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The Player is a Part-Timer

Chapter 1: Just an Everyday Café in an Everyday Town

In a city, at night, a shadow moved, blinked through the trees, seeking its prey!

'Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!'

For a human, it moved fast; it blurred before the eyes of everyone. Only the after the wind of the being can be felt as it passed the still objects, dashing through the roofs, almost hovering between the gaps separated the flats.

'Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!'

The architecture all around looked plain, the same thing one may expect from a city which belonged to the 21st century. Many flats, built with the same thinking, with the same design lined up near each other.


From the windows, time to time, the lights can be seen. Luminating the night even this late hour…

It was evident; not everyone used the dark to rest, many still up, watching TV, playing games, reading, or even working — people living their "nightlife" instead of doing what's intended, sleeping.

'Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!'

In this city, where the crime rate was neither high nor low, where nothing strange happened, something was about to!

'Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!'

It closed on its target ever intense, preying on it since long hours, waiting until the prey reached an isolated place. And indeed, "her" hunt just now, reached the intended stage, jogging towards "its" inevitable fate! The fate of the devoured!

Doing "her" best, the creature was sure; this prey not yet sensed its presence. Thus, continued its operation, followed the human "meal" with great discretion and patience.

'Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!'

The park the creature followed the target was an everyday place. One which the people can find in every Japanese town, filled with trees, bushes, and benches. A green area which was mostly used by jogging people, or pairs who intended to have some romantic bonding!

Indeed, those benches near the fountain offered some quality bonding time for many couples in the past. Yet, the prey not intended to use them, no! The target used this place to relieve some stress and sport, jogging through the whole park, the entire town for long hours — doing it in the darkest hours of the night.

'Huf! Huf! Huf!' And the prey did this since several hours already!

Jogging, up and down, all across the town, not even slowing her pace at all, only stopping once to buy a few items in a night shop — some light snack for the night.

'Music! Music! Music!' even the creature followed this "human" heard the booming music escaped from her headphones. Like this, the prey will never notice her closing presence. This human offered an easy meal for the night.

"Fufufu! So easy!" the stray devil crackled in glee, then, from the corner of her eyes, glanced on the other side of the park. "Dammit!" it seemed, she was not the only one this night who spotted this jogging human, and intended to devour her.

No… she spotted several more from her kind, all are waiting to strike.

If this continues like this, she either has to share the prey or had to fight for her meal! She rather avoided both possibilities, as she knows it will end unfavorably for her.

"No matter…" the stray devil chuckled. "It will be mine!"

Watching the jogging person for a few more moments, she grinned with great anticipation.

Compared to a human, her future meal had an unreasonably high amount of stamina. But the stray devil was aware, people who train every day may be able to do this. Thought was not entirely sure… but was sure enough to risk this stalk.

Being a former human herself, she suspected this much. Though it was some time she became like this, her memories being a human slowly started to fade.

'Huf! Huf! Huf!'

More and more, the creature closed on the target, wondering if it indeed worth or not eating this person at all… wondering, if it's worth the hassle to fight over this meal with the other stray devils who also tracked this person.

Every time this stray wanted to leap, the target changed direction, taking a public route, or turned around, making it impossible to hunt safely! Almost like… this person just messed with her, and the other hunters followed it around! It was almost like, this "human" knew she was followed and intentionally took routes just to annoy them!

"Damn bastard!"

Eliminating the prey in the open would be nothing more but foolishness! She knows very well whose territory she is invading — and as she suspected — her fellow kin was also aware of this fact, thus retracting to attack the prey without thinking.

If they would right away start a massacre in the open that would right away call the attention of the ruling faction of this place! And considering who owned this area, it would be their last foolish decision!

She needed power! Oh! She needed it so much!

But for her revenge to be fulfilled, she first, needed to hide, eat, and gather power. Only after that! She can fulfill her desire and take her revenge on those who made her like this against her will! First, the devils, then the fallen, then the angels! And after that… everyone else! Given a chance, she will rule over everything! Yes, this stray devil had plans, plans only waited to be fulfilled!

If she has to live like this, everyone will live like this!

Hopefully, the tender meat of this person will do… for a while at least…

One from the many little first steps, which will lead to her ascension!

"So delicious…!"

Whispering, even sniffing in the air, the stray devil felt the delicious aroma emitted by the jogging person!

So enticing "her" meal looked! So healthy, almost unnatural so compared to a human, instinctually drew to follow this prey. Yes, she suspected why the other stray devils also started to follow this person around. Her scent draws them closer! Like an aphrodisiac! Enticing every hungry devil to follow!

Though the target was somewhat scrawny, the stray female was sure, the quality of the meat will be satisfactory. And after all, this stray always preferred tender, healthy meat, since she first tasted it, she rather ate that than fat meat, sick meat.

"I can't wait…" her rows and rows of sharp fangs revealed, contorting the previous beautiful face of a girl into a grotesque visage of a monster. Her tone deeper, almost like a monster. Willing to fight over this prey with others.

More and more as she reached closer, something drew out her stray, wild side, putting her into a strange, wild frenzy! Casuistic, trembling to get her prey! Evermore willing to act irrational, like a wild beast instead of a thinking person. Throwing her reason away completely!


"Her" mouth still watered, endlessly releasing her saliva, awaiting the best moment to throw "herself" after "her" target.


Tracking the human since hours, she felt it was time, because the prey suddenly stopped, looking around. Whispering something, something for first incomprehensible, but even more infuriating!

"Ah! I have enough of this game! You, trash, around, sod off, or you will die! Warn you only once…"

For normal humans, it was a sentence that was impossible to perceive, but for her, and anyone with inhuman perception and hearing, they correctly heard this message. Enraging even more by this daring statement.

"You dare…!"

Naturally, just like her, every other stray around ignored this stark warning, only stopping for a moment in surprise, before becoming angrier and continued their advancement.

After all, how could a simple human hurt them? It was an absurd statement on the highest level! To believe a simple human can hurt a devil? Absurd!

An empty warning, maybe this girl said unconsciously, instinctively speaking in herself. Or even, possessing some supernatural perception… rudimentary, still here. Yes, that must be the case…

Rarely, a few humans, not yet awakened their sacred gear used to be like that, she ate many of them, this will be no different!

"GRRR! Fresh, meat…"

Straining her muscles to the limit, the female stray prepared to reach the meal as the first, devour it with one gulp! Leaving no morsel to the others, then flee as fast she can!

And at the moment she wanted to move, and when she was on to leap to claim her meal... when the other monsters around were on to get this "girl"! Something made her and the others hesitate… stop in their advancement.

"What is this?"

A feeling of danger washed over them, whispering, that, they should flee. Get as far away as possible! A feeling saying, they can't win this time! No matter how, when, or how many they attack at once! It was a lost cause…

"Dues need be repaid, and he will come for you…"

A whisper… coming from an unknown source, invaded their mind! A lullaby of a child which confirmed the level of danger.

"All to reclaim, no smile to console you…"


The stray devil felt nothing for a moment, and she thought it was nothing, she even made a step before she started to feel weightless, falling down, rolling, almost like time dilated, slowly, in her vision, her headless body — falling apart, and speeding downward on her side — appeared!

