck you."

"Okay. Yes. I'm into that", nodded Jace. "Do whatever you want, alpha."

Magnus smiled to himself as he summoned strong, golden rope for Alec and then led the way to the bedroom, where he sprawled out on the bed and summoned himself a glass of wine to enjoy the show. Jace stood, watching Alec, waiting patiently for his order.

"Sit... down. Facing me", ordered Alec slowly after thinking for a morning.

Jace did and then he let Alec rearrange him some, so he basically sat cross-legged. Only that Alec removed one of Jace's legs gently from the mix and focused on one leg for now. Alec started out by wrapping the rope around Jace's ankle and tie a knot, then he started wrapping it, tying Jace's calve against his thigh, wrapping it multiple times. He tied knots at every wrapped intersection.

"Tell me when it's too tight. You remember your colors, right?"

"Green is all clear – which it is, it's just the right kind of tight – yellow means slow down, or wait, red means stop", listed Jace dutifully. "My safeword's Falcon. What's... yours, alpha?"

Alec stared at him for only a moment. "I... Clave. My safeword's Clave."

Magnus had explained all of this to him, but it was still Alec's first time actually being in charge like this. He still needed to find his footing. For now, he tried to concentrate on tying Jace up. After he finished one leg, he moved on to the other, so his legs were folded beneath his body, the golden rope sitting snug and beautifully contracted to the black, tight leather-pants.

"More rope, Magnus", requested Alec as he looked at Jace's chest.

"Why, I'll always supply you when it comes to tying up our omega", hummed Magnus pleased.

"Arms behind your body, Jace. Hands on your elbows", instructed Alec.

Jace listened, now sitting up straight after Alec helped him upright once he was done with the legs. Alec tied his arms together similarly as he had done the legs and, because the rope looked truly beautiful against Jace's skin, Alec added some diamond-patterns over Jace's chest, in a way that it hugged his pecks nicely. Alec licked his lips, before he remembered that he was allowed to touch, so he simply kissed Jace's left peck, wrapping his lips around Jace's nipple and sucking it in.

"O—Oh", gasped Jace out, bucking up – noticing how the ties prevented most movement.

When Alec pulled away, he huffed a little as he noticed that Magnus had magicked a cowboy hat that went along well with the leather-pants on top of Jace's head. Rolling his eyes, Alec turned to look at his husband, who was simply smiling innocently and sipping his wine, one hand on his own cock, slowly jerking himself off as he watched them. He was naked, which... made the whole scene even prettier. Alec loved his gorgeous husband. Jace whined softly, trying to gain his attention.

"Don't be impatient", growled Alec, swatting Jace's bare ass hard.

"Yes, alpha", gasped Jace out, arching his back.

"Mh... You're so beautiful", whispered Alec with a smile, looking at Jace.

"Thank you, alpha", whispered Jace back, batting his eyelashes.

He looked into Alec's eyes and as always, Alec lost himself in those beautiful, mismatched eyes. Slowly, he leaned in to kiss Jace, his hands tracing the rope that tied Jace. Jace, fully at his mercy – willingly at his mercy. Trusting Alec blindly. By the Angel, Alec was so hard right now. His hands finding their way around Jace's waist and cupped Jace's supple ass. That gave Alec pause.

"You're...", drawled Alec, fingers slipping toward the crack. "You're sopping wet..."

"Alexander", laughed Magnus fondly. "Why do you sound surprised? You just tied your omega, who is very, very much into this kind of thing, up. He wants you too, darling."

Alec knew this. Of course he did, because Jace had let him suck him off, because Jace had allowed him to court him, because they had gone on dates before. Still, he had been in love with Jace for so long now, it still left him in awe every time he truly realized that Jace wanted him too. And so far, he had never faced this – that Jace wanted him like this, in this way. Jace, his omega, getting wet for him, aching for Alec the way Alec ached for him too. He couldn't help but lean in to kiss Jace deeply at that, putting all the hunger he felt into the kiss. Jace gasped breathlessly into the kiss.

"So wet for me", murmured Alec, kissing down to Jace's neck while his hands spread Jace's ass-cheeks to reach his wet hole. "So eager for me, such a wonderful omega, so good for me."

Jace whined – honestly whined – at that, baring his neck for Alec, melting in his grasp as Alec started fingering him. Jace was pudding in his hands, so compliant, moaning while Alec opened him up. The way Jace felt like this – wet and tight around his fingers, helplessly hanging in Alec's arms – it was simply perfect. Slowly, unwillingly, did Alec pull his fingers out again. The whine he got this time was so desperate, so broken, like Alec was just really breaking his omega's heart.

"Sh, don't complain", murmured Alec, smiling a bit to himself. "You'll get a bigger treat."

"He already looks so wrecked though, I don't know if he can handle your knot", grunted Magnus.

That really couldn't be argued with, Alec had to admit. He pulled away from Jace, bringing some distance between them. Once he got off the bed again, Alec undressed himself. The hungry eyes of both his alpha and his omega were on him, like there was nothing more interesting in the world than seeing Alec undress. It was utterly flattering. Flushing, Alec put his clothes aside.

