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Chapter 9

Hera-In Greek mythology, queen of the gods, the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, and the sister and wife of the god Zeus. Hera was the goddess of marriage and the protector of married women. She was the mother of Ares, god of war; Hephaestus, god of fire; Hebe, goddess of youth; and Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth.

            Rain was soaking the two human figures. They searched the airport ones again and their houses. Tomoyo didn't loose hope.

"Does, Syaoran have relatives here in Japan?" Tomoyo asked.

"Well, no…. They're all in China… Where could they be?" Eriol said. Tomoyo suddenly got an idea of where they might be.

"We two had a friend here. I think he's still here…" Tomoyo said. Eriol didn't ask who 'he' is and followed Tomoyo. They arrived in front of an old Japanese styled house. Tomoyo didn't bother to ring the door bell. She just went in.

"SAKURA! SAKURA! Please… Are you here?" Tomoyo shouted. Eriol introduced themselves to a silver (?) haired guy named Yukito. Tomoyo opened all the rooms and at last saw Sakura.

"What are you doing here?" Sakura asked angrily.

"I've come to bring you back. Let's go!" She said and pulled Sakura. Sakura resisted.

"NO!" She said and got out from Tomoyo's grip. Tomoyo looked at her and smiled.

"Just give me another chance… I promise I would grant you happiness." Tomoyo said. Sakura looked at Tomoyo. Tomoyo smiled some more. "Come on… Best Friend knows best…. The truth is…. I already designed your wedding dress! It took me years to perfect it. So please come back…." Tomoyo said. Sakura didn't speak, so she pulled Sakura. She invited her to stay in the mansion. To declare not to have any doubt by Tomoyo's weird actions, she let Li and Eriol stay as well.

"Why are you doing this? I thought…." Sakura said.

"Well, let's just say the cabinet was opened by the master…. Then, the cat went home together with the fish." Tomoyo said and winked at Eriol. Syaoran and Sakura were curious what or who are those cabinet, master, cat, and fish means…

"Your brother would arrive here tomorrow… I'll go to sleep!" Tomoyo said and went up to her room. The couple decided to get some shut eye too but… before everything….

"What happened between you?" Sakura said. She wanted some answers.

"Well, I just told her about cabinets…. Cats…. Masters…. And fishes…. No need to worry… I didn't do brain transplants today. Well, you two love birds should share a room. I'm going to change my clothes. Well Good luck!" He said slyly and went up. Sakura and Li were all red…

            That night at Tomoyo's room there were sneezing sounds.

"Don't worry (achoo) I'll be alright… I would just have to deliver this (achoo) signed papers tom-- (achoo) --orow." Tomoyo said on the receiver.

"Well, Mam… I would have to adjust the dates again for the meeting…. Please get well soon…" Her secretary said.

"Thank you (achoo). I'll be alright… Bye…" Tomoyo said and hanged up. She was freezing cold. She wore a wool made pajama and is now covered with 3 layers of thick blankets.

"DARN, why is my body this weak!?" She said to herself. True, her Immune System was very weak. She was stressed out ever since her mother died and the army training had caused her health to be a bit 'unhealthy'.

"I guess, I'll have hot choco…" She said standing up. It was 12 midnight and she was tired, too tired to go to sleep… She went down the grand stairs and into the kitchen.

"I- Lo-ve (achoo) ho-t cho-co-la-te (achoo)" She sang.

"So, you do…" She heard a voice. She opened the light and saw Eriol drinking 'coffee'?

"Why are you here? Can't you… sleep…? (achoo)?" She asked Eriol.

"Well, I can't… I couldn't… Your hot chocolate taste like coffee?" He told her. Tomoyo giggled between her sneezes.

"Well, well, now, the great Hiiragizawa Eriol doesn't know how to read? (Achoo)" She said. She got the jar that was beside Eriol and showed him the sign 'coffee'. Eriol stopped drinking and tried to barf the coffee out of his digestive system.

"My eyes need to go to the eye doctor…" He said.

"I guess you won't be sleeping tonight you caffeine lover… (achoo)" Tomoyo joked. She sat beside him and mixed her chocolate concoction.

"I hate caffeine… It palpitates the heart…" Eriol said like a teacher.

"Hey, I know that you (achoo) idiot! I studied too!" Tomoyo said and drank her chocolate drink.

They talked all night. Eriol cured Tomoyo's sneezing problems a bit and Tomoyo gave Eriol a cure on caffeine problem… They just felt the warm sun shine on their face.

"Times like this, I do exercise!" Tomoyo said and pulled Eriol to the familiar basement.