"What happened?"

Head and limbs are missing, her foul blood sprouting from the hole that intended to hold her nob and other parts. Before reaching the ground, the last lines reaching her perception played through her corrupted mind. Turning everything dark once more…

"He'll snare you in bonds, eyes glowin' afire."

'Thud! Thud!'

Her bird/human hybrid body and her decapitated parts reached the ground almost the same moment, the earth drinking her scattered dark blood intensely.

'Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud…'

"To gore and torment you, till stars expire…"

The jogging person finished her grotesque lullaby, and in that exact moment several more deformed bodies, heads and different parts followed, falling down all around, all belonging to different kind of stray devils preyed on this person, staining the park with their blood and chunks.

"Huh! Idiots... all around, idiots! Why I even bother warning them? And when I thought they get bored if I lead them around and around, then leaving me alone… this town full with morons! Insistent morons!" the jogging "prey" just sighed disappointed, shaking her head before removing her headphone, hanging it from her neck.

"Ara! Ara! Why this town is so full of trash anyway! Can't even take a light jog at night! And when I hoped coming here I can have some nice peace…" stretching her limbs, the jogger cracked her neck by tilting her head, looking around and giving a glance the sliced up bodies. Fondling her chin, pondering:

"Damn! Still not precise enough! I need much more practice with my powers! One might think the faction that old man spoke about keep this area clean… ah! Whatever, at least some target practice for me."

Wearing a simple tracksuit colored black and white, her appearance was completely shadowed by the darkness of the park, only a small backpack with visibility stripes on her back visible.

Indeed, this person was a maximalist in certain things, always dissatisfied with her performance.

"Well, whatever… better go home. Still, need to prepare the shop for tomorrow…"

Either way, currently, she can only sigh somewhat reluctant, asking: "Why me?" and "Not as I can change anything now…"

With that, sulking a little bit — as she did so every day since she arrived — the "girl" decided she can't do anything with her current state, shrugging once more, she picked up the pace, completely ignoring the neatly sliced up bodies around.

If someone finds them, it will be not her problem. Or, she cared not what will happen to them later. She only hoped, that "old pervert" not crashing in her place once again… or she will be forced to put him outside! Either way, she won't get paid to clean this mess up; thus, she decided to leave them here.

"That darn old man!"

Almost two months here, and she already felt it was a bad decision returning to Japan. That, she had chosen the worst possible town and moment to settle. That, the setting was somewhat odd, giving her a lousy premonition about something, she should remember.

Only mumbling, she can't help it, but feel it will not end well for her. Since she came to this world and met that "exact" person, she somehow felt, it will only end badly for her…

She was sure, in the coming days, "he" will jank her to something unpleasant she would rather be left out. It was just a feeling, an instinctive hunch. Yet, she had no idea how close she was to the actual truth!

"This will drive me crazy! Better return home and sleep out this dilemma! And when I thought to listen to the jabber of that bitch in my head the worst thing that can happen… sush you! Trying to think!"

Shrugging, she turned on the music to the maximum with her new mobile, trying to repress the constant voice of that other person in her head with music.

Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' everybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day, hey hey…

And thus, the music boomed in her ear, and the girl disappeared in the night… still mumbling something in the dark.

"WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP!" she roared in the night, seemingly screaming with the air.

Flashback end:

"To think, about around two months ago, I didn't have to worry about such things…" the figure behind the bar sighed tired, leisurely cleaning a coffee cup. "But I wanted a familiar environment, I wanted to relax, and care about nothing, start a new life, so I decided to return to Japan. Start everything, anew! In an environment, I am at least somewhat familiar with. Why I even accepted the offer of that old man? I just started to settle down here…" just remembering the whole thing, still wondering how that old man found her, she shuddered.

"Damn old man! I was careless letting those "chickens" go in the beginning…"

Honestly, who thought it would come to this? After all, around a month or two ago, it was just a game called YGGDRASIL she enjoyed so much.

Running more than 12 years, on the last day before the shutdown, sitting over the carcass of a boss and several players she managed to defeat in the last minutes… Who thought remaining logged on until the end bring such a result?

"I just wanted to enjoy the firework one last time. It is that a big request? This is so bothersome! Why me?"

Indeed, after 12 years of service — spanning from the year of 2126 to 2138 — the famous DMMO-RPG closed its gates, forever, taking its goodbye from its players.

On the last night of the game, after the countdown reached zero, and the system supposed to force the players to log out, one might expect to find him/herself back in the real world, the nano interface disconnecting the person from the virtual environment, just as intended.

Yet, after opening "her" eyes, she found herself in some old ruin... if it was not bad enough, in the middle of the jungle near some ancient pyramid!

It was more bothersome it was some kind of ritual site she woke up, filled with a bunch of priests, robed, magician looking people and dark-winged assholes who wanted to use some sort of "enslave" ritual on her right after she started to regain her consciousness.

"Those assholes! First I thought they are some girl club, or some weird sect, doing their freaky occult, fetish stuff…"

This exact person in the screen had her own weird habits — and fetishes — of course, like every healthy person, but it was too much even for her!

"But to bind me? That's too much, even for me! If I do the binding game, I want to be on the top!"

Fortunately, using such weak mind control techniques on her was kinda useless, her racial mental resistances and items made it impossible to use something like that on her — at least, not on that level, the group of weirdos tried to do so.

In some way — even with the game interface missing — she right away knew what they tried to do with her — like strange precognition, or sixth sense, an impulse in her spine, or whatever telling her instinctively what is happening. And look at that! At the moment their binding failed, they attacked her!

"Admittedly, I tore those golden chains down they summoned to restrain me. Maybe that was the thing that triggered them. And of course. Saying: fuck off, to the dark-winged man who demanded to obey them – and looked like their leader. Yeah, I am kind impulsive, I can't help it…" she smiled sourly in herself, remembering her arrival. And the fact, if she would act a little bit more cool-headed back then, it would all went better.

But it was too late for that... Back then, "she" was still confused, she thought it was some kind of weird "after the game" event she dropped into. Or even the start of the beta of a new game — where she admittedly never signed up. Thus, just as intended, answering the assault with assault, with a few exceptions, she killed almost everyone in the site, a few fleeing, a few were too injured to do so.

Just now, as she remembers it, it cannot be really called a fight. "It was more like a bully beating up the weak, so disappointing…" Yes, it was a disappointing beat up, almost like a high-level player going back the starter zone in an MMO, just to bully newbies. Basically, she doesn't even need to use weapons, or any of her powers, with only melee attacks and her high physical stats, she easily pulverized her opponents.

"Like a freaking Isekai novel, or anime… eh?"

Yes, she can only compare the situation to that. It was an absurd explanation, yet, she had no other idea what happened.

"Yeah, I read plenty of them… If not some kind of ROB — Random Omnipotent Being — dropping me here, or something similar happened. I had no idea what the heck is going on!"

Even after around two months in this world, the "girl" was still flabbergasted and tried to figure out how such a thing can happen. Still trying to find the place, she may fit in this new world. Her only luck was the fact, the planet was still Earth, true, in the 21st century… but still Earth!