"Okay, Jace. I need you to relax for me", requested Alec as he lined up behind Jace.

"Y... Yes, alpha", gasped Jace out.

Alec held him by the waist, carefully easing his way into the tight hole of his omega that embraced him so perfectly. His fingers dug into Jace's hips, holding him even tighter as he tried to do this slow, even though instinct told him to pound into his omega. The ropes stopped Jace from acting and Alec could tell his parabatai wanted to act, wanted to fuck himself hard on Alec's cock, wanted to touch. That was why he wanted Jace tied up. He wanted to be in charge.

"Sh, omega, I got you", murmured Alec reassuringly, kissing along Jace's neck. "I got you."

Once he was all the way inside Jace, Alec let go of Jace with one hand so that hand could go trace the parabatai rune. It felt so hot, the bond flaring up as the two were physically connected. Alec could feel Jace's need for him, his longing for Alec, the pleasure rolling over the omega in waves. It was so all-consuming and overwhelming. Alec felt dizzy with pleasure as he started fucking Jace.

"You two are so gorgeous", sighed Magnus, jerking himself off more harshly now.

"You... can come on me... if you want, alpha", whispered Jace, locking eyes with Magnus.

Well, that offer was enough to make Magnus come, spraying his cum all over the blonde's torso and face. Alec blinked slowly as he watched, picking up the pace. By now, he was fucking Jace for earnest, thrusting hard and deep. Jace groaned out, leaning back against Alec as much as he could. Alec's hold on him shifted, one hand clinging onto Jace's hip, digging into the parabatai-rune, the other hand now wrapped around Jace's cock – fly of the leather-pants pulled open, cock free and hard and weeping. Alec started jerking him off in rhythm with his thrusts until the parabatai came, as one. Jace shot his load into the air in a high arc, while Alec came deep inside Jace, pushing up against him hard as his knot caught, tying the parabatai together. The bond was pulsing in tune with their slowly ebbing down orgasms. Both were so high on that feeling, they couldn't move.

"Sh, pretty boys, just stay calm. Good scene, you did very well, little omega."

Magnus' voice was a soft whisper as he got up and started carefully and slowly untying the ropes. Once they were fully undone, he summoned a bowl with lukewarm water and a sponge and started cleaning both Jace and Alec up. For the ruined sheets, he used magic though. Carefully, Alec maneuvered Jace down to lay with him on the bed, Jace stretched out against his chest.

"Well, was it everything you pictured it'd be, Alexander?", asked Magnus teasingly.

He was uncapping a cold water-bottle, holding it against Jace's lips. The omega looked pretty out of it, blinking blearily as he accepted the bottle. Alec was still kissing along Jace's neck.

"No. Better", mumbled Alec. "Perfect. Perfect, precious, amazing omega. I love you, parabatai."

Jace hummed in agreement, smiling lazily. Capping the bottle again, Magnus put it away and then laid down with them. He gently brushed Jace's hair out of his face, the uncomfortably tight pants magicked away to rest all cleaned up in the closet for later usage.

"Are you... disappointed that you weren't a part of this?", asked Jace once he was more here.

He looked at Magnus with furrowed brows, but Magnus simply laughed and leaned in to kiss him. "I am more than pleased I got to watch. And even that... didn't have to happen. Jace, we... don't all have to share everything. Like you said earlier, Raphael and Simon are out on date night today. That doesn't just go for them and for me and Alexander, just because we have been dating longer. You have a right to one-on-one time with Alec, me, Raphael and Simon too, even without the other partner you share. It is perfectly okay for you to ask me to leave so you can be alone with Alec too."

"I... Okay. Yeah. I guess there's just a lot to... get used to", muttered Jace.

"What we're doing here is not... usual. And it's okay if we need time to get used to it", assured Magnus, gently kissing him once more. "And we can, as long as we talk about these things, okay?"

"Yeah. Talking. Okay. I definitely want your dick in the morning", stated Jace.

"...That... That's okay", nodded Magnus surprised, smiling a bit.

"I've had Alec's dick, I had Simon's. I didn't get yours yet", shrugged Jace.

"Mh... I wanna watch that", hummed Alec with a pleased smile. "That'd be pretty. Can I?"

"Sure", huffed Jace amused, snuggling up to them. "I love you two."

He was comfortably sandwiched between Alec and Magnus, Alec's knot tying him to his parabatai while Magnus was playfully tracing runes along Jace's chest. The whole serenity of the scene made Alec smile softly. This moment right here, it was absolutely perfect.

"I love you too, sweetheart", smiled Magnus, kissing along Jace's jawline.

"Love you so much, parabatai", agreed Alec, before looking at Magnus. "Love you so much too."

Magnus smiled at him knowingly, eyes shining with love. The warlock knew how important it had been for Alec that it was only Alec and Jace during this first time he had waited for so long.

Author's note: There! Alec finally got some Jace-time! Next chapter, Jace gets to meet Simon's family. But first he gets what he just requested from Magnus ;D