"I guess we already made peace?" Eriol said and tried to get away, but unfortunately Tomoyo stopped him.

"Don't worry; I plan to teach you and not kill you…" She said and gave a slight sneeze then a smile.

"Teach me?" Eriol asked confused.

"You told me you came from a clan of good gun shooters. I wouldn't want them to be disappointed when they realize that the blue eyed smart ass couldn't shoot a gun…" Tomoyo said and threw Eriol a huge shotgun.

"You see a shotgun releases a great impact so keep your balance. Then at aiming you need to open both of your eyes. Before shooting aim and pull this one." Tomoyo explained all of it. 3 hours later Eriol could shoot a gun but not straight.

"Thanks! I'm sure my family would not be disgraced anymore…" Eriol said. Tomoyo got her shotgun and aimed it at a plate. (BANG) (ACHOO). Tomoyo pointed the gun on the door and….

"Please call me Eriol…." He said. Tomoyo looked at him and smiled.

"Then call me Cute Princess Tomoyo… just joking… call me Tomoyo then…" She smiled some more.

"Daidouji, I'm here… AHHHH" An unfamiliar voice shouted.

"Touya Kinomoto? Is that you?" Tomoyo asked hiding the gun at her back but unfortunately it was too huge.

"Daidouji… First curses then guns? Do you hate me?" Touya asked.

"Well, Coincidence… I have no intention of hurting or killing you…." She said. Touya looked at the man next to Tomoyo.

"I'm Eriol Hiiragizawa… Nice to meet you… Mr. Kinomoto." Eriol introduced himself.

"You look like you're a foreigner… Where are you from?" Touya asked Eriol. They were all having tea. The two nocturnal people (Eriol and Tomoyo) changed there gun powdered smell clothes, to fresh new clean ones.

"I'm from London…" Eriol said.

"Well, I migrated to London too… Do you know Kaho Mizuki?" He said.

"Well, actually, she was my teacher before…. Is she still a teacher?" He asked. (a.n. no ExK here!)

"She still teaches math…" Touya said. Eriol smiled.

"It's a small world after all…." Eriol sang.

"Tomoyo you look like you didn't sleep again…." Sakura said back in her normal voice tone.

"Sakura, it's all because of the sneezes…. (Achoo)" Tomoyo replied.

"Is it only Tomoyo who didn't sleep last night????" Eriol said trying to get Sakura's concern.

"Tomoyo??? I mean you too Hiiragizawa what happened?" Sakura asked smiling her cute smile. She guessed that they were getting close now. Something might have happened last night.

"Well, It's the curse of the evil caffeine!" Eriol said. They all laughed.

            The trial was on. Tomoyo stood up and….

"Well, you see, Sakura loves Li Syaoran very much…. I couldn't destroy their relationship." She said. Sakura smiled at Tomoyo.

"Uhm. Sounds interesting…. If Tomoyo agrees I guess I have to agree too. Li, take care of Sakura, she might be a little monster…." Touya said. Sakura kicked Touya as hard as she could. Tomoyo looked at Sakura's face happy. She smiled a bit and left the room. Syaoran saw her left and did so as well.


"Daidouji…" Syaoran shouted. Tomoyo was seated on the swing resting… Syaoran sat next to Tomoyo.

"Why are you here?" Tomoyo asked.

"Well, you left all of a sudden and I was worried…." He said uneasily.

"No need to be worried…. please take care of Sakura…." She said looking at his brown eyes.

"Thank you Ms. Daidouji…" Syaoran said and nodded.

"Anytime… Thank your best friend… He did persuade me in some way…" She told Li.

"I guess, I'm lucky to have him as my best friend…" He said. He looked at Tomoyo and smiled. "I didn't plan to be his best friend. I mean it was an odd way…" He continued.

"Odd way… Please specify…" Tomoyo commanded.

"Last year, I just came from Hong Kong… I decided to get a job here and while I was walking Eriol bumped to me. I saw he was being chased by his secretary shouting 'Mr. Eriol Hiiragizawa you need to finish all of these' Eriol then turned to me and told his secretary to give it to his vice president and he pointed to me and ran away…." Tomoyo sweat dropped. Li and Tomoyo kept on talking on how idiotic Eriol is and they found out that they have some similarities…. Eriol and Touya were busy talking about London while Sakura was baking cake to celebrate the bonding they now have. She smiled triumphantly and remembered what Hiiragizawa called her best friend…

"Mrs. Daidouji…. This mission would end soon…." Sakura said… She looked at Tomoyo from the window and brought something out from her pocket. A letter which was well taken care of for 7 years….

To be continued….

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