True, in different of her own "boring" world, this place supplemented with, what seemed to be different supernatural factions and beings — such as demons, fallen angels, angels, etc.… but aside from that, the whole planet, the towns, the sky, and everything else looked exactly like the early 21st century supposed to — according to the pictures and videos she watched previously.

"Hah... how bothersome!"

Since that fateful night, many things changed of course…

She possesses the body of "her" game avatar, transforming "him" into "this" when the game finally ended, and the system forced her to log out… It was definitely an awkward outcome; she still can't get used to! Even after around two months, it was awkward moving around like this.

"Who though playing a girl character in a DMMO-RPG bring such a result? If would I knew this, I would make a guy character!" she remembered those isekai novels "she" read before. They were all nonsense if you asked any ordinary people, but for her, they were exciting ideas.

The thought someone from the real world is going into a fantasy inspired one! It was a genius idea! She loved such read! But being the one transported? Being turned into "her" character from the game? She had no clue how to react to it. Moreover, once again... being isekaied into "her" character body!? IT WAS AWKWARD IN THE HIGHEST LEVEL!

At first, having no clue what to do, panicking, she decided to at least explore what this new body can do — doing a few experiments. "Accidentally" making a few mountains disappear — when her hands "slipped." — was only a plus.

She still felt remorseful because of it.

"But what did I expected. Even that guy, Touch Me struggled to get a grasp on me…"

It was evident, the capabilities of this "new" body of similar like back in the game. Yet, more real! Still, under the two months, she couldn't test everything out freely — as it would surely reveal her presence if she goes around and destroys whole islands with her experiments. The thing she wanted to avoid if she wished to a leisure life, filled with relaxation and calm.

"Yeah… that won't be good. One person already knows I am here. Though, I wonder if others also transported too. Or I am alone? For example, Momonga-san, I wonder where he is…"

"She" smiled, remembering the few good friends she managed to collect since the start of the game.

In all honesty, she never joined any guild, only accepting assignments. But one group she often joined under their endeavor — called Ainz Ooal Gown — they even offered "her" to join — of course, being like a stray cat, she always refused the chance.

"Eh, Touch Me-san, since you left, I still miss our weekly duels. Which one of us is stronger…? Still inconclusive. Poor Momonga-san though, he remained all alone in that tomb. I wonder how he managed in the last hours."

Of course, strength was not everything, as the DMMO-RPG called YGGDRASIL was the game of possibilities.

Even a person with inferior stats and gear could defeat opponents of higher status and stats. It all dependent on information, foreknowledge, and preparation — of course, items, high stats, and high-quality gear helped a lot — but often the one who collected information came up with better counter measurements and different plans who came up as victor!

Thinking of this, she wondered if she will find anything interesting in this world. Even as a person who wanted to live in peace in this new life, she can't help but feel excited about the possibility, wondering if she ever meets opponents like Touch Me or friendly people like the members of AOG.

"Hah! I wonder if I could ever go back? Not as I am on a big hurry. Even if I can't, it is no bother… I just wait around leisurely around 130 years, and I am back where I started. True, with the different body... still the same century. My time is plenty after all! Thanks to my race — according to the game lore — I am basically ageless now. And this place is nice enough to stay. No radiation, or suffocating air… Neither an apocalyptic world ruled by mega-corporations. Just the good ol democracy in its finest! Spending around two months here, I start to get used to being like this. Maybe in time, I will even come to like it. Acclimatize, or die! That is the law of nature, after all."

Thinking of it first, she even considered going back if given a chance, but finding things after spending some time here, remembering her previous body was a wreck thanks to "his" constant sickness, and "his" soul-crushing job — "he" did day and night, constantly overworking — this life offered a better prospect of continuation. Thus, even with this body of a girl, she did her best to acclimatize and endure. She definitely had better chances of staying here, as well, a more quality life awaited once she fully acclimatized.

Be a girl or boy; it did not matter until one felt him/herself good enough.

"But… I suppose, like many, the look of a beautiful character, and my role player spirit took over under character creation. Dammit, if I could go back and change it!"

Sighing, somewhat still angry at herself, she shook her head shrugging. Not as she can do anything with it just now. She had no items to change it… And after all, it was always better stuck like this, than being a grotesque being many players made their character look in the game.

"But I suppose, if one such player transports here, they can either change their appearance with illusion, items, or even… use racial ability to hide their racial heritage."

Now, thinking of this, she wondered if there were any other players around who she encountered in the past, and fueled enmity against her.

"I wonder…"

She was infamous back in the game. Most people recognizing who she is, would either flee to notify their friends about her arrival or right away attack her caring not about her status. Maybe not even letting her take it easy, and explain she had no desire to fight, just live her leisure life. The life she was denied to live back then.


Not as it mattered, she was sure, with her current appearance — given form by the limited appearance shapeshifting her race provided — she is not so easily recognizable.

This racial ability might can't grow plus appendages, or change sex, but was good enough to change basic elements of her body — such as skin tone, eye color, height — to a certain limit — even body proportions.

"Hmm…" she hummed satisfied, sure about no one will recognize her — and with it, bother her anymore — really, in this new life, she only wanted peace, and not to worry about things. Rest all the anxiety and hardship out from her system she suffered back in her original life.

"Is something wrong?" In the next moment, a guy with handsome features, wearing typical Kuoh school uniform asked her, making her come back from her daydreaming.

"Ah nothing…" the girl with caramel skin and long white hair answered, her different colored eyes observing the young schoolboy attentively.

"So, Kiba-kun, crashing here again? Eh? You became quite regular here. One of the few I might add…" she asked teasing — still, sad about this terrible fact — making the boy smile after elegantly sipping his drink.

"Hmm, I can't help it, I need some separate time from the school in a tranquil place to settle my thoughts, and both the tea and the company here is too good to pass." the boy smiled charming — yes, if one had to give this boy a nickname, it would-be playboy, or prince charming. He looked just like that. "It is definitely different than the tea Akeno prepares."


"A member of our school club…" Kiba explained simply.

"I see… what's the difference. Is her tea better?"

"Hmm, I might say, more traditional Japanese, this is more of a British tea, more bitter… but still good. I might say, in their own way, both prepared perfectly."

"Well, thank you!" the bartender girl behind the bar chuckled proudly. "But this is a café… at least eat some cake or something…" her double-colored red and blue eyes squinted slightly, making the boy smile teasing.

"Oh, I eat enough cake in school all the time! The girls are always giving me theirs! For free, I might add! Any more and I will be fat." he patted his flat stomach, making the girl snort annoyed.

"Tch! And? You always complain they are bothersome. Then, at least they will leave you alone!"

"Ara! Ara! That's not healthy!" Kiba stuck his tongue in return. It seemed, in this place, he showed an entirely different side of his.

"You ruin my business…" sighing, she placed down the cup. "At least invite your friends here so that I can earn a few yen…"

"Oh, and ruin the calm of this place?" he drank his drink with great satisfaction, only taking small sips. "No way!"


"By the way… you said this is a maid café?" looking around, the place was neatly arranged. Several samurai armors and dolls with maid outfit standing near the walls. The whole place had some kind of charm, which usually invited people. Yet, with the exception of the two, no one was around.

"Yes?" the player raised her brow, looking at the blond boy questioning.

"I see no maids…" pointed out the boy sarcastic.

"Ugh! We already posted the jobs on the local media and the internet. Still, until now, no applicant appeared."

"Why not becoming the first one?" he asked, half-joking, offering a charming smile.

"Are you joking?" in return, offering a flat expression, the "girl" looked unamused, almost offended.

"I am sure it will fit you." and the boy continued to tease her.

"I will not wear such thing… I will leave that to others! I am the chatty bartender!" she retorted proudly, and indeed, wearing a three buttoned vest, a white shirt and a tie, supplemented with white butler gloves, she looked like a perfect gentleman — with the exception she was a girl — now at least.

"By the way. Do you know any willing soul in your academy who is willing to work here part-time? I heard that academy of yours have a few beauties hanging around. We pay well… well, they can take the tips at least…"

"Hmm, I ask around. But I promise nothing." looking towards the window; the sun was on to set. "Oh! I need to hurry! Bochou will skin me if I late again!"

"Why so?" she raised her brow, watching the boy who slightly panicked. "Today is Sunday…"

"Club work!" he only said that much before standing up.

"Ah, I see…" the girl watched the boy suspiciously. Being the day was Sunday, it was slightly strange he had to attend school work. Moreover, the club president forcing him to do "school work" on Sunday.

It was the massive abuse of the students. Be the person before "her" was "not entirely" human or not. He was a nice guy… too nice to be abused like this. "Schoolwork on Sunday? What a ridiculous idea…"

"Thank you for the tea, and the talk!" bowing, then leaving the payment — plus some tip on the bar — the boy was on to leave. "See you later, Gillian-chan! And please, be careful."

"Why so?"

Kiba stopped, looking back at the girl, his expression turning from gentle to serious.

"There are rumors about people disappearing at night. Please, don't go out at night… at least until the authorities find the culprit." his expression Grimm, speaking earnestly.

"I could say the same…"

"I can take care of myself, don't worry! Just make sure no harm come to you." the boy offered a brave smile. "It would be a shame if I can't drink your tea anymore."

"Fufufu, I do my best. Now go, before you getting late…"

"Right! See ya tomorrow?"


And with that, the boy left, running through the door, and the bell above the door twinkled as he disappeared.

"What a nice guy…" she mumbled, placing away the only teacup from the bar.

It was since almost a month she opened this maid café. Back then, it was always her dream of owning such a place, yet, because of certain circumstances, in her original life, she never had the chance to open it.

But maybe, her anxiety, and insecurity to connect with real people also played on this. Yet, she wanted to try it, giving at least a little chance! This was a new life, not trying it would be foolish!

And look at that! It was easier than she first thought!

It comes to that; if there were not many people around, it was easier to connect.

Coffee and cake also helped a lot; it made people more understanding and accepting. It connected them like nothing else!

This place was not only good for those who came here but greatly served her healing and rehabilitation after her hard life, and pushing environment she came from: a place and job filled with unreasonable expectations, deadlines, and psychological terror not only her boss pressed against her, but her fellow workmates aimed against each other just to grind out a little more.

"I wish no one that... I was on the verge of death because of it…"

Yet, only spending a month here, working on this place and serving the patrons, her anxiety and other psychological insecurity – haunted her since childhood – greatly reduced. For now, she can say she was not afraid of speaking with people.

"I never felt myself better!"

As for why a maid café? Well, because…


As one of her friends said in the past, and she shared this sentiment. Yet, she had a few problems; a few huge issues still haunted her!

Namely: "I have no maids to serve the guests… either way, I lack the guests to serve. Maybe, it was a bad decision opening a café in this part of the town. Damn! At first, it looked just right! Neither too crowded, nor too abandoned! The people of this town hate coffee, or the maids, or cake, or what? There is no way someone hates maids! Then why is no one coming here?"

The caramel-skinned girl started to sulk right away, giving away a depressive aura.

True, she could use demons, or another summons to meet this demand.

"A succubus would be perfect for a maid, for example… or even a doppelganger! Yeah, they will do just fine! Most likely, the higher level summons could even hide their supernatural signals completely. But to use those for simple maid duty? That would be a huge waste!"

Even using some kind of brainwashing or mind control to force people to come here appeared amongst the possibilities. But in the end, she said: no!

Modifying the memories of others would raise unnecessary attention of other parties — supernatural parties. The thing she wanted to avoid at all cost!

Also, it wouldn't be the same if just empty-eyed brainwashed "zombies" hang around all the time — maybe even drowning on the floor.

If she would want that, she would simply use summons, which can do the same and can't initiate any meaningful conversation.

Only saying: "Whatever you wish, master!" and "Of course, my lady, just as you said!" and similar things… it was just depressing!

Really, after the shitty life she had back then, the only thing she wanted is some peace, and have this café. She wanted no part from that supernatural political Shogi that old man spoke about.

Using items, anti-divination skills, and her racial abilities, until now she successfully fooled the senses of every supernatural being she encountered, disguising herself as a simple human — no matter their power and perception, with the exception of one person, not one of them recognized her as a possible threat — or as a supernatural entity if it comes to that. And even that one person only did so because he knows where and what to look.

Though, she was still clueless how that one person was able to track her down here.

Yet, as she remembered it, maybe it was her who caused all of this, maybe she was the one who made a few slips under acclimatizing to this world. Indeed, she should look better ways to get money than robbing banks…

"But the use of YGGDRASIL gold was too risky. Exchanging it for money also risked the chance to expose myself. Damn! If just simply used stock trading, writing a program to automatize and optimize the process of selling and buying. I should have avoided this situation entirely! But no! I had to rob banks! Why was I even so curious robbing banks? It was fun, of course. Still, was a foolish idea…"

Being a programmer previous, she could do that. Yet, she still robbed a few banks instead of trading stocks, just because she was curious she could do it or not.

She must admit, robbing banks was not her finest idea… Yeah, it was ridiculously easy. She just made the security system glitch with her powers, then teleport in the sealed vault, and vacuum all the money and jewelry in her inventory, it was easy. Doing it with multiple banks all around the world, she gained a hefty sum; it helped to start her new life under no time.

"Human buildings really don't have protection against supernatural effects… Just now thinking of it. In YGGDRASIL there was also a similar monthly event. Doing heist on the nine central banks of the nine realms. The players could either join the wardens who intended to protect the vault or the robbers who intended to rob the bank."

Of course, she usually joined the robbers; it was more exciting than waiting for the players before the vault.

"Though being the warden you could manage the security system, that was also fun…" she grinned, remembering when she once took the mantle of a warden, taking over the security system and annihilating every invader under a few minutes. "I am so evil, fufufu!"

'Clang!' As she wondered on this, the little bell gently rang at the moment someone entered the door.

"Welcome to our caf-é. Ah, it is just you…" her happy, welcoming expression disappeared right away, spotting the person entered the door. Her look replaced with the expression of scorn and disgust.

"What the heck you want?"

"Oh, suddenly, I feel myself unwanted…" the tall man, wearing a maroon v neck long coat, and a fedora sit down in a seat before the bar, raising his brow curious before putting his hat on the counter.

"Just spit it out! What do you want? Have you managed to get my papers? If not… then sod off!"

"Well! Well! Well! What a warm welcome! Fufufu…" folding his fingers, the "guest" watched the bartender girl, and the player started to get more and more annoyed seeing that smug expression of his.

"But what a surprise! There are no patrons around. Well! Well! Well! And you are surprised? If you treat them like this, they will go away…" looking around, the man pointed towards the empty area, not one guest present — teasingly smiling all along. "By the way, did you know? That boy was a devil! Well, partly… you really keep all kind of people around!"

Under one month, she only gained a few regulars who came here day after day. One of them was that boy, Kiba. Naturally, a few more from his school also appeared here time to time — but mostly the fangirls who searched for the blond boy — in that case, she always had to hide him under the counter. It was quite unprofitable.

"Until they pay, and respect my property, they can be the dragon of end all I care… I care not where they come from."

"How enlightened from you! Kukuku! Just the kind of people my organization looking for! Are you sure you don't want to join? We have taco Tuesday!" the man raised his brow multiple times in an inviting motion, making the owner tick in annoyance.

"What do you want? Az?" she scowled annoyed, saying the name with disgust.

"It is Lord Azazel for you!" the fallen general smirked, visibly enjoying the teasing, and the player started to get more and more annoyed.

'Crack!' right away, several lamps and cup exploded, space and time started to distort around the two. Ghastly voices started to rise around the establishment as the fabric of reality contorted and twisted.

The fallen general started to feel as invisible hands approaching him behind, threatening him with annihilation if continuing his little game.

Being she was a psychic ability user — in another name an Esper — her powers reacted to her mental, and emotional state — just now destroying a few plates, cups, and making the wall crack.

"Easy there…"

Azazel felt he is walking on thin ice… in the current case, only a few items exploded, but if he is not careful, maybe it will be he, who will leave the establishment with a few parts less.

"Indeed, very interesting. The way her powers work…" he chuckled deep inside. "It is not magic, or anything similar. That's, I am sure… more like, she is affecting the wave of space-time directly. Like a computer code, manipulating, replacing and rewriting parts… Fufufu! Indeed, interesting! Even Father could hardly do this. Even with Sacred Gears, it is hardly doable. I wonder how she does it? A sacred gear I am unaware of? Or a power born with her? I want to find it out!"

Ever since Azazel managed to track her down, he was curious who, or what she was. Yet, even after a dozen days, coming here day after day, he was unable to find out.

In truth, only thanks to the unique radiation she left on the summoning site, inspecting the destroyed mountains, and checking the bank — where the human department of his organization kept most of their funds — he managed to track her down. Spending a great amount of effort and calling a few "favors" to do so. Seriously, without these small slips, he would have never found her.

"Do you want me to apologize, again?" he raised his brow inquired, watching the girl all along.

"That's the least…" she shrugged, rolling her eyes, then snapping her fingers.

Immediately, the exploded items started to puzzle themselves together, like time-reversed around them, climbing back to their place and fusing together perfectly. Even the wall repaired itself.

"Fascinating…" the man just muttered, inspecting the whole process with great detail.

"I am not the one who rob others from their world, then trying to enslave them!"

"I said… that was not my fault." the man with the double-colored hair sighed, turning back to the bartender girl. "It was most likely a rogue part of our organization. Or someone else. We still trying to find it out…"

"You better…" she prepared some coffee, putting it before the man, who in return looked at her with a raised brow, his eyes betraying his questioning attitude.

"We are in a café; people come here to drink." she put it short, and the man nodded.

"Thank you…"

"It will be a billion yen…" said right away the girl, making the man hesitate to touch the drink.

"That's ridiculous! I will…"

"You have my papers?" and in the next moment, she cut his word.

"Tch! Fine!" reaching under his coat, the man threw a file before her. "Here it is! By the way? Is that really your real name? It is weird! Did you recognized, if you take the first letters…"

"I know… I know…" she cut in his words once more, obliging bored. "Hmm, maybe…" Checking the documents, she hummed. "Compared, your organization operates in complete secrecy in the human world. You work painfully slow…"

"Ha! It is not like we need such papers! We just use magic to change the memories of the simple people, brainwashing them to cooperate. Those we can't affect, we have our own ways to deal with. I can't understand why you even need legal papers! It was a hassle to get them! The registration of a person who exists not, and making sure the authorities can't recognize the forgery is a lot of work. We not only needed to create your registry, but a whole branch of the family behind you to not be suspicious!"

"Figures…" she just chuckled, wondering how these people managed to remain in secret until now. "But better make sure than sorry later. You as well would fare better if not always rely on your fancy magic. One day it may let you down. Sometimes…" she watched the small newton cradle sitting on one of the tables, serving as decoration. "…Doing things manually is more satisfying and handy. Magic is not a solution for everything."

"Speaking from experience?" the man inquired, leaning closer.

"Eh, who knows… let just say; I saw enough magic users who caught off guard and died a painful death when their magic refused to operate: one way or another. Often their face painted a quite grotesque picture of disbelief, frozen on their face in their last moments. Fufufuf…"

Yeah, it often happened in YGGDRASIL. Usually, when she turned off magic use for a few moments in a certain area. It gave her enough time to catch others off guard and turn them a shish-kebab with her swords.

"Oh! It sounds more and more interesting! Care to share a few stories? Hmm? I am more and more curious about the place where you came from." the fallen general smiled excited, yet calm. Still, in his eyes, the light twinkled, almost like an excited child.

"Why should I? You are a researcher, no?" she chuckled deviously. "Where is the fun if I tell you everything? Fufufu… go and figure out yourself what's true, and what's not. Without challenge, there is no growth!" and then, she teased him back, making the man slump on the counter depressed.

"Ugh! You are the worst! The enemy of progress!"

"I know, I know…" she chuckled, reaching a certain document. "By the way… what is this?" she showed the man a document — a small plastic card where the girl's picture inserted nicely, offering a flat, unamused expression.

"That's…" looking at the card, Azazel started to smile. "That's a student card! Your student card!"

"What for? I am not a student…" she shrugged, earning an even wider smirk from the man.

"But you are! Because from tomorrow…!" the fallen general raised himself, pointing up, then the girl. "…You will attend the Kuoh Academy!"

"Eh!? And why should I? What will be with my café if am gone?"

"One, I have an assignment for you…" the man held up his finger, signing, he had further points to say.


"Two! You have your help! I remember there was a butler with you yesterday." and indeed! 'Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!'

In the next moment, a figure appeared from the backrooms.

"Oho! Am I called!?" in the next moment, a smiling youth in his early twenties stepped out from the backrooms. His face similarly tanned like the girl's, hair white, eyes red. A dashing man every girl would fall for. If you see things that way, the two could be even relatives — an older brother and sister.

"Just what I needed... this guy pops up in the worst of the moments..."

True, she said, she will not waste high ranked summons just to be maids, and anything similar. But keeping one around — which can adequately disguise him/herself, and possessed enough strength to repel most attackers — was worth keeping around, summons which she knows is permanent and was able to do everything mentioned above. Plus… a few menial tasks.

"I still need to test out a few of my summons…" she sighed, groaning deeply inward. Due to the numerous work around the café and her other duties — connected establishing her new life — she had absolutely no time and mood to do this.

Under her few experiments she managed to squeeze in her tight timetable, she realized, most summons required sacrifice to be permanent — for example, bodies, or raw material.

The better the said sacrifice was, the stronger the summon become. Without it, the summon still appeared, but after a few days, they disappeared.

This man not far from her — the person who could be even her relative — for example, was such a permanent servant she could call. One of the few she was able to cite without using her [Creation] powers.

"Why me…?"

Yet, after a few days, she somewhat regretted summoning this servant.

The problem was not "his" willingness to do whatever she asked, but the fact, he was too willing to do anything! ANYTHING! Sometimes too independent. Solving issues she wanted to solve herself, or even come to her mind. Often causing a big mess with it.

It was annoying! Whatever she said, he did it! Calling her in "names"! Using annoying titles! She was on the point where she rather swallowed her sword than being near this creature!

"No, go back, do the inventory." she waved the creature away, offering an annoyed, scowling expression — even refusing to look at her "brother."




"Did you take out the dog today?"

"Did a few hours ago!"

"Checking any invaders around?"

"Done!" the man/teen/creature answered with a big grin, offering all his honesty to the master.

"Then what is this?" she pointed at Azazel — like he would be some unwanted trash — in return, the man smiled and waved to the young man leisurely.

"Hello, Rorschach…"

"Oho!~ Welcome Lord Azazel! How are you today?" chirped the servant, happily, just like he welcomed a friend, and the man smiled back.

"Ah! Manage, was better…"

"Anything you wish? Cake? Tea?"

"A cake please…"

The girl can only sigh, slumping on the counter depressed, grabbing her head. "Where did it go wrong?" meanwhile, the servant served the guest.

"Bon appetite!"

"Thank you!" and with great enthusiasm, the man started to fork the cake.

"Agh! Just go and check around the area once more! Make sure no one is eavesdropping on us! We are speaking about business stuff…" she mumbled, pointing towards the door, and the servant nodded.

"As you wish, my lady!~" he sang, another annoying trait to add the ever-growing list.

"Hmm, you have a good servant!"

"Swallow before you speak…"

"Sworrry!~ But it is delicious!~" she can only sulk miserably, as Azazel's perception was just too good for his own good. The man literally sang these two sentences, with a full mouth to add on that. Indeed, the man right away recognized the source of her annoyance and used it with its fullest potential against her.

"By the way, it will be two billion yen..." the man still gnawed on a mouthful, smiling uncaring. "...per bite..."

"Pfft!" spitting out the cake, he pushed it away with disgust. "The Hell! You are the worst! And you are surprised why no one is coming here..."

"So… once again? Why should I go in that academy stuff? Huh?" she changed the topic in an instant, glancing at the man bored.

"Well…" the fallen smiled sly. "I can separate more funds to hasten the search after that rogue group… you want to speak with them too, no? Questioning them why they summoned you?~ Hmm?"

The man once more played with his brow, looking quite sultry and playful.

"I think this is your own interest as well to find them as soon as possible, but never mind me…" she rolled her eyes, making the fallen general sweat, forcing him to pull out the big guns.

"I will also hasten the research on those ruins where you got summoned. Who knows, if you are lucky, we can send you home earlier…"

"Really?" she raised her brow suspicious. "Really!" the man nodded vigorously! Thinking he finally get her on the leash!

"Sorry… Pass, send one of your bully… I am fine here. My home is kinda a shitty place... exciting, but filled with monsters you can hardly imagine." she answered with a flat face, continuing to clean one of the mugs, feeling, the victory is in her grasp — and this man will soon give up and leave her alone.

"Try me; I am pretty good imagining things..."

"Lovecraftian horrors on every corner, beings who suck demons and angels dry at ease... get it? Tentacle monsters! Mostly tentacle sheeps with many mouths… almost like hentai." she chuckled with a slight perverse grin.

"Not speaking about angry gods and titans who want to purify the world and dragons who want to eat the creation. Oh, and we not talked about a planet-sized creature which wanted to devour multiple realms when I was summoned away. How do you like that?"

Of course, most of these things were part of YGGDRASIL. Things she faced before — as a player — under her adventurers and quests. Even the planet-sized being was one of the bosses the players had to defeat at the end of the main story — true; only planet-sized according to the lore, the game engine in truth can't handle a creature that big.

"Ugh!" Azazel pulled his collar uneasy. "Sounds unfriendly... but what you said? A thing that wanted to eat multiple worlds? Damn! Then you are lucky to be summoned!"

"That's not true… I am actually disappointed." she offered her answer flat-faced, lying through her teeth. "I prepared to fight with it before I was dragged away… how you dare ruin my fun!?" she leaned closer, her expression turning horrific and dark. "You ruined my fun…!"

"So-Sorry…!" Azazel backed, sweating heavily as he saw that expression. If all she said is true, then that place must be pretty dangerous indeed.

"In other words, I have time…" the girl returned to her normal self, looking at the cup in her hand with great detail, smiling, pressing the cloth more intensely to clean every little spot of dirt. And indeed, considering the nature of her race. Her time is infinite. If what the game lore said about it is true — here too — then she basically ageless now.

The thing about the realm devouring monster was, of course, a jest, it was part of the main story, but it attacked not when the shutdown happened, but at the end of the game's main story. The main story she completed a long time ago.

"Please?" once more, the man tried to use his sad look to break the girl.

"Anything else to offer? If not, then do what we agreed, and I will consider throwing you a bone…?"

"You slave driver!" scowled the fallen, making the girl giggle.

"And indeed, according to the lore, the people of my race loved to keep "inferiors" as slaves... even demons and angels."

It was just so much fun teasing this man! "It is almost too easy!"

When Azazel first appeared, he barged in this establishment, and after a few drinks, introduced himself straight away as the general of the fallen — demanding her cooperation — to join the fallen faction called "Grigori." Demanding to tell him who she is — basically pointing fingers on her to give away every information free! FREE!? Now then... as a good capitalist, she can't allow that!

"Yet, who knew I had such an easy time, with just a few words making him compromise... this guy must be a terrible haggler or even a trader... he better not consider that profession."

Who knew he is so weak-willed? The man we see before us turned out like this only under a few days of work. Or it was just the fact; this man was ready to compromise —too willing if you asked her.

She had no idea, but she had a fun time teasing him!

Under a few days, teasing him a little bit, offering fragments of information — even making him remember the thing his "kind" did — Radiating a fragment of her power… She managed to make him bow his head and apologize.

"But after all, from the start, this guy didn't look like a person who sought to fight with me. More like a person who used words when it was possible to compromise."

She had no idea she will have such an easy time breaking him. All in all, she expected more from a "fallen" general who supposed to commit some "heinous" crime — a crime that supposed to get him banished from heaven.

What was this crime? She had no idea, but was sure, in time he will tell.

Time works for her, after all, she needs to reveal only a little bit, and he will bring whatever she asked. It was almost like taking away a fat kid snack money.

In some way, she felt a slight remorse — because, in the past, she was the scrawny kid the bullies beat up just to take away his money — but thinking of it… Nah! It was just fun messing with the mighty! Now she knows well what those people felt.

"Ah! Feeling all this power...! In some way… I really enjoy his "suffering." Kukuku… Ah, I don't remember I was like this back then… maybe my race's nature affecting me? Who knows? It is just fun!" she chuckled deep inside, savoring the delightful agony of the man.

"But I can't send anyone else!" in the end, the man muttered, slumping on the counter, looking up behind his arm slightly miserable, trying to use his puppy eye technique once more.

Yet, because he was an adult — moreover, looked like a playboy. It was not too effective.

Not against a former man who made the wrong decision, and became like this! No! Absolutely not! The person behind the counter still preferred pretty girls! Whatever others might think!

Be it small or big! She loved breasts! The same the case with bottoms! She considered herself not a pervert, but a person who evaluated beauty and "assets" highly!

This was the cause of why she made her character a girl: because she rather watched that than a muscular pedo running around in a loincloth. Or a grotesque demon with a menacing look.

"Those people are kinda gay making their characters that way… who wants to watch a naked guy running around in loincloth anyway? Doing it all the time. Personal opinion, of course."

According to her. An innocent-looking little monster in movies and games — who can deceive their opponents with cuteness and get close without raising any suspicion — was a much more terrifying opponent than a menacing figure who was suspicious from the beginning. Also, a smaller body offered a smaller target. Yes, in YGGDRASIL it also provided a smaller hitbox.

"…" watching the man still looking at her "that" way, she can only scowl in disgust.

"Are you an idiot? For kids and girls, this works well. But for an adult man? Using it against me? This is just pathetic…" She frowned, looking slightly disgusted at the man who still utilized his "cute" look.

"Why, so?" she asked in the end, not even sparing a glance anymore.

The man's eyes contorted, looking slightly concerned. Meanwhile, the girl completely ignored him, spitting on the cup, and continued her relentless cleaning. "That's the problem. I can't… Kuoh is the territory of the Gremory, and Sitri Clan, two from the strongest devil families. Even my presence here heavily violates our ceasefire pact."

He explained simply.

"So, sending me in the fire… Ha? How nice of you…" she answered sarcastically. Her face carried an otherworldly beauty, yet, her always half-closed eyes and dubious half-smile made her face look slightly sleepy, giving her a look of an always teasing, charmingly snarky individual.

In all honesty, he promised her many things to join his faction — even the highest rank after him. Even to turn her into a fallen! Yet, she only said: "Sod off!" sending him away each time. This fallen general started to run out of options and ammunition to use.

In the end, Azazel compromised, offering the player information and his help to elude other factions — as from the man's explanation she learned, these supernatural lifeforms — devils, angels, fallen, etc... — was just as political, if not even more than the humans.

She wanted nothing to do with that of course. Thus, her best chance was to accept this offer and make the fallen do the dirty work, hiding her presence.

In the end, she and Azazel made a deal, in exchange of all above, she helped them out with things time to time — for proper payment of course... but more importantly! She promised to remain low in this already tense political situation where one slip may ignite a new war between the sides — that was her original intention anyway.

All in all, offering little to nothing to the man, she profited nicely, just as she liked!

"Indeed..." the man smiled. "Do you take this mission?" he asked, his eyes filled with anxiety and plea.

"Hmph! Why not! It was some time I attended school... it will be a refreshing experience. What is this about anyway? Why can't I just send someone?" she was not a summon expert, but even she had a few items in her inventory and a few skill that can call beings who were specialized for stealth and information gathering.

Spotting her servant outside, her face already contorted in creep.

"I am glad you accept this request! As for why...?" Azazel looked around suspiciously, then offered a friendly smile. "It requires a personal touch and presence. The thing, I am sure you will excel!" he put it cryptic, and immediately, the man put a paper bag on the counter — pulling it out from somewhere.

"Here are your books, uniform, and whatever you need for school! I prepared them myself!" she didn't like that smile, that damn smile always made her feel uneasy!

"Personal touch? Wait? You cheater! You know all along I will fall to your trickery!" she was furious, a vein popping on her forehead right away, a few items already floating around, ready to explode, she hitting the counter hard.

"It wouldn't have worked otherwise…" chuckling, the man continued.

"As for why I need you there? I can't say for sure... for now at least, as I myself not sure what will happen in the coming months. But I had a bad feeling; I need someone around that place to monitor the situation — a person who is strong enough to intervene, act discreetly, but unknown to others. Unfortunately, I can't send anyone from the fallen without causing an all-out war between the three sides. For now, monitor the school, and its immediate vicinity, that will be your only task. Just attend the classes, get a few friends, feel good yourself. Like every girl in your age..." he waved, like a person who urged himself to continue.

"Just what do you think, how old am I? And like every girl my age? You have the nerve…" her vein was on to pop, her eyes twitching, but then, she realized how she looks. And immediately, she started to sulk.


Yeah... she looks around 16 or 17, just the age right for the academy.

"...Look out for suspicious activity, that's all I ask! I had a dreadful feeling something will happen in the coming months. For the sake not only yours but the peace of the world, please do this little bit. I beg for your help!" Azazel bowed, placing his forehead on the counter. "Please do this for me, and I will give you anything you wish!"

"Anything? Even your very soul?" she raised her brow, making the man shudder. "Well! Well! Well! Don't promise anything you can't keep. Even verbal contracts are dangerous… the devil may take it on your tongue. Fufufu…"

"Don't go too far…" he mumbled angry, the pressure rising slightly in the bar as the man expressed some of his power. Indeed, the being before her may act like an idiot from time to time, but was not accidentally one of the strongest leaders of his faction. He can back up threats with actions if he wants.

"At least he can show humility when needed. And some spine, not accepting everything… Traits, I value…" in the end, she can only sight tired, but amused. She can't help it; she had a weak spot for miserable looking people.

She never considered herself a hero in any way. But if what he said is true… then an all-out war between the factions would only mean unnecessary hassle for her. Better prevent it before it starts than do damage control later.

"Haaa! Fine then..." she nodded reluctant, thinking things through.

"Really!?" the man asked wide-eyed, then his disbelief filled face turned into a happy smile. "Thank you! You do a great service to the world."

"Right! Right! I don't care about the world…" she stopped her polishing. "But, I do what I can. Though, I promise nothing... after all, doing damage control in war always a hassle. Also, I expect compensation…"

"Yes, of course! You are right!" the man nodded vigours, experienced before what it really means if a war breaking out between the factions. It was, indeed, an unnecessary burden. No real victors, only losers in the end…


Inspecting the bag's content, spotting a certain girl uniform, the girl's expression flattened right away, raising the lower part of the cloth.

"There is no way I wear this..." even spotting the skirt, the corset, and the other parts, imagining wearing them made her want to vomit!

"Oh! But you will look so cute! Just imagine! I wonder how you will look! Fufufu! By the way, good luck! Tomorrow will be your first day!"

"What!? But I didn't even..."

And with that, without saying anything more, the fallen general grabbed his fedora, walking out hastily, only waving back.

"Good luck! Awaiting your first report!"

"Damn bastard..." looking at the empty cup, and the half-eaten cake, she turned even more depressed. "And he didn't even pay for the cake and coffee! Oh! But just wait...! Fufufu!" and thus, she already started to wave her sinistrous plan, thinking how to get rid the man of his every possession and coin. "Just wait, Az-kun… just wait… two can play the game."

Scene Change: The Academy: Next morning:

The academy of Kuoh... originally, it was only an all-girl private school. Only recently accepting male students in their ranks.

Just like the town it positioned, it was a plain, everyday private school… you can find many similar all around Japan.

Yet, who knows where to look and search for the information, that few soon realized... it was a mysterious institute! It's past, and current owner wrapped in mystery.

Very few know about such things… at least, very few lived, realized, and lived long enough to tell others the real nature of the place, and its real owner…

Like every morning, the flowing numbers of students headed towards the iron gates of this esteemed school. Entering, chatting, and heading towards their respective classrooms. Like many private schools, the students bound to wear school uniforms.

For the girls, a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, and a magenta skirt with white accents.

For boys the uniforms consisted of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes.

Since the start of the school, this was the usual uniform everyone forced to wear.

The girls chatting and giggling cutely walked in groups, most boys doing the same. Each party ogling at each other, stealing glimpses, whispering how cute the other party was.

"Look! The Prince of the Academy!" the referred blonde, handsome boy passed the girls, waving them gently.

"He is so cool!"

"Good morning!" charming as ever, he swayed the weaker sex by only a smile. Making many boys around scorn him with jealously, even with some disgust…

"He is doing it again!"

"Damn! Not fair!"

"He has so many fangirls already, why not leave us a few?!"

Indeed, from the direction of many boys, many similar words hit his ears. But he often disregarded them, only chuckling on such jealously.

Naturally, since the school only recently opened its gates before male students, the number of boys was less than girls. Under such circumstance, one might think it was easy to find a girlfriend or call girls on a date. That, every boy attended this academy may find someone they can go out with…

Unfortunately, this was not the case… there was always a few, who the society excluded from their ranks, or regarded them with disgust…


"What do you see, Motohama?"

Looking around, a boy with glasses "scouted" the students around, adjusting his "scouter" to find new targets. Seeing him, and his two friends on his side, all the girls right away backed, looking disgusted in their direction while covering their parts.

"Perverts…" "Pigs…" "Cockroaches…" this, and many similar "nicknames" coming from the direction of the females, all looking the trio with disgusted gazes.

The boys, of course, cared not about this, with one objective in their mind, headed forward to their destination.

"Any new sighing, Motohama?" asked the student on the side of the one with spectacles, sporting school uniform and almost bald, trimmed head.

"Hmm, just the usual… the scouter detects no new target."

"Ah! So many girls! Yet we can't find a girlfriend!" yawned the third of the perverted trio, a plain-looking guy… messy looking brown hair, the same colored eyes… no special characteristic. This guy was simply bland… yet, his insides hid a terrible being, even he was not aware of.

"Don't give up! Issei! You will see! With my new tactic, today will be our lucky day!" grinned Matsuda, the one with a bald head.

"You said this in the last dozens of times! Yet, we still here without one girl!" offered his answer Issei, looking slightly flat-faced.

"Oh! But it is a good plan! Remember when we peeked on the kendo club?"

"We are peeking on them almost every day…" said, so Matsuda, Motohama, and Issei are looking each other confused.

"A week ago! You know! When they chased you away, and I hid in the bushes!"

"Ah that!" now as he said it, the two started to remember, starting to feel anxious as their peeking always get disturbed by someone. In that mentioned peeking session, Matsuda hid, leaving the two alone.

"I am still angry! Leaving us like that! Matsuda, you traitor!"

"Easy! Easy!" the bald waved in defense. "I have something that will placate you…"

"And that is…?" Raised his brow Issei, still angry, expecting some quality compensation.

Suddenly, the trimmed student looked around, then reached under his blazer, pulling out a file with "TOP SECRET" label, and handing to the two in great secrecy. "Look at this!"

Inspecting it, Issei and his friend started to bleed from their nose. "WHERE DO YOU GET THIS!?" they roared, earning even more disgusted glares from around.

"Well, under the kendo club beaten you to pulp… I sneaked in their dressing room, hiding in a "secret" place where I could make these photos!" smug, he rustled under his nose. Almost like he did some heroic act.


Both roared, drawing more and more attention.

Outside of their knowledge, a certain individual arrived before the gates, looking up with a completely boring face.

"So this is it… huh?" she raised her brow, holding the school bag over her shoulder in a reverse grip position. "Just like in the pictures… I still can't believe it that ol' man managed to make me do this! Fuck! Now, as I remember it, I hated high school. I was always the kid who was beaten up and his money taken!"

And thus, she started to walk through the gates, still offering a disinterested look, under the way, earning many inquiring gazes.

"Who she is?" "Is she new?"

"Just what I needed… more attention…" all those gazes, trying to read her… she hated it! She hated it more than anything! It started to bring out her anxiety and disgust against the crowd once more!

She thought she managed to get rid herself under the passed for almost two months from these things! Yet, with just stepping through the gates, it returned all at once.

"I hated high school back then! Why I thought it is a good idea?"

In the same time, from a second-floor window of the school building, a girl, with long crimson hair and bluish eyes looked out, watching the incoming crowd bored. Her perfectly proportioned hourglass figure tightly hugged by the school uniform.

"It is your turn, Rias…" came a voice from before her, coming from a bespected person with slim figure and bob cut hair.

"Oh, sorry…" the redhead turned her head back to the chessboard, observing it attentively, then making a step, moving her queen.

"Anything interesting, you saw?"

"Hmm, nothing interesting…" looking out once more. First, her gaze scanned the brown-haired boy, completely ignoring his "lively" companions. Then, as she searched further for any interesting sight, she spotted someone… white hair, and dark, exotic skin, different colored eyes.

For a moment, aside from her strange appearance, this student was like everyone else — most likely an exchange student from a foreign country — she felt nothing unnatural from her.

Then, in the next moment!


It was like she knew she had been watched, stopping, searching for a moment, then directly turning her gaze towards the window wherefrom the red-haired heiress peeked the students below, staring back her with a killer look for a moment.


For a moment, their eyes meet directly, then, smiling, the unknown girl formed a gun with her fingers!


She made a motion like she had been released a shoot — almost like it was aimed against the red-haired girl directly — after this, the "exchange student" continued her way, like nothing happened. Ignoring everyone, headed towards the entrance of the building.


"What happened?"

"N-Nothing…" Rias swallowed her nervousness, trying to regain her composure and cold. "Just a sudden bad feeling, like a jolt of cold running through my spine. Don't even bother with me! It is nothing!"

"I see…" the bespected girl adjusted her glasses, watching her girlfriend with a serious gaze for a moment, then making her step with her rook. "Check! Pay attention Rias; this is the second time today! I will not go easy on you because you have a bad day!"

"Ri-Right! Sorry…" gulping, the devil with red hair had a bad feeling, something unnatural just entered the schoolyard. And she had no idea how close she was to the actual truth!


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